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Memories of Tyson King
My little Angel, Tyson. My second heart beat and my anchor, who kept me from drifting into unhealthy waters. Tyson, my little Miniture Pinscher, I called him my grand son, because he was my son's dog first (my son was Tyson's daddy) so I am Tyson's grand pa. Tyson, such a little dog, but he filled my home with love and made everyone that entered my home, feel special. It could be a family member, freind or stranger, he would greet them as if he knew them before, in another life. Tyson gave me a purpose for life, being a cancer survivor and having a heart problem, I knew that I had to stay healthy and live for Tyson. Deep down in my heart, I always wanted God to take me first, because I knew I could not handle living without Tyson. Tyson loved food and if you had food he wanted it. Tyson would plant himself right in front of you, hoping that you would share some of what you were eating with him or maybe by accident you would drop something on the floor near him. When it came to children, Tyson loved children, but there was a special reason why. Children always had something eatable in their hands and Tyson would wait until they would lower their hands enough, so he would be able to snatch their food right out of their little hands without even touching their little hands and fingers. Tyson would do that to my granddaughter when she was small. What I really miss the most about Tyson, is bed time. Tyson and I would sit on the sofa and watch TV together.That was Tyson's special place the sofa, that is where Tyson's bed and blankets were. Tyson, would hibernate there, under the blankets all day, except at night. Tyson would come into my bedroom, after I was alresdy in bed. Tyson would jump up, into my bed and go on my left side. There, Tyson would then wait until I would lift up the blankets,and then Tyson would go under the blankets and lay next to me. Tyson and I would sleep like that every night. When I did fall asleep my baby was their and when I would wake up, my baby was still there. Still to this day, at night I will lift up the left side of my blankets for my Tyson to go under them and so that I can feel my baby next to me. I know that God will bring us together one day, with all my loving dogs,that have went to that special place. In that meadow in Heaven, over the Rainbow Bridge. There I will be reunited witha ll my dogs, Conan, Bandit, Nino called Boo Boo and Tyson, my babies and never will be seperated agin. I love you guys and we will be together as long as I am good to God and i will be, I promise you all. God bless you all. Daddy to Conan and Grand pa, to Bandit, Boo Boo and Tyson. My boys.

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