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Memories of Travis
Travis the traveler. Born the smallest of the family and forever looking for food was why he was named Travis The Traveler. Hand fed from a baby he won my heart instantly. He grew into being a gentle soul that won the hearts of everyone that knew him. His life cut short with a horrible kidney disease. He only deserves the best and I dearly hope he gets this in his new life.
We love you so much Travis. You were so strong, so Brave and never complained. We will miss your courage so much. We will love you forever.

15th February 2018
My Dear Travis
It's 12.26 pm One week after your passing. I was not 100% sure of your time you passed. You were in my arms and time was not important. Now I know the time because I was sent a reminder in my mind.
Since you have gone the Universe has been crying since you left my side. My world is not the same. I miss you sooo much, you were the light of my life. We were so close before you had to leave.
Yesterday was Valentines Day one of my busiest days of the year. Monique Lambermon was helping. She had brought some Valentines Cards, for some reason she had to buy this one. As soon as I saw it,I knew it was meant for you. It reads:
No matter what I do today I can't stop thinking about you. Happy Valentines Day to my Favourite Distraction.
I have also added :
To my Darling Travis My Pussycat Valentine. I love and miss you sooo much. My days are busy but I Never stop thinking about you. ALL MY HUMAN LOVE, From you Human Mummy. "Until we meet Again".

1st March 2018
It's been three weeks since we parted. It already feels like a lifetime. Every day you are in my heart and my thoughts. Life is still not the same without you. I miss you sooo much! I only wish I could have saved you my precious Travis. I hope and pray that you are safe and happy now. Monique visited your resting spot tonight in my vege garden and is going to make you a gorgeous bunch of flowers to put in the vase there. These will be made with tender loving care especially for you 😊 Monique is becoming quite the budding florist. .no pun intended 😂
Tomorrow Monique is helping me work on wedding flowers and other orders. We also have another booking for wedding photography in the tunnel house. .YAAAAAAAA 😊 so lots of cleaning up to do at the farm.
I'm signing off now to get some sleep before another big day. Take care my precious Travis. You are always in my heart. Love you always
Love Mum xxx ( Angelique )

16th March 2018
My Dear Travis it has been 5 weeks and one day since you passed away. I don't stop thinking about you. I keep myself so busy so I don't feel the pain that you are not here. But I still do and I'm sorry I can't let you go.
I don't know what happens after we die for sure. I can only guess from what I know. But I do know we humans no nothing about life after death. There is no real proof. .only hearsay and coincidence.
I only hope and prey that wherever you are you are happy and safe. I eagerly wait for you to show me you are ok.
Every morning and every night I visit your resting place at home and hope you can hear me talk to you. Even your sister Lucky loves to come and visit you too 😍
I never realized how important you were in my life until you were gone. I knew I loved you and wanted the best for you right from the day you were born but you gave me so much more back than I ever realised.
I look back on the photos of you and now it seems different. I look at the photos of you and I see you in another light. I don't know what it is but I see something else now..it's hard to put into words. You were truly one in million my beautiful Travis and you will always be close to my heart.

Lots of tears and unconditional love from your human mum xxxx

14th May 2018
15 weeks and Five days. I may not write on your wall every day or week but you are in my heart and thoughts every day that passes by. There's not a day that goes by that I don't miss or think about you my darling Travis. I still miss you very much. Mother's day yesterday and not even a card from Dave from you pussycats. 😦 A very sad day even though I was working.
Monique and I sat down at work and had a wine together which was nice but I would have loved you to be there too. It's funny everyone need Mum's but Mum's need their children and fur babies too just as much.
I do hope and pray Travis you are happy somewhere and someone is looking after you well and giving you HUGE cuddles 😄.
I love you lots and lots. I hope you can feel my love and cuddles every day and you enjoy the flowers I bring you too. I hope and pray I can keep doing that. I want to be able to keep growing flowers and plants and pray we can keep the farm. Until next time take care my precious boy. Miss you sooo much. Love Mummy xxxx oooo xxxx

12-13th July 2018
22 weeks; 5 and half months since we departed. I'm writing this late at night (like usual!) between Thursday midnight and Friday am. When I come to write on your wall, the beautiful song "Angel Wings" Starts and it always melts my heart with loving memories of you. I so wish we could have had more time with you, but the universe has proved to me it only takes the best. It needed you somehow more than I did. Maybe there is another plan I don't know about. Someone else's life you are bringing Joy to. Whatever it is I just want you happy, healthy, much loved and warm.

I have been looking for signs from you that you are OK, but somehow life gets in the way and I loose the sense to listen, but then I got a reminder, on Facebook of all things! Seven signs an Angel is looking over you....and I read them and then I Knew it was you, I remembered your signs, the most prominent one.. the shape of a dog in the clouds..yeah not a cat, a dog! Then I remembered we all thought you wanted to be a dog :-) so there it was, maybe you are a dog now, happier than ever. I am hopeful that you are very happy, my gorgeous boy. Life can be so hard, having to loose loved ones is so hard.

We all miss you very much, and your brothers and sisters. Lucky visits you in the garden. I find her often down there when shes not inside trying to keep warm! Brrrr, its been the coldest winter in years. Thomas has become very smoochy, which is lovely. Little Man is still trying to be "Big Boss", Precious is cuddly, Missy your Mum is also trying harder to be nicer :-) And Mieshe your extended sister...she is even being more social coming out into the lounge and not on her own in the bedroom..Lucky has joined her in the bedroom at night..eating heaps and putting on weight for the winter. I'm sure she will loose it in summer again :-)

Well my darling there is a lot going on for me at the farm, I would have loved to take you there more, but at least you did visit and I remember Rachel took that photo of me holding you. She was in awe of you :-)I must find it and post it up here too :-) Gotta go and get some sleep. Miss your cuddles very much. Please be Happy. Miss you every single day. Love you with all my heart always and forever. xxxxxxooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooo

9th September 2018
Good evening my beautiful Travis. It's been 7 months and 1 day since you passed away in my arms. But never in my heart.

Lucky doesn't come down to see you with me now. Does this mean you have passed on to the other side? If so I hope you are very happy. I still miss you every day.

Lucky is still putting on weight and we had a bit of a scare with her a few weeks ago. She has started to have lots and lots of urine. ...which we thought was a sign of kidney disease but we had tests and she is ok. I hope nothing was missed like the first time you were tested! We can only watch her carefully. But one thing is she doesn't like coming out of Dave's room and she won't sleep with me anymore 😢 I really do miss her purrs at night 🙂 Now that we are officially spring I hope lucky starts to venture out and loose weight. But of course if it is not safe then she is better inside.

It's been a hard winter this year at the farm with the flooding and disease. We are trying hard to get the roses and other plants in tip top condition. And they are starting to look great. ..I just need a great team behind me to make it work as I can't do it on my own. ..I'm overworked and quite sick atm. Just had a great week with Mike from ALS at the Auckland home show. I had my flowers on his stand and received lots of inquiries BTW I am rebranding to Kumeu Flower Farm 😁
Travis please help to guide me in making the correct decisions to help build the farm!
Thank you Travis for all your help and advice. It's amazing what we talk about at your resting spot. Couldn't have got this far without you 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Lots of love and cuddles from your human mum xxxx xxxxxxx

22nd January 11.02 pm 2019 in Rotorua.
It has been a year since we were last at Rotorua and when I had you with me. I so loved that time with you. It was very precious and every now and then I get glimpses of the time you were here, when I walk down to the beach or look at the stairs where you use to also sit.
I've been wanting to write on your wall again but I don't know what to say sometimes as I still struggle with the farm and I don't want to burden you. But Mieke (my older sister you have briefly met when My Mum and her came out to Herald Island and we had a picnic on the grass beside the beach), has come on board and has started to help and she has some fantastic ideas to help get more money in.
But I now have a bit of time and because I am back at Rotorua I thought this is the best time to write on your wall again.
I am sure I have had signs from you that your spirit is free and you are happy. Rachel one of the girls who works for me adopted two black and white kittens (from Whisky, Monique's rescue pussycat which I have mentioned about to you at your resting place)Well one of those kittens, which was my favourite has a big huge beautiful white shaped heart on his chest. I was touched and in Awe when I saw it. I know that sign is from you and if your soul is with that kitten then I know you are so well loved. Rachel is a fantastic Mum and loves you to bits...I have just shocked myself saying that.. the realization this 'could' or 'is' You! That means I have to let you go, but never in my heart. You will always be with me in my heart but you are now free and happy, well loved and cared for with a beautiful brother and an amazing Mum and daughter. Everything I asked for you. XXXX Love you Travis Always and Forever XXXX

1st August 2019 00.32 am
One year 5 months 3 weeks and 3 days
You are still in my thoughts every day and close in my heart. I love you so much Travis. I still miss you everyday but know that you are happy and well.
I come with sad news for the ones that dont know. Copper, Monique and Danielle's pussycat and the son of Kauri passed away at home in Danielle's arms 1 minute before I got to her. He was a fighter like you Travis and a gentle boy just like you. He lived to 18 years old. He just wanted to keep on living! His body had other ideas! He was our Forest cat. His mum found in the Kauri forest. He had an amazing jawline just like a tiger!.
I believe you are waiting for him as I saw a double rainbow today after I spoke to you about Copper at your resting spot. I am sure you will enjoy each others company. I hope Monique makes a rainbow residency for Copper too.
I have Lucky with me in bed waiting to get under the covers. Shes purring away. I love that! Thank you Travis for looking after her and me and your brother's and sister's.
Kurt arrived today to help at the farm for a couple of months before he goes to England to see his girlfriend. I am so happy to have him. I don't feel so alone when he's their. He wants to live in England and even though I will miss him so very much all my love and best wishes will go with him. I just want him so happy but I do wish he could get a chance at a career in Animation. He doesn't want to do it anymore as he's spent years training with no job at the end of it. Its so disheartening when he is so talented at it.
I must get some sleep so I can get up early to see Kurt at the farm. Love you so much Travis. Be happy and keep warm. See you in the morning. Lots and lots of love Mum xxxxxxx

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