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Memories of Truck

Quite some time has passed. Diesel has gone and now met up with Truck at Rainbow Bridge. We have scattered some of their ashes together in Paris ( into the Seine ), in New Orleans ( under Cinderella's Coach in City Park ) and in Oahu at the top of Diamond Head and into the ocean at Kuilima Cove. I like to believe they are now floating around the earth in some of our beloved spots and are there to greet us whenever we travel. Truck and Diesel are still spoken about about to our other kids, Kiku, Cosmo, Toki and the newest, Cash... never forgotten, always loved and missed.... cherish your pets and most of all, senior pets.


It's been a while since I have written. Diesel is now 16 and still a big prescence in our household of 4 dogs. Truck is talked about and I sometimes have to stop myself from accidentally calling Cosmo "Truck"... which is very strange considering how long Truck has been gone. Six long years - which have gone by in the blink of an eye. What a fantastic pup Truck was and I do miss him each day. I have pictures up to remind me what a special gift he was.


Time passes so fast and it is still hard to believe my boy has been gone over 5 years now. So much has happened. Marcel and I adopted a new dog in January and our little family is booming. We still talk about Truck and his unique qualities that he had. So smart and a big personality. He is missed everyday. I worry about Diesel as she is turning 14 this year and has completely lost her hearing and her back legs are starting to go. I try to make each day count for her and give her positive energy always. If she seems sick, I keep the panicked attitude to myself and remain upbeat and attentive to her... that does help believe or not. Holistic meds are also helping her health and vitality.

Sigh.. treasure your old dogs and treat them well...


I am a little behind in updating this site but Truck is never far from my thoughts. Marcel and I talk about him and what a good boy he was. I cannot believe 3 years have passed already. Sigh.... So many of his friends have passed on now and it is never easy and you are NEVER prepared. I will always be grateful to have had the time I did with him.... love you Truck!


Unbelievable to me that it has been two whole years since my boy has passed on to Rainbow Bridge. It is easier for me to relate stories about Truck to others now without bursting into tears although I seem to be doing that as I'm writing this.

He was such a wonderful friend to me and those around him, full of good natured happiness and fun. I hope he is playing with his friends Dempsey, Moso, Cosmo and Lucky and having a great time. I miss him a lot and am eternally grateful to have had this boy in my life who made such an impact on me...

Love you Truckie...

12/06/07 - one year later

Twelve months have now passed and I can hardly believe it. This year has been a difficult year of transition for me. Working through the grief of losing Truck is still an arduous process.

Cosmo, the newest member of the clan, has acclimated into the pack. I think Truck would've approved of this crazy kid and he has really helped divert the grief for both Marcel and myself.

I think of Truck often; it's really hard not to. My most frequent thoughts are at nighttime when it's still. It is really heartwrenching to me. I am still so grateful to my vets and the staff at Szanto Vet Center and the Animal Emergency Center. To this date, the staff still remember Truck and there is a picture up at Dr Szanto's office of Truck and the girls.

I like to think that Truck is having a good time in heaven and causing a lot of ruckus. He was such a wonderful kid and gave much love to everyone he came across.

I love you my Truckie and will never forget you!


On 12/06/06 I said goodbye to my dearest boy Truck; please send warm wishes to him and all our missed friends in heaven. Diesel, Kiku and I will miss him so much along with Marcel, Ted and all his other humans who loved him.

Truck was rescued by Ted and I in May 1993 from an abusive home and we lavished much love and affection onto him. Even after Ted and I were no longer together we both loved and cared for him as a team and Marcel became the best step-doggie dad that anyone could have...

I will be making a donation to his favorite animal charity "Best Friends Animal Society" in his honor. If you would like to make a contribution to help homeless and abused animals, please click on the link below:


They are truly a great organization.

I really appreciate all who have sent their condolences to me already - I cannot express how grateful I am.

Much love to all-


I had the strangest and most beautiful dream about Truck a few weeks ago - I was driving up to my mother's house and Truck was in the front yard; he saw me and ears perked up and started running around like crazy! He ran over to me and i then woke up.

A week or two later, Marcel and I were in Vancouver visiting his parents and his mother had painted the most beautiful portrait of Truck for me. The morning after we saw the painting, Marcel woke up and said he had a dream about Truck. He dreamt that he was trying to find the painting which had been filed away amongst several stacks of boxes. He looked under A for ART, M for MOTHER, P for PAINTING and then T, and Truck leapt out of the box and ran around with Marcel following.

Finally, my ex, Ted, Truck's dad, told me he also had a dream about Truck which involved the newest kid in my house Cosmo who Marcel and I adopted in January. Ted said he was at my house, in the backyard, holding Truck and Cosmo on his lap. Truck was nudging Cosmo with his nose, kinda saying "well, I'm still the boss around here, but you're a good kid and you'll do fine"..

Perhaps our kids really do visit us to let us know that they're okay and watching over us.. I pray that is true..

March 7, 2007 - 3 months
It's been 3 months since Truck has passed on to Rainbow Bridge. Diesel and I talked about him last night and her ears perked when I mentioned "Truckie". I want to believe she does still remember him and hasn't forgotten the boy whom she grew up with and was her big brother. I hope he is eating whatever he wants and causing a ruckus and is playing with all his friends.

His doghouse sits on top of my display cabinet and his collar is next to it. I also have a wonderful tattoo that i had done of his dogtag - blue dogbone with his name on it on the inside of my wrist. His favorite Uncle Paul kindly did it for me as a tribute to a great boy whom many people loved.
Truck traveled to many places and went to a few rockstar Metallica parties even! That dog had seen some crazy stuff! He even chased rabbits in Big Sur and ran through the Malibu surf with his friend Sweet Pea. Sigh, i miss him but I have so many wonderful memories..

I love you my Truck!

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