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Memories of Tristan
My beautiful precious little boy Tristan was sent to me from Minnesota as a gift after my Sebastian passing .
A wonderful woman named Beverly a BREEDER of Cavalier KING Charles who read what I wrote about my Sebastian was compelled to give me one of her puppies ,she was in a group I was in on FB called the CAVALIER ARMY, a group of people who loved the breed which I still belong too ,we pray for our sick Cavaliers and also share photos of our babies too ,so blessed to be part of this loving group .
My Tristan was know as the miracle breed Beverly got 4 puppies in all breed colors ,TRI, RUBY, B&T and BLENHEIM how amazing is that and I was the lucky one to get my TRI color boy named TRISTAN. Beverly paid for the flight for Tristan ,Registered him AKC and MICRO CHIPPED TRISTAN also I couldn't thank her enough .
What a good puppy my Tristan was so loving so sweet I feel in love with him the first minute I held him ,my family was all there to welcome Tristan to his new home .
Tristan had Star,and Scarlett to play with he fit in so well ,his sisters loved him right away they played and played and my heart was healing after the passing of my Sebastian,
My Tristan is a gentle soul ,people just loved him ,so so friendly and so loving ,Tristan was my VETS favorite just a sweet boy I thank BEV every day for him .
My Tristan loved to cuddle and his kisses were so soft I will miss that most of all . HIS TENDERNESS .. and HIS LOVE ❤️
I have my Emma who is 4 and my Winston who will be 6 and my babies are missing there brother and there sisters ,I lost 3 of my Cavalier babies months apart NOVEMBER, DECEMBER, and now APRIL its been so hard so devastating for me and Emma and Winston I took Tristan to DR. And he didn't come back the same with there sisters ,I feel they know and feel the loss too so we sit together every minute and I hold them and say all will be ok ,my little ones and my babies that past complete my life and know I need to heal . My Tristan develop heart disease 2 years ago ,its was a grade 5 !! Guarded condition it said on his paper so the Cardiologist gave him meds. 3 pill boxes filled and it was great until 2 weeks ago his heart was getting tied and so was my boy he started fulling up with fluid and his body was shutting down and for those 2 weeks my Tristan wanted my lap every day
I would hold him for hours at a time I think he was telling me it was time to go and on the 7th Of April I listen and took him to the hospital in the morning they work on him and the Doctor came to me and said his kidneys are shutting down there is nothing more that they could do so I sat and held my boy for a long while and then I call the doctor and said My Tristan is ready and I held him and he went to sleep and I held him again for a while until I was ready to take him home to his vet that loved him and cared for him they all came out and gave me a hug and said they were sorry ,so my baby joins his sisters and brother at the BRIDGE where he now rests and free from all sickness and plays in beautiful meadows which gives my heart ❤️ some peace and comfort .
I will forever love you my Tristan ,I will keep you cozy in my heart ❤️ your mommy will never forget you ,you will always be remembered .
Thank you for loving me while you were with me
Until we meet again my Tristan,
Always remember my Tristan how much your mommy loved you and loves you still .
Your in mommy's arms for eternity 🌈💕🌈💔💔♥️♥️💗💋💋💋🌈🌈🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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