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Memories of Tony
Tony you came into our lives unexpectedly, who knew that day we had received the best gift ever. We were privileged to have your love for these last 13 years. You gave us unconditional love each and everyday of your life. You made our lives whole, you were a huge part of our family and you are forever in our hearts. Tony you are a legend, you were the best dog, smart, so smart you were.
The devotion you had for your Mommy was unlike most pups...you were always by her side. Always.
We never took you for granted our Best Boy, we knew we had a Prince among dogs.

We miss you so very much Tony and always will. <3

4/22/13 - Tony I am missing you so much, I cry myself to sleep and wake up and cry for you. I miss you curled up between my legs and being a bed-hoggy so much. I miss waking up in the morning and hearing you smack your mouth and I would come and nuzzle and kiss you. The pain is unbearable....I love you Tony.

4/25/13 - One week you've been gone my bubby, Mommy and Daddy are hurting so much but we know we did the right thing. If we could have kept you with us forever we would have. Run, run, run Tony with that smile on your face when you were so happy scaling those hills and chasing duckies. You were the best dog ever. I love you Tony.

5/5/13 - Had a very difficult day yesterday Tony, the sun is shining and all the trees are blooming and flowers coming up and I just feel it's so unfair that you can't be here to enjoy them. I want the world to stop....
I have missed you working with me in the yard so much, my best friend I miss you so. Tears won't stop from streaming down my face, I love you Tony.

5/12/13 - Mother's Day was lonely without you my Best Boy, I think you thought I was really your mommy. Tears shed for you everyday bubby...I miss you so. Had my first dream about you last night since your passing, at one point you were running at the park again... I love you Tony.

5/26/13 - Mommy went to Ellison today Tony for the first time without you in 13 years, it was a beautiful sunny day, you would have been running all over Best Boy. I hiked up the trails we used to do and looked over the pond at the look-out. I cried the whole time my Angel Boy, I miss you so much. Part of me is gone Tony it's with you, I just want to be with you again.

3/24/14 - Mommy still misses you everyday Tony, I still cry for you. I don't think this empty space in my heart will ever heal, you knew me my Best Boy. Watch me from where you are and be by my side Angel Boy.

4/19/14 - Tony, yesterday marked your one year anniversary since I had to say goodbye to you. It has been a very rough couple of days for me, I still miss you so very much. We had a nice memorial for you at Ellison Park, me, daddy, Blake, Zara and Joy and Maggie. Joy said a prayer for you and held the ceremony and I spread some of your ashes in the creek. I actually felt a moment of peace while there I hope you were with us and watching over us. We all shared special memories of you and I remembered how you would run and scale the hills there...so happy. We talked about how you would chase the duckies all the time, watching them in sky and running after them until they landed in the water, then you'd jump in and swim after them. You were the Best Boy, always, I miss you everyday Tony. Come to Mommy in my dreams. <3

4/19/15 - 2 years yesterday Tony, it still is hard to believe you are gone. I think of you everyday and I'm am pretty sure I will never not think of you everyday. We still all talk about you my Angel Boy, you were and are loved so very much. I miss you so much, stay close to me, come to me in my dreams. I hope NaNa found you in heaven and that the two of you are together. I love you Tony.

4/18/16 - My Angel Boy, 3 years ago today I let you go, it still hurts most days but today I am so grateful for the wonderful 13 years we had together. We were so lucky to fine each other, who would have known that after finding you, a baby, all wet and smelly with scratches on your belly roaming a parking lot, we would then be attached at the hip to each other for 13 years. Where ever I went, you went. I hope you and NaNa are in heaven having so much fun. Both of you healthy and happy in the sunshine amongst beautiful hills and flowers and smiling as you look down on all of us here missing you. I love you Tony and miss you everyday. Keep coming to see me my Angel.

April 5, 2017 My Angel Boy your baby Johan got very sick and we had no idea. We had to send him to be with you, please take care of one another. Johan we miss you and love you.

April 18, 2017 - Oh Tony, 4 years. Where has the time gone? I still think of you everyday and hold so much love for you. I know you are watching over me and I love when you come visit me. You still fill my heart my Angel Boy, I know you had a part in us finding Henry, he has turned out to be such a sweet thing just like you. Please hold him in your hands as he has the same surgery you did. You gave me so much happiness for 13 years and I will forever miss you. Until we meet again keep visiting me. I love you my Best Boy Tony.

April 18, 2018 - Five years yet your memory is still fresh in my mind. You are talked about often still you were such a big part of our lives. Thank you for your devoted unconditional love, you taught me so much. If it wasn't for you I would have never have found out how amazing dogs are. One day we will be together again, for now I hold you in my heart.

April 18, 2019 - 6 years you have been gone. I still miss you every day but I know you brought us to Henry, for he helps fill the void we have from you. You are not and never will be replaced but if it hadn't been for us finding you that day I would have never known how wonderful dogs are. How happy they make me and how they fill your life with joy every day. For without you I wouldn't have the appreciation of Henry. You sent us a goofy boy but one that loves his Mommy as much as you did and protects her. Tony you are always in our hearts and you are still topic of conversation very often. One day I will be joining you and your NaNa. I love you both so much.

April 30, 2020 - I did not forget the anniversary of the day I had to let you go my Best Boy. Henry the wonderful puppy you sent to us died of cancer in March, another devastating day. I hope you were there with NaNa to greet him into heaven and are showing him the ropes. I miss the two of you so much. You taught me to be a wonderful dog mom and Henry cemented more confidence in myself as a dog mom. Mommy loves you Tony, take care of our Babyman Heny.

April 19, 2021 - I thought of you often yesterday remembering the day we had to let you go. You are still missed and spoken about very often. My first dog of my own, without you I would have never known the love a dog can give. Without you I would not have known the happiness dogs bring to a person and gave me the skills to be a good dog Mom. I hope you, NaNa and Henry are together, healthy and happy watching over me and Daddy. Please guide me in being a good mom to Hank as he is different than both you and Henry! Always in my heart Tony. My Prince, my Best Boy.

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