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Memories of Tuxedo Libbey
Tuxedo was a beautiful boy; he loved to play 'catch' with me using a pink rabbit's foot. He loved his small grey fur mice and loved catnip. I bought him a catnip banana before he passed away and he just LOVED playing with it, while rolling all over the floor. He took a white, satin nightgown that I had and pulled it from the shelf (where I would leave it for him) and bring it up on the bed, put it in his little mouth and kneed his big feet while sucking on the satin. He was so like a little baby human. His presence filled up our home so much - his personality was so large and he was a spectacular looking cat. Everyone who saw him almost immediately loved him. Of course it took some time for him to allow you close to him, however, not too long and when he loved you, he would just come around you and try to play with you and rub against you with his head to let you know "I like you". I will always miss him. This loss has been the most painful loss of my life and I will never, ever, as long as I live forget him. If I could just hold him in my arms, I would dance with him forever, all around the house, and never let him go.

3/14/12: Hi Tuxie. Mommy just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of and feeling your presence all the time. There is not a minute that goes by that you are not right here with me, at home, at work, wherever I go outside and with whomever I am with - you are always with me. The past 2 weeks have been so painful for me and for your sister, Burrito (Porky). We are trying to adjust to living without you here in the house with us and it has been tremendously difficult for both of us. I know that you are with 'new' friends today and Porky and I wish you love and lots of fun playtime where we know you are safe and healthy as you should be. Mommy has received many condolences and words of love and encouragement from lots of wonderful 'new friends' here at the Rainbow Bridge; they are the mommy's and daddy's of your 'new' friends, who miss and love their babies very much and we all have the hope and belief that God will re-united us with all of you one day. I know you love the wonderful gifts that they have given you and we are blessed to have such love to help us through until we are together again as a family. I will write again to let you know how Porky & I are doing and please know that we are with you in spirit. Love, Mommy and Porky. Oh yes, your babysitter, Clara, sends her love to you. She is saddened that you are at the Rainbow Bridge but she is happy that you are healthy now and she hopes you will have fun playing with her babies who are there with you too.

4/17/12: Hi Tuxie. Mommy is baaaccckk.... I still miss you so so very much and think of you all the time. You will never leave my mind and I know my heart will always cry for you. Porky is getting along a little better. She went into her carrier for the 1st time this past weekend. You remember that she has never been in a carrier since she was little so this was an experience for her. We are taking it slowly. Remember when I took you outside to the park with your dad and you did not like it at all? You climbed up your dad's leg and we had to take you back home. Well I am going to try to take Porky outside and see if she likes it, and that is why we are trying out the carrier little by little. I am going to take her to see Dr. Nachamie also because she needs her checkup. We have a 'new' babysitter because Clara is no longer watching furbabies. She is not feeling well and needs an operation. We are praying for it to be successful. Are you playing a lot with your friends? I hope you have been reunited with your big brother, Le Chat and your big sister, The Bear. I know they will take care of you until mommy and you and Porky are all together again with them too. I love you very much Tuxie and I miss you terribly. I'll be back again soon. Love, mommy (and Porky).

5/31/12: Hi Tuxie. I have been thinking about you constantly. You are always in my mind and in my heart every single moment that I am awake. Porky is a little better. She loves "Panic Mouse" ... drags it through the house like it's her baby. I think she might have lost a pound. She's not eating as much as she did because mommy has her on a diet. She was a little too chubby for her small frame so I decided to try and get her to lose a pound or two for her health. We haven't been outside yet as we still have to try to get Porky into the carrier and be comfortable. It's getting warmer and I remember how you used to get in the middle of the floor and lay on your back with your fabulous big feet up in the air when we started going into summer. Mommy bought a 'new' air conditioner because the one we have is not as good as it could be although it has kept the house somewhat cool this past week. I miss you so so much - it seems like all I can think of is how you made me laugh; how you loved to play with the feet sticking out of the bed and so many other things that you did which bring beautiful memories to my mind. I loved to watch you run - you looked like a little horse galloping away. I hope you are settled in and with your big brother and sister now. I know it hasn't been easy for Porky and me but we are trying the best we can to get through each day and night as they come and go. I love you so much Tuxie and I miss you so much too. Love, Mommy and Porky

6/28/12: Tux my furbaby ... mommy thinks of you all the time and I still cry when you come into my mind; my heart still breaks with the loss of you. Porky is still adjusting to not having you with her to play with. It's really hot here now and the US is having really strange weather ... droughts in one area, heavy rains in another and the livestock are suffering because of it. Anyhow, mommy is planning to go to Vermont next week. The babysitter is coming every day to be with Porky and take care of her. I hope you are resting, eating good, fun food and doing lots of playing with your brother and sister and friends. It's almost time for mommy to leave work now and I wanted to give you a hug and a kiss before the weekend begins. I love you my beautiful furbaby, and Porky sends her love to you also. Kiss, Kiss, Hug, Hug, Mommy and Porky

2/28/13: Hi Tuxie. It's mommy finally back. It's been a long, difficult winter, and mommy and Porky are trying to stay in the day and do what we need to do to get through. How are you my fabulous angel kitten? I hope that you are having some fun playing with your big brother and sister. LeChat can be a challenge sometimes but he's fun to play with and he'll watch out for you that is for sure, and The Bear is more gentle so don't get too rambuncious as I know you like to do occasionally. I miss you still and think of you almost every day; there are times when I still cry because you are so very special. It's lonely without you and Porky still misses her big brother who used to run her all around the apartment. We miss you Tuxie and we send you much love, hugs and kisses. Love, Mommy and Porky

4/25/13: Hi Tux. Mommy just stopped by to give you some toys to play with for the springtime. It's getting a little warmer every day here in NY. Porky and I are getting along day by day, looking towards the springtime. The winter was cold this year and we were happy to have such a nice, warm house. I weighed Porky last night and she is still 14 lbs. She's running around like you use to do. She still loves her Panic Mouse. I have to put new batteries into it tonight because it was slowing down this morning. I hope you are having fun playing all around the 'new' trees and 'flowers' that must be coming up for the spring. How are LeChat and The Bear? I trust you are all playing good together. Mommy has to leave work now, however, I love you and Porky sends you her love and says that she misses you very much. Love, hugs and kisses ... Mommy

2/27/14: Hi my big boy Tuxie: It's been 2 years since you left us and still - Porky and I miss you so so very much. There will always be an empty space in our hearts for you. I miss all of you, The Bear, LeChat and you. It's been a tough year for Porky and me. We've come through a lot and are still going through bunches of stuff. It has been really freezing here in the city but thank God we have had a warm home to live in. I hope you are enjoying your big brother and sister. I have sent you several different toys to play with but I left your banana there with you because I know how you loved that toy. I have to buy Porky another Panic Mouse because the one she had broke. I have to get back to work now Tuxie. I love you and miss you terribly ... not a day goes by without my thinking of you ... Porky sends you a hug and a kiss on the nose ... go run and play with your friends and your siblings now. I'll be back again to say hello. XOXOXOXO

3/14/18 Hi Tuxie, Lechat & Bear. Mommy and Porky wanted to say hello to you all. We are living in Vermont now and the home we lived in in New York has been sold. All of our friends from NY moved to Florida. Porky and Mommy made a decision to come back up to the North .. you will remember that mommy originally came from Maine. We love it here .. the different seasons & we have made some very nice new friends. It is snowing out as I am writing to you now. Well mommy has to leave for now. Got to begin the days chores. We love you very much and we miss you dearly. Mommy and your sister, Porkpie

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