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Memories of Tigerman
JAN-1994 I found you as a little boy and we grew together.You were there when my world fell apart and you helped me through it. We had a great life together and we loved each other as much as a dad could love his son. On January 11th 2004 you went to heaven after your illness with diabetes. You are missed terribly at bed time,I miss you sleeping with your head in my hand. There is no way in the world that I'd ever find a Kitty as wonderful as you !! Puss,Island and Spookie all miss you and will soon join you. Keep an eye on Island,she will need you to watch over her..Be a good boy Tigerman, daddy will see you when I cross over the bridge ... XXOO JAN 15th 2007 Puss is on her way to Rainbow Bridge Tigerman, Take care of her she will be lost without her sisters. Spooky and Buddy both are gone from me also, watch over them too. I love you Tigerman and really miss you. I hope everything is good at the Rainbowbridge. Be a good boy and I'll write later. XXOO. (August 07) Its been 3 1/2 years and I still miss you so. Island is doing ok,but I see that she is lonely and is slowing down. I love you all so much and can't wait til we are all together again. I Love you all. Daddy XXOO. (August 08) 4 1/2 years have gone by and I still miss all of you. Island is the only thing in life that I love, and she's still here for me. Tigerman, I hope to see you again really soon, take care of your sisters and buddy. Love always, Daddy XXOO. (December 2008) - Island is still with me and we are getting ready for christmas. We both miss you. Love always,Daddy and Island.. (May 21,2009) Island is at the bridge looking for you - Find her and take care of her. She has missed you so. Be sweet and Daddy will see you again soon ... (December 31, 2012) Today is the last day of this year and I'm alone again. I still miss all you babys and always will. Alot has happened in the past two years, but my heart goes on - still broken. I miss you and love you so much - it really hurts !! Kiss Buddy,Puss,Island,Spooky,Shemp and Moe for me !! I love you all, Daddy. (May 21,2015) Here it is 11 years later and I still miss you Tigerman. I miss you sleeping on my chest - I have never got over you !! Every day that goes by is one day closer to being with you again!! I feel myself slowing down, so it will be sooner than I think. ILYSM and always will.. Love always, Daddy xoxo. 5/21/2019 It's been 15 years Baby Boy and I still miss you and Love you so much still. You were the most loving kitty I ever had and miss you naps in my arms. I wish oneday we could sit in front of the TV again and nap together !! ILY and always will - be a good boy and keep an eye Puss, Spookey and little Island for me. Daddy will see you again one day and oh what a day it will be. Love, Daddy XOXO January 11, 2021 - It's been 17 years now and I never have forgotten your sweet face. Alot has changed since you've gone, I'm slowing down and am 65 years old now (not 48) like when we were together. I still miss having all my babies here with me - but NO more !! My heart can't take the break when you go on ahead. I'm still here in the same house but it's quiet now. I have instructed to have all my urns buried with me when my time comes. Yes, We will all be together again !! ILYSM & miss you even more - be a good boy and keep an eye on your siblings for me !! 1/11/2022 It's been 18 years today and I've never forgotten your sweet face. I'm 66 now, not 48 like when you passed, I'm still here in the same house feeding the neighborhood cats. They're owner died on January 7th and I don't know what will happen to them. I hope you all are still together - I miss you all so much. My time will be coming soon one day and I get to give you all KISSES again. Everything I love has gone on ahead of me, but I will be there someday. ILYSM & IMYSM too !! Love, Daddy 1/11/2023 Well its been 19 years today and I still think about you and miss you so much. Tigerman, as daddy gets older I miss alot about having you with me. I have arranged to have all of you and your sisters remains buried with me so we can all be Together !! I'm 67 years old now and feel myself slowing down a bit. I miss all of you so much. Another year but nothing changes. Be a good boy and kiss all the babies for me !! ILY & IMYSM - Love, Daddy xoxo

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