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Memories of Trix
Dear Trix, little buddy...I remember that day in April 2004 when I decided that I wanted a rabbit, and so...I ended up at Pet World one afternoon, but only "to look". Turned out that the shop was having a "special deal" that day...buy a starter home and get a bunny for just $5. I asked an employee what it was like to have a bunny as a pet, and maybe it was because the young man was rather large, tattooed and well, a little rough looking, but I will never forget what he said..."I used to have one and I never thought I could love a little rabbit so much". Anyway, there you were...a tiny lop-eared creature that fit into the palm of my hand, and so 11 years of adventure began...and that young man's words were SO right!

I couldn't decide for a few days what to name you and then it came to me...white mischievous rabbit...TRIX, just like the cereal. Eleven years...running the "bunny 500" so fast down the hallway with just a whiskers length of space from the wall to the entertainment stand. Hopping after Sara, right on her heels and while she did not seem to enjoy your presence she never would have hurt you. And then there was Sophie, dropping her rope toy in front of you as if she was inviting you to play tug with her. The bunny ballet in the living room...leaping into the air, doing a 360 turn, and kicking those thumpers before landing. The ear rubs you enjoyed so much, the gray "smudge" nose that never stopped wiggling, the bunny licks that I enjoyed and the occasional bites that I didn't. Turning on the computer or vacuum cleaner only to discover that "someone" had chewed through the power cord. Let's not forget the shoelaces! How many times did I put on a sneaker and found that you decided the laces needed to be shortened! Performing many other acts of "rabbitage"...

"The Daily Affirmation"...Oh, what a handsome rabbit! I...(look into the mirror and pat)...AM that handsome rabbit! I am the most handsome rabbit in ALL creation! Yes, my little friend, you certainly were!

We met Dr. Modglin for the first time when you were six months old because she had a good reputation for being knowledgeable about rabbits...and it was time for you to be "fixed" because "teenage Trix" became a fuzzy white leg warmer whenever he got the urge! She told me last year when you were 10 years old that you looked like a much younger rabbit and she said it was because you had been so well cared for. Just last week during your acupuncture visit I told her that I knew that you would most likely be the next of my "kids" to break my heart. I never thought those words would come true just five days later...

Sometimes things happen so quickly that the mind hasn't quite caught up...that's where my mind is today. Eleven years from tiny kit to venerable senior...too quickly gone by and the house so sadly quiet.

So now, I have to believe that you are with Sara and Sophie and your newest sister Lucy once again, hopping through the meadow that is now your home...now it's my turn to say those words I heard 11 years ago...I never thought I could love a little rabbit so much!

September 30, 2015...Hey Budwink! I haven't said that in over six months now and I miss that and so many other things. I can see "himself" lounging in the middle of the living room. I can hear your "snack snack snack" sound when you were eating your parsley. I laugh when I imagine you making your "Bugs face" after you got your Rabbit Lax. I miss watching you groom your ears with your paws, working each one from base to tip...I miss your "scruffing and smoothing" when you were on the sofa. I even miss you going into your "back pocket" for a "butt snack"! I know you had a good life here, and a long one for a bunny I'm told and I know I am supposed to be thankful for that. I just miss my "bun son" so much. I love you little friend ...forever your MDR

March 30, 2016...Hey Trix! Your first anniversary at the Bridge is here. I held your blanket last night and I thought about those days before you left....I knew then that the time was coming even though I tried to pretend that it wasn't. I miss you little guy, but I have sensed your presence over this past month and I know it's because you are letting me know you are okay. I think about you every day, sometimes with a tear but mostly with a smile because of the joy that you brought into our lives. I love you Budwink! Forever your MDR

March 30, 2017...How quickly the time has passed as it now your second anniversary at the Bridge. I am thinking of you with a smile as I remember how you would sit up for your "bunny toast" every morning! And I chuckle when I remember your hijinks with little Poppet! I miss you both more than words can describe...love forever, your MDR

March 30, 2020...Dear Trix, It's now five years to the exact day since you hopped to the Rainbow Bridge. Things on this side, in this world are unsettling lately...I miss you little buddy and Chopper, Wilson, Sara, Sophie, Lucy, and tiny Poppet SO much, but at least I don't have to worry about any of you.

You were an "urban rabbit" for sure not caring much for the outdoors with its "yawks and yowls"! There are two of your wild cousins, Charles and Bandit, living in the backyard. They have been here for months now and I hope they will be here for many more. I believe one of them "thumped me off" last week, like you used to do when you were displeased with me. They are a little spoiled, getting dandelion greens (store bought) and apples most days; feeding and treating them reminds me, with a smile, of the mounds of vegetables that I washed and fed you over the years. I imagine you with your "parsley beard" and "cilantro breath", munching on a "shrunken head"! It's almost that time of year when we would have to go outside for the annual fur blizzard...you would be a pink skin bunny for a few days but your coat always came back as shiny, soft, and beautiful as ever. My thoughts and memories of you are endless! I love you Trix...forever your mommadograbbit!

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