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Memories of Tonka Vom Westervelt
I will do this later Tinky, I can't seem to stop crying right now but you deserve a wonderful tribute and I will write you one. be good boy

Hi Tonka,
It is the next day and as I promised you, I am writing all about you. I am freaked out right now, when I made this residency yesterday, I know I wrote the worst behaved dog in the world, this morning it says the best behaved - we both know the truth, but that is so much like you, always freaking me out so I am going to leave it...however for the record, we both know you were the worst behaved dog EVER!

You came into my life when you were barely 5 years old, and 6 years with you was not enough. I was thinking of all things you did to me, throwing your food bowl at me, biting my legs when I was trying to leave, grabbing my sleave and hauling me all around the house,(I still have my ripped up sweatshirts), opening the refrigerator and helping yourself to lunch, opening all doors and letting yourself out whenever you felt like it so you could terrorize the neighborhood, biting the cats, tearing all the cushions off the couch, letting your daughter out of her crate, goodness boy I could go on forever.

I would not trade one moment of any of it, you made life so much fun. When you left us, our home was not the same and I am not talking about all the damage you did to it (all the doorknobs are still crushed) but I am talking about the quiet, the sadness, I am talking about missing you. You stayed up all night until Jeffy and Lindsey were home and asleep, you went from bedroom to bedroom checking on us all, I felt your nose at 3am sniffing me to be sure I was ok and then off you would go on your nightly rounds. You passed all your bad behaviors onto your daughter (that was very nice of you) but you also passed on your love, your loyalty and your intelligence. Your family misses you so very much and we pray you are being a good boy and not creating to much havoc in heaven. It has been a year since you left and maybe because there was no warning when you decided to leave that it has been so very hard, we were not prepared to lose you. I am glad you never suffered or got too old to enjoy life but you could have warned us. You came into our life like a tornado and sadly you left the same way. I guess I just wanted to tell you, that I love you so very much and I wanted to thank you for bring me so much happiness and just for being the best dog in the world. I have been so very blessed to have some wonderful canine friends, but you never seemed like a canine, you were and will always be my baby boy. Be good Tinky,,,,

Hi Good Boy
I know you are already well aware but your little granddaughter, Snags has gone to the rainbow bridge, could you please give her some love and show her around. Your little Kauzi, lost her only daughter and she is at the Vets still, watch over her Tinky like you always watched over us, and take good care of little snags. She is so little don't let her get lost. I have to pick her up today and I wanted to bury her with you but your Papa is not ready to put you in the ground. I know you are not in that box, you are free and harassing everyone, biting everybody, just having fun. So I will bury her alone but that makes me sad, so take good care of her Tonka and Mommy misses you. I love you sweetie

Hi Tinky,
I lost my Grammy last month and my heart is so very broken, I just wanted to tell you that I miss you and say hi to George for me. I can't remember if George died before we got you. None of memories seem to be clear lately. Take good care of my grammy and no biting her

Hi Tonka: I lost my beloved Kauzi on Sept 1, 2016 at apx 6:30PM, your precious daughter, the last I had of you. My heart is so broken I can't bear to write anything about her yet. I loved her so much, she was best friend. I worry where she is and if she is okay. I pray you both are reunited with her brother. I miss her Tonka, I miss her soooo much, I can't stand it. Please take good care of her, I fear losing memories if I don't write them down but I just can't yet. The day I had her put to sleep. which just killed me. she had another episode and fell into the closet, she looked up at me for a very long pause, seemed like forever with the most loving beautiful eyes I've ever seen. While she must of been in pain, as always she was more worried about me than herself. I will never be loved like that, I miss you my Kauzi, life is horrible without you by my side my precious baby. I love you to pieces and always will.

It's December 10th, 3 months have passed, I still can not write, It still hurts so much. I miss you Kauzi, I don't think there has been a day that has passed without that pain in my heart and a tear in my eye. I can never repay you for the love you gave me, I miss you little kk, my kmo, my sweet girl, my little bowl of soup.

It's December 26th, first Christmas without you my little KK - it just doesn't get any easier. I just miss you so much. I don't want to forget anything about you and want to write so much but it hurts my heart so bad, I feel it just breaking. I hope you are okay, and please don't be mad about the puppy, she is not you. I just miss you so much, I would just like a friend. I know she is not you, she will never be you. You're my moon and my stars and my sweetest kmo. I love you sweetie. God Bless you my little precious girl. Marky misses you too, so much.

Hi little K, I can't believe it is already September 20th, 2017 and I haven't written to you. It's been a year and it just does not seem possible I have been without you that long. I still see your beautiful loving eyes in my mind everyday little girl. I look at Daisy and wish she was you, not because I don't like her but because I miss you so much. Bringing her for rides reminds me so much of the stuff we would do, go to the field for some tracking work - your favorite and then sneaking to the brick store for some ice cream. I miss you Kauzi, I miss you so much. I hope you are okay, I worry about you. You are my precious girl.

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