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Memories of Toby
From the day we first met you we fell in love with you, we will never forget that first day when we brought you home and the 12 happy years we have had with you. You were such a fantastic little character - so loving and always eager to please us. When we go on our walks now, we know you will always be walking with us.
We will look after your favourite toys for you .... teddy, little piggy and your ball. You will always be in our hearts and your Mummy and Daddy will always love and miss you. XX

Hello Baby,
A week has passed and our lives and the house feel so empty without you.
We know how you loved to take your little piggy everywhere with you - he is missing you so very much but Mummy and Daddy will always look after him.
We hope you have made lots of new friends at Rainbow Bridge and you are having lots of fun and games with them, running around in the meadow.
We will always love you, our precious little Toby. Lots of love, kisses and hugs.
Mummy and Daddy XX

Hello our gorgeous little Toby,
We can't believe a month has passed, we are finding it very difficult that our little shadow is not here following us around everywhere. We know how much you loved your walks so today we went for a walk in your favourite place, through the sunken gardens then on to the beach. We remembered so many happy times and the funny things you used to do which made you such a unique little character.
We saw a couple of skateboarders on the promenade - we did laugh as we knew you would have ran after them trying to jump aboard. Anything on wheels used to fascinate you.
We also remembered how you loved your ball games with your big football in the garden, dribbling it around so skilfully with your nose, even around the back of the shed and then your little head would pop around the corner as if you were playing hide and seek.
You knew all your toys by name and picked up the correct one every time - so intelligent and your three favourite toys as a puppy remained your favourites as you got older.
You loved your weekly baths, but you had a little ritual before bathtime - half an hour of chasing you around the couch, you were so agile and flexible. After bathtime you would sit so beautifully while I dried you with the hairdryer and then you would have a lovely brush through to fluff you up, then you would go to the cupboard where your milky buttons were kept as you always expected a treat. You were such a clean little boy, were fully house-trained when you were 5 months old and you always walked around puddles rather than through them.
We miss the way you would greet us when we came home, you were so affectionate with your tail wagging and you would get so excited you would spin around in circles. You were always so happy to see us and if we had lots of shopping bags your head would be in to every bag to see what we had bought you, there was always something for you.
I remember the first time you saw snow as a puppy and you got so excited that you were trying to catch the snowflakes. As you got older you loved your snowball games with Mummy and Daddy in the garden and you could always catch the snowballs. You loved to bounce around in the snow and looked so comical - you had so much vitality and energy and never lost your puppy bounce.
You loved Christmas so much and all the presents under the tree were such a great temptation for you. One year we remember you opening everyone's presents and we got home to find Christmas wrapping paper everywhere. From then on we would always give in to you and let you open some of your presents before Christmas and then we would go out and buy you more presents and hide them until Christmas Day. However you seemed to have more fun with the wrapping paper than the presents.
You were always so observant, if something had been moved or we bought something new you would have to investigate it very closely to make sure everything was OK. You were so aware of everything around you and always noticed if something had changed. Sometimes we had to spell out words as you understood everything that was said.
We miss snuggling up with you on the couch - you always had to be in the middle. You always had to sleep in the middle of the bed too with your head on the pillow and if either of us moved or disturbed your sleep, you would certainly let us know with a playful little growl. Daddy misses his goodnight kisses with a gentle lick on the nose every night without fail. You were always such a loving little boy who loved to please in so many ways. I miss the way you used to lay across my tummy and how you loved me to sing to you.
You just lay there listening and looking at me with your eyes so full of love. We miss you so much Toby - you had such great spirit and a big personality for a little dog, you were so full of love and so gentle and loyal to us both.
We were with you every step of the way until the end, even through your cremation. Your ashes are now in the garden in your favourite spot where you liked to lay in the sun, with a rose bush and beautiful flowers that you liked to smell.
Wherever we are or whatever we do, you will always be with us, forever in our hearts. Our gorgeous little Toby who also loved to be called Bobby. Mummy and Daddy love and miss you XX

Hello Baby
We are sitting in the garden writing this message to you, we know how much you loved the garden and it is looking wonderful on this beautiful summer evening - we have made a few changes and we know you would have approved of them. We have also had a couple of holidays and have both got new cars which you would have loved popping your little head out of the windows to feel the breeze.
You are missed dearly by everyone, and your little friends are missing you too - even the geese are missing you, they keep wandering up the drive and we think they are looking for you.
Today we watched a video of you - it was so funny, it made us laugh at all the comical little things you used to do. It has been three months since you left us and we miss you so much, you were a big part of our lives and your spirit remains in every part of our home. Mummy and Daddy will always love you XX

Six months today and the heartache of losing you does not ease, you are in our thoughts every day.
You were our precious little boy and we had so many happy times with you. We like to think you are having lots of fun at Rainbow Bridge with all your little friends.
It is Autumn now and all the leaves are falling - just remembering how you loved to jump around in the leaves. Winter is fast approaching and Christmas will soon be here, you loved Christmas so much and it is going to be very hard without you this year.
Good night little Toby, Mummy and Daddy will love you always XX

Hello our gorgeous Toby,
It is Christmas Eve and we miss you very much. This time last year you were here with us and you couldn't wait to open your presents, Christmas was your favourite time of year and after you opened your presents you would help Mummy and Daddy to open theirs. You always loved your turkey dinner on Christmas Day and we know you will be having a great turkey dinner at Rainbow Bridge, Christmas time must be magical at Rainbow Bridge and I know you will have lots of presents to open and great fun with all your little friends. We miss you so much and will always keep you in our hearts...Merry Christmas baby boy Love Mummy and Daddy XX

Hello gorgeous Toby,
We have something to tell you and think you would approve. We got a Westie puppy and he is just like you in so many ways - all the things he does bring back so many memories of you when you were a puppy, and of course there could only be one name suitable for him....Bobby....I guess you know why.
Bobby is adorable and so loving just as you always were...you would have loved him - and I wish you were here to play together, you would have been such great little companions for each other.
You are always in our thoughts and not a day passes without you being mentioned. We have great memories of you and the love we shared....precious little Toby....always in our hearts Love Mummy and Daddy..XX

For Toby
I am sending a dove to Heaven
With a parcel on its wings
Be careful when you open it
It's full of beautiful things
Inside are a million kisses
Wrapped up in a million hugs
To say how much I miss you
And to send you all my love
I hold you close within my heart
And there you will remain
To walk with me throughout my life
Until we meet again..XX

Hello my gorgeous Toby
Today is the first anniversary of your passing over to Rainbow Bridge.
We are missing you as much as ever and today has been very sad for us,
you were our special little man and our love for you was so strong. You are no longer by our side but you will remain in our hearts forever. Mummy and Daddy will always love you. XX

Hello Toby
Just to let you know Mummy and Daddy are still missing you so much. There is never a day that passes without a memory of the happy times we shared. Bobby is growing up fast and he is so much like you in many ways, he is smaller than you but he is just as lively as you always were...he is so comical and a bundle of fun. The love we shared with you was so precious and you will be in our hearts eternally, we will always love you Mummy and Daddy XX

Twinkle twinkle little star
Now we know just where you are
Sparkling in the clear night sky
With that twinkle in your eye
Twinkle twinkle little star
Shining brightly from afar XX

Hello baby
We can't believe two years have passed since that awful day when we lost you, today in the garden your rose bush is starting to bloom and will be beautiful this year just as it was last year. We have a little robin that comes into the garden every day, we leave bread by your rose bush for him and we sometimes think you sent him to us. Today is a sad day but we remember you with love and will always cherish your memory.
All our love Mummy and Daddy XX

We have a gorgeous canvas of you hanging on the wall
Your beautiful eyes just follow us all around the hall
It's just like you're looking over us in everything we do
Protecting us and watching us (and little Bobby too!!)

Hello my sweet Toby
Today would have been your 14th Birthday but we know you will be having a birthday party at Rainbow Bridge with all your furbaby friends, and having a wonderful time. There is a gift waiting for you by the Rainbow Bridge and attached to the gift are a million hugs and kisses, go get your gift sweet baby. Happy Birthday...all our love Mummy, Daddy and Bobby XXX

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