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Memories of Thumbellina
To Tina, (AKC) Hootie's Littlest Beauty. Daughter of Holly Eureka & Hieddy's High Hopes. AKA - My Little Sidekick, My Widdle One, My Tiny T. For such a tiny little girl, you sure did leave a huge hole in my heart. Putting you down was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I wish I would've known that you were so sick. The infection spread so fast. I'm so sorry I didn't catch it in time. We miss you so. I remember the afternoon you were born. You were only 3 ounces. I had to hand feed you because your sisters didn't let you in to get milk. I'm so glad I decided to keep you. I had to. You would have never survived without constant care. You were so fragile then. You blessed my life with unconditional love, loyalty, companionship & pure joy. You may have been my smallest baby, but you didn't act like it. You were the instigator & so bossy. You had to have me all to yourself. You always had to be on my lap. I guess you're with your momma, "Holly Eureka & I hate to tell you, ... your sister, "Katie," joined you last Saturday. She had cancer & was in great pain & very sick. Has she found you yet? Is she feeling better now? I can see your momma, Holly, Katie, & you, prancing around. I loved the way you all pranced. Wow, It's really quiet around here without you! I miss all my babies. Take care My Beautiful Thumbellina! I'll see you at the Bridge when my time comes. We'll be the "Wee Ones Of Roxbury" once again. We miss you all so much! 8/12/03 - Hi My Beautiful Baby Girl! I miss you so much. Guess what? I'm babysitting your beautiful baby boy, Rudy Patudy, & what a cutie! He stays with me at all times & has to sit in my lap, just like you did. His tongue sticks out like yours did. He's so cute & what a love. He has your face, that beautiful face of yours! I miss you Baby! Thank you for your love. You've done so much for me. Till next time, (your Birthday), my beautiful Blondie's Baby, I love you sweetheart & miss you so much! I know God is smiling on all my babies. 8/14/03 Hi Baby! Happy Birthday! You would have been 8 today. I miss you Thumbellina. Mommy is very sad. My heart aches for you. I miss you on my lap. I miss your devotion & ever present love. Thanks for all the wonderful memories. You were my Special Little One. Mommy sends you birthday wishes with hugs & kisses. I love you my Tiny Tina. May God hold you in the palm of his hand. 9/13/03 Hi My Sweetest Thumbellina. I had a headstone made for you & received it today. Your image, name, date, & epitaph were laser engraved on marble. It's is beautiful! The craftsman, who created it for me, asked for my permission to use your image on some of products that he sells. I'm a proud Momma. I knew you were beautiful. Now others can see how pretty you are. xoxo 10/01/03 Hi baby! 12/25/03 Hi Baby! Merry Christmas. I miss you. I know it's hard being apart, but one day we'll be reunited. I LOVE YOU! XOXO 1/25/2004 Oh my Thumbelina!!! Your oldest sister, Roxy, died in Mommy's arms. I held her all night until Aunt Annette & Uncle Art, buried My Sweet Sweet Roxy. Take care of your sister. Tina, you know how much I love my babies. They're all leaving me. I miss you all! It's so quiet without you. Forever in my heart & mind. God handed you to me & now he's craddling you in his arms till we met again. xoxo 3/25/04 Hi my beautiful Thumbellina. I still question if I did the right thing, putting you down. I cry all the time. Was there a chance you could have survived? It eats me up inside. I would have done anything to save you. I don't care what the cost. But the vet said your prognosis after surgery, was grave, & I didn't want to put you through all of that because I was being selfish. Please forgive me. I hope it was the right thing to do for you. I'm lost without you. Holly, Roxy & your photos are right in front of me, so I can see my beautiful girls faces & remember the joy each of you brought me in your own special way. I miss you & I'll love you forever. 5/17/04 Hi baby girl. I love you! Until We Meet Again, Find Peace In Heavens Hands. XOXO 6/7/04 Hi My Special Angel. It's been a long sad year without you. I miss you on my lap, your intense love & devotion. You have a very special place in my heart. Jazmine & I went out to your grave. I can't help but smile, thinking of our days together over 7 short years. Forever loving you! XOXO 8/14/04 Happy birthday baby! You would have been 9 today. I miss you! 11/09/04 Hi baby! I find it so hard to visit. I look at your beautiful face & the tears start to roll down my face. Be happy. Be healthy. Until we meet again. XOXO 12/25/04 Merry Christmas My Little Darlin'. 12/31/04 Happy New Years my Tiny Tina. Love & miss you! 6/7/5 Hi Angel! It's been 2 years since your passing & it hasn't gotten any easier. I miss you so much. You have left a hole in my heart that can never be filled. Thank you my Tiniest Tina for blessing me with a love so strong & pure. You made an indelible mark in my life. I love you so much. I miss you My Little Sidekick! xoxo 8/14/05 Happy birthday Thumbellina!! You would have been 10 today. Mommy misses you Sweetie! My heart aches without you. We have a new addition to the family. Her name is Jezebel. She is a terror! That's why her AKC name is, "Double Trouble of Roxbury". I LOVE YOU MY SPECIAL LITTLE ANGEL! XOXO 10/18/5 I miss you my Littlest Girl! 12/10/5.. I miss you Tina xo Hi Angel! Momma Luv's Ya! Jazmine Say's, "Hi,Thumbie! I miss You! 6/20/06 Hi My Little One Mommy Misses You! XOXO 12/13/6 Hi Baby! Christmas is approaching & I think of you. You were my Christmas present to myself. The greatest gift of all is love, & you gave me so much. I'm babysitting Little Bella. She looks so much like you, I find myself calling her Tina & all your other nicknames. She is so cute. I love having her. I get my Thumbellina back for 5 days. I love you my Tiny Dancer! Hi Baby Mom's back & wish you a Merry Chistmas & New Year. I'm visiting Roxy. She died in my arms, 4 years ago. I miss ALL of my girls & Bam Bam. Hi, My Littlest Girl. Pebbles has joined Roxy, Holly, Bam Bam & you now. Momma misses all of her babies so much! xoxo 2/6/07 .. 6/7/07 Hi Angel! Jezebel had 5 babies. 'Little Bit', reminds me of you. I'm keeping her. I'll NEVER forget you! Much Love,Mommy 8/14/7 ..Happy Birthday angel! You would have been 12 today. It's been 4 long years without you. I miss U & think of U often. 11/4/7 XOXO Hi Thumbellina! Mommy's back to see her beautiful little girl. You know I picked up a baby pic of you & put it up to Little Bit's face & the resemblance was amazing. I miss you angel baby! 1/8/8 xoxo Hi my precious Thumbellina! It's Roxy's birthday, so I'm visiting all my girls. Little Bit is quite the cutie. I find myself calling her Tina. She's adorable, just like you. Miss & love you always. XOXO 2/23/8 .. Hi My Little Love. It's been 5 long years. You were only 7 yrs old when you were tradgically taken from me. You should be here sitting on my lap at a healthy 12 yrs old. My God I miss you & I dream of you often. I find myself calling Little Bit, Thumbellina, .... You are such a wonderful little girl XOXOXO Mommy 6/7/08 ...Hi my Tiny Tina! Momma is thinking of all of her babies today. Aunt Joan & Uncle Jim lost Paddy Freedom today. He was very ill. Look for him. Welcome him & keep him safe. It's a very sad day. I know the extreme pain & anguish they are experiencing because of my own loses. It never gets any easier. I just miss all of my babies so much. Thank you my Little One. You touched my life in such a wonderful way, there will always be that special place in my heart & my memories. Hugs & Kisses 7/21/8 .. 8/14/8 HAPPY BIRTHDAY THUMBELLINA! You would have been 13 today. You left me way too soon. I miss you so much. I think of you always & I smile when I see your beautiful face. Thank you blessing my life with love & happiness. Rest in peace my sweet baby girl. All my love, Mommy. ..12/25/8.. Hi my Sweet baby girl. Missing you always. Iwas tinking of your Mother, Holly Eureka, because of the song Deck the halls w/ boughs of HOLLY, & I cry. She gave me love & many beautiful babies, like you Tina. I have Jazmine, Jezebel, & Little Bit now. Jazzy is Pebbles baby. Little Bit is Jezebel's baby. Little Bit reminds me of you. She's little but she stands her ground as you did. Have a Merry Christmas Baby. You're forever in my heart & thank you for the 7 wonderful years of you! Mommy loves you! 1/23/9-Hi my Thumbellina. Momma is back to see your beautiful face. It is your sister, Roxy's birthday today & I just visited her at her grave. I miss you all so much. Our Little Bit, who reminds me of you, is quite the beauty. Hopefully she will be having her first litter on April 1st. Her Mom & your cousin Stoney Curtis should have thier 2nd litter on April 15. I just love the babies! I love you Angel! Mommy 4/28/09 Hi Thumbellia! I'm about to register your baby boy, Tommy Boy, with Jezebel's litter, who were born on Tax Day! I miss you, My Tiny T! 6/6/9 Hi Angel! It's been 6 long years without you & I have never forgotten you & never will. You have placed your paw prints all over my heart. I think & speak of you often. I miss you baby. You left me too soon. You should have had many great years ahead of you. If only! Your son, Tommy Boy has 2 beautiful baby boys, that are going on 8 weeks. Evevrybody loves them! Thank you for all your love & great memories! Mommy loves her Thumbellina! 8/14/9 Happy Birthday my Tiny Little Tina. You would have been 14 today. It's been over 6 years since your passing & I think of you all the time & smile & cry. What a good girl you were. I am keeping Little Bit's little girl. She'll be about 5 pounds like you. I also have to keep another because she has Hydrocephalus & no one can care for her like Mommy. She reminds me of Hailey due to the brain damage. Mommy loves you baby. You're forever in my heart. 10/1/9 It's your Mommy's Birthday. I miss you & your mother so much. Little Bit is so much like you. 11/17/9 Hi Tina. Stopping in to see my girls. It's Pebbles birthday. My Little Skittles is so much like you. She's small with a dark coat & sits on my lap all the time, just like you & LOVES her Momma. It's like you're here with me again. She is very sweet. You would love her. Kisses! 6/7/10 Hi Angel baby. It's been 7 long years without you. I think of you always. Even though you were only with me for 7 years, you made permanate paw prints in my heart & mind. I love & miss you so much. Jazmine is not doing well. She has an enlarged heart w/ fluid & a murmor. xoxo 6/30/10 Hi Angel, Bad news Jazmine has passed. She had an enlarged heart which in turn was crushing her trachea. Look for her Sweetheart. I miss all my beautiful angels, Holly, Roxy, Pebbles, Jazmine & you. I love sharing my life with you all but it so hard to say goodbye. Love Momma. 8/14/10 Happy B day My Thumbellina. Momma mise you so. How ar you doing Angel. MY/ Our Alistar? Lukie has joined you last week. Watch over our baby boy. He left us even earlier than you. I Love you My Little Girl. I think of you always & you are forever in my heart! XOXO! Momma! Hi Tina. I just visited your sister, Roxy. We have 6 puppies. I'm going to keep tiny little Raven. She was even smaller than you were when you were born, 3.4 oz. I had to take special care of her,as I did with you & she is a little dynamo as you were. I love & miss you baby. xoxo 6/7/11 Hi my Special Angel! It's been 8 years since you have left Mommy. I think of you every day. God blessed me with such a tiny buddle of joy. Jezebel is due to have pups anytime now. My Kitty sits in my lap like you did & the 2 pups, Raven & Jewel do too! Kitty (Skittles) puts up with her half sisters butis some what annoyed because she wants Mommy all to herself, just like you. I miss you & dream about you angel. Hugs & kisses to my Tiny Tina!

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