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Memories of Tucker
Tucker, you came to us on 17 Jan 16, after being surrendered by your family of 5 years to the ESRA. We knew you had Epilepsy, and you were having seizures every 6 weeks or so, but that did not stop us for adopting you. I drove up to Northgate Mall to get you from your Foster Parents, and you laid in your crate the whole way home not making a sound. I knew you did not know what was going on or where you were going, and we did not know what to expect once we got you home. But once in the house and you met your brother Cash, you seemed to fit right in. You were so sweet and loving, and being only 5 years old very active. No one would have known you has a very big medical problem. You only weighed 38 lbs, but we got you up to 49 lbs. Everything was fine until you had your first seizure around 7:30 a.m. on 22 Jan, with only Mom home, all she could do was watch flop around on the floor in front of her unable to help you do to her disabilities. By the time I got home you were up and running around as if nothing had happened. I cleaned up and thus started a series of seizure that came on more often then every six weeks. Finally, I took you to a Neurologist Veterinarian on 5 Apr 16. He left the medications you were taking alone, but you had a very violent seizure episode with a series of violent clusters on 10 Apr 16, but by administering the medication to stop the seizures you finally did stop. I called the Neurologist and he changed you medications. Everything seemed to be working so well, because you had not had a seizure since that episode. But on Sunday Moring 29 May at 10:04 you went into a very violent seizure cluster that did not stop or slow down. I tried everything I knew and was told to do to help you, but after a short time and the seizures were not stopping I picked you up very carefully and placed you in the car to take you to the emergency vet, but you died before I could get out the driveway. I can only imagine the extreme pain you were in, and your heart just said no more. At that moment not only did you heart break but so did your Mom's and mine. I tried so hard to help you but I could not, I am so sorry. We only had you for 4 months, such a short time, but you certainly put you paw print on our hearts for ever. To make it worst, it was one month ago to the day that your brother Cash passed away. Hopefully, you have found him and are playing with all of your other brothers and sisters who came before you. You were only 5 years old and we had hoped to watch you get old with us. We will miss you jumping on the bed in he morning and pushing you way between us so you could get a belly rub. I will miss you getting in my lap and trying to snuggle like a small lap dog. The house seems so empty now with out you in it. Your wiggle butt greeting when I came home from work will be missed. Your big brown eyes were so bright and you could see the love in them for us. You were so full of energy and love, we will miss you always and keep you in our hearts our sweet boy. Tell Cash high for us and as well as Bear, Nipper, Jade, Hunter and Bryce (big sister Great Dane). We love you so much, Mom and Dad

6 Jun 16: Dear Tucker, it has been a week since you left us for the bridge. Our hearts are still broken. You were so full of life and love, we can only remember that. Hopefully you have found Cash and all the others and are having a great time playing. Please remember to once in a while look down on us and think of us and the love we had for you. Take care our sweet baby. Will write again soon.

10 Jun 16: Hey buddy how is it going, hopefully you found everyone and are playing with them. Just wanted to let you know we have a new fur baby, his name is Zeus and he just turned 5. Somewhat more active then you were, but not much. He has already let the squirrels know who is boss in his yard. Almost 2 weeks since we lost you. Our hearts are still hurting, but hopefully Zeus will help to relieve some of that sorrow. We will always love you!! Take care and play on. Will write again soon.

14 Jun 16: You irn came today, it is a Stuffed Teddy Bear with a pocket in the back to put your ashes. You liked to steal your Mom's Build-a-Bears and play with them, so we decided on a Bear irn. We still miss you very much, and your Ms. Joyce still has a broken heart too. Tell everyone hello for us. Love you Mom and Dad

29 Jun 16: Hey Tucker how are you doing, no more seizures certainly are a nice relief. It has been a month since you had that very violent seizure and it took you life and away from us. We still miss you very much. We got a new springer a couple of weeks ago, his name is Zeus and he is 5 just like you were. He is very active and has picked up where you left off by chasing the squirrels in the back yard. He will never be you, but we love him too! Take care my sweet boy, say hi to everyone else for us to. We love and miss you! Mom and Dad

2 Aug 16: Another month has passed since you went to the bridge all to soon. We think of you often and our eyes still water up with thoughts of you. Zeus is doing great, he needs some training to curve his barking. I am taking him to class today. Will let you know how it went. Having fun playing and running with you brothers and sisters? I certainly hope so. Take care sweet boy! We love you Mom and Dad

1 Sep 16: Hey sweet boy! Another month has passed and summer is coming to an end. We think of you often and still can see you playing with your toys. Zeus is doing fine, keep putting him in "time out" for a minute or so when he barks. It works right the, but he forgets and we have to do it again. Play on my little boy. Take care and give everyone our love. Love you and miss you! Mom and Dad

3 Oct 16: Hey Tucker, how are things going? Thinks hear are good. Mom is doing good as is Zeus. He plays with your football and little doggie. We think of you often and how sweet and loving you were. We can still feel your presents and know you are near by. Enjoy playing at the bridge with your brothers and sisters. Take care sweet one. Mom and Dad love you!

2 Dec 16: Hey buddy, it has been 2 months since I last stopped by. Time goes by so fast. Its hard to believe that you have been gone 7 months now, and we only had you for 4 months.. What a sweet heart you were, and we still miss you every day. Hopefully you are enjoying running around pain free and are close to your brothers and sisters. Take care. Mom and Dad love you!

17 Jan 17: Hey sweetheart how are you doing? It was one year ago today that I traveled up to Northgate Mall to pick you up from some American English Springe Rescue. You were so afraid. You laid in your crate the whole time going home. But once you got home and got to know Mom and Cash all was good. You were such a sweet boy, little did we know that we would only have you for four months and then your terrible disease took you from us. We still miss you and are very sad we could not of had you with for a long time. Take care my little one. We love you and always will.

1 Mar 17: Will another month has come and gone since you left us so unexpectedly. We sure do miss you. Hopefully you are playing with Cash and all the others who came before you. Spring and warmer weather are almost here. Take care, we love you!

29 Mar 17: It has been 10 months since you left us so suddenly for the bridge. We still miss you so much. You were such a sweet boy! Hopefully as is going much better for you then it was here on earth. Please give Cash a kiss for us, he has almost been gone a year to. Play on sweetheart! Mom and Dad love you and miss you so much.

28 Apr 17: Well another month has gone by since you left for the bridge. We think of you often. I can still see you laying on your back in the hallway playing with you stuffed green lizard. So cute! I can also still see you laying on the floor going through your last seizure that would not stop and that took you away from us. It was very hard to watch and even though I tried to administer the drugs that were suppose to stop the seizure, they did not work, and finally your heart said enough is enough, and stopped. How sad we were, and still are in fact that you are not still here. Take care baby boy. We love you.

29 May 17: It has been one year since that terrible day when you left us all to soon. Time has gone by so quickly, but we still remember you going into a seizure and not coming out of it. I felt so helpless, I could not stop the seizure. I am so sorry! But you are at the bridge playing and no more fear of any illness. Take care sweetheart. We love you and miss you.

25 Jul 17: Boy how time flies, I forgot to visit you last month. I am so sorry! Hope all is going well with you and all of your brothers and sisters. Mom and I still miss you every day. Take care sweetheart and run and play. Love you Mom and Dad

1 Sep 17: Well another month has come and gone since you left us all to soon. I looked at your picture the other day and smiled, your back legs out behind you and bent. You looked like a frog dog, so cute. How are you and your brothers and sisters doing? I hope all is well. Take care my sweet boy! We love you. Mom and Dad!

26 Sep-17: Hey buddy, how goes it? We are doing fine. I hope all is going great for you, and your brothers and sisters. Mom and I still miss you. Take care, we love you!

27 Nov 17: Oh my gosh, I forgot to write you last month, please forgive me. How have you been? Hope all is well with you and all of your brothers and sisters. Jan will be 2 years since I picked you up. Gee is seems like just yesterday! You were with us for only 4 months before you were taken form us because of that terrible illness. We miss you every day. Run and be free my little one. Mom and Dad love you!

22 Feb 18: Sorry it has been so long since I visited you. Mom was in the hospital for 2 weeks during Christmas and New Year's. She is home and doing much better now. Hope all is well with you. Gee 17 Jan 16 I picked you up, I still remember that day. You came home and instantly took over. We loved you so much if even for only 4 months. You were the sweetest and lovely dog. You kept us entertained that for sure. We still miss you every day even though its been almost 2 years since you left for the bridge. Run free and enjoy life buddy. We love you Mom and Dad.

4 Apr 18: Hello my sweet Tucker. How are you doing? I hope all is well with you. We certainly miss you. You were such a good boy. Another month and it will 2 years since you left us way too soon!! You would be 7 now. Take care buddy and remember Mom and Dad will always love you.

25 Apr 18: Well its been 2 years since your brother Cash left for the bridge, followed one month later by you. Time goes by so fast. I look at your picture of you laying in the hall way with you back legs bent out, you looked like a frog dog. How sweet. Well will write more next month on your 2 year anniversary of leaving for the bridge. Take care! We love you Mom and Dad

21 Sep 18: Gee it has been a while since I last visited you. You are still in our hearts every day though. I hope all is well with you, all is well with us. Keep running and playing my sweet boy! We love you and miss you. Mom and Dad

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