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Memories of Tinkerbell "Tink"
Tink as she was known came to us from a shelter. 4 lbs and just a ittie bittie ball of fur. She loved us all from the start, in fact she would rather have cuddles than food. She grew into a magnificent cat. Tink ran the household to her satisfaction and was very opinionated on most everything. Although Tink had other "Brothers and Sisters" not having her here with us has left a hugh hole in our lives. We've had many cats in our life but never one like her. She was one of a kind. Tink although you have been gone from us a short time remember this...Mom and Dad love you and did what we could. We hope you understand that we released you before you started to suffer the terminal pain of the cancer in your body. We would have fought with everything We had if there had been even a small hope of you remaining with us with the quality of life you deserved. Be Happy and We will see you again at the foot of the Rainbow Bridge. Happy, Healthy and Magnificent as we remember you. 3/25/05 Baby it's spring your favorite time of year. We have created a very special place for you. You have an arbor with climbing flowers and a beautiful headstone beneath it. I found a long haired cat statue that really reminds me of you. when summer comes and it gets hot you still rest in wonderful shade. I think of you all the time and the loss of you still is very raw. I see you in my dreams and talk with you often. take care my Tinkies. 11/08/05 Today is the first anniversary of your loss. I still grieve for you and miss you horribly. I think of you as my guardian Angel. We have just given a home to a little kitten named Missy and in many ways she is like you..a little love bug. I often wonder if you are "channling" through her as she really reminds me of you in personality. But in looks she's very different. She is a blue tabby and white long hair and like you she's a rescue. We love her with all our hearts but would LOVE to have had you with us also. She is not your replacement but a another soul to love. You could NEVER be replaced in our lives or our hearts. Love Mom and Dad

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