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Memories of Tobi
Tobi was born February 1, 1990.I adopted her from my friends mom when she was 6 weeks old. She was a calico cat and so beautiful.She had such a great disposition and was very loving.
Whenever anyone came to our house and had a drink of something on the table she would always stare at it and we always wondered what she was so mesmerized by.We finally found out it was the straws in the glasses she wanted.When we weren't looking,she would take them out either with her paw or her mouth-it was so cute.Those were her favorite toys--Straws!!
She was such a joy to us for 16,soon to be 17 years.She blessed our lives with alot of love and happiness. We have 3 other cats-one of which is 19-she loved him the most because she grew up with him.She would lay in the basket with him every day and put her paws around him and lick him all up and fall asleep like that all day with him-it was the cutest sight EVER!!!
4/21/07 Hey Tobi girl-How's my little girl today?Mommy and Daddy and your 3 brothers miss you sooo much.It's getting nice out again and I wish I could put you on the porch with us.Tonight your daddy's band is playing and that's where we'll be.I'll be thinking of you like always! I love you and miss you more than words can say.Mommy xoxoxo
4/22/07 Hi Tobi my love-I just dad to delete all the messages because since you've been gone I wrote to you almost every day and used up all the space.I even erased some of the memories-but I just erased the way you had to leave us-I don't want to think of that anymore-I just know you're being taken care of now and that's all I'm interested in. I love you and miss you like crazy.We all send our love to you.Til next time..Mommy xoxoxo
8/24/10 Hi my lover girl-how's my baby doing today? I hope you're having fun playing and running around with your straws and your 2 brothers and all the rest of your furry friends :)
Love you and miss you more than words can say...Mommy xoxoxoxoxo

4/27/07 Hi my love-how's my baby girl doing? I miss you Tobi so much-I changed a few things on your page-I hope you like them.Yesterday was 4 months you've been gone and it seems like forever-I miss you now more than ever.I hope you're ok wherever you are!!
I'll be thinking of you-I love you...Mommy xoxoxo
5/23/07 Hi my favorite little girl--How's my baby today?I'm so sorry I haven't been on here in so long Tobi,but not a day has gone by that I haven't had you in my heart and my thoughts-I still cry over you and think of you everyday.I love you amd miss you like it was yesterday.I hope you're ok-we all miss you like crazy.Love,Mommy,Daddy,Davis,Kamsun and Fabio xoxoxo
6/21/07 Hi my little love, I'm so sorry I haven't been here to say hello in a while-but not one day goes by without me thinking of you.I miss you still so much and I always will.i love you so much and the house is so empty without your cute little face around.We all wish you were still here with us-but You will ALWAYS be in all our hearts FOREVER AND EVER.I love you girl-Mommy,Daddy,Davey,Kamsun and Fabio xoxoxoxo
6/29/07 Hi Love, Just wanted to say hi and tell you I love you and miss you so much.Henry passed away yesterday and I'm sure you already greeted him and are playing nice with him.His mommy n daddy are very upset over him-but I told them that he'll be fine because now he's with you.Take care of him for Mark and Lauren and play nice..I love you baby,Mommy xoxoxo
7/14/07 Hi Tobi Girl-How is my baby today?I miss you so much I've been really busy lately-but like always,mommy thinks of you every day all the time.In the morning on my way to work I always pass the exit where you were in the hospital where we saw you last-it makes me cry all the time-but then I think of you not suffering anymore and that always brings me comfort and I know that we made the right decision to let you go.I love you so much and it still hurts so much not having you here with us.We will Always love you and miss you my girl....Mommy xoxoxo
Hi Tobi,Well,here I am again saying hello to my favorite girl in the world.I hope you're doing fine with all your new friends-it's been 7 months tomorrow that you left us.I'm sure you're doing great and I know you must miss us terribly just like we all miss you-but one day my girl-we'll be with you again-I promise you.Just keep watching down on us until we meet again.We love you so much and NOT ONE DAY goes by without us thinking of you and loving you!In our hearts forever...Mommy,Daddy,Davis,Kamsun and Fabio xoxoxoxo
8/11/07 Hi Tobi,How's my favorite girl in the world doing? I miss you so much baby and think of your adorable face all the time.Daddy had a dream of you the other night and he felt like you were here yesterday in the house to visit us.I talk to you all the time-because you are still in your room-I have a special little memorial for you in there-you would like what I did!So girl,you are always here with us--not in our presence,but ALWAYS in our hearts..We will always love and miss you -and you will always be our Tobi girl...Til next time baby,stay safe..Mommy xoxo
8/24/07 Hi Tobi,It's mommy saying hi to you.I miss you so much baby.It's gonna be 8 months that you're gone and each day is the same here--so lonely without you-we all miss you like crazy.Davey is so sad that you're not in the basket with him anymore loving him up--but mommy and daddy and his brothers are trying to take over.We think of you every day and wish you were still here.I'll be back visiting you in a few days-til then--stay safe wherever you are and just know we all love you very much.Mommy and the gang xoxoxoxo
9/03/07 Hi Tobi girl-How's my girl doing?I was just sitting here thinking about you as always and wanted to say hi.I love you and miss you very much.Things are the same here-nothing new,just missing you lots and lots.I'll write to you again soon-I'm always thinking of you baby.i love you-Mommy xoxoxo
9/17/07 Hi Tobi-How's my baby doing?I miss you and love you so much-not one day goes by when I don't think of you..We are all lonely here without the girl.I love you baby-stay good.Mommy xoxoxo
10/09/07 Hi to my little girl-Tobi I miss you so much baby.I want you to be here again with us-we all are so sad still that you left us so soon.One day we'll all be together again.We love you and miss you too much.Till next time--look down on us and keep us safe.Mommy,Daddy and your 3 brothers. xoxoxo
10/26/07 Hi My Sweet Little Girl-Today is 10 months that you've been gone-each day it hurts just as much as it did the day you left us.We all miss you and love you so much Tobi and NOT one day goes by without us thinking of you.Your brothers are ok-Davey is still hanging in there-but I know he misses you so much-he misses you loving him up in his basket.Kamsun is good -Fabio is great-he's still a skutch!!Everything is still the same here girl--except the house is a little emptier without you in it.I hope you're doing ok and having alot of fun with all your new friends.I love you baby.Til next time-Mommy,Daddy and the boys xoxoxoxo
10-31-07 Happy Halloween my girl-I love you.Mommy xoxo
11/23/07 Hi Girl-Happy Thanksgiving a day late--We had a busy day yesterday and I didn't get a chance to write to you,I'm so sorry.I hope you're having fun with your friends.I love you and miss you like crazy my bestest girl.Everything is the same here.Aunt Rosie died last week and we had a very busy week.Hope you're doing ok.I love you.Mommy xoxoxoxo
12/23/07 Hi Tobi-Hows my girl? It's almost 1 year since you left us.It's still as hard for us now as it was then.You will be forever in our hearts.We love you and miss you more than you know.Merry Christmas in Heaven!!Love,Mommy-Daddy-Davis-Kamsun and Fabio.......
12/26/07 Happy 1st Anniversary in Heaven our little girl.We love you and miss you so much.We're always thinking of you Tobi.
12/29/07 Hi my Love-- Tobi we just had to put Davis to sleep-so please give him a great big kiss-he missed you so much and now you are back together with him.We loved him so much just like we loved you-but it was time for him to leave us now and I told him how much we all love him and that he was gonna be with you now.
Have fun and put your arm around him again when you sleep.Sweet dreams to the both of you.Love,Mommy,Daddy,Fabio and Kamsun xoxo
1/5/08 Hi Baby-Happy New Year.Sorry it's taken me this long to write-but I've been very depressed since Davey died.Did you get to see him yet? Please give him a big kiss and hug for us-we miss him terribly.We miss the both of you so much.This house is not the same without our 2 babies in it.Fabio and Kamsun are still here though,thank God.But there is Something missing-I can't explain it.There will never be another Davis and Tobi.Hope the two of you are doing ok.We love and miss you both so much.
Love,Mommy,Daddy,Kamsun and Fabio.xoxoxoxo
01/09/08 Hi Tobi my love-how's my little girl today?I hope you and Davey are having fun again together.I'm glad you are both reunited-I know how much you loved him Tobi.I miss you both too much.One day we'll all be together again.Til next time--take care of each other and watch over us.You're in our hearts Always.Mommy,Daddy,Fabio and Kamsun xoxoxoxo
1/10/08 Hi my Tobi girl-How's my little baby?Are you and Davey boy having fun again together?I bet you are having the best time,although I know you and him miss us so much-like we miss you.Our house is so empty without the two of you in it.I don't think i will ever get over the pain of losing my two best buddies in the whole wide world.Just know Mommy will always love the two of you forever and ever.I'll talk to you again tomorrow baby-sleep tight with Davis-just like old times.Mommy xoxoxo
1/11/08 Hi Tobi girl-Davey is finally back with you in your room. I have the two of you together again,and both your paw prints made of clay are right next to each others.I love you so much and miss you so much.Mommy xoxoxo
1/17/08 Hi Momma-How the bestest girl doing?Hope you're having alot of fun with your brother and the rest of the babies there.I love you and miss you very much.Mommy xoxoxo
1/18/08 Hi Girl-How's my baby girl today? I hope you're good.I miss you and love you so much.Mommy xoxoxo
1/30/08 Hi Tobi-I miss you so much girl.I love you. Mommy xoxoxo
2/13/08 Hi my Love,Happy Birthday in Heaven and Happy Valentines Day to my favorite girl in the world.Mommy didn't forget about you-she has just been really busy.I think of you every day and I love you and miss you more than ever.I wish you were here again.Daddy and Fabio and Kamsun wish you a Happy Birthday and Happy Valentines Day too.Kiss Davey for us.Love Mommy xoxoxoxo
2/19/08 I love you Mommy xoxoxo
4/6/08 Hi My Love,I am so sorry I haven't visited you in a long time-Things have been crazy here.I think of you every day and I miss you and love you more than ever.Mommy rescued another kitty Thursday and his name is Pepper.He is so cute.I know you would have loved him too.I promise not to let this much time go by again without visiting you and talking to you.Always in my heart-I love you so much.Mommy xoxoxoxo
5/26/08 Hi my Love,How are you baby? Mommy misses you every day-I love you so much and wish you were here with us.Mommy xoxoxoxo Today is 1year and 5 months you're gone--I miss you baby girl!!
8/13/08 Hi Tobi girl-So long I haven't been here I am so sorry girl.Not one day goes by that I don't miss you and think of you and love you so much!! It's 1 yr and almost 8 months you're gone and I still feel like it was yesterday that you were here playing with your brothers. Your new brother Pepper is a real scutch...But he's really cute-I think you would've loved him. I'll be thinking of you Tobi and loving you always.Mommy xoxox Love to Davey Boy-take good care of him.I miss him and love him sooo much too!
12/03/08 Hi My Lover Girl-Shame on me I haven't been on here in such a long time-But I think of you every single day Tobi and I miss you and love you still so much-I will never forget you-yur picture is right next to my bed with Davis too.We are getting ready for the holidays and they are always hard because this is when you got sick 2 years ago.I hope you're ok and one day we'll be together again.I love you and miss you forever.Mommy xoxoxoxo
12/26/08 Hi My Sweet Love, Today is 2 years you were taken from us.We love you and miss you so much every day.Not 1 day goes by without a thought of you-just know you'll always be close to us-you're in our hearts! Your brothers miss you too. Til next time.Love,Mommy,Daddy,Fabio,Kamsun and Pepper.
Happy 2nd Anniversary at the Rainbow Bridge in Heaven...xoxoxoxo
12/29/08 Hi My Girl,I just visited Davis - today is 1 year he left us to be with you-I hope you're loving each other all up like Mommy and Daddy use to.We miss the two of you so much.We love you and will never forget you and all the fun we had together..Til next time-be a good girl and I'll visit again real soon.Love,Mommy Daddy and the 3 brother cats..xoxoxoxoxo
01-04-09 Happy New Year my girl I love you..Mommy xoxoxoxo
1-06-09 Hi Baby-Just stopping by to send you my love.Mommy xoxoxo
2/01/09 Hi Tobi girl-Happy Birthday !! Love you and miss you lots...Mommy xoxoxo
6/25/09 Wow! I can't believe I haven't been here for so long.I'm so sorry Tobi-I still miss you very much and think of you every day of my life.Your picture and Davis' are right on my nightstand so I see you every night and morning when I wake up.I love you so much and wish you were still here with all of us.I hope you and Davey are doing good.Things are good here,just missing you and Davey alot!!I love you forever....Mommy,Daddy,Fabio,Kamsun and Pepper too.. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
7/2/09 Hi Tobi girl-I'm here with Grandma right now so we can say hello to you.Kiss Davey for us.We love you...Say hi to Tabby,Benji and Coco too............xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
9/27/09 Hi Baby girl-How's my bestest Tobster girl? We miss you and love you so much every day...It's starting to get cold out again and I miss you keeping me warm.I think of you every day and night.Kamsun is getting old and he sleeps most of the day-I'm sure he misses you and Davey too.
Fabio is good and Pepper is crazy as ever.We all love you and miss you very much.Talk to you again soon.I love you Tobi...Mommy,Daddy,and your 3 brothers xoxoxoxo
11/30/09 Hi Baby Girl-I miss you so much.It's gonna be 3 years that you left us and everyday I think of you still and love you just the same.I hope you're ok and Davey too.I'll be visiting you on here again soon-til then I love you always and forever..Mommy,Daddy,Kamsun,Fabio and Pepper too.xoxoxoxo
2/24/10 Hi My Girl-Just wanted to say I love you and miss you so much...Play nice with Davey...I love you xoxoxoxooxo Mommy...
7/28/10 Tobi my love--So sorry for not visiting you in a long time but not a day goes by that I don't think of you..I gave you your favorite thing,"Straws".they finally put them on here!!I miss playing with you so much....I love you and miss you more than anything...Hope you and Davey are doing good....Love you FOREVER and EVER.....xoxoxoxo Mommy,Daddy and your brothers.
8/13/10 Hi Baby girl...I hope you gave Kamsun a big kiss when you seen him...He's up there now with you and Davey..I miss you and love you so much Tobster.We will never forget you and Davey and Kamsi..we talk about you all the time..Love,Mommy,Daddy and the 2 boys xoxoxoxoxo
8/19/10 Hi my little lover girl-how's my favorite girl doing? I miss you too much Tobster-are you and your 2 brothers having fun? I'll visit you again real soon. I love you forever and ever.Mommy xoxoxoxo
9/30/10 Hi Tobster girl-I'm sitting here with grandma....just want tosay hi and I love you and miss u soooo much...xoxoxoxo Mommy
12/8/10 I love you my girl and I miss you everyday so much...I'll be back to visit before Christmas..xoxoxo Mommy and Daddy and the boys.
12/23/10 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my beautiful baby girl..We miss you soooo much and wishing you were here with us...XOXOXO til next time!! Mommy,Daddy and Fabio and Pepper...
12/26/10 Hi my baby girl-Today is 4 yrs you left us..We miss you soo much and love you forever..We think of you and talk about you all the time.Know that you will NEVER be forgotten and one day we will all be together again..Til next time XOXOXO Mommy,Daddy,Fabio and Pepper.
7/8/11 What a bad mommy I've been-I haven't been on here in a long time and I am so sorry Tobster.I think of you everday and I love and miss you more than ever...I hope you're doing good and having fun with all your new friends and I hope you're taking good care of Davey and Kamsun.We're all good except for missing all of you...Love,Mommy,Daddy,Fabio and Pepper XOXO
12/9/11 I love you and miss you each and every day...XOXOXO Mommy
12/26/11 Tobi,today is 5 yrs you left us..Not ONE DAY goes by without thoughts of you..We miss you terribly and wish you were still here with us...I know you're in a better place and are with your brothers now.We love you and one day we will all be reunited again..Until that day,just know we love you and miss you soooo much....You are the best! Love,Mommy,Daddy,Fabio and Pepper too.XOXOXOXO
2/24/12 Hi my little girl...Just wanted to tell you I love you and miss you every day!! xoxoxoxo
6/25/12 Hi Tobi girl.....Been thinking about you so much,,miss you and love you to pieces...Hope you're ok and playing nice with Davey and Kamsun.We love you sooo much..Mommy and Daddy ,,Fabio and Pepper.xoxoxoxo
12/3/12 Shame on mommy I haven't been here in a while..I never stop thinking of you and loving you every day Tobi..I hope you and the boys are getting along well and having fun up there...Love you so much and miss you so much..It's gonna be 6 yrs soon and not a day goes by that we don't talk about you and how much we love you...I'll write soon my girl.I love you,,Mommy,Daddy,Fabio and Pepper too.xoxoxoxo
1/12/13 Hi momma's girl..How's my little girl doing? I miss you so much Tobi and I wish I could've been with you the last day,I regret that all the time,but I know you're in a safe place now.I hope you're having fun with your brothers.I'll visit again soon.I love you. Mommy xoxo
8/12/13 Hi momma's girl,,how's my baby doing? Mommy misses you so much Tobster,,I think of you every day and say hi to you when I'm in your room,.I hope you're playing nice with Davey and Kamsi..Mommy will visit again soon..Until then,remember I love you..Mommy,Daddy,Fabio and Pepper xoxoxoxoxoxo
12/24/13 Merry Christmas my little love..Miss you and love you so much...xoxoxo Mommy,Daddy and the boys
1/25/14 Hi My Little Lover Girl,,,,Mommy was thinking about you and wanted to say hi..I miss you so much Tobster and I wish you were still here with us.I know you're looking down on us every day...I love you my girl and I hope you're having fun with your brothers.I'll visit you again soon...Love Mommy xoxoxoxo
10/8/14 Hi My Munchkin Tobster..How's my girl? I miss you so much...Hope you're having fun baby...XO Love you
4/16/15-Hi My Little Love,,,,How are you and your brothers doing? I miss you more than words can say,and I think of you everyday,,,I love you so much,,,Mommy XO
8/12/16 Hi my good girl,, So sorry I haven't been on in a while. Not a day goes by that we don't think of you. You're missed terribly! I'll be back on soon. Hope you are playing with Fabio, Davis and Kamsun We love you🐾🐾💔 XO Mommy & Daddy and Pepper
12/26/16 Merry Christmas my girl
Missing you every single day . We love you and talk about you every day. We will never forget our Tobster. ❤️🎄🎅🏻
My little girl,,,, we miss you terribly
Mommy & Daddy love you so much💞

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