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I miss my little girl who passed too young and too quickly on December 23rd, 2013. She was only 3 months old when I got her and still remember the day she joined my family. She had seen a lot of different changes and moves over her short life. She always adjusted and made the home I was in her own. In 2009 she joined her buddy, Colby(dog) and moved with me from Ontario to Alberta. She was a indoor only cat until we met a new and very special man who was a Rancher and off we moved to the county life. Once there, she was allowed out and had a great freedom of life and running out in the meadows. She lived on the farm for 2 years before she passed away from a disease called Cryptosporidia(not sure if spelled correctly but sounds right) which caused her to be violently sick and had to get medication and special food to survive as long as she did. In the end she was only about 4lbs, not eating at all and only drinking. I tried all I could to help her and get her better but I couldn't save my little princess. She was a one of a kind girl who will forever be a part of me and our lives. She was cremated and lays here at home in a Cedar Urn on the coffee table along with a picture of her and her harness that she wore before she became an outdoor cat.
Anyone that knew her, knew that she was a cuddly, warm and very loving girl who always sat on my lap while I was on my laptop purring and cuddling in. When she was a kitten she used to lay on the top of my monitor of my computer and watch what I was doing from above! She was quite the personality! It took until just before he passing to allow her Daddy to cuddle with her. She was a cuddler with me only until near the end, then her Daddy was also allowed to cuddle and snuggle in too !! I miss her more then words can say. I love and miss her so much that in February 2014 I got a tattoo of her on the back of my calf to forever have her as a part of me. I love you Utah and I miss you more then anything in the world!!! You died too young my baby and I wish you were still here to cuddle with me.
I know that the ones who passed before you, Midnight, Shadow, Tippy, Tiny, and Gigi are there playing with you and welcomed you with open paws.

Nov 15th, 2014
I am thinking of you more and more everyday my darling little princess as the times comes up to the 1st anniversary of your going over the Rainbow Bridge. I can feel you with me even now and I do see you once in a while out in the pasture watching for those mice you loved to bring back for the kittens. I was also thinking about the nights after your passing how I would hear you jumping off the counter when we were in bed. I would be laying in bed, then I would hear the "thump" of your little paws hitting the floor after you did your investigation of the counters looking for some "snacks". Your Daddy also heard you one night and thought he saw you walk past the bedroom door. I miss your snuggles with me at night when you would come and lay next to my head on my pillow. Daddy and I were looking at pictures of you the other night remembering all the times you were so funny. We found the picture when Daddy got you to hold Mommy's wallet, you looked so cute with your Mardi Gras beads and my red wallet under your front leg lol You always put up with the "dress up" I used to do to you at each holiday. Your Santa cap, your Halloween costumes and anything else I decided to put on you. I hope you have found a lot of new friends up there and are playing and greeting any new ones that have come in after you. Your Daddy and Mommy and your best friend Colby, love you very much baby girl to eternity and back, Love Mommy xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Nov 16th, 2014
Hello my Princess! I am missing you very much today. Mommy is sick with a terrible cold and remember all the times that you would cuddle in with me to keep me warm and happy! Daddy played hockey today and said it was a great time. Mommy didn't do much at all today with being sick but I did manage to look at all your pictures that I have here of you! I miss you my darling little girl and love you very much!! xoxoxoxoxoxox

Dec 9th, 2014
Hello my darling baby girl! I am missing you very much as the time gets closer to the 1st Anniversary of your passing :( I think about you and talk about you still like you are here with me. Colby your best buddy will be joining you soon as he is starting to fail which is going to be hard on me and Daddy. The only thing that I can do is to know that you and Colby will again be together and can cuddle and play like you used to ! I know he misses you very much honey, when I talk about you and mention your name, if he is close enough to hear because he is almost completely deaf now, he perks his ears up and looks around. I will make sure that I put your stocking out for Christmas still because I want that memory to never go away! Your Daddy bought me a new trailer for me to take your buddies ET and Rey to ride and go to shows. Daddy had some luck and I think you had a lot to do with it! I can feel you with me once in a while but not like I used to. You can come and visit me whenever you want, I will be happy to see you even as a shadow or a feeling. God Bless you my darling and always know Mommy and Daddy love you very, very much !! xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxo

April 29th,2015
My darling Utah, it has been a long time since I have written to you. You friends Oreo and Tiki had their babies last week! Oreo had 5 little darlings and Tiki we are not sure, she hid them under the barn floor lol We are missing you very much honey and I look at your picture and talk to you each day! I haven't heard from you or seen you for a while now, and wish you would come to visit again! Daddy misses you very much too !! You left us too soon and hard to believe it was almost 1 1/2 years ago! :( Love you darling and will write again soon! Have fun and run and play with all your friends! You are my Angel !!! xxxxxooooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

December 23rd, 2015
My dear sweet little girl Utah, today is 2 years since you left us. I have thought of you each and every day since you went over the Rainbow Bridge! I still feel you with us playing with the stuff on the counter, trying to get into the butter dish lol and now that the Christmas decorations are up, you playing with the balls on the tree! I still have your picture and Urn at the window so you can look outside and watch the other cats and Colby outside. Colby will soon be joining you as your big brother is very sick. We want you to please get ready to show him the ropes and please take care of him and make sure he feels your unconditional love that you have always had for him. I know he misses you very much and you can see he is looking for you to help him with this process. Utah, I was looking at your video that I made when you passed away and it felt just like you were still here. It may have been 2 years ago, but you will always be here in our hearts. Daddy misses you too, he was very sad and teary eyed when he was looking at the video too! You were a very special precious girl. We love you and will be back soon to talk to you again!! All my love my little Angel xoxoxoxoxoxo

June 23rd, 2016
My darling Utah, as you know by now, your brother Colby has joined you over the Rainbow Bridge. Please show him the ropes and take care of him. Colby knew you were here all the time near the end as he looked where you used to sit all the time and stared. I miss you very much baby girl each day. Daddy and I are now alone (other than the barn and outside cats) and feeling very lonely in the house. You and your brother were our lives and after losing the 2 of you, we can not bring another one into our home. You are the final 2 and I am thankful each and every day to have had you both in our lives. I will be doing a page for him too so that I can go and look and write to you both and tell you what is going on in our life! We love you our princess and miss you more than I can say! xoxoxoxoxoxo

August 30th, 2016
Was thinking about you and your brother, Colby, today and stopped by to tell you how much I am still missing you each and every day! It isn't as hard now, but I still get tears in my eyes when I look at your pictures. You were the best friend a girl could ask for. I love you baby girl and hope that you and Colby are happy and healthy again running in the meadows chasing butterflies and rolling in the grass.
Forever in my heart, forever loved and forever missed! Mommy and Daddy xoxoxoxoxo

December 23rd, 2016
Today is 3 years since you went over the Rainbow Bridge our darling Utah 😭 We think about you each and every day. This time of year is hard for Mommy and Daddy now that you and your brother Colby are no longer physically here. I can still see your precious little face curled up beside me on my pillow each night purring away as we both drift off to sleep. I hear you playing on the counter and jumping off so you aren't caught. Life is a lot quieter in the house now without you and Colby. Please continue to play and be here with us the way you have always been. I hope that you and Colby are up there playing and running around making new friends and showing any others that arrive how great it is there. We love you baby girl, now and forever and I am sorry I haven't written as much as before but I know you understand that I have you always in my mind and heart. I willl never forget your love and devotion. I hope you are cuddling up with Grandpa and showing him that cats like you and dogs like Colby are okay to be round. Missing you baby girl !!! 💖💖💖💖💖😭

June 15th, 2017
Our dearest baby girl Utah, we miss you so very much! Tomorrow is the 1st Anniversary of Colby's passing and we are feeling so sad because we don't have you here to cuddle and snuggle us to show us that it is going to be okay! Please take care of your brother as I know he is taking care of you! You would be very happy, we don't have a lot of kittens here anymore on the farm lol I know how much all the little ones bothered you whenever you were outside ;) I saw a kitten a while ago that I thought was you! She looked exactly like you did when you were a baby even the eyes and that look of softness and caring kindness you always had. I wanted to scoop her up and take her home but I know that there is only going ever be 1 Utah, and that is you! Daddy and Mommy still can't bring another kitty (a new one) into our home or another puppy to replace your brother. The 2 of you are the last of the great ones. We miss you darling and I look at your picture each and every day as it sits on a table right beside Mommy's chair!
Love you now and forever! Mommy and Daddy 💖💖💖💖💖😭

December 23rd, 2017
To our dearest baby Utah, you are still our sunshine and ray of light whenever we are down and out. It is hard to believe that today marks the 4th Anniversary since you went over the rainbow bridge. A lot has happened since you left us here but your absence has always been felt. Another year has passed and our love for you is still the same as it was when you were part of this World. We are comforted knowing that Colby and you are both together again forever. Mommy and Daddy are missing you so very much and Daddy misses having you snuggle up on his neck and I miss you curled up on my lap while I am on my laptop or having you snuggled up next to me in bed each night. We lost you too soon honey, hard to believe you would only be 14 now and if I could turn back time, I would just to have you here with us again! Merry Christmas baby girl and know that we are always thinking of you!
All our love and snuggles and kisses to you baby girl! Mommy and Daddy 💖💖😭😭

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