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Memories of Tommy Sy
What a handsome boy, Tommy was. From the start he was a dashing lad. That dark brown fur wrapped around his chiseled face with a white stripe between the eyes ending in a fork above his brow. You could tell just from his stature he was the man. The alpha of what started out as just he and his littermate Jerry in the Sy household to eventually rule the pack of 5.

Everybody knew who was in charge when Tommy was in the room. He didn't need to be overtly aggressive. He commanded with his presence. He had a regalness about him. Tommy would just merely walk up to an occupied bed and just stand there and it would instantly be vacated. The lowest dog in the pecking order wouldn't even walk past him and the others either cleaned his ears or get beat up if they tried to mad dog him one too many times.

Although, he was the man, the number one, he was plagued with illness from the get go. Poor guy got sick from coccidia when we introduced our third pet to the den. Spent the night in emergency on IV fluids. Then when he was close to 6 years old he started licking his feet alot and got fungus between his toes. His allergy panels showed he was allergic to olive trees, cats, grass, and dust...not food though. He loved egg whites, carrots, kongs with peanut butter, beef bones, bacon, greenies and chicken and liver treats (in moderation of course).

He was on weekly allergy shots during the summer, less often during the rest of the year for a few years. By the time he was about 9, the shots stopped working, so we took him to the vet who prescribed meds for his allergies and later discovered he was producing too much cortisol. Tommy had cushings disease which would lead to dryness and itching, hair loss, open sores from scratching, diminished muscle loss and surgery to repair his torn ACL.

He started putting his weight on his front paws since he had lost so much muscle in his hind quarters and his legs were weak. Tommy was such a little trooper. With his sweet boyish eyes, he would never snap or bite and was as docile as a good little dog could be. With diligent care, the doctors at Newport Harbor Animal Hospital and Animal Dermatology Clinic eventually were able to help get Tommy regulated just a couple of years before we had to say goodbye.

His decline began in the later part of August of 2013 when he contracted an infection that we thought was eventually controlled after a week in the hospital, but he was 14 and 9 months which was a long life considering all he had been through over the years and time had taken its toll on his kidneys and his body began to shut down. Not much longer than a week after we brought him home, his limp body was rushed back to the vet where we finally decided we should let him go peacefully.

Memories of Tommy will always be with us. The walks, the car rides, the camping adventures, the days of sunning in the yard and the many cuddly nights. He has left a void that will never be filled and we will miss him greatly.

We love you, Tommy. Sweet dreams sweet boy!

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