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Memories of Tug
Tug, our little man....
You were dumped in the shelter, in FL, by your owners at the age of 11-12. Reason given, you had lost your doggy companion and would continuously bark. You had been an outside dog. They had no foster home for you but we found you quickly and you were on your way to TN, 9/14/13. It was late when you arrived but you ran sniffing around the house and jumped on the bed like you had always lived here. You arrived HW+ but we made sure that was taken care of.

You were a terror for a few months! I tried leaving you out and you trashed the kitchen. Next came the big wire crate which you politely bent, losing several teeth in the process. Next came a new plastic crate and crate pad. You completely chewed up both. I've never seen a shredded crate! We finally settled you into Willa's sturdier, old crate and you became settled. We had a few instances where you had a poop fest while we were gone but that was all part of loving you. You actually loved the crates after that, and spent lots of time lying in Annie and Willa's crates too. We all settled into a routine.

A year into our time together, you decided to break open a bag of dog food, even though we had kept it in the same spot for a year. I suspect Annie helped but you were the one who ended up in the Pet ER. You had an overnight stay trying to get that stuff to move. In the meantime, they found a mass in your abdomen and the worry began that it was a splenic mass. We got a surgery scheduled and out came a completely benign lipoma. While there, though, they found you had cirrhosis of the liver. It was a divine intervention as we would have never known. At that point I started cooking a special diet for you. You loved it, eating was the highlight of your day! You would bark at the top of your lungs until I got your meals prepared. You would leap in the air despite your arthritis issues. Then you would roll around with a dog mat in your mouth afterwards. Sometimes you sprinted thru the house, full of beans.

You had several habits, some quirky, all of which I miss immensely. You would look at us out of the corner of your eye and bark. You barked whenever anyone else was barking, even if you didn't know why. You would wait for a marshmallow bribe to go outside, even if you had gone to the door first. You moved from crate to crate every evening. You tried to hump all of us girls on occasion. You were also the best at being groomed. You actually loved for Daddy to pick you up and you would just lie back and let me clip your nails. You never moved a muscle. I also miss having you laying beside me in the bathroom when I get ready. I had to straddle you to dry my hair but I miss that now. You would also lie under my feet in the kitchen. I'm sure that was so you didn't miss a thing about meal preparation.

You loved your walkies. My last good memory will be taking you to the park on Sunday before we had to say goodbye. I had no idea how bad you must have felt but you were a trooper and we strolled at a slow pace. We came across a squirrel and your whole body lit up. We watched for a while and then went on. I will always cherish that memory.

The terrible lung cancer diagnosis came the week before Christmas. I feel responsible for your death even though I was trying to buy as much time with you as I could. Cancer was bad enough but the chemo killed your red blood cells and it was going to be a hard road to fight back. I had to say goodbye as I didn't want you to suffer any more. I keep looking for a reason that this happened as I don't think it was your time yet. A friend said, maybe it was his time. I have to hope that she is right.

I am going to miss you forever, Tug. You were a very special little man and my life is so much richer for having known you. I sure hope you will be there to greet me when it's my time. Run free baby boy, I love you!!


1/4/17 Can't believe it's been a year, baby boy. You are so missed! I looked into your eyes in a photo this morning and felt the love. I hope you're having a wonderful time there. You would have loved this big backyard and I'm sorry you never got to run in it. Hope you're looking down and smiling. Love you forever!!!

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