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Memories of Tojam a.k.a."Bubbie"
Tojam who was also known as Bubbie was a very special dog to us. He was a part of our family for 14 years and brought so much happiness to our home.Its hard to believe he is gone and we miss him very much.He will always have a special place in our hearts.Tojam loved his family and he loved his soccer ball..in the 14 years he had maybe 3 soccer balls and thats really the only toy he liked..He liked to play with his soccer ball with Brandon..He always liked to be in the kitchen when i was cooking..looking for something to drop so he could get it.it was very hard fixing Thanksgiving food without him here by my side.Dec.13.Hey Bubbie,we miss you more than words can say,but we don't have to watch you be so sick and not able to eat anymore.Just can't imagine not having you here this Christmas to help me wrap the presents.But guess what, we have a new baby shih tzu..his name is Bailey,he came home Sat.he was born exactly 1 week before you left us.He will never ever replace you, but he is going to help fill the loneliness you left in our home.You would have liked him,he's spunky like you used to be and does so many things that remind us of you.We haven't bought him a christmas present yet, but we promise that it won't be a soccer ball..We wish you were still here,but we know you stayed as long as you could,not a day goes by that we don't think of you and i sure miss you at the back door every day,won't be long before Bailey will be there waiting,but it won't be you.You were the best.Dec.23 hey Bubbie, well its almost christmas,i had an awful time wrapping those presents without your help but i managed to get it done.Bailey tried so hard to help but he has to learn how first.He is a little onery, i don't remember you being that way,but he sure is keeping us hopping.We miss you very much,sometimes i still look for you.You left us years of wonderful memories and we'll never forget you.

We loved you so much.So Merry Christmas, our christmas won't be the same without you.I didn't leave you a present because you have your soccer ball and that's all you ever wanted,you were the best!Dec.29th Hey Bubbie,came in to remove your christmas tree,christams is over and we always liked to get that tree out of the way,remember?We sure missed you this Christmas.Everyone came here for dinner.Jim said he missed you under the table begging for food.Bailey is growing and already so spoiled.He has his own personality, different from you,but in some ways so much like you.But he will never take your place.You have your very own place in our hearts.We miss you!Jan1,2006..Hey Bubbie,Happy New Year,am sure gonna miss you this year.Feb.14,Happy Valentine's Day Bubbie..I sure do miss you a lot and think of you every day.Tonight I had chicken for supper and i thought about how i use to go buy you a chicken breast from KFC and you could only take about 2-3 bites of it when you were so sick and i would go get you a hamburger from wendy's, roast beef from ranchers but you just couldn't eat anything much..those were hard times for me, but i know you aren't sick anymore and that makes it easier to bear..Bailey is growing so fast and he's so onery..he is spoiled,just like you were,we hope he grows up to be like you,you were the best.We miss you!Oct.12,hey Tojam,today you would have been 15 yrs.old,HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!We remember last yr. on your birthday you were getting so sick but you managed to eat your birthday ice cream,and that was the last bite you ever ate, you left us a few days later.I haven't been here to visit for awhile, but that doesn't mean i have forgotten you,not a day goes by that i don't think of you and miss you.Bailey will soon be a yr. old and he keeps us a lot of company but he never replaced you,you could never be replaced, you were the best..Miss you!Oct.22.Hey Bubbie, you left us a year ago today,i'll never forget that morning setting by you on the floor as you were dying and the peaceful look you had on your face when you died..guess you weren't in pain anymore.seems like forever since you left and we still miss you just as much.Time and Bailey have helped us though and we hope you're having lots of fun at rainbow bridge.Miss you!

Dec.24th..Hey Bubbie,Merry Christmas,i sure do miss you at christmas and all the help you were wrapping all those presents.Bailey is still too mean to help,he doesn't even try.I told him yesterday that you weren't very happy with him and that you were watching from the rainbow bridge.He steals my tape and paper and thinks its a game,he sure is onery,but we sure do love him.I hope you have a Merry Christmas at the rainbow bridge,justwanted you to know we still miss you very much!Jan.1Happy New Year Tojam.Miss you! October 12,2007-Happy Birthday Tojam,today you would have been 16 yrs.old,this is your 2nd birthday at rainbow bridge and we still miss you so very much.Hope you and Scooter are having fun up there running and playing..Bailey is finally growing up and he's became such a special little guy in our home, but he could never ever replace you in our hearts.Dean and Brandon says"happy birthday too",they miss you lots..Hope you had some ice cream for your birthday,miss you lots!December 25th,2007...Merry Christmas Tojam..miss you a bunch this time of the year..Bailey still is no help wrapping presents,guess its just gonna take him longer to catch on than you..we all wish you were still here, but we know you're enjoying Christmas at the rainbow bridge..Tell Scooter we said Merry Christmas too!Love and miss you! Oct.22,2008...Still think of you often Tojam,and still miss you..doesn't seem like 3years today since you left us,and yet it seems like a lifetime ago since we last saw you..Bailey never really filled your pawprints, they were just too big to fill, but he's done a pretty good job..Dean and Brandon miss you too..Miss you!

Dec.25th,2008.Merry Christmas Tojam,miss you still.Bailey still can't help with wrapping presents like you did.we always think of you when i wrap the presents.Dean and Brandon says Merry Christmas too!

April 18th-2009..Hey Tojam,gee its been awhile since i been in to visit you.we still miss you and think of you often..just wondered if you have met up with a very special girl this week, her name is Baby Girl,she's a really special girl, so you show her around and help look out for her..how's scooter boy doing? Bailey is doing good, he's so spoiled,just like you were..we sure do love him though.Brandon and Dean sends their love too.We all miss you!10-12-09-Hey there Tojam,today is your 18th birthday,and your 4th birthday at the rainbow bridge.I hope the bridge keeper let you have your ice cream, you sure loved that stuff..Doesn't seem like you've been gone 4 years, we still remember you always.You should have some new buddies to play with, i bet Ringo and Baby Girl and Scooter helped you celebrate your big day today..Hope Ringo gave you my message when he arrived to not be intimidated by his size, he wouldn't hurt you at all..We miss you Tojam,but your little brother Bailey keeps us a lot of company these days..he can be a handful sometimes, but for the most part he's a good little boy.I bet he still won't be able to help wrap those christmas presents again this year..I'll have to let you know how he does..Dean and Brandon sends their birthday wishes too..they miss you also.be a good boy, miss you lots.

.10-22-09-Hey there Tojam,4 years ago today you decided to leave us and go to the rainbow bridge, sure doesn't seem like you've been gone 4 years,but then again seems like forever since we saw you.We miss you, but we're doing fine..we think of you often and talk about you, we will never forget our little bubbie.Hope you've made friends with Baby Girl,Scooter and Ringo and hope you werent afraid of Ringo when he got there..Love you and miss you!12-24-09.Merry Christmas Tojam,its your favorite time of year.And yes,i will always miss your help wrapping presents, i could always count on you to be right there on my paper with your soccer ball,just me and you..Well Bailey is making a little progress in that area,he puts the ball on my tissue paper, but then he tries to make some kind of game out of it,he's so silly..Dean and Brandon sends their Merry Christmas wishes to you also..We love and miss you still, Merry Christmas!.

.10-22-10..Hey there Tojam..gee, its sure been awhile since i been here to visit you..But I think of you often..Sorry, i forgot your birthday last week, but don't feel too bad, we forgot Bailey's birthday too..sometimes lots of things going on, but thats no excuse to forget you...5 years ago today you went to Rainbow bridge, and i still remember it as if it were yesterday..it was sure a sad day..but you had lived a good life and it was time for you to go on to the bridge with all the other furry friends that have gone on before you..we miss you and hope you're having lots of fun..I'll be back in around the holiday to put up your tree for you..you always loved christmas:) Miss you!!!Dec.21,2010..Hey there Tojam, got your Christmas tree up for you like i promised.Hoping you have a merry Christmas at the Rainbow bridge with Baby Girl, Scooter and Ringo and everyone else..Wish i could tell you that Bailey has learned to help with wrapping the presents like you did, but he hasn't..he gets too excited when i get the paper out..Miss you Tojam..Dean and Brandon send Merry Christmas wishes to you too..love you!..

Dec.21-2011.Came in to put up your Christmas tree today..sorry i haven't been by in such a long time, been a hectic year..But i haven't forgotten you! Bailey seems not interested in wrapping presents this year, other wise he's been a good boy..Miss you Tojam..Dean and Brandon sends Merry Christmas wishes to you too!

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