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Memories of Teddi
My heart is filled with such sadness. Your absence has left a gaping whole in my heart. Over the almost 13 years we have spent together, we have been through so much. For a while there, you were the reason that I put my feet on the floor everyday. One look at you and all was right with the world. You were my life!!! Your personality shined through like the sun on a cloudy day. You touched the lives of so many people. You have fought for so many years without complaint and you just got tired. I am so grateful that you did not suffer and you were only not feeling yourself for 9 days. I thank God that you were only gravely ill for less than one day and you gave me your last final gift and took the decision away from me as your father was waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge. I hope you knew that I was there and so was your step dad. He was so good to you and I really would not be standing today if he was not in my life. You hung in there so many years beyond your life expectancy just to make sure I was okay for you to leave me. Until we meet on Rainbow Bridge, please never forget that you will ALWAYS be in my heart... Love mommy "To live in the hearts of others, is to never die.**August 7, 2004**Here is a message your step dad sent me... Dear Rachael my love, I had the honor to know first hand about how wonderful Teddi was. He is truly a one of a kind. I miss him so much. I know a part of him will always be here to watch over us and to protect his brother Sandi. I can only wish that some of Teddi will rub off into Ian. That special love that the two of you shared was why he stayed with you for so long. The world is a better place because of him. I will never forget him. He is one of the greatest humans I can ever know. Love, Mickey**August 7, 2004**Here is a message from your grandparents... Teddi: We tearfully regret your dying. To give you God's comfort, we offered our Mass and Communion while in Bar Harbor. You are a great canine son and friend. May your patron saint, Saint Francis, keep you in a good place. You have no idea how much we think of you. Your presence in our home and downstairs are constant reminders of the love you gave us. We especially remember and loved when you gave us your paw. Even now we reflect on your joyous gabboling. Thoughts of looking into your big, beautiful eyes are consoling to us. Maw Maw & Pop Pop**August 7, 2004**You already know this but, as everybody kept telling us to get another dog, we started just peeking. Your brother Sandi was looking everywhere for you and was even sleeping where you would have been. It was not planned, it just happened. Aunt Stephanie started sending us doggie bios and your step dad, Mickey, e-mailed one of the dogs named Ian's foster Mom an e-mail. Then, we had taken your ashes to be blessed by father Elmo and then we decided to go peek at a shelter. We didn't expect to see Ian since he was at a foster home. Well, to make a long story short, as we were approaching the front door of this shelter (your blessed ashes in the car), the back door opened and there was Ian and his foster Mom Pat. It was truly fate and we ended up never entering the building and we adopted Ian right there after about an hour of talking to his step Mom. Ian is totally two hands full and he needs to learn so many things, but the biggest one will be to get along or at least respect his feline brother Sandi's space. As Sandi was only use to your gentle sweet disposition, NOT so with Ian. His name should really be Tazz... We are working on it. We are sending him to doggie camp for 2 weeks this Friday. After you, he really has big paws to fill. Please send him down some positive reinforcements... Love you always and forever... Mommy... WONDERFUL MESSAGES OF SUPPORT WE HAVE RECEIVED (along with the numerous phone calls and visits we have received from all)...**July 22, 2004**From your wonderful doctor from the vet of your entire life...Dear Rachael, I just wanted to express my condolences. I'm so sorry we couldn't do more to help Teddi. He was the best!!! I went to the AERA hospital last night and saw Teddi. I felt I owed you and him that. I knew his prognosis was grave. I also knew he would hang in there until you got back to see him. Thankfully Teddi died last night and spared you having to make decision to euthanize him. Teddi is in a better place now -- not sick. I'm sure if he could have, he would have said THANK YOU. Please call if you need anything. Regards Donna**July 22, 2004**From your Uncle Joe: Nothing I could say would make it easier to take. I'm sorry for your loss. He will be remembered by all that he came in contact with. His personality shines through like the sun on a cloudy day. He is out of pain and in heaven with his friends. Only time will make it feel a little easier and Mickey can help with that. Love Joe...**July 22, 2004**From Mommy and Mickey's friend... Dear Rachael, I am so sorry to read that Teddi passed. I know that you loved and cared for him with all your heart. Both Ursula and I both want to send our warmest thoughts to you and your family. Sincerely, Tom and Ursula...**July 23, 2004**From Mommy and Mickey's friend...Rach, May the wonderful moments spent with your dear pet be always in your heart. May you find strength in this difficult hour. My deepest sympathy for you in your loss of Teddi. You are in my prayers as always. Remember the good times he has been with you and the wonderful meals you prepared for him. Carolyn...**July 24, 2004**From Aunt Teddy... Rachael, There are no words that can truly speak your sorrow. With sympathy. I'm so sorry to hear about Teddi. I know how much he meant to you. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Teddy...**July 27, 2004**From you Grandma Elsie... Thinking of you. Dear Rachael and Mickey, Again, my deepest sympathy in the passing of your beloved Teddi. Yes, they do become a part of the family. Do not grieve too long, the memories will always be with you, as mine are of Susie and Spirit. Love to you both, Elsie/Mom...**July 28, 2004**From Animal Emergency Referral Associates... For those we have lost, remember in our hearts. From the doctors and staff at the AERA...**August 6, 2004**From Mommy's friend...Dear Rachael, So sorry to see that your much loved pet, companion and friend Teddi has past away. I understand how much you loved him and how dedicated you were to him. Our pets mean so much to us...He will remain in your heart for ever~ Fondly,Tracey...**August 6, 2004** From Uncle Ronnie... What a nice website and tribute to Teddi. For Teddi to live so long you obviously gave as much to Teddi as he gave to you.Ron...**August 9, 2004**From Aunt Alexandra...To: Rachael and Mickey, I am so sorry for the loss of your son, Teddi. He was so amazing with those beautiful eyes. He had a wonderful personality. Teddi and I loved to play in the snow after I through a snowball at him. You were not too happy with us because he was all wet. Animals give unconditional love. Teddi is in no more pain. He is with all the other animals and people who have passed away in our family. One day you will see him again. I love you with all of my heart and soul. Take care...Alexandra**August 19, 2004**From Mommy's friend...Hi Rach, I was very sad when I heard of your loss. Teddi was a great comfort to you in the happy as well as the sad times in your life. I truly believe his stay was longer due to his worry about you. Once Teddi felt that you were settled with a new "love" and family to take care of you only then did he let his hurt take over. Your not a stranger to new beginnings and have always kept going. Have comfort knowing that Teddi has joined Michael and now you have two routing for you from above... fondly, Suzanne **August 19, 2004**From your Uncle David... I really miss Teddi, but we have fond memories of him with us and we will see him over the Rainbow Bridge!...**August 7, 2004**On behalf of my canine son, Teddi, I just want to thank the many parents and families of lost, but not forgotten furbaby's for their warm words to us in this time of need. It has been most appreciated!!! Rachael and Mickey...**August 19, 2004**My dear sweet Teddi, I just wanted to add an entry to your page now, since we are boarding a plane in a few hours. Your cousin Laurie has asked me to be Godmother to her newborn son, Conner, and the christening is this Sunday. So, I will not have computer access on what will be your one month mark since your absence has left this gaping whole inside me on 7-22-04 at 12:05 AM. So many times, I go to get up to do a Teddi check and to shower you with kisses, and then I realize that you are not here in body. I do however feel your presence. Everywhere I go in our house, I see you. Every time I get in your favorite car, I imagine you in the back seat. Every night before I go to sleep I look at your picture and kiss your box of ashes. Every morning when I wake, I do the same thing. You will always be with me and please know that there is not one day that goes by that you are not in my thoughts and prayers. Always, Mom....**August 22, 2004**Teddi: We know that on July 22, 2004, you left us physically. Please know that we think of you always. You are "etched" in our brains, so sweet and gentle...Love, Maw Maw & Pop Pop**August 26, 2004**Hey Teddi, We just got in from the christening. Your feline brother, Sandi, has had a two-week break from Ian, while Ian has been in training camp. We just picked up Ian and Sandi seems much better, but cautious of Ian. Ian has an electronic collar on and will remain on a leash, even in the house until he is fully trained. What an improvement!!! You must have sent that reinforcement down I had asked you to do. You are always with me. Love, Mom...**September 30, 2004**HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEDDI! I think of you often. We all miss you very much. I hope you are in a better place now and that you are watching me from above. I know that you know how much I love you. I will do something special today in your memory and for your spirit. Love, Mom, Mickey, Sandi, and Ian... **FOR MORE MEMORIES, go to http://hometown.aol.com/nx014m/myhomepage/index.html

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