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Memories of Toby Tobias Ko
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Dear Tobias

You are my first most amazing heroic doggo that has ever impacted my life substantially.  The day I first saw you; I knew you were the one for me.   There was clearly no mistake as I had rescued you and you had rescued me.  You blessed my life each day and showered me with all of your love.  Never had you stopped looking back for me as you waited for me to walk side by side with you every day my little gentleman.  You loved climbing up and putting your face full blast to the AC in the car as you would lay on the center console while holding my hand with your paws - our favorite moment together. You earned a deep profound respect as you had portrayed so much gusto throughout your two year fight with cancer leading up to your final hour. I will love and admire you for the rest of my life time.  

More than words could ever say, you saved my life in more ways than one the day we locked eyes and I had spent the rest of your life time making every second of every minute count.   You left paw prints all over my heart the day you left me. . .  time just stood still.  

You were brazen, resilient, dapper an absolute gentleman and nonetheless amazing.
- fountain swimmer
- mountain climber
- bear and racoon fighter
- squirrel mouse bird killer
- street sweeper hatin
- butt biting
- legendary mountain lion fighter
- best all time dgaf poker face 
- AC hogging

I love you, be happy and be free.  Cancer fighter - Team Tobias.  You are my world now until the end of time.

Every time you lose something so special that is so significant it definitely leaves such a deep loss that it is nothing less of irreplaceable. Anyone who has made the decision to let their fur baby go knows how debilitating and heartbreaking that moment is and the post outcome of being able to endure grievance. Nothing can prepare you for how infinite the days, hours, minutes and seconds may seem. My 15 yr old geriatric dog, Tobias, was fighting cancer and dealing with incontinence for two years due to a mass in his liver the size of a grapefruit - Team Tobias. Tobias was not given the chance to undergo surgery due to his age and the fact that the mass was just too close to the base risking the chance of a heart rupture. If anyone that knows a family member, relative, friend or animal that was or is fighting cancer knows just how amazing they truly are. They deserve all the happiness in the world for their ailment, yes, life is unfair.



From: Queen's Dog Daddy
On: 2/1/21

Happy Birthday to the paw paw squad Toby ❤ Baby❤ & Shelby❤ I just want you guys to know that you're more special than you'll ever know and that your family loves and misses each of you dearly. Enjoy your day and may you get all the treatos your hearts desire. Keep being amazing and pawsome as always. You 3 are the most pawsomest ones to cross the rainbow bridge 💫🐶🐶🐶💫 -With love in every word ❤🐾🐾🐾

From: Queeny's Dog Daddy
On: 8/5/20

Dear Toby Tobias Ko, Thank you for being the profound impact on your dog mama's life. She misses you dearly and words can't describe how much she loves you, so unconditionally. As I write to you Toby, I'm thinking what an amazing, pawfect, and caring doggo you must've been for your favorite human. We all know you're in paradise, enjoying a nice steak or two lol. I also know how heroic and brave you are. So I just wanted to pay my respects to the OG of the doggo squad, continue to shine for your mom. With deep regard and love ❤🐶💯🍃 💫Toby Tobias Ko Tobister💫 You're a star amongst them all One Love, We Woof Ya 🐶🐾 Ps: Hope I get your paw of approval 🐾❤🌹

From: Olivia Forrest
On: 2/3/19

You're all amazing ☺️ Being in this website is the very good thing to our pets and for me, they will never forget us as we them🌈❤️ Everyone deserves love and respect 💗

From: Manuel tedesch
On: 2/2/19

May your journey be wonderful and colorful so that those who loved you will take comfort for your departure !!!❤️

On: 2/2/19

Hi Toby, Wishing u a happy birthday. I hope u are happy and doing well. I miss u buddy.

From: Tony
On: 2/1/19

My boy Toby missed you buddie used to walk you around the park almost everyday with your mom those were the good days. Dont worry still looking out for your mom shes the best and you made her a better/stronger person in life. Well Toby hope you rest in paradise and still watch over her and stuff well be thinking about you every day. Life goes on but you will always be in our life. See you on the other side.

From: Teo Todas
On: 1/31/19

Tobias you were a beautiful soul and friend. You lived a lovely life with your caring dog mama and furry family. You will be greatly missed.We are all sending you lots of love in heaven so you can watch over your family and keep them safe.

From: Ferda
On: 1/31/19

All my condolences for this beautiful baby.. Sending all my love and support ❤

From: Salim Bouazzaoui
On: 1/31/19

All My Love & Respect 🙏❤ !!

On: 1/31/19

Toby, we know you are in a better place now but we are missing you alot. All i know about you is that you were a gente man ❤️ Dee's love for in Infinite. You are in our hearts always Your momma is missing you so much ❤️ More and more power to her and lots of love for you kiddo 😘 I am shahi And Dee knows me well 🤗

From: Marianne
On: 10/25/18

Dear Toby, hope you're having a ball (or kong) up there, frolicking & playing by the Rainbow Bridge with our Henry.. Just want to thank your mommy for signing our beloved Henry's guestbook. I know we will all be with our precious fur babies again someday. It makes me smile to know they're in a better place, healthy and young again. Sincerely Marianne

August 04, 2018

Dear Dee:

ROBERT PAUL has signed Toby Tobias Ko's Rainbow Bridge guest book:

Message from ROBERT PAUL:


Rose (Paisley's mom)
On: 9/10/17
Dee, my condolences on Toby Tobias' passing. What a handsome boy. May the love and friendship shared always bring a smile to your heart. Blessings, Rose

To: Dee,
Toby Tobias Ko's Rainbow Residency: I am so sorry for the loss of your handsome Tobias. Please let your happy memories of him comfort your heart, until your joyful reunion at the Rainbow Bridge.
- Chris

From: pam
On: 9/1/17
Dear Dee, you have my sympathy on the loss of your sweet Toby Tobias Ko. God bless you.

From: Marion
On: 8/23/17
I am so sorry for your loss. Our beloved pets wrap their paws around our heart.....forever so I understand that you are heartbroken. I am praying for comfort for you as you travel through this storm. Remember that you are not alone ! My thoughts and prayers are with you !

From: Robert B
On: 8/23/17
You're in my thoughts and prayers. It is difficult to deal with such a loss, but being surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones makes it easier to bear. Know that I am here.

From: Ann
On: 8/22/17
May the special memories of your greatly beloved fur-angel, Tobias, be of comfort in your grief. Such a beautiful, precious boy!

From: Debbie, Ginger's mom
On: 8/20/17
I'm sorry for your loss.

From: Susan Harrill
On: 8/19/17
I am so sorry to hear about your loss of Tobias. Please find comfort in knowing that Tobias is now at Rainbows Bridge and making lots of friends. Saying goodbye is never easy. I also lost my precious cat Spooky July 30th 2001 after 16 wonderful years with her. On January 11, 2013, I lost my faithful friend Hannah who was a beautiful blue tick hound dog. On August 2, 2013 another one of my beautiful cats, Sammi, a black and white tabby, went to Rainbows Bridge. April 9, 2014, Maci, my English Bulldog passed over to Rainbows Bridge. Maci and Hannah were best friends. On March 20, 2017 my sweet little calico Gabbi crossed over Rainbow's Bridge. I adopted her about a month after Spooky passed away and Gabbi also lived to be almost 16 years old. I am sure that Tobias and my babies have all become good friends. You can visit with Spooky at: http://www.rainbowsbridge.com/residents/Spook002/resident.HTM Take Care, Susan

From: Regina - Bailey's Mom
On: 8/19/17
I am so sorry for your loss of Toby. My heart goes out to you as I know you are struggling so with the loss of your precious baby. Your world has lost a very special baby, family member and friend, but the heavens have welcomed home a very special soul. Earth's loss is heaven's gain. I know you had a special relationship with Toby that will always be a part of you. I pray that my sweet little girl, Bailey, found Toby and they have become friends. May the precious love you shared with Toby continue to warm your heart and I hope you find peace and comfort knowing that your love will bind you together forever. Peace and blessings to you. My precious Bailey left our world December 5th, 2013 and we miss her so. Please visit my Bailey at http://RainbowsBridge.com/residents/BAILE364/Resident.htm

On: 8/19/17

From: Donna Becker
On: 8/19/17
Dee and family... I am so sorry for the loss of your fur child and best buddy. Please know you are in my thoughts during this sad time. Godspeed sweet Toby.. what a GOOD boy you are!

From: Lito Ortiz
On: 8/19/17
Dee, You made the right decision, but it's never easy. I'm sorry for your loss. Know that you are not alone. I, too, have lost a beloved pet; everyone in this website have. We know you're hurting, and we're here for you. We feel the pain that you feel; we've suffered the loneliness that you suffer, at not having our beloved pet by our side anymore. But we all feel the same relief---that where our beloved pets are now, they're safe, and happy, and content, whatever afflicted them in this life is gone. And we all share the same hope---one day, we will be together again with our beloved ones. My baby, a female Beagle named River, left for Rainbow Bridge on March 21, 2017; here she is now--- https://www.rainbowsbridge.com/residents/RIVER002/Resident.htm

From: sher
On: 8/19/17
hi i am so deeply sorry for your lossmyprayersare with you GodBlessyou

From: Ann
On: 8/19/17
May the special memories of your greatly beloved fur-angel, Toby, be of comfort in your grief. Such a beautiful, precious boy!

From: Toni
On: 8/19/17
Toby Tobias Ko I am sorry for your loss. Dee loves you and misses you very much. My Perseus went to Rainbow Bridge when he was 14. There are no more aches or pains. No rain only sunshine. Running and playing all day with the other furbabies. One day we will join them for all eternity at Rainbow Bridge.

From: Andrell
On: 8/16/17
Dee-Nothing prepares us for the depth of sadness following the loss of a best friend who enriched your life and taught you the meaning of love, compassion, strength and resilience. May you gather memories of times gone by to bring comfort in your time and need and sorrow. I am so deeply sorry for your loss and left a gift of a pull rope to keep your connection, as love does not die, ever. Never let go!

From: Pressy's Family
On: 8/15/17
Hello, handsome Toby Tobias Ko, welcome to sunny Paradise meadow by Rainbow Bridge. Mommy loves and misses you so...she made you a beautiful place and wrote loving words about you. We asked our Pressy to welcome you and be a playmate to chase colorful rainbows and give you special kitty love headbumps. She'll show you wonders of Paradise meadow and teach you to send love signs on the wind so Mommy feels your loving presence with her and sweet kisses in gentle breezes. You're now a guardian star shining brightly until she comes to cross the Bridge together for all time. We ask she not be so sad but treasure memories of you and remember you're nestled beside your pawprints deep in her heart forever. Play meadow games with other furangels but stop often to smile at Mommy so she feels the warmth of your love surround her and knows you miss her too and are with her. Soar among clouds now on silvery new angel wings to watch over Mommy always, beloved sweet Tobias. Pressy's Grandpa

From: Rosalind Kotlar
On: 8/15/17
For sweet Tobias, I know that during your lifetime you gave Dee much joy. Now I am wishing for you lots and lots of happiness playing in the meadows beyond the Rainbow Bridge. From looking at your photo and reading what Dee wrote for and about you it is obvious that you came from a very warm and loving home. Tobias I have a wonderful playmate for you. His name is Pedro and he is adorable just like you. I know you two will be very good friends. For Dee, I just visited your Tobias' Rainbows Bridge residency and wanted to express my deepest sympathy for the loss of your precious furangel. I am sure if asked, Tobias would have said that every day spent with you was a blessing. Having lost my little dog Pedro I can understand how you must be feeling and how much you must miss Tobias. Wishing you all the very best always, Rosalind (Pedro's Mom).

On: 8/15/17

From: Clare and Martha
On: 8/15/17
Dear Toby Tobias Ko, you are truly handsome. Please go to the Bridge and send your precious love down the Rainbow straight into the heart of your mom who misses you so much, and she will send her love right back to you on angels' wings. Dear Dee, your world has lost a very special furperson, family member and friend, and heaven has welcomed Home a very special soul. Tobias is now your very own angel, watching over and for you, just as Tashi, Katy and BG are watching over us, until you meet again and cross the Bridge together. May his sweet presence continually nuzzle your heart until then, and may you find comfort in knowing that the silver thread of love that binds you heart to heart with Tobias will never be broken..you are a team forever. Many blessings and much peace, Clare and Martha...Please visit our Tashi at http://www.rainbowsbridge.com/residents/TASHI002/resident.HTM

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Toby Tobias Ko on January 31, 2002 rescued @ Baldwin Park Humane Society and passed away on August 4, 2017 @ 11:11am to Rainbow Bridge Heaven. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.


TOBY TOBIAS KO, my love for you lives forever in my heart..

My sweet handsome angel baby, happy fall🍁🧡. Mama has been so busy with your youtube channel and store 😻✨🎉🥳. Tobias, Baby, Shelby, Phoebe, Koby-Gou and Abby are my inspirational babies. I will have to continue your messages on a blog. Don't worry my angels. I will always be here to send my love. Enjoy your food, water and therapy vest. Therapy is the best medicine to heal your mind, body and soul. Your happiness is my biggest blessing. Love you all the moon and back. Kisses, huggies and treatos to my sweet loves.

8/19/21 - Dear Tobias sweet angel handsome baby. Today, was a hard day. Just want to let you know you're on my mind and I miss you dearly. I saw a very beautiful video and the caption made me envision you. Running in Rainbow Bridge so happy and care free. I know that's what you are doing and enjoying life with Baby and Shelby. I just wanted to come by and visit you on here to connect with you. I miss you always. Love you to the moon and back my biggest blessing. I will be seeing you sweet baby xoxo.

8/4/21 🌈🐶🕊️🕯️🙏🌎😇🌥️🌹💝
Dear Tobias, I cannot fathom that it's been 4 years subsequent to your passing. My beloved handsome angel baby, you are the most sweetest precious life I have ever had the privilege of being able to love so dearly. Four years Toby and you are still my biggest blessing and my biggest loss. Remembering you is easy, loving you is easy, letting you go to rainbow bridge was the hardest part. My bond with you is furever in this life time and no amount of time that transpires will change how I feel about you and the way you made me feel. Just two days ago, I was compiling photos of you for your Youtube Channel. I miss you tremendously, to the ends of this earth to the vast universe. There is no amount of time and distance, my love and desire to see you again is even more compelling. I reminisce on this day, recollecting my thoughts, your presence here with me. You never wanted to leave and I never in this lifetime wanted it neither. You here with me just always felt right. I miss your cute dgafluff self. I hope you're enjoying Rainbow Bridge Toby. At the end of each day, letting you go was the hardest thing but it was the best choice given your diagnosis. You are always my angel, my sweet baby, and don't ever forget just how much I want you to be happy. In my mind, if you aren't in pain and you're enjoying life with Baby and Shelby in a beautiful and happy place that is where you need to be. Remember that Tobias, I will always love you and put you first. Our trust is never broken, you are my angel and sweetheart til the day I pass and beyond this lifetime. Today, you have an angel and candlelight to furever guide you through your journey in Rainbow Bridge with Baby and Shelby. You have steak just like our last day together 8.4.17. Your favorite pet pool lol so shy, water bowl you love your water and a pull rope to connect our bond together eternally. The love of my life, I miss you, I'm thinking of you. I love you with all my heart, to the moon and back, always and furever. In this lifetime and in the next, I will see you again Tobias. Never let go. Mommy loves you so much. Hugs and kisses.

7/4/21 🎇🎆🎉💙❤️🤍
Happy July 4th Kiddos. You light up my life like fireworks in the sky. I hope each of you enjoy your burgers and play in the doggie pool. I love each of you so much and I'm excited to let you know that the pawpawsquad is launching our own shop soon. I will keep you posted. Come visit us anytime sweet angels. You are furever missed and loved. 🙋🐶🐶🐶

5/31/21 🙋🐶🐶🐶✨🍔🎖️
Happy Memorial Day - Pawmerica kiddos. Enjoy your burger and fish and play in the pool. Missing each of you so much. I saw some old photo of you my sweet angels. You all brought me back to your presence. Even with time, I can still feel each of you here with me. Beautiful and precious memories that I can't be bought. Thank you babies for the wonderful times and precious memories. We will get there one day and be reunited again. Stay strong, keep the faith and never let go. I'm always thinking of you sweet babies. You are my heart. Shining brighter than the world. Love you always to the moon and back angel paw paw squad.

5/9/21 🙋🐶🐶🐶🌸🎀💗
Happy Dog Mama Day, Tobias, Baby and Shelby, I miss you all so very much. We have a new paw member from a shelter. Her name is Abby and she's approx 10-11 yrs old. She celebrated the kiddos bday, all together. Kiddos are healthy and strong. Take care of each other. I know you are all smart and are watching each Always remember you can always come home angel paw squad. My love for each of you only grows day by day. Tobias, you've on my mind every single day. I miss you more than you could imagine. I often still tear over how long its been sweet angel. I'm missing you dearly. Love all of you to the moon and back. I'm always here sweet angel babies. Happy dog mama day. Let's celebrate babies. xoxo dogmama<3

4/14/21 🐇🥚🐣🌸
Happy belated Easter hop stuffs. I hope all of you celebrated and enjoyed together. We have a new member in the paw paw squad her name is Abby. She is having surgery tomorrow. We got her from a shelter in Visalia. She's never been potty trained and she's chonk lol. She's trimmed down and slowly excelling on potty training however she backpedals too sigh. We will get there. I have faith kiddos. Just like how I've always believed in all of you. Koby-Gou and Phoebs bday is coming up. I will be back here to celebrate with you sweet babies. I miss you so much. Been thinking about all of you. Tobias, Baby and Shelby watch over each other. I'm here always. Come home any time my handsome and beautiful angels. Love you to the moon and back; furever and always.

3/21/21 🍀🍻🍏💚💰🌈🍬🥣🥛
Happy belated St. Puptrick's day pawpawsquad. There is a lucky four leaf clover plant and also lucky charms for all of you babies. Enjoy and celebrate together. Mama been busy and life has gotten better somewhat. Things are changing kiddos and I'm on track to making things right. I'm proud to share this with you especially you Tobias. You never wanted to leave my side. You knew, it always hurts me to think about how you did not want to separate from me. One day we will be together again. For now, you are always here and always in my heart. All of you always have a home here, no matter the time. Baby, your mama and I always talk about your dgafluff ways. Always a queen. We will celebrate for years to come my lucky charms. We are the pawpawsquad - always one - never let go. I'm so proud of each of you. Luckiest dogmama<3 to have the sweetest angels. I love you each to the moon and back. Furever and always.

2/14/21 Bae Mine 💝💐🍾💋✨
Happy Pawlentines angel paw paw squad 💝💐🍾💋✨ Tobias 🐶Baby 🐶 Shelby 🐶 may your day be beautiful and blessed with all the huggies, treatos, scritchies and pawrezzies. Luv u all to the the moon and back. Bae Mine for this lifetime and eternity. I chews you now and until the end of time. Xoxo always Dogmama 💋💋💋😻

1/31/21 🎉🥳🍰🎈🔥❤🙋🐶🐶🐶🌈🙏🌎😇
Happy birthday to the angel paw paw squad. No matter the time, each of you are very special and I adore you with all my heart. Thank you for being your tiny selves with all that big personalities lol 😹🤪. You each impacted us substantially. Baby, your resilience, sharp listening skills and Dgaf ways 👑💜🕊✨. Shelby, you were a sweet and kind soul, motherly to the kiddos and so much sass lmao 😹💁🏼‍♀️🐶👑. Tobias, our bond will always deepen and strengthen. You were the pawfect gentlemen, dgafluff dogitude and a dapper selfie pro. I miss our selfies. You saved me during my darkest times and now it's my turn to carry the love of what you have done for me for years to come. Furever my heart Doggo 🥇🐐👑🙌🏻. Have a very special amazing day. Enjoy your bday pawty with all the treats, hugs, kisses and food. 🌈🎂🥩🎈🎁🍾🎉🥳 I love each of you to the moon and back until the end of time.

Dear Tobias

It's almost your bday in couple of days and I just wanted to share a moment with you right now. My heart dog. I showed your custom urn to a very special dog daddy 🥺♥️🍃 and I was on your IG account and received beautiful comments about you. You are that very special hunk 🔥🥵 and you will always and I mean always be in my heart my forever heart dog 😿💋💕 I love you to the moon and back and forever in this lifetime 🕊♥️✨💫

1/1/21 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021 🥂✨🥳🎉🧡
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021 WE MADE IT ANGEL PAW SQUAD. Another year, more love, more memories, more happiness, more laughter and to strengthen the bond. Gou and Phoebs are starting to show their age especially Gou. One day hopefully some day in the distant future Gou will join you all and I know each of you will welcome him and take care of him. We are thinking of getting a new member for generation 4, in due time. I'm wishing each of you an amazing year my precious angels. Take care of each other and never leave each other. Always stay close and love each other more and more. My love for each of you will only grow and deepen. Take care for me my beautiful furbabies. I will be seeing each of you. My eyes and my heart never deceive me. You are always welcomed home. I'm changing the theme. We will celebrate and have a New Years PAWTYYYYYYY!!!! YESSIRRRRR!!!!!

12/26/20 🎄🎁🎅⛄❄️🐶🐶🐶🌈
Merry Christmas day after to the sweetest angel paw squad. May each of you find joy, peace and more life in what your heart desires. Santa paws came to give each of you pawrezzies. You are all golden. May light continue to guide you through dark times and my love transcend to you always to protect you at all times. Stay close together and continue to rise through any challenging obstacles. I love you each to the moon and back. Sending lots of hugs, kisses and pawrezzies xoxo my loves.

12/8/20 🎄🎁🎅⛄❄️
Dear Tobias Baby and Shelby
Happy Dec 1st and happy pawlidays my loves. I had a dream about the paw squad and it was a very pleasant and content dream. I wish to see you all again and reunite with you each someday. Shelby sweetheart, I loved having your presence with me and it's the first dream of you since your passing. Tobias, you there means everything to me. Baby, please come visit me. You are the first original furbaby of the fam. Know that you are truly missed and I will carry you as I have did before and will always continue to do so. My love is with you always my angel paw squad. It's my sworn duty to protect each of you and help guide you to wherever we may need to go. 🐶🐶🐶🌈
I am changing the theme loves. This pawliday, I'm sending you lots of love, hugs and treatos. Stay together and furever. Our bond can never be broken. Love each of you eternally.

11/26-20 🦃🥧🧡🍁🐶🐶🐶🌈
Happy furiendsgiving Tobias, Baby and Shelby!!! May you each find love, peace and happiness on your journey in rainbow bridge. Shine bright as you can and always help each other and guide each other. You each are very special and unique with your own strength and weaknesses. Carry one another and the bond and love shall prevail. Give each other the courage to as you all together are a powerhouse. I love you all tremendously. My heart is always with you no matter the distance. Come home. Home is where you will always belong. Love you to the moon and back kiddos. Sending my love above and beyond to each of you. Hugs and kisses kiddos. Tobias my heart dog + dog mama = furever.

11/13/20 - 🎉🥳🍰🎈🔥❤🙋🐶🐶🐶🌈🙏🌎😇
Dear Tobias,

It's Dogmama's bday today and I came straight here to spend my time with you sweetheart. I miss you so much and I been thinking about you a lot lately. Baby, Shelby and you are my babies furever and you all are always welcomed home. I miss all of your sweet and one of a kind presence. I hope you all have a beautiful blessed day. Run, play and be free. Most of all take care of each other. Don't ever let go. We are all one. Tobias, as the years pass it never gets easier. You will always be my heart dog. The one that I connected with initially. You gave Phoebe your gusto and heart. Now she protects me and watches me always. She also saved me. The same way you saved me. Phoebe saved me when you passed. You saved me from life. All of you are the biggest blessing. Thank you for showing me what it feels like to love unconditionally and non judgementally. My heart is big because of you the fur angel paw squad. My love for each of you will continue to grow and strengthen unconditionally. Love you all to the moon and back. Take care for dogmama. Have cake with me and we will celebrate for years to come. Love you always furever and ever to the end of time. Our bond can never be broken. Eternally - we are one. Love always Dogmama<3

11/4/20 - 👻🎃😇😇😇🧡
Dear Tobias

Happy belated howloween-growloween! I miss your cuteness. For howloween you will always be my sweet angel baby. I always think about telling you every single thing that happens. Phoebs is doing better. Her meds work and she's on another supplement to strengthen her bladder. She's doing so well just a lil lazy these days lol. Mama is doing much better these days too and I'm so happy to have the people in my life rn. They are watching your mama's back and people have already inquired to celebrate your mama's upcoming bday. However, I can only prioritize. I will have to make time for others. Tobias, Baby and Shelby I hope you all had a pawsome spooktakular howloween. Eat all the yummy nom noms for me. I will change out your food for some treatos. On my bday, I will be back to share bday cake with you. Love you so so so much. You are my world. We passed by the vet where Shelby passed. I love each of you dearly and keep being happy for me always. Home is where you are always welcomed. Love you all eternally. Hugs and kisses my sweet paw angels.

10/19/20 🐕🙏🌸🎀💗
Dear Tobias

I have some updated news about Phoebe that has come to my attention. She's been going to the vet for checkups and although her results have come back overall healthy she has urinary incontinence. I'm concerned and hope she will continue to have a long life expectancy. Her meds aren't working so I will need to take her in again for re-examination. Mama is stressed. I've been doing extra to make sure she's as comfy as you were when you were getting tested. I know you are watching over your paw sisters. I'm sending my love to you always and hope to return to you with better news. I love you with all my heart, now and forever your mama.

10-1 🍁🎃👻🧡
Happy October 1st and fall vibes Tobias,

It be that szn! Phoebs has a new personal ig and she's been busy wearing her costumes and being festive. She's already 8. Last year her and Gou was more active for the szn. This year they really slowed down on being so active including all their mukbangs. They don't even eat as much as they used to and have become more picky. More news, we are considering a 3rd rescue doggo for our 3rd generation. What do you think? Maybe when the time is right... like during the howlidays hehe. I miss you so much baby and I'm always thinking of you. I changed the season to fall and please share the apples and tuna with your paw-sisters. Tell Baby and Shelby I miss them so much. I will be seeing you all soon my furangels. I love you all to the moon and back. My handsome furbaby I will see you always in my dreams. Hugs you furever like in my dream. - Dogmama<3

8-11 🐶🌈🐾

Dear Tobias, I had to write you early. You came to me in my dreams three days ago. It was the first time I had ever seen you as a pup. As I recall, I would always ask you what you looked like as a baby. I got to see you my cutest lil dapper fur angel baby. Your moment with me was brief yet those images are now imbedded. Thank you for hearing me and granting me my wishes. I know you can hear me and feel my emotions. I cried out in pain and happiness knowing that I could see you once again. Yesterday, someone did something really amazing for me. This guy helped out your mama when she needed it the most. I don't know how to thank him Tobias. I wish he knew how much he is a blessing and how his good deed helped me out tenfold. There are still good people out here and I wish he could know. Maybe I will write a letter to him and give a good review. I hope you are doing well all of you; Baby, Shelby and you Tobias. Please take care for me. We are always together. We are always one. Love you all to the end of time. See you in my dreams Tobias :)

8-4 Anniversary passing of the goat 🐐🐶🌈🙏🌎😇🌥️

Dear Tobias

Today is the anniversary passing and the 3 year mark. What a journey it has been and how have times changed since then. Nonetheless, every day you are in my heart and I cherish all of the memories that we created together. Reminscent of that time, when I first saw you at the shelter as I was volunteering. You would never look at me lol it was just too good there. All the doggos was livin it up. Every day tho I came to see you and as I recall this one day you were gone. When I inquired about you, the staff said you were transferred back to Baldwin park shelter :( I know, not as fancy *sigh*. I took off immediately to Baldwin Park lol it brings me back to those feelings of excitment, curiosity and hope. Hope that I would meet you again. As I entered the BP parking lot, I went into the shelter and started looking cage by cage for you. Tell me why you were the last cage I looked in, me thinking it wasn't going to be you *cries*. There you were, laying there looking down my hangsome angel baby. I stood there til you looked up at me. That is the moment we locked eyes and I knew it. You were the one. I waited a whole 7 days for you and every day I came to see you. You are so wise, my dad (your grandfather) was convincing me to get the doggo next cage over and I refused. Once you came home, you would poop on your grandfather's bed epic fr. Tobias you was always a character. Malnutritioned with knotted fur, wasnt much of a looker however as time progressed you became resilient with swag for days. Most importantly, you started to trust in me. Let's not forget the countless times you took off but you always came home. I was young and naive. You kept me grounded Toby. You saw a lot of my immaturity and a tremendous amount of pain for over a decade. The day you and Baby was attacked by that mountain lion and you both saved each other made me wake up. I never left you again. I never had you out of my sight. During our early years, I can admit that I wasn't the best dog mama that I am today. Who instilled love, knowledge, strength and hope in me, YOU. You brought so much laughter and happiness to me. Life is still surreal and unimaginable without you. I will spend the rest of my life cherishing you Tobias. Every month I send my love and every day you are in my heart. You were that gentleman, who would always always and I say always wait for me to go in the house. Who killed all those bugs for *sigh* only you bae. The same chill guy, who would hog the AC in the car. I made sure you could lay on the center console and even got a bean bag to fill the gap of the leg space so you could be comfortable. You are the love of my lifetime.

Every anniversary, it never gets any easier. How can it? That is why I changed out your items today; a pull rope - (hold onto one side and me on the other, never let go, our bond is forever connected), steak - the day of your passing I made you steak, water - you were always a thristy guy you need your water, blankey - your cooley mat just a substitute, the angel and candle - this is to protect you and always have light to lead the way, white roses - a symbol of a white dove for this day. 🕊️🕯️ All the items are very special and hold a very significant importance. I will wait a month pior to any changes.

As you know, Dog mama welcomes you home with open arms and in my dreams. You are my furangel handsome amazing baby. The memories of your presence and our bond will always be remembered. No matter the length of time, no matter the distance, our bond is furever. We will meet again at rainbow bridge heaven. 🙋🐶🌈🌥️

7-24 🙋🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🏠❤️

Dea Tobias

Momma is sorry for the delay this month. I hope you had a pawsome July 4th with Baby and Shelby. I've been busy moving Tobias and I wanted to take this time to send all my love and wishes to you. You are always on my mind please dont forget that. There have been complications arising this month and that's why I have written to you late. I'm going to change out your food for you handsome angel baby. Enjoy with your beautiful sisters, take care of them always. I love you so much baby. This morning I said out loud with a clear mind and pure heart that I would do anything for you and that you can always come home to me whenever. I will take care of you to the end of time Tobias and I can't wait to hug and kiss you again. You are always my world and my heart. I love you to the moon and back. I love you Baby and Shelby too. Furangel pawsquad enjoy all the treats and please take care of each other. I promise to write earlier next month. My heart is always with you all my beautiful angel babies. Come home anytime.

6/17/20 🙋🐶🐶🐶🌈🙏🌎😇

Dear Tobias

I hope you are doing well my handsome angel baby. You have helped out your sister and brother more throughout this year and you still contribute to help them. What a beautiful blessing. Phoebe and Koby both had surgery and your meds have helped them with pain and relieved suffering. Thank you angel for being our godsend and loving us. You continue to insprire me and I am so proud and beyond blessed. Sometimes I dont know what I did to deserve you. I want you to know that I see every connection each time. You amaze me always. I see your face and your happy smile. I remember every dream and every contact with you. Thank you for making those moments the best moments that I could have ever felt. You are truly our godsend angel our mircale furbaby. Bless your heart Tobias. You, Baby and Shelby. Be closer than ever, love each other more and never let each other go. We will all meet again oneday. I love you so much my furangel babies. Please know that my heart is with you Tobias. Your home is always here babies. Love you all to the moon and back, furever til the end of time. Love Dog Mama 🏡💞

5/22/20 🌹💝
Dear Tobias

Happy belated dog mama day to my handsome furbaby angel. You are always my baby and I am always so proud of you since day 1. There came a time pre and post the day you entered rainbow bridge heaven that I didnt feel that I was capable to do much in my lifetime due to limitations. However I always felt that you were my sense of accomplishment. The love you had given me means the world to me Tobias. Every day you cross my mind and I find myself in deep profound adoration for you. Since the day you left my side, time to time, I'm in question of my happiness. I want you to know Tobias, that I know. Your last visit you had me in tears. I had revisited the deep seeded pain of that fatal day of losing my greatest happiness and my greatest loss. Being able to see your cute face and how happy you were. That's all I ever want. Thank you for instilling love, laughter and wonderful memories that could never be replaced. The pain of losing you was too real. I know we have a strong connection and that you will find a way to be with me. You are always connected to me within my heart. Never let go Toby. You are my sunshine. As I tear to write this message to you, just know that I have not lost sight of everything that I had endured with you. When times are at its darkest, I have you in my mind Tobias. Thank you for protecting me. You are my angel. I am truly the lucky one and I am so blessed to remain connected with you. Take care of Baby and Shelby. I love you all so very much and I am proud of all of you my beautiful furbaby angels. Love you to the moon and back always til the end of time. Note: enjoy the treatos I put a heart gift box for dog mama day ❤️

4/29/20 🐇🥚🐣🌸
Dear Tobias

Hoppy Eggster month to you handsome angel and beautiful Baby and beautiful Shelby. I love you so much my fur angel pawsquad. Tobias, momma was talking about you to a very special friend. He spoke to you sending all his love to the whole Doggo Squad. He is a good guy and plans to protect mommy and Phoebs from bad people from now on. Do you know I told him that I used to take you on the weekend when you were bad to the humane society so that you could hear all the dogs trapped in there. You and Baby so you both knew how fortuate and blessed you both were. Instead, it was a reverse card. You and Baby were the best most amazing thing that ever happened to the Ko family and you Tobias was the best gift I ever received in this lifetime. I will carry you in my heart and I want you to know that you coming to me in my dreams made me tear so badly. You are my heart and I want you to never forget that. Momma has gone through some dark times and still am however I know I have people watching me and protecting especially you Tobias, Baby and Shelby. Dont ever lose sight of my love for all of you. Take care of each other, have fun, celebrate each other and be closer than ever. My love for you all will always transcend and Tobias please come visit me anytime you are my hero hop stuff🔥! Love you forever and ever and ever til the day I close my eyes and through and beyond the end of time.

3/20/20 ☘️💚😇🐶🐶🐶
Happy belated st pupticks day angel paw squad. Tobias, please take care of Baby and Shelby and yourself. I miss you so much. Cant believe how different life is without you my sweetheart. Today we are in a lockdown since the world is having an emergency and pandemic. I often reminisce and find myself in deep thought of all your courageous acts. One day I will be seeing you mommy misses you to the end of my time. Hugs and kisses the most amazing angel paw squad. Love you all to the moon and back <333

2/15/20 💝💖💞💘😇🐶
Happy belated Valentine's Day to my Baeby Pawlentine. Love you to the moon and back handsome angel. Bae Mine always Fur Angel Pawsquad.

1/31/20 🎉🥳🍰🎈🔥❤🙋🐶🐶🐶🌈🙏🌎😇

1/10/20 🎉🥳🍰🎈🔥❤🙋🐶🌈🙏🌎😇
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 TOBIAS!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU so much! This year lets keep strengthening our bond. Lets celebrate baby. Imma change your food out lets have cake and idk peesha? yas love lets have strawberry shortcake, lucky charms and peesha! Eat lots of HAM LOL! 🤣🤤 Love you to the moon and back handsome angel.

12/26/19 🎄🌟❄️☃️🎅
Happy pawlidays and Merry Woofmas to the most handsome doggo in the world and in rainow bridge heaven. I hope you had an amazing pawfect time. Make sure you eat all the wonderful foods. Mommy changed your treats again :) should we have cake again lol. Love you to the moon and back my precious furbaby angel. I reminisced and had some special memories of you last night. Thank you for all that you do Tobias you were so good to me. My heart cries every time I think of you because Im always going to miss you. You were that DOG. Yas Tobias you will always be the ONE my handsome angel furbaby. Come home to mommy when you miss me. You always have a home over here. I hope you Baby and Shelby are all having fun and being good. I love you all and take care of each other. You are the Fur Angel Paw Squad now. Love Love Love. Happy Howliyay handsome baby xoxo hugs hugs hugs <3<3<3

11/28/19 🦃🥧🍁💛
Happy Turkey Day Tobias! Hope you are eating lots of turkey for momma and have stuffing too. Lots of turkey and ham lol. Gobble til you wobble. Love you always to the moon and back baby!

Dear Tobias it's mommy's bday and Im here to say that I love you and miss you so much. Thank you for being the best and embracing your love on me. Bless your little spirit and heart. I always think about you every day. Lately, things have been real emotional and people been really kind and loving to your mommy. I am blessed and grateful for that. The kiddos here are good. Shelby has lung cancer and only has a couple of months to live. She has a mass and it's growing fast. I'm heartbroken to know her time here with the family is short. She's amazing just like you Tobias and is watching out for me the way you did. She waits for me and walks me out. She's an angel just like you. My furbaby angels. I love you so much my handsome little man and I hope you are doing good up in rainbow bridge. I always change out your foods and items please use them and play with the squirrels lol your favorite. You are having cake with me :) LOL. I always have you here with me on my bed. Im missing you dearly every day. Two years still feels like yday and I miss your presence always next to me. Baby you are my world now until the end of time. Bless your beautiful heart. I love you Tobias. I will be seeing you in my dreams.

Tobias momma misses you like crazy. I been speaking on you to people and keeping you alive in my heart <333 I hope you had a pawsome Howloween sweetheart. You sleep on my bed every night now :) this is the way it should be. Now, in the future and always furever. Love you to the moon and back. Come see me in my dreams more often you're the best blessing in my life. Love you always my angel handsome furbaby <333 i will be seeing you my love

Dear Tobias, my handsome angel. I'm missing you daily. You cross my mind from the moment I wake up til the moment I close my eyes. I hope you're doing well baby you are amazing. You can always come home when you want. I'm here with open arms. I will always love and adore you. I will be seeing you in my dreams. It's such a blessing every opportunity I get and I can feel your energy your little spirit. I love you unconditionally Tobias. My love, my heart. Bless your beautiful soul my amazing little man.

Tobias, mommy misses you dearly and wants to thank you for coming into my dreams. you have given me the gift of your love again and I remember what it's like to have your presence with me. I remember what it feels like to have your love protecting me, guarding me and watching me. I miss you each passing day and no time can ever be justified. You have so many blessings from people all over social media. They love you Tobias just like how I love you. You will never be forgotten. You are always in my heart. The night prior to your anniversary passing, Phoebs came in my room and laid next to me. She then wrapped her paws around my arm and it is out of character for her to do so. I thought of you immediately and realiized your anniversary date was coming up. Thank you sweetheart. I know you give me signs. Our love and bond was always special and we are always ONE. Please dont ever stop giving me signs. You had to go physically, however, spiritually stay with me in this life journey. You are my greatest love and biggest loss in this lifetime. I love you always Toby Tobias Ko. May you be blessed with continuous purest of love, your happiness flourish and that you have peace and contentment. You deserve the world. I love you always my handsome sweet angel. Bless your big beautiful amazing heart. I will see you oneday Love.

My handsome furbaby angel Im sorry for sending my love late this month. I am just going through a lot mentally and I never realized how big of a presence you had in my life. There is no other. Times have long changed and Ive already had a shift in a lot of perspectives with life and people. I know you're there my guiding light and I know you've seen all my growing pains. I just want some grace, my heart. Forgive me as I have not been doing exactly what I want to be doing. I always want your happiness over mine. Be happy be free my love is always with you. Team Tobias Furever <333

Hello sweetheart tysm for coming to me in my dreams it was the most amazing best feeling in the world. I was holding you and hugging you so tight and you fit snug so perfectly in my arms :) my arms around you. We were one again. I can't believe it like it felt like forever with you and I wish I didnt wake up. Everything felt perfect with you here with me. That moment was the best moment I've felt in a long time since your passing. Thank you for giving me the love and hope I needed and I was waiting for that day when I could hug you again. You are my world always and furever. Kiddos celebrated their bday yday. We are always missing you and love you always baby. My heart. Yours truly. You are my greatest loss and I am forever humbled for everything that you have done for me. Love you always <333 my handsome pawfect angel furbaby.

My handsome pawfect angel I hope you are well and that everything is ok sweetheart. Missing you so much, today was a hard one for me. Maybe my 4th relapse that I have not mentioned to anyone. They say time heals all and that it's ok to move on. Neither has worked for me. I'm still tearing til this day til this moment still got your vids on repeat cant even change my phone out got you on icloud backup still cant change my phone i see your vids on there sorry cant let go. Youre still my biggest blessing i cant see past that. Today is just one of those days love. You really took care of me more than you could imagine. You also need to keep phoebs in check she's a hot mess -_- yeah that girl smh. Love you miss you always angel to the moon and back baby<333

Sweetheart I'm missing you so much and I'm going through your photos. You're my greatest loss and in retrospect life is seriously not the same without your presence. Nopawdy kills bugs for me anymore :( or spiders or anything smaller than you haha! Nopawdy hogs the AC or yells at the street sweepers. Actually haven't seen one since your passing :'( my angel furbaby I hope to see you again oneday. I miss you so so much more than you could imagine in this lifetime. You're my heart my true love always xoxo <333

My handsome angel furbaby I'm missing you sweetheart. Today I received a post from a dear sweet friend and it was a photo of a cloud shaped of a dog. My god, I instantaneously thought of you and teared at first sight. I love you so much and I always reminisce of our love. Baby, you're the best and the greatest doggo of all time. You're my heart and you know it, love. My love for you is infinite and thank you so much for sticking around through your battle with cancer. You are beyond amazing when you were on earth and now in heaven more power to you baby. You are the best. Go be happy and free. I'm always here love you for life <333 see you oneday, promise.

1/30/19 🎂🎁 🎈🎉💙
My handsome pawfect angel I haven't been the same since you came to me in my last dream. This is my third relapse and as time has passed it has not gotten any easier. I had to question where my life was going countless times since you are not around to yell at me anymore lol :).

Our bond can never be broken
Our Love knows no boundaries
This could never be taken away from us
My Heart My World
I Love You Always

Im always here 🙋🏼🙈💖💖💖 This is my promise to you 💞💞💞

Today I passed by Newport Beach Pontoon and immediately was taken back by the last memory I had there which was our time on the pontoon together cruising the ocean. My eyes filled with tears. No matter how much time has gone by it will never get easier. I miss you tremendously and know that there is no other like you. You are irreplaceable. I wish I had more time with you but I know how much pain you were in. Your perseverance is my inspiration. You stayed here for me tysm my godsend. In honor of your anniversary passing I made a post of you; letting the world know just how special you are to me. I'm so blessed that we crossed paths. I would never change it for anything. My love, I'm thinking of you always. Talk to you soon my furbaby handsome angel. Beautiful you xoxo.

Hello sweetheart I still miss you everyday. I heard a song on the radio and immediately I thought of you then I checked out the music vid. I was taken back because the video was about a little girl receiving a puppy on her bday and the transition of her going into high school with troubles of being unpopular. Her doggo could feel her energy and was always by her side just like how you were by my side through my struggles. The vid ended with her letting her doggo go to rainbow bridge heaven as hard as that was for her. She wanted her doggo to be happy no matter the inevitable. It wrecked me. Since the passing of your anniversary, I had a very difficult time. I still do and til this day. I am never the same Tobias. You brought life and happiness in my world and that is what happens when something that is so significant that impacts my life is then truly deemed unimaginable. Not a time goes by that I don't tear when I come to your page and write my thoughts to you. It's all raw emotions because you are the love of my life. I will see you one day at Rainbow Bridge iflysm my heart. Marshmello ft. Bastille - Happier <3 I dedicate to you Tobias.

Tomorrow will be the official one year mark since you have left me. These past few weeks leading up to this moment has been challenging. I have thought about you every single day since that heartbreaking moment that you closed your eyes. My life has become quite unclear since the moment you had left. The only thing truly clear in my mind is our bond and that will never fade. You are truly one of a kind and you had given me more to life than I could ever want. You made me want to live again but without you here it just isn't so great. There are just some things in life that you could never replace; a void that could never be filled or fixed. That is what happens when something so precious impacts your world that is deemed unimaginable. Thank you for giving me life, hope and happiness when you walked into my life. I love you always Toby Tobias Ko. My heart is with you, now and forever.

Hello my sweet handsome angel furbaby, I've been missing you and thinking of you every single day. I took Phoebs the other day to the same park which was the last park that you had went to prior to August of last year. The memories that we had created; you were there in my heart. The special bond that we had together I will hold forever dearly and cannot wait for the day that we cross paths again. I am looking forward to being with you someday again. My love shines bright for you, guidance, protection and happiness. In you greatest time of need I am always there with you. iLy always <333 be happy be free.

My sweethandsome angel. Just tonight as I arrived home from work, your auntie and I had a beautiful moment when we mentioned you my dear sweet little man. You brought smiles to our face. Just the thought of your snazzy dapper ways. I must admit, there is no other like you #irreplaceable. You are the first love of my life and I miss you dearly. When I see photos of you, I envision the way that I would hug you and smother you with kisses. You and my love for you lives forever in my heart. I can't wait for the day that I can see you again. iLy always<333 xoxo.

Just yesterday I was doing some cleaning and found the fur trimmer that I once trimmed your fur with. There was some of your fur in the trimmer box. As I touched the fur it felt like I was touching you again. All those feelings came rushing back to me, what it feels like to feel your fur again. I kept it :) I miss and love you so much. I can't wait to see you again my handsome little angel.

My handsome little angel furbaby you answered my prayers when we crossed paths and we had locked eyes in my dream post celebration of your bday on January 31st. Ever since that day, you already know I had carried that with me day in and day out. Never has a day gone by where I don't think of you and miss you dearly. No amount of time could ever lessen my love for you; our bond never fades. You were my first furbaby and everyday I know you are watching over me. My heart is always with you ilysm.


MERRY CHRISTMAS TOBIAS MY SWEET HANDSOME ANGEL!!! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH. I thought of you just last night and looked at your photos then reminisced about our love we once shared dog momma and son. Your love that you have given me and embraced me with never leaves me. I still feel it everyday sweetheart. You changed my life the day I first met you and the day I lost you. My tears are still present just the thought of you as if it was the day that I lost you. You're my heart now and forever. Looking forward to sending my love again on New Years 2018. We will meet again and I will always look forward to that day now until the end of time. Sending you lots and lots of hugs and kisses all over my love my world my heart.

Hi sweetheart I hope you are healthy, happy and enjoying playtime with your furiends. Mommy loves you so much and misses you every single day. Life is not the same without you my sweet angel. Your in my dreams and prayers iLy always. Hope you had a wonderful yummy Thanksgiving. Are you ready for Christmas? I haves holiday cookies just for you :) sending all my love to you.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN TOBIAS!!! Make sure you get some spooklicious treats to eat and have a BOO-tiful time running with all your furiends. Your urn bag arrived now you can always travel safe with me. Love you so much, I will be seeing you my sweet handsome angel furbaby xoxo.

Tobias my sweet handsome angel I hope you are well; happy, pain free and playing with all the other doggies. These past couple of days have been extremely difficult as my heart bleeds because I often reminisce your presence:
-the way how you would bark at me for a treat every night
-on car rides wiggle up to the car console for the AC effect on full blast
-the way you would wait for me wherever we went new and old territory
-and the way I would kiss your fluffy cute face while we held paws/hands
You were my first handsome furbaby and my love for you is constant. I pray for your happiness everyday and hope that one day my wish is granted and I will be reunited with you. What you have done for me was give me the best gift and that gift was your selfless love, your protection and just being you. I love you so much Tobias, now and forever. I still miss you as if it was the day I lost you.

9/6/17 - Hi Tobias, it's been a month since you left to Rainbow Bridge Heaven. There is not one day that goes by that I do not miss you and wish that I could still hold your paws the way that we used to hold hands. So much has happened, I always carry your urn while we walk Phoebs and bring you along for car rides. I pray for you everyday, wishing you all the happiness with lots of hugs and kisses. I even dreamed about you that you were running free so curious yet so happy. All I want is for you to be free, loved and filled with joy and laughter. So many people have messaged me their condolences telling me just how amazing you are. You're always on my mind and hold a very very special place in my heart forever Tobias. You are my world my handsome fur angel baby I LOVE YOU now til the end of time.

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