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Memories of Tug
Our TugBoat Boy was a beloved family member and friend and we will miss him dearly. Everyone loved Tug, from friends and family to postmen, to delivery men, his "Labby tail" never ceased to wag in welcome to all. In all his thirteen years, we never heard him growl or snarl at another living creature. His kind, loving temperament was something we will always remember.
And oh how he loved pizza! And cheese! Two of his very favorite things in life. And of course a good long snooze upon 'his' futon. Our children and now grandchildren would play and wrestle with him and he was never happier then when one of them was around.
We know he has at last found Rocky, our golden, who we lost 5 yrs ago at the age of 14 yrs. They were the very best of buddies and we know how Tug missed him so. They're running and playing again, so happy to have found each other at last!
Until we meet again, boys. We love you Tug and will hold our cherished memories of you in our hearts forever.
Rest well my friend, my Tugga Bugga Boy... you lived a good, long life and were dearly loved.


hey my sweet Tugga, isn't it so nice that we have such wonderful friends who love us enough to stop and visit you? I'm not surprised because I know just how special you were..and are..to us. I miss you, buddy..the house is just not the same at all. I look for you in the morning, and when I come downstairs and you're not on the futon my heart aches so. I "hear" you and "see" you on the deck. I know you're happy with Rocky, romping and running around, taking long lazy naps. I just wish you were still ...home. Love you.

hello my Tugga Boy..I forgot to thank you for coming in my dreams the other night. It was such a comfort to see you and to know that nasty tumor was gone! You look so handsome with your shiny black coat and those beautiful brown eyes. I know you were telling me you were okay and that I should know that you'll be always be close by. Love you buddy..miss you too.

Hey Tugga..I miss you, so much. I'm trying to be brave, not cry, but there are just times...well, I just..miss you. XX

Hey there Tugga Bugga...oh how we miss you. Your ashes came home yesterday. I had to call Dad to get them at the vet. I just couldn't..well, I really didn't want to though I wanted you 'home' with us. Shayne decided he wanted to keep you with us, not in the yard, so we took our Christmas ornament of you and fixed it the container or your ashes and placed it where we can keep you near us. You are always loved and missed.
And yes, we have decided to bring a puppy to join us because you showed us the true nature of a loving heart and we want to experience that again. Thank you for being the best dog ever. Take a long snooze with Rocky, my sweet boy, and give him a nuzzle for me.
Love you!

Hello my Bugga Boy. I know you're watching us and are wagging your tail at the new puppy we'll be bringing home this weekend. He's a black lab just like you! Could there be any other dog for this family?? He's your 'cousin' as Dad says and you're going to whisper to him all the good things about being part of this family that he needs to know. Help Dozer when he's lonely for his Mom and litter mates? Give him a nose nudge and tell him he'll be loved and cherished just as you are. We love and miss you always. Big bear hugs.
Love you!

One year today, my boy. We still speak of you often and laugh with the wonderful memories you so unselfishly gave us. I know you're truly in Heaven and feeling the peak of health! You must be beside yourself to be at Rocky's side once more. We are so happy for you to be at peace and good health..though of course we will always miss you. Thank you for watching over Dozer. He's quite a challenge at 10 months old, a true Lab puppy, much like you were! And thank you for showing us how wonderful a loving companion like a Lab can truly be. We miss you buddy, my Tugga Bugga. You'd love teaching Dozer the ropes around here, but we know you're whispering to him!
Love you!!

Sweet Tug. Two years ago you left us. You are always in our hearts and I know that you're healthy and running with Rocky, snoozing in the grass and eating lots of cheese!! Dozer is 2 years old next month and quieting down ..some. He could use a few whispers from you as to how well behaved a Lab can be! He's trying.
We still speak of our time with you and how much love you gave this family and how we love and miss you. Run and play my Tugga Bugga Boy and we'll meet again some day and I'll hug you sooo very tight. Give Rocky a good nuzzle for all of us too? xoxo

Tugga boy,..you'll always be the one. The best. Miss you to this day. xoxoxoxo Love you. Until we meet again.
Love you!

Always the best. Love you Tugga bugga. xoxoxo

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