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Memories of Toccoa Georgia Flanagan
Toccoa was a blessing that came into our lives. Each day with him was an adventure. He is so loving, caring and loyal. Sweetest puppy you will ever meet. He loved going every where...long walks with his brother Sampson and sister Cheyenne, car rides even to the post office. He loved playing in the snow and chasing snow balls. Toccoa was and will be the best companion that we will ever have. We will love him everyday and can't wait till we meet him at the Rainbow Bridge! Big Papi loves ya Lil' Fellow!!!

11/16/09 7:16pm

Hey Lil Guy,
So me, Big Papi and Tyler just went to a Monday Candle lighting service...very spiritual. We lit some candles in your memory and in the memory of others. I have been receiving some nice and comforting words from parents of other fur babies who are with you now. And that gives me some comfort that you are meeting and playing and kissing some nice and welcoming fur babies too.
I want you to know that I will forever love you and never forget you.....Big Papi brings your urn upstairs every morning so you can be w/ Sampson and Cheyenne during the day..then back to our bedroom w/ Sampson and Cheyenne to go to bed. You will never be left alone....
Please have fun and don't worry about us. As long as we know you are in a happy place it will make us happy. Come to me when ever you want whether in a dream or a slight breeze.
I love you more than you will ever know and will cherish every moment I got to spend with you.
Love, Mommy2

11/16/09 9:13pm

Hello Lil' Fellow,
I miss you so much Toccoa!! Life just isn't the same without your little funny smile. I'm having a very hard time with letting you go buddy. It just doesn't make any sense to me right now but I know in time I will feel better. I am so thankful for the 5 months that I was able to spend with you and I will hold all of our great times we had together very close to my heart!! You will never be forgotten Lil" Fellow you were in my life when I needed you the most and I love you so much for being there for me!! Have fun at Rainbow Bridge with all of your new friends. Sampson misses you very much and so does Cheyenne. We all love you more than you will ever know Toccoa!!! Big Papi loves ya Lil' Fellow!!! Goodnight Toccoa.
Love ya Bunches, Big Papi


Hello Lil' Fellow,
I was thinking about all of our great memories today and I want you to know that you brought a big smile to my face all day long! I wish I could give you a high five Lil' Fellow. Big Papi love's ya!!

Hello my lil darling,
Today marks the 1 week anniversary of you crossing the Rainbow Bridge. I want you to know that we are ok...and I want you not to worry about us....all I want is for you to be happy, play hard and give lots of kisses to all the other fur babies and little children and angels at Rainbow Bridge. Me knowing that you are in good hands makes me feel good. I love you dearly and will NEVER forget you...I hope you hear me every night when I speak to you! You have been my saving grace and I love you for that! Forever and ALWAYS......Mommy2

Hello Lil' Fellow,
I went all day with-out crying until now of course. Big Papi cleaned the carpets today and I found 3 pine-combs that you left for us under Court's bed. I sat down in Court's room and I thought about how much you loved playing with pine-combs and I would get mad at you for making a mess. Boy what I would do to be able to pick up after you right now! Mommy2 took your blanket to Aunt Jessie and she is going to make us 5 pillows out of your blanket. Well Lil' Fellow I hope you are having fun at Rainbow Bridge with all of your friends and I want you to know that Big Papi thinks about you every single day. I love ya Lil' Fellow!!

Hello Lil' Fellow,
It's been a couple of day's since I wrote to you but don't think for one second that I've forgotten about you. I just want to say I love you and miss you very much! Big Papi love's ya Lil' Fellow. I'm sorry your life on earth was so short and I wish I could have done more for you! I love ya bunches!

Hello Lil' Fellow,
We got a new puppy Friday and we named him Athens Georgia Flanagan after his big brother. I know you already know this because I can feel your spirit in him. He acts just like you Lil' Fellow! Mommy2 is getting more happier as the time passes and I've felt so much better the past few days. I still have a hard time with your loss but I'm getting better with the help of Athens and your spirit. Keep coming to me Lil Fellow cause I can feel you more and more and it's helping me with the pain!! Big Papi loves ya Lil' Fellow!! I picture you running through the fields chasing your new friends like you would Sampson and Cheyenne and it brings a tear to my eye and joy in my heart cause I know you are having a blast. I can't wait to see ya again buddy. I love ya bunches Toccoa!!

Hello Lil' Fellow,
I just want to tell you that I love ya bunches Toccoa!! I bet you are having so much fun huh? Athens is adjusting well to his new family and he plays with Sampson just like you would. I miss ya buddy. Big Papi loves ya!!

Hello my sweet,
It has been 2 weeks since you have joined other lil fur babies at the Rainbow Bridge. My heart still aches for you and I hope you hear me every time I talk to you while I am driving to and from work! I miss you so much but I know in my heart that you are having a great time living w/ Jesus. As you know someone has joined the family...he reminds me of you in so many ways...he licks your urn and sees mommy kissing it. I tell him about you all the time....
I love you with all my heart!
Love, Mommy2

Hello Lil' Fellow,
Happy thanksgiving Toccoa. I'm so thankful that you were a part of my life even if it was for only 5 months. It's taking me a lot of time to figure out and deal with your death, but today it all came together for me. I know you know what I'm talking about Lil' Fellow. You are in heaven at a place called Rainbow Bridge with a big smile on your face right now. Thank you...Big Papi love's ya!!

Hello Lil' Fellow,
I can't believe it's already been 3 weeks since you left us. Your loss has been the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with in my entire life. Your love, energy, and personality cannot be replaced and it's missed everyday Toccoa! You will live on forever in my heart, memories and soul. Big Papi love's ya Lil' Fellow!

I hope you are warm Lil' Fellow because it's very cold here. I love ya bunches Toccoa!

Hello my love, How are you today....I see that you maybe enjoying a lil snow like we are. I can see you now jumping around in the snow and chasing snowballs! I miss you very much and think of you everyday! My heart still aches for you but I have to remember you are in a better place and you are taking care of other fur babies and human babies too. Please don't forget me and I will see you when the lord calls for me! I love you Toccoa with all my heart!
Love Mommy2

Hello Lil' Fellow,
Merry Christmas Toccoa. Mommy2 baked some dog treats for Christmas. She gave them to Sampson, Cheyenne and Athens from you. You will never ever be forgotten Lil' Fellow. It still hurts so bad knowing that you are gone forever. I find happiness knowing that you are safe and having a great time with you fur buddies. Aunt Jessie feels like you are Parkers little angel...he wakes up from naps calling out your name sometimes. That brings me joy and comfort, God has a plan for all of us. Big Papi loves ya bunches and bunches Lil' Fellow.

Hello My Love,
I know its been some time since I have posted anything on here for anyone to read, but I know you know what has been going on since I talk to you everyday. You know things are getting better and we are coping with the loss of you. Your new brother is doing well adjusting to us, Sampson is starting to warm up to him,although sometimes I think he is confused, thinking Athens is you. Aunt Jessie came by yesterday and dropped off some pillows she made for us out of your old blanket...she didn't even wash the blanket so some of your hairs and your smell is still attached. That made my day! Thank you for being there for me and answering my prayers, I know that you have my back and are there for me when I need you the most...thanks for whispering in gods ear when I talk to you! I love you with all my heart and always will! I will talk to you in the morning!
Love Mommy2 xoxox

Hello Lil' Fellow,
Happy Birthday to you Toccoa!! Mommy1 had some birthday cup cakes made for Sampson, Chey and Lil Athens. Mommy2 sang happy birthday to you. It's hard to believe that you would be 1 year old today. It hurts so bad knowing that you were only with us for 8 short months. You had so much to offer to us and everyone you ever met. You will always be loved very much Lil' Fellow and never forgotten. I hope you had a great birthday at Rainbow Bridge with your fur baby friends. Big Papi loves ya very much!!!

Hello Lil' Fellow,
I was thinking about ya and I thought I would drop by Rainbow Bridge to see how my handsome Lil' Fellow is doing. You are still VERY missed Toccoa!! Athens is doing a great job at healing our pain but you will never be replaced or forgotten. Big Papi loves ya buddy. Have a great night!!

Hello Lil' Fellow,
You've been on my mind a ton today. We bought a new place so we are going to be moving in the next few weeks. Mommy1 is worried that you won't be able to find us because this was your only home. I told her that your spirit will follow us no matter where we go and that you will love your new home. I just want you to know that we are going to be moving just down the road okay. Big Papi loves ya Lil' Fellow, have a great night!

Hello Lil' Fellow,
I hope ya had a great 4th Lil' Fellow!! I still struggle at times with your death. You were such a great friend and you will always be close to my heart. Big Papi loves ya Lil' Fellow!!

Hello My Love,
I wanted to visit your site to say I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU with ALL MY HEART! I know you alrady know this since I include you in my prayers and say good morning to you every morning. But I felt I had to write to you! I am going to try and stay strong today but I can't promise that will happen. There is not a day that passes that I don't think of you! Please keep watch over us...especially Tyler and Shane! I love you Toccoa!
Love, Mommy2

Happy Birthday My Love! I hope you have a happy day with your fur buddies!! I love you and think of you everyday...miss you so much! I will talk to you later...Love you so much Toccoa!!
Love, Mommy2

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