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Memories of Tori Bryn
Tori Bryn came to me in August of 1992, from Northern California, at a very sad time, having just lost an eight month-old puppy during routine neutering surgery. We made our way back to our home on the east coast by way of the Golden Gate Bridge, where Tori promptly got car sick on me as we crossed over to San Francisco; then on to Los Angeles, and finally, Boston. Quite a trip for a little pup, but he was very content traveling under my plane seat. In his lifetime, he also visited New York City and Maine and Disney World, Florida - quite the little jet-setter.
Tori was a show business puppy. He began his career by winning a "cute pet" contest to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Being the "spokespuppy" for MDA, he was invited to appear on the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon in Boston. He was very excited to be on television until he found out he had to be at the studio at 6:00 a.m. for his 8:00 appearance. Tori never was a morning puppy!
Tori also made appearances in dance revues, musical theatre, and holiday parades. He was the mascot for my dance studio, and loved visiting and playing with my students.
Tori welcomed a sister, Lissy Brie, to our family in 1994. Unlike Tori, who came from a loving place, Lissy had a rough beginning, and needed quite a bit of extra attention at first. But Tori was tolerant of the new addition, and definitely the alpha dog of the family.
Tori was only ten years old when he got sick with the first of his many illnesses. He contracted erhlichia from a tick bite, and his platelets plummeted. He almost died, but thankfully, I brought him to Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, and they got him through the crisis. After that, it seemed like one thing after another, but always he would bounce back. My little Tori was a fighter, and he loved life.
We had a party last April 7th to celebrate his 15th birthday. Tori loved celebrations and holidays, especially Christmas. I always had a special little Christmas tree for my Tori and Lissy, and they each have their own Christmas stockings. This year, I will decorate the tree in memory of Tori, and put his stocking out along with Lissy's. I know he will want that.
Tori started to slow down again towards the end of this summer, and when I took him to the vet in October, he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. I decided he had fought enough. Orla, Tori's vet at Tufts, who is a dear friend of mine, came to my home, and we let Tori go to God in comfort and peace, wrapped in his blankie in my arms in the bedroom where he spent so much of his life. He just quietly left me and went to God.
Our house is so quiet now. He was the "noise" in our family. His barking and coughing and crying and whining when he wanted something were joyous sounds to me. He was my "little shadow" because he followed me everywhere. And he loved sleeping at the foot of my bed, with his head on his little pillow.
He will always live in my heart. Tori and Lissy and I will always be a family - our souls and spirits joined forever. And someday, we will all be together again.
Mummy loves you and misses you so very much, my little sweetpea. You are in my heart forever. Mummy is sending my precious little Tori Bryn all hugs and kisses and loveys each and every day. I have put a candle in the window for you to find your way home. Mummy knows that you are with me still. All our love, "Tori Pup." Mummy and Lissy xoxoxox

10/18/08 My most precious baby Tori, I just can't believe it has been a year since Mummy held you in my arms for the very last time; gave you your last hugs and kisses; said my final goodbye; and sent you to God. Watching you fall asleep and take your last breath was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. My heart cried, and in the time since, the tears have not stopped. You came into my life at that special place and time, and you changed me forever. The bond of pure love we share will never be broken. I began my tribute to you a year ago, my beloved little Tori, and there are no words in the human language to convey the emptiness and depths of sorrow I feel because you are not here for me to hold. But I hug and kiss you in my dreams, and you share my heart and soul and spirit. God has joined us together as a family, and we - Mummy, Tori, Lissy will be ONE for eternity. You are with me every second of every minute of every hour of every day. Your spirit lives on as a part of me, sharing my life here on earth, until we are reunited. My beloved Tori Bryn, you are guardian angel to Mummy, Lissy Brie, and your new sister and brother, Tia & Toi. Please watch over your baby sister, Lissy; she misses you so. And when it's her time to go to God, please be there to welcome her so she is not afraid; as you will welcome me when it's my turn. Then we will be whole once again. I love you, Tori Bryn, for always and forever. God bless you with eternal love, your Mummy xoxoxox

10/21/08 My dearest Tori Bryn, And so I begin my second year without you. These last three days, and especially today, have been very hard for me. I have lit candles; and said all our blessings and prayers; and sang our songs; and I am so on edge that I have lost my temper with the puppies twice. My life is not the same since you went to God. In the past year, I have only held you two times in my dreams - and oh, how I cherish those dreams. As much as I know you are with me always, tucked safely away in my heart, I miss being able to hold you and hug you and tell you how much I love you. Lissy Brie still misses you, and I am telling her the story of when she will come to be with you someday. And when that time comes, I know you will be there to welcome her to Heaven, so she won't be afraid. Tia and Toi were spayed/neutered last Friday. I was very scared, but everything turned out well. I know you were watching over them. They are precious little babies, but I feel so guilty that I don't love them as deeply as I do you and Lissy. Sometimes I think it was a mistake to bring them into our home. My baby Tori, life has changed so much since you left me one year ago today. Not so much in a physical sense, but the emotional part of my being. I see life and the world in a different way now. If I had one wish, I would ask to turn back time; to go back to an innocent and simpler time. There is nothing I would want to change, just to re-live all the special times in my life, and be with all my family and friends and precious pets who are now with God. So baby Tori, there are no more words to let you know how much you are loved by your Mummy, for always and forever. I will carry on, living my life with you always in my heart. Mummy's best baby boy. You are in my heart and soul and spirit; and Mummy, Tori, Lissy will be One for eternity. Please God, give my beloved Tori Bryn a special hug and kiss and love from me on this very sad day. Mummy and Lissy love you so very much, Tori. xoxoxox

11/18/08 My dearest baby Tori, Mummy, Lissy, Tia & Toi are getting ready for another Christmas, but it's not a happy time without you here. It will be the puppies' first Christmas with us, and Mummy will make it a fun one for them. I will get a special little tree that we will all enjoy, but it will be for you. And Santa will visit and bring toys for all of us. Thank God, Lissy is here with me for another Christmas, her fourteenth. Your sister is getting old now, too. Someday, not too soon I hope, she will come and join you in Heaven; and I know you will greet her with a big hug, and let her know everything is all right, so she won't be afraid. I will send her to you and God with endless hugs and kisses for both of you, and all my love. Time goes by so fast now. Mummy carries you with me wherever I go, safe in my heart. Sometimes, I even think a tiny piece of your spirit is in little Toi. He does things that remind me of you. He is a little love, and tries to make Mummy happy. Mummy loves her new puppies, but they can never take your place. Mummy is in a play. I will be on the same stage that you were on only a few years ago. I miss you so very much, baby Tori. I hope you are happy and safe in God's arms. Tori, I love you with all my heart, for always and forever. Happy Thanksgiving. All our love, Mummy & Lissy, Tia & Toi xoxoxox

12/22/08 My baby Tori, It has been awhile since I've visited, although your spirit is woven into my being always and forever, and not a day goes by without thoughts of you. It's Christmas time again; the second without you here in my arms to hold and hug, and shower you with special Christmas kisses. I am sad with life right now. Nothing has been the same since you left. Your baby sister is hurting (she fell off a chair and then the bed!), and I am trying to cope with your two new siblings, Tia and Toi. I love them dearly, but they try my patience. I am going to make my Christmas wish to God, once again, to let you visit me and Lissy on Christmas Eve. You have come to me twice already, but it's not nearly enough. I am greedy and selfish to have you here with me, if only in dreams. Please send special Christmas wishes to all who I love up in Heaven with you. Wait for me, and all our family, to come to God, so we can be together for Eternity. I miss you, dear Tori, my beloved little Christmas Angel. Keep watch over our family, and please ask God, when you go to Him for your special Christmas blessing, to also bless and heal little Lissy, and all who suffer. Mummy sends you many Christmas hugs and kisses, just for you. I will wrap you in my arms and hold you in my heart forever. God bless your little soul and spirit. Merry Christmas, Tori, my precious baby boy. All our love, Mummy & Lissy, Tia & Toi xoxoxox

1/27/09 My precious Tori, It has been quite awhile since I visited your site. Mummy just lit a candle for you. And every time Mummy goes to New York City, I light a candle and say prayers at St. Patrick's Cathedral. Mummy even brought some holy water home to you. I miss you so very much, and think of you every day; especially every Sunday, which is the day you went to God. Sometimes at night, when I'm outside shaking the puppies' blankies, I look up into the sky and see a star, and talk to you. I tell you how much I love you and miss you, and that you are in my heart and soul and spirit for always and forever. It has been a very cold and long winter, and I long for the warm spring. Mummy & Lissy and Tia & Toi need some sunshine. The puppies need to run in the grass and play. I like to think it is always spring in Heaven; a place filled with goodness and love and warmth. Where you are always content and happy and safe and well, nestled in God's arms. I know you are in my heart and spirit, and will be forever. Our souls are one, and we will all be together again soon. I'm sending many many hugs and kisses and loveys. Please share them with Tracee and the Torians, and our little bunnies. Mummy loves you so very much, baby Tori. Be a good boy for God. Love, Mummy xoxoxox

4/22/09 Well, little one, It's been quite awhile since I visited your tribute site. I missed your seventeenth birthday and Easter. Oh, but I didn't. You were in my heart on those days, as always, and I sang a special "Happy Birthday" song to you, my baby boy. I thought of all the special times we shared, and all your birthdays; and I wanted so much to hold you in my arms and cover you in birthday hugs and kisses. Mummy misses you so very much. My life will never be the same without you. Little Lissy has slowed down so much. She can't hear or really see, and she's hurting from arthritis. Soon it will be her time to come join you, but until then I will cherish each day I have with her, as I cherished our time together. I know you will be there waiting for your sister when her time comes to go to God. I will send Lissy with so much love for both of you to share. Tori, your spirit is in Mummy's heart and soul for always and forever. I miss you so very much, but send you all my love each and every day. Until we are all together again, God bless you and keep you in His arms. Love from your Mummy, Lissy, and babies Tia & Toi xoxoxox

7/24/09 Hello dear Tori, my precious baby boy, It's the middle of the second summer without you here, and Mummy is missing you as always. Lissy is getting ready to join you in heaven; she is hurting and sick and tired. God will be taking her to get her angel wings soon, and when she leaves me, please be waiting to welcome her, so she's not afraid. When the time does come, I will be sending Lissy to you with lots of hugs and kisses, and so much love for both of you to share, and to get you through until I join you both. Then we can all be together as one again, our blessed little family, for always and forever. Take care, and remember our lives together, Mummy and Tori and Lissy. I hold you and Lissy in my heart forever, and my spirit is with you. Stay close to God. Loving you more with each passing moment of time, Mummy, Lissy, Tia & Toi. P.S. The candle will always stay lit to guide your spirit home whenever you wish. xoxoxox

7/25/09 Dearest Tori, I never imagined I'd be writing to you so soon. Your baby sister, Lissy Brie, got her beautiful angel wings today. I know you were there to welcome her to heaven and bring her to God. And I know you are both happy and at peace and safe in God's presence now; and that you will take good care of, and love each other; and wait for Mummy to join you someday so we can all be together for eternity. My precious Lissy, Mummy is so sorry for all the mistakes I made, but please know that I loved you from the first time I saw you in the pet store in New York, and I will love you always and forever. My baby girl, I didn't expect you to leave Mummy today and I'm still in shock. I hope you are free from all the disease and illness and pain and suffering now. You won't ever hurt again in heaven. I know you got your angel wings, just like Tori, and that you will have fun and be a good girl ... and sit up like a pretty princess for God. Mummy is missing you so very much, but I know that you are happier in heaven with God and Tori. Mummy loves my Tori & Lissy with all my heart and soul and spirit. The light is in the window, and I'm hoping you will both come home in my dreams whenever you want. I love you, my baby girl and boy, more than life itself. Until we are together again, you are both in my heart, and I will be with you always. All my hugs and kisses and love to my dear Lissy & Tori. Love from your heartbroken Mummy xoxoxox

8/25/09 My dearest Tori & Lissy, Mummy is visiting the Rainbow Bridge today to let you know that I am always thinking about you. I carry you in my heart wherever I go. Your presence and spirits are so strong in our home. I still feel the love we shared for so many years, and I know you feel my love up in heaven with God. Please be at peace, and wait for Mummy to come join you. I am doing my best to take care of your new sister and brother, Tia & Toi. They are beautiful little dogs, and I love them; but they are not my Tori & Lissy. No other doggies will ever replace my precious little Tori & Lissy. The light in the window is on every night to guide you home to visit whenever you wish. Mummy is missing my "Tori Pup" and my "Pretty Princess" so very much. On Sunday, Mummy will be sending you my special birthday wish, and all my hugs and kisses and lovies to you both. Play nice-nice together. Mummy loves you, my beloved Tori & Lissy, for always and forever. xoxoxox

10/11/09 Hello, my baby boy and girl. Mummy was thinking about you today, as always, and missing you so very much. Tori-pup, it's so hard for me to believe that you left me almost two years ago. And Lissy-girl, I still have my walls up to protect me from feeling the hurt of saying goodbye to you only this past July. Mummy's life will never be the same without my Tori & Lissy. It's as though the years we were all together are a separate place and time of my life. They were some of the best years, and I still can't believe our time together on this earth is over. I know you are both still with me; you will live on in my heart and soul until God allows me to come to you. Even though you are both together in heaven, your spirits are also in our home, and with me wherever I go. Your baby sister and brother, Tia & Toi, are dear companions to me, and bring some joy and life into our home. They want nothing more than for Mummy to love them, as I loved you all those years. And I do love them dearly; but it's still not the same. Still, they deserve my love, and though I feel guilty in giving them my love sometimes, I know you both would want me to be there for the newest additions to our precious family. Mummy has so much love to give to all her babies. My tiny guardian angels, please watch over our family until we can all be together again. Mummy is sending her Tori & Lissy special hugs and kisses and all my love. I am with you, and you are in my heart and soul and spirit for always and forever. Mummy, Tia & Toi love you both so very much. xoxoxox

10/21/09 Ah, my beloved little Tori Bryn, today is your second Yahrzeit. It was two years ago today, on a Sunday, that Mummy held you in my arms for the very last time, gave you hugs and kisses, told you how much I loved you, and handed you up to God. It broke my heart to let you go. But you really didn't leave Mummy, or our home, that day, because a piece of your soul went straight to the very center of my heart, where it lives on, until I join you. My life, my world, is not the same without you. Mummy misses your presence so very much. You were such a special part of my life for so many years, and you came to me at the lowest point in time. God knew that I needed you, and so He brought us together. When I first saw you, and held you on that day in California -- what a miracle that was! Ours was such a beautiful journey through life together. Mummy thinks of you all the time, and Lissy, too. We were such a happy, loving family. God truly blessed us, and joined us as One for eternity. My sweetie pie, Tori, you will always be with me, and you have my devoted and unconditional love forever. Our bond will never be broken; and I look forward to the time that Mummy and Tori and Lissy will all be together again. Mummy loves you with all my heart and soul and spirit, for always and forever. God bless you, my precious Tori. Hugs and kisses and love from your Mummy. xoxoxox

11/24/09 Happy Thanksgiving to my babies, Tori Bryn and Lissy Brie. Mummy is thinking of you, as always, and keeping you both close in my heart. You are with me for every heartbeat and every breath I take. Although I have found a place in my heart to love your new brother and sister, they will never take the place of you both. Tori, sometimes I think maybe a tiny piece of your soul found its way into little Toi; his mannerisms and personality and even his looks remind me so much of you. And I am missing my little Lissy, too. "Are you sitting up like a pretty princess for God?" Mummy misses you, Miss Liss. I fixed your site for Christmas; my third without you, baby Tori, and my first without my precious Lissy. Mummy never mourned you Lissy, but I miss you so very much. You just seemed so unhappy here, and I thought you would be better off with God and Tori. I hope you are together in God's arms in heaven. Be good puppies and wait for Mummy to join you some day. Mummy and Tia & Toi love my littlest angels, Tori and Lissy, for always and forever. xoxoxox

5/18/10 My baby boy and girl, It has been such a long time since Mummy came to visit you here; but I did not forget. I think about you every day, and you will be in my heart always and forever. Mummy dedicated her show to baby Lissy, since it has been almost one year since you left Mummy to go to God. I know you are both watching over Mummy, my precious guardian angels. I miss you more than words can say. So much has happened since you left, and life goes on; but it's not the same without you here. Mummy loves Tia & Toi very much, and it's their turn to live in our home with Mummy, and have me love and nurture and spend time with them. But you are always with us too. We can be a family of five, and if we include Tracee and Torian and Bridget and Brooke and Bronwyn, and all of God's other animals who have touched my life -- well, we will be quite a large family! I know you are loved and watched over by God, and by a piece of my soul which will be with you always. Please know that even though I may not visit here often, Mummy will never stop caring or loving or missing or remembering or thinking about you. You will be with me for always and forever. God has made us all One. I love my precious Tori and Lissy with all my heart and soul and spirit. God bless you, my little loveys. Your Mummy xoxoxox

6/21/10 Well, hello to my baby girl and boy. And a very happy Sweet 16 to my beloved little angel-puppy, Lissy Brie. Mummy is thinking about you and your brother, and sending you special birthday hugs and kisses. One year ago, I was able to hold you, and hug and kiss you, but today, my spirit is with you; and you and Tori live on in Mummy's heart for always and forever. Mummy will be with you both, for always and forever. God has made us all One. Play nice-nice together, and please God, give my baby girl a special birthday hug and kiss from her Mummy. Missing my Lissy and Tori on this first day of summer. Mummy loves you both, and all my angel pets, for always and forever. xoxoxox

10/21/10 Tori, I can't believe it has been three years since you went to God. You and Lissy are with me every moment of every day, tucked safely inside my heart for always and forever. Mummy is missing you both so very much, especially on these very sad days. Please take good care of your baby sister, and wait for me. Mummy is sending all her hugs, kisses and love to you today and always. Love, your Mummy and Tia & Toi. xoxoxox

12/16/10 My beloved Tori and Lissy, Mummy is missing you and thinking of you more than ever at this Christmastime. God bless and keep your little souls until we can all be together as One again. Mummy is sending you many hugs and kisses. I love you for always and forever. Merry Christmas, my baby Tori & Lissy. xoxoxox

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