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Memories of Toffee
What will I miss about you the most? The way you rolled over every morning to greet me and mum when we came down for breakfast. The way you always sat on my lap while I ate breakfast and dinner! The way you would follow me around the house like you were my shadow. The way you always went to investigate the pond if me or mum bent down to look at it!! The way you would scratch on my bedroom door until I let you in. The way you sat in front of the little red water bowl in my room, looked at me and waited until I went to fill it up and set it down for you to have a drink. The way you were fascinated by water and would jump into the bath to drink from the tap and play! The way you climbed into bed with me and slept with your head on the pillow next to mine. The way you would sometimes sleep on top of my head!! The way we had to hide any kind of cake, biscuits or custard doughnuts because you would steal them. The way you meowed and demanded we give you butter whenever we buttered our toast. The way you thought that the little red dot lived under the T.V cabinet in the living room. The way you always stayed so close to home, and how I'd look out of the window and more often than not you would be sat right there in our garden. How you always gave me a head bump while you sat on the kitchen table. How tubby you were. How fluffy you were. How gentle and loving you were. I loved you with all my heart my darling and I still do. You are my baby, and although I plan on giving many more animals a home during my time on this earth, no one will ever be quite like you and certainly no one will replace you. We all love you so much Toffs, rest in peace and happiness away from this unfair world. Enjoy being in heaven and I promise to give you a big hug up there once I pop my clogs!!

So much love from Catherine, Mum, Dad, Tim and Michael xxxxxxxxxxxx

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