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My beautiful precious fur baby. Loving you has left a painful torn in my heart but I would love you all over again in a heart beat. Thank you for all the wonderful years that you shared with me. It's been an honor and joy being your human mommy. Your sweet memories will forever be engraved in my heart and I will always love you. Enjoy your after life playing at Rainbow bridge and wait for me to pick you up when it's my time to go.

You came into my life as an unexpected gift and ever since then you became one of the biggest part of all my life choices. Today I feel like a part of me is missing and it's because you were a huge part of me.

You started out as the most beautiful little white and grey fur baby I had ever seen in my life and you were all mine. Just as the vet informed me you grew into the most handsome big kitty that you were. I was amazed that he knew how big you were going to grow just by looking at your beautiful little paws.

Every year with you in my life was a joyous one my kitty love. Remember how I always told you I was the boss in the house? We know who the real boss was right? Your adorable kitty self got away with so much just because you knew how to work your mommy. I was always wrapped around your kitty kitty paws. You pulled so many funny kitty stunts in your life and got away with them all. You had such an awesome kitty personality.

I didn't mind giving you all the care your health latter required. I had hopes of keeping you in my life for a much longer time and was not prepared to let go of you so fast. I'm still in shock that it happened this fast. At the end you were walking into the walls, stepping in your food and water and had the hardest time with your balance and walking. You were still such a warrior and fighter. You never gave up. I saw the pain you were in and could not continue to let you live this way because of my selfish needs and made the hardest choice I ever had to make and I let you go from my life. I pray that God has you wrapped in his healing arms and makes you whole again.

The Rainbow poem says you are back to your healthy, happy, funny, and full of personality kitty you once were. It lifts my spirits every time I read it and picture you enjoying such a wonderful after life and I hope that by now you have met up with so many of my friends and loved ones fur babies. I hope that you've met up with baby Noele who now must be able to breath perfectly and with Mugzy my first puppy love.

4/12/12 Good morning Angel of mine. Yesterday I picked up some memories of you. I got your ashes, some of your beautiful fur, and a paw print of yours. I came home and cried on and off. How it hurts to miss you. I love coming to visit you here and find myself just staring at this sight and I just can't see enough of your pictures. I miss you but I know you are in a much better place my love. kisses from your mommy.

4/13/12 It's been 5 days since you left us. I'm laying on our couch while Brooklyn takes a nap by my thigh. I wish you could be here too but I feel your presence and I love it. The birds that flew right above me earlier today made me picture you and your new fur baby friends flying around your new happy world. You are so precent in my thoughts. Please continue to visit me when you can baby love. I'm Sending you more mommy kisses because you know I could never kiss you enough. I love you.

4/14/2012 Good morning my baby love. It's been very difficult in your old home but understanding that you are now in a much better place adds comfort.
Last night and this morning Brooklyn has been smelling all over your favorite spots. I think he is finally understanding this is not just a temporary change in our lives. He even ate the rest of your dry NF food which I wouldn't mind switching him over if he continues. Me, I just can't stop thinking about you. I donated most of your left over meds to needy kitties in your name. I love you sweet fur love of mine. Please continue to visit me always. Kisses from mommy and Brooklyn sends Purrs your way.

I scheduled a candle lighting for you to be held on Monday 4/16/2012 at 9 pm. This day will make one week since your departure from my life to the Heavens above.
Special Tribute: In memory of my loving fur boy Trouble Franco who now lives in his mamas heart and dreams. May you enjoy your after life with all of Gods creations that have passed along with you. May Heavens welcome and reward you with new beautiful wings allowing you to fly freely in your wonderful new world.

4/16/12 It's been a week since you left. Still I remember this time last week you were still here with me but only for a few hours. I've watched your videos over and over and have re lived some of the difficult times. How fast ones life changes. It's hard getting used to things around here without you. Yesterday Brooklyn did not eat his dinner and I know it's because of the emptiness and sadness left in this house without you. I will be monitoring him closely in hopes that he doesn't get sick on me because I don't know how I could handle him being sick right now.... We both miss you so much.

I almost forgot to mention that I sent a beautiful basket of fruits to the wonderful staff at the Sound Cat for all the care they provided you with while you were here. I still wonder if you would still be here with me if I had taken you to them sooner. I also wonder about all the other visits to the previous vet that should have referred me to experts sooner. I finally ended the relationship but I wonder if I just waited too long and that hurts me. I have to come to the understanding that what is meant to happen is meant to happen no matter what. I love you sweet angel of mine. I will be lighting candles for you this evening at 9pm. Kisses from mom and purrs from Brooklyn.

4/17/2012 Hi baby love of mine. I can't stop looking at your pictures. It's like reading a little bit of your story. I thought I had taken so many shots of you back then and today I feel like I didn't take enough. If you were here with me today you would have been 16 years and 1 month old in this old world. I'm doing my best to deal with your loss because I know my life here continues and I must make myself strong to move forward in my journey until it ends. I'm concerned about Brooklyn who is really missing you so I have to try and be strong in front of him because you kitties have such strong sense and I know that he knows when I'm sad. Visiting you here has provided me with comfort because some how I feel like we are communicating. Praying that you are happy in your new world Heaven. You were the best kitty ever and you deserve to have the best ever after lasting happy. Heaven has gained my loss. I will always love you my fur baby love of mine. Mi GORDO PELUDO ALWAYS. <3

4/18/2012 Hello my baby angel love up in the heavens. Adjusting down here without you is not easy . You were so much a part of me. I wish this separation would not be so painful but because I love you so much I must suffer your loss. Holding on to the faith that you are in a better place makes it easier but doesn't always keep me from getting sad. I'm still concerned about your little brother. He really misses you. You know how I always worry and after losing you the way I did it scares me that he gets sick. Life here is so unpredictable and I don't take my blessings for granted. My personal little family consist of angels. Your youngest little brother Noele who was waiting for you in heaven, you my prince and one on earth and that's Brooklyn, my babies and my fur loves.

4/19/12 Morning fur angel of mine. Always thinking of you and this morning is no different. Visiting you before I start my day. Please continue to watch over Brooklyn and me. It's not easy without you........ We love you and we miss you. Sending you many kisses and hugs and Brooklyn sends purrs.

4/20/12 Good morning my love. Starting my day with you on my mind as always. kisses from mommy and purrs from Brooklyn. We love you for eternity.......

4/21/12 Hi baby angel. I just ordered a beautiful urn for you. It wasn't easy choosing but I think you are going to love it. When my journey here ends, my wish is that they send us off together. For now I will keep you here... Your memories are all around and I want to keep them all but I know I must move on and I can't leave this house in this order so I will do my best to clean and organize. Sending you kisses and hugs and Brooklyn sends Purrs. We love you and miss you and we love to feel your presence so visit us when you can.

4/22/12 Brooklyn was giving me love bites earlier as I was getting ready to type up your message. I had to start writing it all over again because the power went... Life here is not perfect. Any way baby, I love starting my day visiting your memory. Understanding that you were given to me on a loan for 16 years and 23 days is hard but I know I must come to accept and understand. We are all here on borrowed time. I'm still working on cleaning the house with the goal of getting it done. At the end of this week I will visit mom and dad who I haven't seen since last year in November. How I wish I could visit more often but I'm thankful that the work place approved some days for me. Ok angel of mine. Enjoy heaven and watch over your brother and me. I love to feel your presence near.

4/23/12 Hello my fur love in heaven. It's been three Mondays since I had to let you go from me. I miss your cuddly self so much. You were one of my most valuable treasures and I can't stop the tears I shed on a daily basis. As I was getting Brooklyn's food out this morning I imagined you running happy and excited to be fed like back in the days. I miss that so much. I will forever love you bebe de mami. Hugs, kisses and purrs from us to you.

4/24/2012 Hi bebe, just sending you the daily kisses, hugs and the purrs from Brooklyn and me. Loving you always.

4/25/2012 Good morning baby love of mine in heaven. Thank you for the beautiful signs you sent me yesterday. I even stopped to take pictures of the daffodils and the beautiful sky full those puffy white clouds. I imagined you in such a wonderful place and it made me smile. I love feeling your presence around my angel. Brooklyn just jumped on the bed for mommy attention. He sends you love and purrs. He really misses you sweetie. I'm nervous about boarding him for the time I'll be traveling to see mom and dad. Keep looking out for us sweetie. What a difference in our lives without you fur love. I send you more kisses and never ending love.

4/26/2012 It did not feel right to leave without visiting you before starting this day. I'm on a lunch break right now. It's the day before my road trip and I'm a bit scared to drop your brother off. It reminds me when I would come home to pick you up..... I wish could just take him with me but that would not be a good idea. I have to make this visit quick because I have limited time. You know you live in my heart. I just needed to visit to continue with my day. Love you fur baby. XOXO

5/03/2012 Hello my love, I got back from my trip visiting family back north. I arrived and found that they had delivered your beautiful URN and plaque. I transferred your memories and I feel happy and satisfied that I was able to choose something so perfect for you. It looks beautiful in the house. I placed it by one of the pictures I framed of us. The trip was a success because now I feel more in control and able to coup. I'm still very concerned about your little brother. Today I had to give him some of your old meds for appetite. This was something I did not want to do but he must start to eat soon. Please send some comfort his way my sweetie. Your departure has affected him so much. The change we both have to adapt is not easy. We miss you very much. XOXO

5/9/2012 As I sit here and remember so many of the wonderful memories you left with me I can't help but get emotional. It's been a month without you today. The experience of having to release you from my life comes back and it's extremely painful to my heart. I miss hugging you so much and the last hugs I gave you were the most painful ones because I gave them to you on the day you left to cross over the Rainbow bridge. I know you are in a better place my sweet fur baby but I get very attached when I love. Your brother Brooklyn now gets extra hugs on a daily basics from me. He is finally eating and that is a relief. We are still both work in progress. Loving you always, forever in my heart.

5/13.2012 It's mothers' day here and you are up in the beautiful heavens. All those wonderful years God blessed us with; you were never just a beautiful kitty. You were my first baby love and it's painful for mothers to let go of their babies. I will always love you because of that my fur baby. Brooklyn and I are still finding ways to adjust without you here. We are still work in progress. Wish your brother would have some of that old appetite you had back in the days when you were healthy. I will finish my visit for now but you know you live in my heart.

06/09.2012 My angel in heaven, It's been two month since your departure. I'm still in shock at the lesson of having to let you part. Thankful to God for leading me to the place I've reached since you left. I was blessed with you in my life and will forever be grateful for that. Brooklyn is doing better but I wish he would eat more. Will need to take him in for a check up soon. Thinking of you and remembering you always especially today. Keep flying high and blessing my days. When I look up at the beautiful sky's I imagine you in them. Living Happy Ever After. I will always love you.

7/20/2012 Good morning my baby love up in heaven. I have not visited your little internet home in a while but I think of you every day. Today I wanted to stop by but I know you are able to see how often I think of you. You will always be part of who I am my beautiful boy and you will forever live in my heart. Brooklyn misses you but he is coming along much better now days. We love you. Kisses fro earth to Heaven for you. <3

8/10/2012 Hola my angel fur Love. Just stopping by to visit you here even though you really live in my heart. Still have a hard time believing you could just leave from this world like that. I painted you you on a wine and design class not too long ago and I'm happy that you turned out very nice. You were such a blessing in my life. I will always love you Mommy. <3

11/09/2012 Mommy came to visit you here today but you know you live in her heart always. 7 month today ...... I love you

12/09/2012 Hello my fur angel. Eight month today was one of my most hardest good-byes when I allowed you to fly away from my life. I still get that knot in my throat when I think about you and the pain of not having you here still hurts. Life is about doing whats right for our loved ones and accepting our new lifestyle. Brooklyn has become extra spoiled since you left and I thought that was not possible. We both just need each other so much and I'm just so grateful for my earth fur boy. Ok bebe of mine, you not only live in this beautiful Rainbow world but also in my heart and I think of you always. Your earth mommy loves you until the end. Hugs and kisses <3

04/09/2013 One year today and your memories live strong. I feel thankful for having you in my life for as long as I did and I'm thankful that now you are a free fur angel in the heavens. Brooklyn sends sweet meows your way and I send you earth kisses and hugs. I think of you always. I love you. <3

4/9/2014 WOW! 2 years in heaven..... My biggest fur love you my angel my Trouble Franco. I know you are doing well in the ever after life. I'm happy to tell you that finally your brother Brooklyn is doing much better but this is only recently. He is the pickiest eater ever but he is eating better and I am supper happy for it! He is on the couch with me as I type this to you so he is saying hello, making himself present. I miss you always but thank God the pain is less. Stay happy in heaven and watch over your brother and I if that's ok my sweet boy and remember that I will always love you for as long as I have my memory. <3

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