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Memories of Tucker
Tucker~ my sweet, loving boy ~mischievous,and silly~ wonderful little ,silky, cuddly buddy. You made me laugh every day, and were truly by my side through good times and bad. I will love you, and keep you close always, dear Booty Boy. I saved your blanket for the time we meet again; you can lie on my lap, or in the sunshine of your beloved garden. I'll miss you forever! 2/05 One year since you left. We have missed you so, dear Tucker.We knew you'd want another furbaby to have as great a life as you did, so we got Molly, who desperately needed a special home.Then we added kitten, Fizz, who reminds me of you sometimes~ he's so funny, and full of mischief.Remembering you always as Alpha cat!!Love,Mom and Cj( brother~ wishes you were here to wrestle!~)You're the BEST!4/6/05Happy Birthday, dear Tucker. You would be 15 today!! So is Lauren!! We miss you every day and think of you, wishing you were here to do your funny tricks, and be so loving. You were always my best buddy, and helping me relax after a hard work day, stretching out on my legs,or curling up under my arm for a nap! Love you SO MUCH!! Mom 6/05 Can't believe we are beginning a second summer without you. I will be home this year, and dreaming of you out here hunting~ waggling and pouncing..how you loved your garden and pachysandra! I hope Molly and CJ can stand all the chippies and mice around.They aren't as good hunters as you were.NEver forgetting you were my first and favorite kitty ever....Love,Mom 10/05 Missing you so, dear Tuckie.Cj still looks for you downstairs, he can't understand that you can't return. It makes me weep for you, and for him, too.Your garden now has flowers, and a special plaque for you. We envision you hunting out there always. Cj has been chasing the chippies for you!! Love forever, MOM 11/05 Facing holidays without you again. Wish you were here!Merry Christmas, dear Booty Boy.love,MOM 12/05 Almost New Year's Eve, dear Booty Boy and nearly two years since you had to leave. I will miss you always, and await our happy reunion at the Rainbows Bridge. We will be together forever, dear one. You are the best cat ever! Love,Mom 2/06 My dear Tucker..it's almost Valentine's Day and the second anniversary of your leaving. I am so sad without you here.Loving you forever,my Booty Boy, best cat ever!! Love,Mom and Cj 3/06 Dear Tucker, take good care of Molly, who had to join you at the Bridge. We love her so much, too. She took your spot when you left;I knew you'd want a needy soul to have it.Love,Mom 4/06 Dear Tucker, I missed you on your birthday..Lauren was sweet sixteen. Wish you could be sixteen, too. Cj is 15 now, and still loves and misses you, as I will always! Love to you, my Tucker booty, best cat ever! Mom 10/9/06 Dear Tucker, still wishing you were here!Loving you with all my heart, best kitty ever!Love,Mom 12/06 Merry Christmas, dear Booty Boy, Best cat ever!! Love to you, my Tucker boy...miss you forever! Love, Mom, Cj and Fizz Happy New Year, my sweet Tucker.it's already 2007.Nearly 3years at the Bridge..you are our special guardian..Much love and many, many kisses..Mom and CJ( Fizz, too.) 7/30/08 Never stop missing and loving my dearest Booty Boy..Tucker, please take care of our friend, Nicky, who has joined you at the bridge.Wait for us, we will never forget Alpha Cat!! Love you forever and ever, Mom, Cj and Fizz Dear Tucker, It is 2008. Grandma came to Heaven Aug 28. I hope you can visit and take care of her for me. Also take care of Iris Carrier, who had to go to the bridge. I think Cj will be coming soon, too. I will miss him so terribly, but it will be a comfort to know you two buddies will be together again at Rainbow's Bridge, wrestling and both of you healthy and happy together again, waiting for me. You are still My Booty Boy, alpha cat, best kitty ever!! Love, hugs and kisses on your sweet little head... Mom , Cj and Fizz. (Ps I know you are taking good care of Molly.) 12/16/2008 It's the 4 year,10mos anniversary since you left, my dear, dear Booty Boy. How I still miss you. Now your CJ has joined you at the bridge. My heart is broken, but it helps to know you are together once again, wrestling and joyful to see each other again. Watch out for that body slam!HA Merry Christmas, make sure CJ has a place to sleep under the tree. ha lawyas loved his Christmas tree! ou will be with me always, and Tucker, you are still Alpha Cat! The first and best kitty ever!!Love,Mom My sweetheart. There will never be another you. Take care of my Cj and Molly.Dearly loved and with me always, Love Mom, Ty and Fizz Merry Christmas2009, dearest Tucker. Miss you, first and best kitty ever! 6/10 Happy summer at the bridge, my dearest Tucker. We were talking about you yesterday, and the hunter you were, looking so cute pouncing into the pachysandra! How I love you, best kitty ever! Take care of our CJ and Molly! Love, Mom, Fizz and little Ty. February 16, 2014!! To my dearest Valentine, Tucker. I can't believe it has been ten years since you left me. I always think of you and will miss you forever, until we can be reunited at the Rainbow Bridge. You still are my Alpha cat, Best cat ever, dear Booty Boy. I hope CJ and Molly are playing there with you, and that you all are caring for one another. Big hugs for them too..miss you all so much. Ty and Fizz are doing well, and always remember that you are their special benefactors!! Love you soo much, precious Booty Boy! Mom, Fizz and Ty 2/16/2016 I can't believe how many years .ive missed you, dearest Tucker! Love you forever, my precious Booty Boy. Please welcome and watch over Monte, a special black kitty! You'll know him by his personality, and the love we feel for him! Please continue to watch over your best buddy, CJ, and Molly, and the others. Sending you hugs, kisses and belly rubs! How I miss you, My best cat ever! ❤️ Love, Mom, Fizz and Ty

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