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02.14.2007 to 03.17.2009

11.24.2010... HAPPY THANKSGIVING... xoxo

03.17.2010... HAPPY BRIDGE DAY handsome boy... xoxo

02.14.2010... HAPPY BIRTHDAY... xoxo

01.01.2010... HAPPY NEW YEAR... xoxo

12.24.2009... MERRY CHRISTMAS precious little boy/girl. This is your first Christmas at the bridge so I know the ANGELS will make sure you have a stocking & that it's full of your favorite treats. You will be OK. I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON & BACK!!! xoxo

11.22.2009... HAPPY THANKSGIVING...xoxo

I want to thank Jan(Nikkis mommie) for placing this cute photo on this page. This is not Trail of Tears BUT this cute pit is up for adoption in the Pittsburgh area.

Your music is... "JUST AS I AM"

The name of the moon for the month of March is...MONTH OF THE WINDY MOON or in Cherokee it is: a nu yi.

This is another story of a horrible act done by the hands of a human. Not only is this story heartbreaking but the fact that the person who committed this crime was the OWNER of this precious pup. I will NEVER understand what goes through the minds of these people.

This story takes place in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Oklahoma is a large Native American state. I looked & looked for names but couldn't really find any that I liked. Then, while I was on the Cherokee Indian site, down at the bottom of the page, were the words...TRAIL OF TEARS. It hit me... this poor pup WAS leaving a "trail of tears" as he/she was being dragged behind that bicycle. That's how the name came about. I hope everyone likes it.

Before I tell this pups story, I will give the history of the pitbull.


Like with many modern breeds, it's impossible to be completely sure of the details of the American Pit Bull's long history. This dog is a wonderful dog, well-known for its intelligence, strength & loyalty. However, in recent years, the breed has been UNFAIRLY villianized as overly aggressive & dangerous. While the pit bull does possess a feisty & spirited character, the history of the breed reveals a much more complex tapestry of temperament & personality.

We have all heard how they use this breed for dog-fighting. Let's NOT forget the Michael Vick story. This form of ENTERTAINMENT MUST BE STOPPED!!!

Today, the American Pit Bull is a BELOVED animal that is used in a varitey of HELPING functions in society INCLUDING police dogs, search dogs, therapy dogs & farm dogs. Even so, negative publicity has led many cities to CONDEMN them as a community problem. This perception has been supported by the prevalence of illegal dog fighting in cities & small towns across America. In recent years, GANGS have taken a fancy to dog fighting & elevated the ownership of trained fighting dogs as a STATUS SYMBOL.

The negative treatment of pit bulls in our society is UNFORTUNATE to say the least. These dogs & people CAN live harmoniously IF given the chance. Training is an IMPORTANT issue in pit bull ownership.

Like many other so-called "dangerous" breeds, it's really NOT the dogs fault as to how they turn out. It's the OWNERS faulty. Many cities have labeled the dogs as dangerous, when in fact, it's some of the people that own these breeds. A dog only knows what it's taught. If one is trained to fight & kill, it's going to fight & kill.

Now, for the story of Trail of Tears...

Like I said, this story originated in Ardmore, Oklahoma. The residents of this town watched in HORROR as the owner, Antonio Ray, dragged a pit bull...HIS pit bull, behind his bicycle through the city streets. Numerous people phoned the police & one couple captured a picture on their cell phone of this horrible incident.

John Rhodes, a witness, said..."he was dragging the dog... the dogs legs were BEHIND it... it's chest was on the ground & there were streaks of blood." Mr. Rhodes measured the blood trail while in his truck. He said..."it was at LEAST, AT LEAST, a quarter of a mile." Can you imagine what was going through this babys head? He/she was thinking..."what did I do." "Why is my owner doing this to me?" "SOMEONE HELP ME."

But sadly, no one was able to help. At least not until it was too late.

When the police arrived on the scene, the dog was bleeding from the stomach, head & the paws... which were almost gone. Police took photos of this poor pup, but due to the nature, they have not been released.

Authorities caught up with the suspect. Since there were so many people that had witnessed this incident, the police HAD to remove the suspect from the scene. Personally...I would have let the public have a few moments with him. But that's just me.

Trail of Tears was taken to the Ardmore Animal Shelter with injuries to its side, head, stomach & paws. This poor baby passed BEFORE any treatment could be administered.

In Oklahoma, the MAXIMUM penalty is 5 years in prison &/or a fine. The next hearing for this case has been set for MARCH 31st. At this time, the suspect is being held on a $50,000 bond.

When will all of this abuse stop? Or will it just continue? We CAN'T let it continue or we will be hearing these stories over & over again. If someone doesn't want the animal any longer, why not drop them off at a shelter or a rescue? Why do so many people do the UNTHINKABLE??? WHY??

To Trail of Tears...you will always be in my heart & the hearts of the people that will read your story. You are at the bridge with Karley, Little Mac, Peppy, Jessie the horse & her friend, Mercy, Shepp, Regina, Snow Puppies, Gentle Giants, Laika, Tobey, Little White Dog & many other abused fur babies. BUT you are also at the bridge with many fur babies that knew what a loving home was all about. They will be the ones to comfort you, watch over you & care for you. You will NEVER have to worry about being harmed again. You will NEVER have to worry about being fed. You will NEVER have to worry about having clean water to drink. You will NEVER have to worry about anything.

You will feel the warm touch of the ANGELS. You will get ALL the belly rubs that you could possibly want or need. You will feel what it's like to get smooches. And you will feel the LOVE from everyone here.

IF I could bring you back to earth, even if it's ONLY for 1 day, I would show you what LOVE is all about. But I can't, so you will have to BELIEVE us when we tell you that there are people who DO know how to treat you furry babies. And when it's my time to join all of my babies at the bridge, I will gather you & take you with me.

So sweet Trail of Tears...play hard, run fast & sleep well. You are whole again.


03.31.2009...Hello you sweet pit. Well, today your abuser was in Court. What a piece of work he is. He didn't deserve to have you. You deserved SOOOOO much better.

He had the NERVE to say he was NOT guilty. A reporter asked him "why did you do it"? And here's his answer. "UNTIL YOU KNOW MY SIDE OF THE STORY...CAN'T JUST JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS." The reporter was taken aback. She asked him "well what happened?" And this answer just blows me away. He said..."JUST LOOK AT THE DOG, (expletive)."

The Judge wouldn't allow ANY animal rights people inside the Courtroom.

The DA said that they have received 400-500 e-mails, faxes & letters from people pleading that Ray get the FULL sentence. Of those received, only a few were from Oklahoma. The rest were from mostly northern states. To that I say.....WHO CARES??? What matters IS this jerk get what he deserves.

The next Court date is May 19th. at 9am. That Court appearance IS open to the public.

04.03.2009...hello baby...how are you today? I have some photos to place on your page. It will show just what you went through those last few terrifying moments of your life. You are loved by many & you help me stay on the right path in stopping abuse. xoxo

04.12.2009...Happy Easter sweet doggie. This is your first Easter at the bridge but you are going to have a great time with all of your friends. Find lots of eggs. WE LOVE YOU TO THE MOON & BACK!!!

11.24.2009... Well precious baby, the guy that did this to you GOT AWAY WITH MURDER. The jury found him NOT GUILTY of this horrible crime. I am SOOOOOO sorry. You will always have a mommie... ME!!! I wish that guy had NEVER come into your life. You deserved so much better. Just know that you ARE loved by many that never knew you. xoxo

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