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Memories of Trojan
To My Beloved Trojan


Ten years ago, I lost my special friend.
Ten years since God turned off your Light
Ten years since we both lost the fight.
Ten years of pain, of pouring rain,
A Thunderstorm or two.
Ten years of emptiness and grief, a lifetime without you.
Ten years of struggling and of tears, a time of feeling low.
Ten years remembering that day so well, the day you had to go.
Ten years of turmoil, of right or wrong, great sense of loss, of days so long.
How could it be, where did it go?
Ten years without my beloved Tro.
Ten years not greeting me at the door.
Ten years not kissing your delicate paw.
Ten years of nursing my broken heart.
Ten years that we have been apart.
Ten years of thinking of your face.
Ten years of missing your embrace
Ten years not singing you a song
Ten years of life that's just gone on.
Ten years of looking, hoping to see
A tell tale sign that your still with me.
Ten years of feeling all alone.
Ten years of quietness in our home.
Ten years of hoping, praying for,
That your happy, and in pain no more.
Ten years of knowing that one day we'll be
Together again for ETERNITY.

To my Beautiful Trojan.


I thought of you with love today, but that is nothing new.
I thought about you yesterday and days before that too.
I think of you in silence, I often speak your name.
All I have are memories and your pictures in a frame.
Your memory is my keepsake with which I'll never part.
God has you in His Keeping. I have you in my heart.

SIX years today and I still miss you so much.

All my love Mummy. xxxxx

To my Beautiful Trojan,

FIVE years this year, and it's hard to describe
what I'm actually feeling inside.

I still miss you so much, you were my friend,
faithful and loving right up to the end.

Is it time for another, a Crested like you,
A Hairless with bum fluff, grey and blue?

I scroll through the internet, hoping I'll see
A tiny "Trojan" staring back at me.

I thought I saw one, I showed Dad,
"Let's go get him, I hate seeing you sad".

For a moment, I get carried away "shall I buy
a blue lead with diamonds" I hear myself say.

Then a pain shoots through me, how can I forget.
And I realise I'm not ready to have another Crested just yet.

With all my love Mummy. xxxxxxx

My Beautiful Darling Trojan,

It's been FOUR years that you left us my Tro, how hard it has been for us all.

They say memories are golden, well, maybe that is true.
I never wanted memories, I only wanted you.
A million times I cried.
If love alone could have saved you, you never would have died.
In life I loved you dearly, in death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place no one else could fill.
If tears could build a stairway and heartache make a lane.
I'd walk the path to Heaven and bring you back again.
Our family chain is broken, and nothing seems the same.
But as God calls us back one by one, the chain will link again. Lots of love Mummy xxxxx

My Darling Trojan,

THREE year's gone, and it's sad to say, I miss you more with each passing day. My heart was broken when I lost you and is now held together by bits of glue. Perhaps another of your kind would gently try to ease my mind. A hairless boy with a mane that flows, a memorial to you my beloved Tro. I'm not sure yet though, it's too painful you see to have another Crested on my knee. I will always love you my little Man, please please visit me when you can! With all my love Mummy xxx


ONE year,now TWO, since you were near, we had so many good times when you were here,
So I want this peom to be full of Cheer.

I try to dream of you at play, sleeping, eating and filing your day
with hugs and kisses from Nanny Ciss.
(Please tell her from me how much she is missed).

We have a Nicnak at home now. He has joined our family to be my pal.
He tries so hard to comfort me. I have tought him a few things you see.
Like you, the kissing step he stands, waiting to kiss my face and hands.
Loyally he greets me at the door. Kissing my nose and giving me his paw.
He jumps on my bed but not in it you see. For no other Dog will ever sleep with me!
He does loves biscuits, but too big for the tin.
Wasn't that funny when you jumped in!!

Claire and I remember and laugh, the day we all went to Stonham Barns.
We hired a kennel for a short while as you were not allowed in with the Birds and Owls.
Just when we were waiting with baited breath, for a bird to drop inches from our heads.
A howl rose up from the depths below. It was you complaining my little Tro!!

We tried to take you wherever we went. Cycling, shoping even camping in a Tent.
The Isle of Wight is a holiday which will stay with me, watching you paddling your feet in the Sea.
People stopping us all over the place, couldn't believe you had no hair on your face.
"He's a Chinese Crested Hairless" I would say, I must have said it a hundred times in one day.

When I think back, how lucky I was to the end to have had you Trojan as my special friend.
Because over the years we had so much fun And I was and always will be your very special Mum. xx

To my Wonderful Tro,

A YEAR ago, I lost my special friend.
A YEAR since God turned off your Light
A YEAR since we both lost the fight.

A YEAR of pain, of pouring rain,
A Thurnderstorm or two.
A YEAR of emptiness and grief, a lifetime without you.

A YEAR of struggling and of tears, a time of feeling low.
A YEAR remembering that day so well, the day you had to go.

A YEAR of turmoil, of right or wrong, great sense of loss, of days so long.
How could it be, where did it go?
Twelve months without my beloved Tro.

A YEAR not greeting me at the door.
A YEAR not kissing your delicate paw.
A YEAR of nursing my broken heart.
A YEAR that we have been apart.

A YEAR of thinking of your face.
A YEAR of missing your embrace
A YEAR not singing you a song
A YEAR of life that's just gone on.

A YEAR of looking, hoping to see
A tell tale sign that your still with me.
A YEAR of feeling all alone.
A YEAR of quietness in our home.

A YEAR of hoping, praying for,
That your happy, and in pain no more.
A YEAR of knowing that one day we'll be
Together again for ETERNITY.


It's been a year mum, it's gone so quick, I can see you but we just can't kiss. I sit on your lap from time to time, but you just can't feel me, it's such a crime.

Here up in heaven we have biscuit trees, they fall to the ground with a gentle breeze. All piled high, Digestives and Custard Creams, these are the treats that I've always dreamed. But up here treats do me no harm but I would sooner be eating them cuddled up in your arms. Making crumbs on the bed, you scratching my head. This is something we would still be doing, I bet. Then snuggle up and fall asleep by your feet, if only this could be, wouldn't that be neat.

For all good things in heaven, I'd surely give up, for one of your kisses, your cuddles and hugs.

One day we'll be together, our hearts beating close, with my Mummy the one I miss the most. But don't be sad be happy, be glad, of all the good times we had, and also look forward of what's yet to be, TROJAN AND MUMMY IN ENTERNITY.


"Goodbye Trojan" my dad said, then gently patted me on the head.
Hugs and kisses from my mum, tears drop on my nose, and I lick them with my Tongue.
Words of kindness from strangers close. Small pain in leg, cold feelings caressed my body.

Where are you Mum, I was looking, only strangers near. It was funny but I felt so calm because
I fell asleep in your arms.

I heard a voice, I knew it well, it was Nanny Ciss. "Trojan" she called, and there she was with
Grandad George. I knew his name, and found this quite strange.

The Munchbunch are here, what a crew. Buck barks cheekily, followed close by Wanda and Tilly.
Blossom runs right up to greet me. Lacey nosily barking and screaming. No change there then, I'm thinking. There's a few more I did not know, Sam & Fanny & Big Bear, whose mad. I'm amazed Mum at all the dogs you've ever had.

This year's been quite a rush, but visits to you have been a must. Playing and biscuit eating, but not a lot of time for sleeping.

A year in heaven is like a blink of an eye, in Eternity time flies by.
I miss you Mum, Dad & Claire and I realy wish I could be with you there.

But I'm sending you Love, Hugs and a KISS and until we are together again,
I'm staying with Nanny Ciss. XX

Trojan you were so important to me. I loved you so much and I know you loved me too. You were there for me in times of trouble and would always comfort me and bring a smile to my face. I loved to cuddle you and you would stretch all your paws out to me to cuddle me too. You would run everywhere especially when it was time for bed, you would keep waiting for me to go upstairs and kept running backwards and forwards to let me know that it was time to sleep. You slept with me for nearly 14 years under the covers, until you got too hot then ontop of the duvet. You would sleep on my pillow and sometimes I would wake up and see your beautiful face looking at me. What am I going to do without you. Love you so much Troggie, my little man. Love Mummy xxxxxxxxx


14th November 2007 - My Beautiful Trojan, It is 4 weeks today since I last held you in my arms. Where does the time go. Four weeks of crying and feeling so depressed and trying to come to terms with life without you. I love and miss you so. Love Mummy xxxx


23rd November 2007 - Happy Birthday to my beautiful, loving Trojan, my little man. Today you would have been 14 years old. You missed it by 5 weeks and 2 days. I am so sorry I couldn't get you there, I tried so very hard. I love and miss you so much. All my love Mummy xxxxxxxxxx


28th November 2007 - My wonderful Trojan, my little man. Six weeks today since I last held you. Miss you so much Love Mummy xxxxxx


17th December 2007 - My darling Trojan, It has been exactly two months since I last kissed you and held you in my arms. I never stop loving you and missing you. The house feels so empty without you and my bed so cold. Christmas will be upon us soon and it will be difficult without you. I will think about you and know that you will be with me in my heart. Merry Christmas my darling little man. I hope you have a Stocking to enjoy. Lots of Love Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxx


17th January 2008 - My beautiful Trojan, my Little Man. It is now three months since I last held you in my arms. Never a day goes by that I do not think of you and miss you. I want to wake up from this nightmare now - the pain is never ending and I feel so low. I want to see your face and kiss you and hug you. I love you so much. Love Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxx


22nd January 2008 - Trojan today's my birthday and the only present I want more in the world is to have you back. I miss you so much. All my love Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxx


17th February 2008 - Dear Trojan, it has been four months now since I last held you and kissed you. Every single day I think about you and love you. You are always in my thoughts and my heart. The first weekend of the caravan is soon. Didn't you just love going down there. Sitting out in the sun, eating biscuits, even swinging on the swing! Going into Denise's caravan and asking for sausages and giving everyone lots of kisses. In fact you went into everyone's caravan that we did, they all loved you and they will all be so upset when they learn that you are not going to be there this year. It will be hard for me too. I know last year wasn't too good for you. You had some bad days down there when we would have to rush you to the vets, but you always tried to be happy. It wont be the same without you Troggie but I know wherever I am you will be so I try to think that we will be sitting on the sun lounger together as we always used to. Love you lots. Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


17th March 2008 - My beautiful Trojan I have now lost you for 5 months. I am always thinking of you and love you very much. I miss you my little man. Happy Easter. All my Love Mummy xxxxxxx


17th April 2008 - Dear Trojan, Six whole months have passed since I last held you and kissed you. You are always in my thoughts and in my heart. I miss you so much my little man. All my Love Mummy xxxxxxxx


17th May 2008 - My Beautiful, Loving Trojan, We have now been apart for seven months and I miss you so much. The house and caravan are very lonely places without you. You would have enjoyed the sunshine last week, sitting on the lounger eating biscuits and greeting everyone who stoped to say hello. You are always in our thoughts and in our hearts. Gemma is now at the Bridge and is at last reunited with her daughter Sophie. They are both galloping somewhere in a lush meadow, tormenting the rest of the Munchbunch no doubt like they and Luke used to when they were chasing apples!! Gemma was a sweet little mare and loved by all who looked after her.

We love you so much little man. Take Care. Love Mummy xxxxxxxx


17th June 2008 - Dear Trojan, My Little Man, Eight months have passed since I last held you in my arms. I love you and miss you so much. I am always thinking of you. All my love, Mummy xxxxxxxx


17th July 2008 - My Beautiful Trojan, Here we are again. Yet another month has passed since I last held you and told you I loved you. Nine months without you in our lives. I love and miss you very much. You are always in my thoughts and in my heart my little man. All my love, Mummy xxxxxxxxxx

17th August 2008 - My beloved Trojan. My little man. We have now been apart for ten months. I love and miss you so very much. Never a day goes by that I don't think of you and miss you. I remember all the times we had together and it makes me cry to think there will be no more. All my love Mummy xxxxxxxxxxx


17th September 2008 - My wonderful Trojan, My special little man. Today we have been apart for 11 months. I cant tell you how much I miss you. I miss our cuddles and kisses and hugs. I miss your loving little ways. I love you so much Troggie. With all my love, Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxx

Zucci Joins the Munchbunch - Trojan

We went to the studio to pick you up our very own Zucci pup.
We couldn't believe it, at last one of our own.
It only seems like yesterday when you breezed into our home.
You had tape on your ears to keep them erect.
You were bought for Claire, her very own pet.
That didn't last long though I have to own up
We became special friends, Trojan, my Zucci Pup.
We loved each other you and I,
Over the years, the time flew by.
You were there to comfort me when I needed you most.
You slept in my bed as warm as toast.
You followed me wherever I went
And if you were left you wasn't content
You would howl like a wolf and wake the neighbours up
My very own beautiful Zucci Pup
Soon time took its toll, a heart murmur you had
I hurried back home and cried to Dad
"What can I do to keep Trojan with me"
"Whatever it takes, he'll be fine, you'll see"
The vet gave you Tablets, 3 times a day
"That should do the trick" I heard him say
I was overjoyed, a miracle cure
If only I knew what was in store
Back to the vets nearly every week
I cried so much it was hard to speak
Then that awful day came, I held you my friend
To Nanny and Grandad I would send
I had no choice, I had to give you up.
We loved each other to the end, Trojan my Zucci Pup

To Trojan and Mummy

Heaven Sent

Trojan came to me from heaven. God an Angel lent.
For 14 years upon this earth with me he always went.
He became my little companion. He chose me for his Mum
And as I walked through our front door to me he'd always run.
His little tail a wagging on his back legs he'd be
until I picked him up for hugs his love for only me.
Not everyone who met him, would like him from the start
but with sparkling eyes and charming ways opened doors
into their hearts.
For a biscuit he was a terror. Into the tin head first he'd jump.
A kiss, a paw, his full repertoire for the snacks that he adored.
And if you just ignored him he'd go through it as before
with added kisses on your nose and a bark he'd ask for more.
Always a happy greeting for friends who came through the door
But at the end of the day it was his family that
Trojan lived for.
Fourteen years they past so quickly for my little man,
Thought I would have him forever, but this was not God's plan.
For 14 years heaven lent me my beautiful little Trog.
Never leaving me in my hard times he was my special Dog.
When going through my troubles with me he would always remain
Giving lots of love and kisses and cheering me through my pain.
All through this year God's been calling,
"It's time for you to go"
I tried so hard for extra time so I could keep my Tro.
Until in late October, your weary body said,
"I love you mum but sadly to God I must be sent".
So I had to make the decision to hand God your tiny paw.
So hard for me to come to terms that I have my Trojan no more.
On God's knee he will be sitting eating biscuits
on this you can bet.
Until he hears me knocking, then Trojan I will collect.
We will then be together,never to be apart
But until then my darling Trojan I live with a Broken Heart.

Love from Daddy x

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