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Memories of Trina
Katrina, Trina for short, was more that "just a pet". She was part of me. We took care of each other. We were part of each other. It all started one afternoon after work when I heard her meowing from the back yard. After looking around, I finally spotted her in the mulberry tree by the fence, climbing down the fork in the tree. Our eyes met and I guess you could say it was love at first sight -- pet & owner soul mates. She was cold black with round, golden eyes, the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I used to call Trina my co-dependent cat. She tried to have me help her have her first litter, climbing in and out of her box, wanting me to follow her. Then she was such a good momma cat. I was impressed. She loved to chase things, but she totally ignored the lizard she found and used it to teach her babies to hunt. A few years later, she even tried to nurse two of Cuddles' kittens. Trina wanted them so badly and kept on scooping them over to her little tummy! Oh, there are so many memories. One time I came home to see Katrina sitting in the kitchen window, on top of the uncarved Halloween pumpkin that was sitting there. That was normally her spot in the window, but because of Halloween I had put the pumpkin there and just not cut it yet. So there she was, a real black cat on a real pumpkin at Halloween. I so wish I had a picture. Trina would only eat one specific brand of cat food. Whenever we said the name, Trina would run to the cabinet where we stored it and meow in her whiney voice. In order to find out if she had been fed and not to excite her too much, I'd have to ask, "have you fed you-know-who her you-know-what?" Trina was such a lap cat. If she didn't know which room I was in, she would start meowing in order to find me. Finally, I'd meow back to her. Her meowing would stop. I'd hear these quick footsteps or the bell on her collar ringing quickly with each step. Then, about the time she hit the doorway, Trina would stop, clean her paws in her as if she didn't care way, and then slowly, in her aloof manner, meander over to where I was and leap into to my lap, trying not to look too eager. She was always on my lap, sitting on my lap, kneading on my lap, sleeping on my lap. She would even run to the door when she heard my car outside. Trina loved lying on Afghans, eating Bermuda grass, nuzzling her catnip. Once she got outside, Trina would run up a tree when she thought I'd want to grab her back inside. I could always get her if I just walked past her as if I didn't care, she'd follow me, and then I'd pick her up easily. When Trina & Cuddles, would be outside, Cuddles would stay for a few hours. After about ten minutes or so, Trina would want back in, meowing loudly at the door. If I didn't hear or respond in time (her time, that is), I'd hear a thump. Looking at the side door, I'd see her on the door screen, hanging on by all fours -- kind of like the suction stuffed animals in some car windows -- so funny! Katrina was very playful. I didn't realize how playful she was until after she was gone. The toys that are left are still in the same place as the day she went to the Rainbow Bridge. Cuddles doesn't play with them after all. I fondly remember her always begging for food on the counter or at the table, her and I eating cheddar cheese together and my having to cut it into petite little pieces so that she could/would eat it. I remember the gentle way she'd capture my hand with both her paws so I couldn't get away -- had to pet her. She would also mother Cuddles when allowed to. I fondly remember Trina staying warm on top of the coffee pot. It was her spot! Then there was that look she'd give Cuddles & me when Cuddles would happen to be in my lap, looking back & forth at us as if to say, "What's going on here? What is this? I mean, that's my spot, right??" Trina was so special. She knew it and she knew I knew it. I remember her always being there when I cried, being there when I broke my foot, being there, always . . . I remember holding her the last moments of her life. God, I love her so. Trina, I miss you so and will love you forever.

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