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Memories of Ty
Ty was our precious sweet boy. He was so smart, loving and such a protector. He loved walking..everyday first thing in the morning and the last thing every evening. As the years crept up, our evening walks were assisted with his little red wagon. We hurt so badly now that he is gone. Our lives are empty and broken. At least I know he is whole, happy, and playing and running at Rainbow Bridge, without pain,
We love you and miss you Ty.. always will.

October 16, 2016 - Hi my sweet boy. Your dad and I have had a bad week without you. It does not seem possible that you have already been gone for a week today. We picked up your earthly remains Friday, with a sprig of your beautiful hair, and a sweet paw print. Those paws that I have kissed so many times...now just a print on a card. I put together an album of so many of your pictures today. You loved posing for pictures, or tolerated your mom taking them. Whichever it was...we have so many great memories and pictures of you, our sweet, sweet man.
Mom and dad love you and miss you so much. I hope you have found Precious bird, Alexander and grandmama. Hopefully you have made many new friends to occupy your time, until we meet again. I love you Ty pup.

October 21, 2016 Well, it's almost been two weeks sweet Ty pup. It's Friday...and that was always our time to go on an extra long walk and enjoy the beautiful evenings...I miss our walks so badly I can't stand it. I tried walking...without you, but all I did was cry. So, that didn't work too well. I went to see Mandy today, and to thank her for always taking such exceptional care of you when she groomed you. She knew all your aches and pains and took such great care of you. She started crying as soon as she saw me and we just hugged and cried for you. I took her two pictures of you. A before and after grooming picture, they were so cute. I keep thinking this pain has got to ease for me and your daddy...but not yet. I see him just staring at your picture and remembering all the times you two would "talk" to each other. That was so cute.
OK sweet Ty... you enjoy your time with your friends and mom and dad will see you again again someday. bye bye. I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU SO MUCH I can't breathe.

November 4, 2016. It's a new month and in 5 days you will have been gone for a whole month...it still does not seem possible that I will never see you again, never hear you bark "fuss" at me, go for rides in your wagon. Your daddy and I have not touched your wagon. We can not seem to move it...that was your special little chariot. My heart just aches. I do pretty good during the day. I have many pictures of you around my office. Coming home is the hard part. I have not made it through one night without shedding many tears. I miss coming home....and you were just standing in the entry hall so you could see both doors. Then you would run to the couch, and I would lift you up since you could no longer jump. Then I would lay down and you would walk up my body and we would have our "love fest". Your sweet "sniffy" kisses were so precious. Then once you were through loving me...then you would fuss, especially if I was later than usual. We never figured out how you knew when we were home. Your eye sight was so bad, and your hearing was worse. Somehow you always knew when we were coming though and you stood so patiently waiting for the door to open.
We miss you terribly little man, the pain is lessening... a little. Just not at night...that was our time together.
We love you baby Ty man.
November 13, 2016
Hi Sweet Ty man.... I'm sure as you were watching your mom and dad today you probably were glad you weren't here! The Dallas Cowboys played a very exciting game...and you used to HATE all the loud yelling during football games. I am still keeping fresh water in your water bowls. I did finally give all of your food and treats to a shelter for furkids who do not have families to spoil them. Mom and dad really do not like this lonely house, so we have started looking to adopt. We want another senior...someone like you who was happy to sleep during the day and save all your energy for us when we came home. I miss walking you twice a day and playing at night. You made our house a home...and right now, without you...it's just a house. To be such a little guy...you filled this big old house with SO MUCH LOVE...it's just terribly empty without you sweet boy. I love you and miss you still...so much I can't breath. Until next time..... tell grandma and Precious bird we love them and miss them too.
November 22, 2016 Hello sweetheart. Well, mom and dad still miss you like crazy. I unfortunately still see and hear your last terrible night with us. I hope you are now healthy and happy and able to run and play, see and hear again. I am so sorry your wonderful life had to come to such a scary and terrible ending for you. You were so good... you were never a bad baby... even as a tiny puppy, you were so very good. I hope you know you gave us so much love and companionship that your loss has made our home so very quiet and sad. You take care, have fun running and playing...but keep your eye out for us to meet you at the bridge someday sweet man. We will be together again, I just know it. Love you.

December 5, 2016 Hello our sweet Ty. Thanksgiving has passed and now Christmas draws near. I still have the funny pics of you looking for your present under the tree last year. You could "smell" it and knew it was there somewhere. I would say that I wish we would have known that was our last Christmas with you...but it would have only made it sad. We loved you so much, there is nothing different we could have done. You always received all of our love and attention. You were so perfect in every single way. We couldn't stand the silence without you, so Daddy adopted us a little guy. We have named him Bennett...but we have not, nor will you ever be forgotten. We have pictures up of you everywhere, we had a cuddle cloan made of you that is soooo very good. We love you and miss you so much, but Bennett helps us with the pain, and licks our tears away. It's as if he somehow knows our hearts are broken and he constantly tries to make us laugh. We tell him about you and how good and how smart you were. I would say that you would like him...but you never liked mommy and daddy paying attention to dogs....but we still love you and miss you and no other furbaby will replace you. I love you Ty man, mommy.

December 9, 2016 Hi again sweet Ty. We have your beautiful face on our computer as the screen saver. I come in here and just look at it, touch it...and wish I were touching your beautiful, soft face. On my goodness how my heart still aches for you. I still look at all the places you used to lay, and picture you sleeping quietly. I miss our quiet, slow, peaceful walks so much. You loved walking, but it was at a much slower pace...then when you would give out, I would lift you into your wagon and we would continue on. I know I am repeating myself...but writing to you just makes me feel a little closer to you. I really do not like the distance, but I know you are watching me and waiting for me to come see you at Rainbow Bridge.... I do not know who will run faster when that day comes...me or you. But I can't wait to hold you, and feel your soft fur and kiss you again.
I love you always Ty. Mommy

December 22, 2016 MERRY CHRISTMAS BY BABY BOY!!! Wow, first Christmas without you in 15 years. There is such an emptiness without you baby. I still remember how you dug through all the packages under the tree last year because you could "smell" your gift....it was so cute watching you find it and waiting for me to unwrap it. If I had only known then that was our last Christmas you would have had so many new toys and treats.... and I would have taken you on nightly rides in the car, and let you hang out the window and let the wind blow back your sweet ears....just like the picture I posted on your gravestone. You were so happy when you were in my lap, I was driving and you would hang out the window.
I still cry so much. I love to write to you...but it makes me cry so hard I can't see the screen. Please know I still think of you every single day. We still have pictures all over the house and I have them all over my office. I may not write often, but you are still on my mind. Merry Christmas Ty...mommy and daddy still ache for you. Love you handsome boy.

January 3, 2017 Happy New Years at Rainbow Bridge my handsome Ty man. We had a quiet NY's eve, as usual, we didn't want to be out with all the drunk crazies!! This year I didn't have to worry about the fireworks going off and scaring you though....I knew you were safe from loud frightening noises and having a quiet beautiful time. I have set up a memorial for you and Precious in the living room. I have pictures of each of you, your remains and the paw print and claw print.... I sit and look at them every single day and remember all the fun we used to have. How you used to drive Precious crazy barking at him! Now hopefully you two are getting along beautifully at Rainbow Bridge. Please tell Precious, Alexander and Brit hello from me...I still miss you so much my gorgeous man. I love you always, Mom

January 22, 2016
Hi Handsome, are you having fun running and playing like you did so many years ago. But you mellowed into the most amazing wonderful furkid a person could ever want. My favorite picture of us is me holding you after a walk...you were so happy....I just wish you could have stayed forever...but I know that's not fair. You are happy and healthy and whole again. Bennett is a sweet boy..but he isn't you Dad and I miss you so much I can still smell your sweet fur and feel your sniffy kisses.... oh God this pain has to let up eventually. I love you, I miss you and I can not wait to see you again. I love you baby.

February 4, 2017
Hi Baby boy....almost 4 months since you ran across Rainbow bridge. Mommy and dad dad still talk about you every day, remember cute things you would do, or different habits you had that were so precious. I still have not been able to clean any of our mirrors. They all still have you sweet nose prints and dribbles where you would stand and look at yourself or watch us from the mirror. Little Bennett had eased the loneliness of losing you....but he can not heal our heart yet. You held our hearts for 14 fantastic beautiful years and that was a long time. I know you are in a great place now, and you can run again, and you no longer have the aches and pains of an older baby.... but I sure wish you were still here with me. I love you Ty man..... so very, very, much.

February 25, 2017 Hi Sweet baby. Our calendar is pictures of you. The one for February is you in the back yard fussing at me. I was watering and you were wanting me to spray you with the water hose. It is so cute. Your little face up in the air and you were just telling me off.... It has only been 4 months since you left.... I swear it feels like years since I have seen you, held you, smelled your sweet fur. I just wanted to drop you a quick line. I still miss you so terribly much.
Mom...... and dad dad still misses you too baby boy.

Hi my handsome Ty Ty. It's been awhile. It is May 15th and the months are flying by. But as fast as they seem to be going...you have only been gone for 7 months. I still miss you as bad as the day you left. The only comfort I have is knowing that you are no longer in pain, no more arthritis, and you can run and jump again. I can't wait to see you Ty..... you are my heart and soul..... forever and always.

Hello Handsome..... It is June 10th, yesterday marked the 8th month since you left us. The pain is easing....but the loss is still insufferable. I have your pictures everywhere in the house and my office. We miss you so badly still. You were such a wonderful, sweet soul. I really don't think there has been a day go by that me or your daddy do not bring up something you used to do, or something we miss about you. What I wouldn't give for one of your sniffy kisses right now by sweet boy. Hopefully you and Alex and Precious are all having a wonderful time being whole and healthy again. Someday my love....momma will call for you at Rainbow Bridge and I can not wait to see you RUN again.
Missing you still,

Hi Baby,
It is June 26th, Just a quick note to say I still miss you every single day and every single minute. My password at work involves your name, so every time I log in I have to type your name and I look at the beautiful picture I have of you staring up at me the way you used to when you were wanting a treat!! I love you my precious baby boy.

Hello Ty Man....well it is the one day of the year you really did not like.... July 4th! You were terrified of the loud fireworks, then when you lost your hearing....the smell and vibration would scare you. I miss you so much, but for tonight I am really glad you are at Rainbow Bridge and not terrified and shaking in my arms. I always felt so helpless not being able to calm you. You were so brave and tough...until the 4th of July. Bless your sweet heart tonight it is peaceful and calm and beautiful where you are and I am so very glad for that. But I still hurt for you, my beautiful man.

August 9, 2017
Well on the 6th you would have been 15 sweetheart. I looked at the pictures from last years birthday with you in your little bd hat, treats and cake. If I had only known then I had less than 2 months more to enjoy you. I would have taken you for a car ride EVERY day....how you loved hanging your head out the window. That is the picture I have posted of you.....cruising with momma and hanging out the window. I would have let you have anything you wanted....You weren't deprived.... I just would have let you have anything you wanted!! We still miss you handsome and love you dearly. Happy 15th my Ty Ty man.

Hi My sweet boy. Well....one year ago today, you left us precious baby....you went to Rainbow Bridge so you were no longer in pain, you can now run and play and have no pain. I took today off from work...because I knew thoughts of you were going to really hurt today. I can not believe you have been gone for a whole year. I just went through the picture album I have of you....from when you were just the tiniest little black ball of fur....until your last wagon ride...the night you left us. The look on your face in that wagon...it was as if you knew...as if you were telling me that was our last walk together. We had so very many. Everyday 2 - 3 walks a day....every single day. I just wish you could have stayed longer, but I know you were in pain and I couldn't stand seeing such a good boy hurt. I hope you found Precious, and Alex, and Bear and Alexander....and you all are running and playing and having a great time. Don't forget to watch for me at Rainbow Bridge...because you will be my first stop sweetheart. This old world is getting pretty sad, bad and just plain scarey... the bad seems to be out weighing the good. So it's a good thing you are safe and sound up there. But mommy and daddy will come looking for you someday...please know that. We love you and miss you so very badly!

Hi my sweet boy. It was two years yesterday that you left me and daddy for Rainbow Bridge. We have pictures of you everywhere still. You are still in our hearts, soul and constantly on our mind. I have even MORE pictures in my office. One of you that is sooo cute sits right near my keyboard so I can constantly see your beautiful, happy face.
I love you dear Ty and miss you so much. Hope to see you again someday, you keep watching for me and daddy.

My sweet Ty pup... it is now 3 years since you left me and daddy and we still talk about you, laugh about things you used to do and cry as we miss you. You were the best little protector and friend we could have ever asked for. We miss you and still love you just as much as the day you left us for Rainbow Bridge.
I love you baby.

Hello sweet boy. You are still so very missed. It has been 5 1/2 years now and your loss is still so fresh in our hearts. I know you are playing at Rainbow Bridge and we will see you again one day. I love you my gorgeous man. Forever in my heart.

My precious Ty man....6 years ago this month you left us. I still can not think about that day without crying, neither can your daddy. We still ache at the thought of your leaving us..but we know you are healthy and happy and will be waiting for us one day at Rainbow Bridge. I can not wait to see you running toward me again! I love you always and forever.

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