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Memories of Tyler & Titus

Tyler, Titus passed away today 1/12/2017. May you meet Titus at Rainbowbridge and Forever be Angel's together

Tyler a note to let you know our Grandson Joseph Christopher was Born 1/11/13. JC would have been very happy to know you. Also our Bichon Friend Snoopy passed away on 1/15/13. We Love you and miss you very much. Love Always, Mommy, Daddy, Chris, Matt, Joseph Christopher and Titus

Dear Tyler we just wanted to let you know that we adopted a 2 1/2 year old Baby Bichon yesterday 12/30/02 from the nice people at North Jersey Bichon Rescue and his name is Titus. He was abused for a long time and we are going to give Titus the Love and Affection he has missed for most of his life. Tyler, please Pray for us all that Titus will Love us as much as you did. We Love you and miss you very much, Mommy, Daddy, Chris, and Matt.

Our Dearest Tyler, Uncle Arthur [my youngest brother] passed away 10/27/02 at the age of 55. Arthur was vey courageous during his long illness as were you. I know you have already seen Arthur in Heaven and I know he will take good care of you as you will take good care of him.

Tyler our Dearest Friend, Family Member and Companion. We held you close at the very end until your final sigh. We just knew in Our Hearts and in your Eyes how Thankful You were for the suffering to end and for Heaven to open her Gates to you; Our Dearest Angel!

Tyler when we adopted you [12/19/94] and brought you to your new home our Love for you began and will never end. Tyler you are only gone a short time and the pain of your departure is just beginning. Oh how we are going to miss you and the goodtimes Mommy, Daddy, Chris, and Matt had with you. When we come to the door Tyler you are not there to greet us with your little stuffed toy in your mouth. You wanted a gentle tummy rub and we knew what you were up to. Oh how you disliked going out in the rain, but boy did you like to frolic in and eat the snow. It broke our Hearts when we left you to run errands and you showed your displeasure with your spinning antics. Mommy taught you to dance and to climb stairs when you first came to us. Daddy always forgot to close the bathroom door and you had a feast eating the tissue. Chris and Matt left their athletic bags and sneakers around and what a kick we all got when you nuzzled your furry white head into the bag or a sneaker to catch a nap. Tyler we love you and right now my eyes are beginning to well up with tears, as they do everyday, so for the moment.....

Another day, another tear My Darling Tyler I am here. Oh how you loved your ice cube treats just before bedtime and then you slept every night in Mommy and Daddys bed. Your tiny soft paws would scratch the comforter at the the foot of our bed until you found softness and comfort and finally laid your tiny 'gooly' down. In the morning we could always find you at the top of the bed between Mommy and Daddy with your fluffy white head nestled into one of our pillows. Oh my baby Tyler how we all our going to miss your softness and the warmth of your loving body snuggled tightly to ours. Tyler my eyes have begun to well up with tears once again as they frequently do since you went so Peacefully to Rainbowsbridge and I must pause.....

Our Darling TYLER today is 8/13/01 the five month anniversary of your passing. We thought as the days went by it would become easier but our tears for you flow easily everytime we move about the house. Every square inch reminds us of you and your favorite places. We especially miss you when it is bedtime and you are not there to be tucked in with Mommy & Daddy. When we awake we expect you with your Snow White Fluffiness to be there and although your body is not Daddy & Mommy know your Spirit & Soul are present trying to help us deal with the pain. We are crying now so until later...

Tyler this is your brother Chris. I wanted to let you know how much I miss you waiting by the door for me with the stuffed toy animal in your mouth. When you dropped the toy at my feet, after a gentle pat on your head, you rolled over for a Tummy rub and oh how much you enjoyed that...

Soft and cuddly TYLER this is your Brother Matt. I wanted to tell you that when I drove up the driveway the anticipation of you, My Doggy, running up with little fuzzy feet going sooo fast is a memory I will always treasure...

Our Dearest TYLER we Love you, miss you sooo very much and we know you are smiling upon us from Heaven.

Dear TYLER we Celebrate your life with us everyday and we miss you oooh so very much.

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