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Memories of Tia Marie Glass
The Rainbow Bridge is now home to many beloved pets that have passed, And, on this day they gained our angel, the beautiful Tia Marie Glass. God needed her sweet nature to help others ease their pain, Her life on Earth was ended, but her spirit will always remain. She was the sweetest angel on this Earth and will give the same love and affection in Heaven, The day she was called home will always be remembered, The year 2001, the day September 11. We all love her dearly and will miss her forever more, But God needed this true angel to watch over Heaven's doors. She now waits peacefully at the Rainbow Bridge, with her beautiful eyes open wide, For the rest of her family to come, so that we can all walk together inside. Tia,even though your shiny little black furry body is gone we can still feel your love all around us. And when your song plays at times just when we need to smile or most of all remember the unconditional and unforgettable love you gave,we know you are here. I think of you every day. And miss you even more. But we will all see you again some beautiful day and until we do have fun playing with your daddy Togo,Princess,Duke,Caleby and all your brothers and sisters. I can see all of you and I know you are all in that special place in Heaven called The Rainbow Bridge. Mama's little Tiny Dancer, you are forever and always in my heart-Aug.16,03. HI SWEETIE, JUST WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW THAT I HEARD YOUR SONG YESTERDAY IN THE STORE AND I KNOW THAT YOU WERE SAYING "HI MOMPA". OF COURSE YOU KNOW WE THINK OF YOU EVERYDAY. I SEE YOUR SWEET LITTLE FACE EVERY MORNING WHEN I'M PUTTING MY FACE ON CUZ' I HAVE YOUR PICTURES ON MY MAKEUP TABLE. THAT'S HOW MY DAY STARTS SAYING "GOOD MORNING BIA" EVERYDAY. MY LITTLE ANGEL, MAMA & DADDY & TASIA SAYS HI AND WE LOVE YOU.HAVE FUN DANCING FOR ALL THE ANGELS. MISS YOU. YOU ARE IN MY HEART AS ALWAYS SINCE THE FIRST DAY WE SAW YOU DANCING ON KEVIN'S CAR IN THAT VIDEO, WE KNEW YOU WERE THE ONE AND YOU CHANGED OUR LIFE FOREVER.I'M CRYING SO HARD RIGHT NOW' I CAN'T SEE THE KEYS TO TYPE THIS.I SOMETIMES WONDER IF MAYBE WE HAD CAUGHT YOUR ILLNESS EARLIER, YOU WOULD STILL BE HERE.AND IT JUST BREAKS MY HEART THINKING ABOUT IT STILL TO THIS DAY.MY CONSOLATION IS THAT YOU ARE NOT SICK ANYMORE AND ARE UP THERE WATCHING OVER US AND WAITING FOR US AND OF COURSE DANCING AWAY. SOMEDAY WE WILL BE THERE TO HOLD YOU AND FEEL YOUR FURS. UNTIL THEN, HAVE FUN AND JUST KNOW AND NEVER FORGET YOU ARE IN MY HEART FOREVER AND ALWAYS!():)MAMA-JANUARY 18,2004.Hi "Sweet B" just wanted to say Happy Spring & Happy Easter!Love you always, Mama & Daddy & Tasia & Josey.():)-March 19, 2004. Hi my sweetest lil' angel,Mama is sorry for not leaving you a note on your birthday. Sometimes we get so busy. But there is never a day that goes by that i don't think of you.At night when i go to bed,even after almost 3 years, i still miss feeling your lil' body next to mine and how you would get in my lap or on the bed & just stare at me to let me know "o.k. Mompa, it's time to go to bed." I know in my heart that i will always have that feeling of emptiness. I love & miss you so very much. But i know that i will see you at the bridge someday.Hope you had fun on your birthday. Mama did'nt forget you,I sang Happy Birthday to you. I'm sure you danced as you always did for us. Love you "Sweet B".You are in my heart forever and always.():)Mama.July 29,2004. Oh sweetie, I don't even know what to say, what happened last night at the E.J. concert was not a coincidence but only a message from my Angel that you were there and you were gonna make sure that I knew by the message I left on Missy's voice mail right at 9:11 when he played your song Tiny Dancer. Mama knows that you are always there. You touched my heart so when you were here and you are still always & forever with me.Carol wrote this poem for us this morning. We love you too "B" Mama & Daddy TINY DANCER There is this man They call him Elton John. He writes beautiful music And puts the music into song. But how could he have known, That one simple song Would have such an impact And help memories last so long. He called it Tiny Dancer. And you called me that too. Every time you hear those words, You say, Tia we love you. When the world lost so much, On that fateful September day. You lost much more when to The Rainbow Bridge I went to play. The words on paper mean much more than they appear. Hold me closer Tiny Dancer Will always bring a tear. That's why I was there last nite Dancing as he played. I knew you'd be there too So I waited there all day. It wasn't a coincidence It was just meant to be. I had it all planned out Just you wait and see. Then the moment came And like an angels voice from heaven. Hold me closer Tiny Dancer As the clock struck 9:11. Lay me down in sheets of linen, you had a busy day today. It's time for me to go now, But I'm never far away. FROM AUNT CAROL-3/24/05 My Angel Tia, thank you for taking Buddy today on 9/11. I know you were a part of this because of the date. You have sent me a message to tell me that our lil "Buddy Roo" is with you. Now you'll get to see why Mama & Daddy are so upset. With his sweet tiny lil face and his tiny lil' squeak instead of a meow. When we found him, he was near death and we gave him life & love. He was so happy and so loved in the short time that we had him. And I know in my heart that the significance of this date is just another one of your many ways of saying "yes, Mama, Buddy is here and I will watch over him til you get here". You know that I love you so very much, my "sweet B". And the heartache from missing you never goes away. You are truly an Angel in my heart forever & always. Now you are Buddy's Angel. I love you both so very much. Mama-9/11/05.Merry Christmas to my tiniest lil' angel. Mama loves you.():)-12/12/05 Hi baby girl...Today has been 5 years since you went to the "bridge" Every single day that has passed since you left us I have thought about you and have missed you so.You are as always in my heart...My Tiny Dancer...I Love You and await the day to see you again. Love, Mama and Daddy-9/11/06 Hi baby girl. Mama loves you & misses you so.():)-3/14/07 Mama could see you at your birthday party dancing & playing with all of your old & new friends. 19 years ago you danced into our lives & stole our hearts forever more! Happy Birthday to my sweetest lil' angel!():) Love, Mama & Daddy-6/22/07. Tia, we just lost our beautiful Belle. I know that you will welcome her with open "wings" & she will run & play with all of you as she did when she was young. Our Bella Donna,we love you so & we will see you again at the Bridge.Cyndi-6/29/07.():)Hi baby girl. Mama was thinking about you which, I do everyday. The holidays are coming & I was just thinking about how you loved presents "rippin & tearin" into em'& would get the ornaments off the bottom of the tree & chew em' up. We would find pieces of all kinds of stuff under the girl's bed. Memories I cherish. Love You, Sweet B():) Happy Halloween! Mama10/30/07My sweet B,Aunt Carol lost little Brutus today & I know you met him at the bridge.I know that he is dancing with you right now & having so much fun. Tell Brute Rute we love him with all of our hearts & we will see him when we all cross the bridge.Love, Mama 11/28/07 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to my Baby B. Mama Loves you so!12/07 My lil'Angel, this week has been rough&full of stress & I have heard your song almost every day on a station I have never heard it on...I know this is you wrapping your Angel wings around me, giving me "B" kisses,telling me its ok.My Tiny Dancer-Mama loves you.2/9/08():)Happy Hearts Day,Baby B @)>-'-,----Love,Mama~2/14/08 My Tiny Dancer...Born 20 years ago today, you gave so much to us in such a short time. Your love, spirit & legacy you left are still with us everyday of our lives. We still miss you so & love you even more! I am sure the angels are throwing a party for you, have fun with all of your friends...new & old. Happy Birthday to you my sweetest B. Love, Mama 6/22/08 My littlest angel...Mama is remembering you today and also the loss of so many others. I know you are still with all of those who left us with your wings around them. I love you so my Sweet B & miss you even more. Mama:( 9/11/08 To my sweetest lil angel Tia, Mama loves you with all of her heart & thinks of you every day!11/29/08 Mama is wishing you a Merry Christmas, baby "b"12/24/08 Thank you sweetie, for letting me know at 9:11 this morning you were thinking of me on Mompa's Day. Mompa loves you too my lil' angel:)5/10/09 Just remembering 8 yrs ago & losing you on this day, missing you & still loving you more everyday that passes.9/11/09~Love to Mama's lil Angel B always 12/6/09~Mommy is sad b/c Angel your kitty sister is very sick & frail. I know that she will not be with us much longer. You know that she came to Mama not very long after you left us. She reminded me so much of you. That was why I named her Angel. She is a Mama's girl in every way just like you. When she leaves us, please take her into your wings and surround her with your love. My sweet lil' B Mama Loves you & wishes you happy new year!~1/1/10 My baby B...My Beautiful little Angel Cakes is with you now...we had to put her to sleep this morning...it was the most heartbreaking thing I have ever done, but she is no longer suffering. Mama knows that you greeted her at the Bridge and surrounded her with your love and your "wings' She will probably be a little snooty as she was with other animals but as soon as she realizes who you are she will get comfortable and will run and play with you. Just tell her you are the other Angel that Mama always talked about to her. Rest in Peace...my beautful little black Angel on this day January 20th, 2010 and forever more. Mommy loves you with her heart and soul and Mommy and Daddy will see you both someday at the Rainbow Bridge. Baby girl, your little niece Tasia is with you now after a long, long life. She would have been 19yrs old May 10th. She was frail with age and she let me know she was ready to go, but my heart is hurting. I know you both were so happy to see eachother again. Mama & Daddy misses her so very much but, we can see her running and playing with you & swapping chews as you did when you were both young. Please stay by her side until we get there. Tell her Mama & Daddy love her! Love you so very much Mama's Angel Bia! 4/28/10 Hello "baby b" Mama has been sad & crying since last night & just can't shake it off...the reason, I am missing my beautiful angels so very very much! Tia, Angel & Tasia my babies. Mama loves you with all of her heart...waiting for the day to hold all 3 of you in my arms again. Kisses to you! 8/27/10 Mama's Tiny Dancer, mama is remembering the morning of 9/11/01 when Dr. Davenport told us on the phone that you had passed. I was already consumed with grief from what was happening to our country and then to be told we had just lost our baby was more than I could bear. When we went to get you, your daddy said that God must have needed you to comfort the souls that had just been lost in the tragedy. So, I knew that was it and that it was ok because I knew you were just the little furry angel that could do the job...b/c you were an angel on earth! Mama misses you today as much as I did that day 9 years ago. Mama loves you and will be with you again someday...holding you in my arms as she always did and smothering your face with kisses. Have a beautiful day today with Tasia, Angel, Duke, Togo, Brutus, Belle, Buddy and all of your family there! I love you! 9/11/10 ():) Hugs & sweet kisses to you baby girl. Merry Christmas to you, Tasia, Angel and all of our babies there. Can't wait to see you and feel your furs! Mama 12/4/10 Mama's been gone for awhile, but just know I never forget.. After 10 years Mama still thinks of you every day! I found this the other day and could hear you saying this to me in my heart.. ~And if I go, while you are still here... Know that I still live on, Vibrating to a different measure, Behind a thin veil that you cannot see through. You will not see me, so you must have faith. I will wait there for the time when we can soar together again, both aware of each other. Until then, live your life to the fullest. And when you need me, just whisper my name in your heart, ...I will be there.~ Always & forever in my heart...Tia Marie..Love, Mama 3/31/12
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