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Memories of Ti
Before I had spent time at Ted's brother and sister-in-laws home with cats I had always had respiratory reactions to cats (and I loved them). After 10 days with them I guess I built up my own immunity and was fine. Had friends with cats after that and loved playing with them so one sunny Sunday Ted drove me out south of Minneapolis to the home of a wonderful, sweet little old lady who had rescued a pregnant cat and had kittens for adoption. There in her kitchen I first met Ti. He was the only male of the litter, very quiet and loving and his sisters were beating up on him something awful! So, I took him home and we enjoyed our time together.

Ti loved to pounce on leaves and "wrestle" them to the ground, returning with one in his mouth to bring to you as a gift. He was my buddy, and a good house boy! He was actually quite a good leash walker too, amazing the people in the neighborhood.

Ti also loved car rides - rather strange for a cat, but he did. I couldn't leave the house without him when I was going out and about to friends homes as he loved to go visit (and they loved him coming to visit). His favorite thing was to sit on the back of the headrest on the passenger side and watch the world go by. I can remember the amazed or startled looks I used to get from people over that one.

He also loved to play with Marion, Lynette and Jim's cat that lived upstairs from us. The two of them used to sit on their hind haunches and "kitty box", it was a sight to see! When they moved away we would occasionally visit them so could play for the weekend.

When Ti was just over a year old he got Pooh as a baby brother. We were visiting Lynette and Jim and was out by a small lake (there were LOTS in MN). Heard screaming from a woman while this man threw a bag into the water. Jim ran to get it and inside were two little 5-6 week old kittens. The female drowned but the male was hanging on. The guy tried to grab the kitten from Jim and Ti went into attack mode protecting him and lunging at the guy any time he came near. Very uncharacteristic for this sweetheart, but he wasn't letting anyone hurt that kitten. Ti was brother, mother and father to his little pest who he loved dearly and tended for with care. When he was just over two Angus came along, and even though a dog, he loved him too.

After we moved to Texas he lived not only with Pooh and Angus, but his doggie cousins Merlin and MacGregor and loved every minute of it. Mom was back in college getting another degree and they lived in the upper floors of his grandparents house. He would go downstairs every morning while his grandma was getting dressed for work and would make his grandma turn on the faucet on a slow run every morning to get his water - and only grandma did he do this to.

Ti loved his lap time, but shared well. In June of 1983 he began to loose his voice so I took him to the vet. Nothing was noted so we went home. A couple of days later he wouldn't eat or drink so back we went again. When blood work was done it was found that he was entering liver failure as a side effect of a medication a vet in Minnesota had given him when they were all treated for pneumonia. Had he only shown any clear signs of the problem earlier the effects could have been reversed. Oh, this was just not so.

With his mom at his side he passed on to the Rainbow Bridge at the young age of four. Pooh was left alone in the kitty world and he would cry for his brother and best friend. Angus, Merlin and MacGregor would look for some time for their lost brother.

Now the gang is all together - you, Pooh and Angus. Cousins Merlin and MacGregor are there with you - so everyone you knew is there to make your day.

Ti, my first baby, you were quite a special and loving little guy. Only four short years I had with you, but what fun years those were. Maxie who you never met - she helped Pooh go on with life after you were gone. MacGregor was the first to join you at the bridge, followed by Angus and then cousin Merlin - the three dogs you played with all the time. 16 years after you were gone your little brother Pooh joined you as well. You are now roaming free with all of them and have met later siblings at the Bridge - Maxie, Diarmid, Alexander, Michael, Padraig and MacTavish. Must be quite a party! No more kitties in the house for me, my asthma has decided litter of any kind just doesn't work. I miss you and the kitties who came after you in my lap.

I've always felt that the stars twinkling down at night are the kisses sent down from those at the Bridge and beyond to let us know they are happy and well at last. I know that when I look up at night the brightest star is you my first baby.

Fly high my little one.... until we meet again at the Bridge

Love, Mom

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