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Memories of Toby
Toby tumbled into our lives, hit by a truck and left for dead over 11 years ago. Vern scooped him up, and Dr Mark put him back together. We brought him home, and he not only lived, but thrived for so many years. He loved Dickens and Gracie, his brother and sister who are now already at the Rainbow Bridge. All three are now playing together, and are waiting until we are with them once again.
Toby was so gentle. He loved playing with his toys, gathering up our shoes, chasing tennis balls, and running around playing with Gracie and Dickens. After Dickens left us, he was so sad, but Toby took on Dickens role of watching over and protecting us. He was our constant companion along with Gracie. When Gracie left us, he missed her so. He looked everywhere for her. He settled for hanging around with us. He loved going for rides for ice cream, & loved trying to find treats that we hid for him. Outside he told me when it was time to go in. He loved to get the newspaper each morning, another job that he took over from Dickens. Lounging on the couch with Gracie was one of his favorite things, then with us when she left. At night he slept next to my head, his muzzle on my shoulder. He always accompanied me around the house wherever I went. When we came home from shopping, he was sure that we had brought him a prize, & he checked the bags for something for him. Many more wonderful memories of you, Toby, than I can list here. What will we do without you? I saw a dove fly up and land on the roof of the porch, pause there, coo,take off and fly away, the morning after you left us. I know it was you, T, saying goodbye. My very good, sweet boy, Toby, I miss you so. I will see you soon. It's Christmas 2019, & you aren't here. I will desperately miss driving around with you and your dad, looking at all of the Christmas lights in the neighborhood. I miss you next to me in bed, on the couch,& in the yard. You were my constant companion. I miss you telling me when it was time to go back in the house. You patiently waited holding your leash to go for rides. You took care of me as much as I took care of you, & it's so hard to go on. Merry Christmas my dear sweet Toby. It's already Dec 2020. We now have Fritz 12/26/19 & Loki 4/17/20, They won't replace you. We love you. You're always in my heart & I know that you're watching us, & waiting for us. I cry over you and miss your sweet eyes and happy face. I love you Toby. Its now 10/20/21 and its 2 years since you left us. I still cry and miss you so. No room to tell you how much. It is excruciating. Don't ever forget us. We will look for you guys! Kisses & hugs!!

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