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Memories of Little Angel Tyson
There are no words we can say sweet boy, no words to take away the pain and abuse you suffered at the hands of the man you thought was your forever friend. All you wanted was to show love and to receive love in return and what you got was unbelievable cruelty, abuse and pain. He only had you for a few months and I wonder what pain you suffered during that time.
You are one of many of Gods creatures who suffered sexual abuse by a so called 'human being'. There is nothing 'human' about this man he is a deviant of the highest and he deserves no place on this earth among men or animals.

Your story is not over yet though. There are 1000's all over the world who have heard of you and the suffering you had to endure. They are fighting for justice for you, for animal rights and stronger sentences for these heinous crimes against the innocents like you. They march in RED and carry banners in your name and they will never stop marching.

It is so sad that you had to die this way so young and wanting so much to be a part of a loving home. There are people all over the world who would have loved you in a heartbeat and cared for you until you took your last breath. I am one of those people and I wish you had been mine little Angel. It would have been a joy to see you romp and play in the meadows and swim in the rivers where I live............I shall picture you there when I walk with my own fur children and imagine the fun you would have had walking and running with us all. It would be an honour to cross the bridge into eternity with you when my own rainbow time comes, will you wait for me with my own fur Angels?

You never got to share your love here on earth so share it now with all those who love you and want justice for you, the ones you never had the chance to meet.

Rest in Peace sweet young Angel Tyson, fly high and run free and one day we will meet with a wagging tail and a friendly bark and I will hold you and tell you you did not die in vain.

I thank each and every person who is fighting for you and for justice for all abuse and neglect in this world, they are many but their numbers are not enough, it seems it is easier to turn and walk away. I hope and pray that one day that will change.

You are held now in my heart and in the hearts of many who wish your short life had been very different.

For now know that you are never alone and you will never be unloved again, for I will love you until the end of time.

A Dog's Prayer

Treat me kindly, my Beloved Master, for no heart in all the world
is more grateful for kindness than the loving heart of me.

Do not break my spirit with a stick for though I should lick
your hand between blows, your patience and understanding
will more quickly teach me things you would have me know.

Speak to me often, for your voice is the world's sweetest music,
as you must know by the fierce wagging of my tail
when your footsteps fall upon my waiting ears.

When it is cold and wet, please take me inside, for I am no
longer used to the bitter elements and I ask no greater glory than
the privilege of sitting at your feet beside the hearth. Though you
had no home, I would rather follow you through ice and snow
than rest on the softest pillow in the warmest home.

Keep my pan filled with fresh water for although I should not
reproach you were it dry, I cannot tell you when I suffer thirst.
Feed me clean food, that I may stand well, to romp and play and
do your bidding, to walk by your side, and stand ready,willing,and
able to protect you with my life, should your life be in danger.

Then, my Beloved Master, should the Great Master seek to deprive me
of my health and spirit, do not turn me away.
Rather, hold me gently in your arms as merciful sleep is administered,
and I will leave you knowing with the last breath I draw,
my fate was ever safest in your hands.


This was all you ever asked for.............why was it too much, why was your wish not granted to you, why did you suffer so - I will never understand, never.

If you had been mine I would have loved you beyond words beautiful boy.

Peaceful sleep be yours, you are free now.
The tears will never end until I hold you in my arms and tell you how much you are loved.

I heard from someone who knew you before sweet boy - she is sad that you are gone and misses you barking at her when she visits her friend, that makes me sad too. She told me your name was ALDO, now that is a sweet name and suits you much better. I hope you have found your wings now, beautiful wings of gold and silver gossamer, which shimmer in the sunshine and the moonlight of the bridge. You have many new friends there and they all want to love you and play with you. I know there is no more pain there and I hope you have no memory of the bad things that happened to you. The fight goes on for you sweetie and people still come every day to see you and learn your sad story.
We will all love you for always and you will never be forgotten beautiful boy. (((((ALDO)))))

June 2010
I wish you had been mine, with all my heart. I would take away your pain in a heart beat. I see you now with your wings of silver and gold, glistening like the morning dew on the soft green grass of Heavens meadows. Your beautiful black coat shining with health and vigor. Your eyes bright once more and the pain gone from your tortured body. You are chasing butterflies in the meadows and swimming in the rivers of silver. You have many friends there my Zak and Harley and Mac the Brave and the Beautiful, who was tortured to death for 50 hours by his owner before he died. You both endured so much pain it is beyond our understanding how you were able to bear it for so long. You are beautiful dog Angels now and there is no more pain for you, only for those left behind on earth who will love you all until the end of time.
Rest in Peace my friend.............until we meet one day, I love you more than words can say. xXx

It seems my angel, that the 'man' who tortured you is to be sentenced on the 10th September 2010. We can only hope that all his pitiful excuses are dismissed by the judge and that he can see through the evil that this man did to you. He is not fit to walk on this earth among us. We pray and we ask that justice is done for you. We cannot bring you back and you suffered so, that is a crime in it's self. And so we wait, and we hope, that one day the world will sit up and man will be judged for his crimes against the voiceless and the innocent..............I guess that will never happen in my lifetime. Go now, and run free with your new friends, for you there is no more pain and suffering. One day we will meet and I will tell you, you did not die in vain. xXx

Well my little angel, your murderer has been sentenced at last. Only 4 months but that seems to be the way of this world. Man does not value the life of animals as much as his own, when he should value it more, because of the love and faithfulness you give to him. I guess some will see this as the end of your story and slowly but surely they will forget to remember you. But I won't sweet boy, I will never forget you - you suffered and that should never have happened.

Sleep in peace now little Aldo, wrapped in the arms of the angels and free from all your pain. Know that you ARE loved and that you will NEVER be forgotten by those who remember you and what you went through before you reached the gates to the bridge. I love you as if you were my own and when the time comes you will cross with me and my fur angels into eternal peace. Fly high, run free in the green meadows and swim in the silver streams of Heaven. You have many friends there and many on earth who love you too. God bless you little man, I wish you had been mine. xXx Forever in my heart. :-)

A well lived life doesn't end any more than music ends; It echoes through time with whispers of beauty and grace.......

November 2010
I remember your story, I remember your pain, I remember my sorrow............and I will always remember you. When our paths come to cross as surely they will, I will walk with you into eternal peace and you shall be my friend. Love you little angel, always and forever. xx

Chrsitmas Eve 2010
Sweet boy, your first Christmas in Heaven with the angels at Rainbow Bridge. It is sad that you are there when you should be here on earth in a loving home safe and warm. I can only think that perhaps God wanted you for something very special. I just wish he had taken you back in a more humane way. Your suffering is over now and you are free to run and play with all the fur angels at the bridge. You are not forgotten sweet boy, you never will be. Your fight will continue like thousands of others for justice. I send you special Christmas kisses and hugs sweet angel. You are loved, always.....mommie xx

February 2011
Remembering you today sweetheart and the pain and suffering you went through before you left for the bridge. You will never be forgotten my lovely boy, we will always remember you with pride and love for the courage you showed in trying to survive. Nothing can bring you back now little angel so wait for me there at the gates and one day I will come for you and my fur children, then we will cross over together to eternal peace. Run and play my little friend, be happy until we meet again one day. Love you sweetheart, brave little boy. Forever young and free..............mommie xxx

May 2011
One year ago today you found your wings and flew away, way up high to a place where dreams come true where you are free from pain and all renewed. There is no more pain or wondering why, sweetheart you did nothing wrong only tried to please and you were made to suffer for that. You are not and never will be forgotten little Aldo and although you will never grow old or live with me here on earth I know you will wait for me to come for you and cross the bridge together one day. You run with the bridge pack wild and beautiful and fly across the night skies on the brightest star I look for you each night and send you kisses way up high on the wings of angels.
Until we meet one day darling boy...............I hold you in my heart forever and wish you had been mine. R.I.P. little angel, sweet dreams of love and happiness. See you soon, mommie xxx

May 2012
And so baby it is now 2 years since you were taken from this cruel world and finally given peace beautiful boy. No matter how long the time I will never understand why that evil monster did this to you and caused you to have to die....

I see you shining among the stars and sometimes I see you fly too when your star shoots across the Heavens and disappears over the rainbow. One day maybe I will fly up there with you too sweetheart, I sure hope so.

You have 3 friends at the bridge with you now and I just know that Kip is playing with you and you are having such a great time together in the beautiful green meadows and silver shimmering rivers. Tell my Kip I love him and as soon as I can I will make a residency for him too, perhaps when the tears don't come so quickly and the pain of loosing him is a little less :(((

Be good sweetheart, run free, fly high and wait for me........I will come for you one day. Love you ~ mommie xxx

May 2013

3 years my little man, beloved friend of man. I think of you each night as I say goodnight to all the Rainbow Bridge babies and my own little ones. How the time has flown by and so many fur angels have left this earth to come and be with you since you found your wings sweet boy. People say they will never forget, but in time they do ~ so many to try and remember who have suffered and died at the hands of man. You are always in my heart though, I will not forget you sweetheart, I will remember your suffering and your cries and I will continue to fight for the rights of those who cannot speak, like you my sweet boy.

Run free now little man, play with your angel friends and know the love I send you from my heart. You are loved and cherished and one day we will meet in the meadows and I will hold you for real in my arms then together we will ALL cross over the bridge into eternal life to be forever free from sorrow and heartache.

Sweet dreams darling Tyson, nite nite, sleep tight and dream of our forever love.......I am holding you in my heart, always and forever. I love you beautiful boy. God bless.... mommie xxx

May 2014

4 long years since you left, gone so long sweet boy but at Peace in a place more beautiful than our human eyes can ever imagine, beautiful like you with your gossamer Angel wings. You are still not forgotten my lovely not by me, always in my heart ~ remembered with sorrow for your suffering and your pain, for what was done to you. Sorrow for the life that was taken away, that you were not allowed to grow into the beautiful dog you were meant to be in a loving forever home, how I wish you had been mine. You are not alone though there are many others there with you who have also suffered abuse and death at the hands of man, so cruel and evil. All over the world we hear of abuse and terrible things that are done to your kind and how they suffer and it breaks my heart time and time again, each and every one of them lost to those of us who love animals and care about you all.

You are free now so run baby boy run and play with the Angels, feel the love I send you every night and the kisses sent to you carried on the wings of Angels straight to your heart. I will hold you in my arms one day and I will tell you of the love we have for you and that we remembered you always. Play with my Bella, my Zak, my Harley and my Kip in the fields of gold and tell stories of Heaven and of those on earth who love and miss you and be happy in Heaven waiting for me to come for you to cross the Rainbow Bridge into Eternal life and beyond.

Sweet dreams darling boy, I will look for your star and say nite nite as I always do and wish so much I could turn back time and change what happened to you, I am so sorry I can't. God bless you sweetheart ....... I will love you forever ~ Mommie xxx

May 2015
You are not and never will be forgotten beautiful Angel. You are in my heart today and every day as always and I love you more than words can say my lovely boy. I know you have Peace and you are free over the rainbow playing with my Angels and chasing butterflies in the green meadows.

One day we will meet in Heaven and you will come running to me and I will hold you in my arms as I have longed to do since you passed away. God bless you little man...........love you always and forever baby boy. ~ Mommie xxx

May 2016
Still thinking of you after 6 years sweet little Angel. never forgotten. I speak your name to the stars so you can hear me call you and know that I love you still and always will. Many will not remember you but I always do and there are some that do remember in your country. Run and play little man, there are hundreds of little ones like you, who have suffered abuse and torture and who died at the hands of man, cruel and evil he was, the one who hurt you. The years pass by so quickly and so many journey on to the place you are I know you greet and befriend each one of them because you are such a sweet boy.

One day, when we meet I have promised I will hold you in my arms with my own and walk with you onward over the rainbow into eternity and what lies beyond and we will all have eternal peace. Sweet dreams baby boy ~ loved, always and forever. God bless you ..... darling Aldo.

Don't Cry for me
Don't cry for me now I have died, for I'm still here I'm by your side,
My body's gone but my soul's is here, please don't shed another tear,
I am still here I'm all around, only my body lies in the ground.
I am the snowflake that kisses your nose,
I am the frost, that nips your toes.
I am the sun ,bringing you light,
I am the star, shining so bright.
I am the rain, refreshing the earth,
I am the laughter, I am the mirth.
I am the bird, up in the sky,
I am the cloud, that's drifting by.
I am the thoughts, inside your head,
While I'm still there, I can't be dead.

Never more than a whisper away ....... until my fight is done. Love Mommie xxxx


Happy Easter beautiful boy, remembering you today and wishing I could just spend a little time with you to sit and hold you and talk to you. God willing one day I will, all my prayers will be answered and I will find my Peace, as you have found yours. Tell my Angels how much I love them and all the other Angels too please. I miss you all so much and send you all my love and kisses every night to the stars. Sweet dreams little man, until we walk together, through fields of gold and woodlands of blue. I love you to the stars and beyond.

Have fun and play with all your new friends ...... until we meet again <3

7 years at Rainbow Bridge

Hello sweet baby boy, you have been gone 7 years now, how quickly those years have passed since you were set free. You are not forgotten little one and never will be and now your day is especially sad because one of my own little ones, my beautiful little girl Jess passed away and found her wings on this same day in 2017. The 10th May will never be the same again. It will be a sad day a painful day and it will hurt for the rest of my life.

Please go find my little lady and make friends with her, tell her how her mommy has kept your memory alive and honoured your suffering and pain here. Show her everything in your new world and make sure she knows she will never be forgotten and loved into eternity and beyond. You are such a good boy ~ may you always know peace and wait for me to come Home so you can walk over the bridge with me to our eternal rest and freedom.

I love you Tyson, as I love my own, I could not bear to see their suffering and if I had seen yours it would have broken my heart too and I would have set you free, sweet Angel.

Until we meet one day and I find my own peace, God bless you sweet baby boy. You live on in our memories always and forever in our hearts .... sweet dreams baby boy. All my love forever ..... Mommy xxx


Hello sweet Angel, I am so sad today, both for you and for my little Jess my heart is so broken and I miss her with all my heart. Although I never knew you I miss you too because you should still be here living a beautiful life with loving people a family who would have cared for you always. God bless and keep you both safe in his care and perhaps today your own little Joy Angels will give you extra cuddles and love from Mommy 🐾💘💫💘🐾
I cannot make your life right for you I wish I could, I wish could make it right for all those who suffer at the hands of man but instead I ask God to let you ALL forget what happened in life and make your journey at the bridge beautiful and peaceful, I know He will.

Live on in our hearts, there are some who will remember you and talk of you and I am one. You will not be forgotten and loved always ~ until we meet one day in Heaven be free, run and play with my little ones and tell all of Heaven how much you and they are all loved and missed. Sleep well, sweet dreams little Angels. Love you always ..... your adopted Mommy xxx


Here is the final link the chain for Tyson (Aldo), but not the end of his story for he lives on in those who fight for justice and against animal abuse.

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