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Memories of Tj Dog
Tj was born on the 19th August 2004 he was the fifth puppy in a litter of six, his mum was tired and the puppy got stuck in his sac. I opened it and quickly his mum nurtured him back to life. As he got older and it was time to leave his mum he came to live with us. He has been my constant companion and my very best friend ever since.
On the 6th April 2017 he was diagnosed with lymphoma and 11 days later at 10.25 am BST he closed his eyes for the last time and fell asleep with the help of his lovely vet surrounded by so much love and tears.
He wasn't a friendly dog but then I'm not exactly a friendly human. Together we suited each other and had a ball, he was a very loyal and loving little soul to me and my family. He gave the best cuddles. Never left my side when I was very ill at the start of this year and cuddled with me the whole time I recovered from surgery that saved my life. Unbeknown to me my poor baby was silently battling cancer at the same time.
Tj was the centre of my world. I can't have children of my own. I've never been on holiday since we've had him and when we got married I didn't have a honeymoon. My theory is if you have a fur baby that responsibility is yours, he would have been miserable without us and I would have been worse worrying that he was ok and feeling guilty because I would have known how upset he was.
Tj loved to dig in the mud and bring it in on his paws all over my lovely clean house, he adored walks along the beach and splashing in the sea. He hated being washed and constantly patrolled for cats to see if he could chase them out of his garden. He liked to knock all the cushions off the sofas if he thought I was away too long. He carried one of my ugg boots around the house when I wasn't home and snuggled into it. I had to search for a missing one many many times when I wanted to wear them. He'd lie on the tv remote so we couldn't find it. He took up most of our bed at night despite having a very nice bed of his own. He thought he should have an endless supply of cookies and was disgusted when at Christmas I produced a reindeer jumper and some matching ears to perch on top of his head. He barked out the window if the neighbours dared come down their own drive ways (the cheek of them) 😉
He was amazing with kids so gentle and patient, it was adults he wasn't so keen on. He was an amazing judge of character. People he didn't ever take to turned out eventually to be not very good people at all. I thought that was an amazing quality to possess.
He was such a character who loved snuggling up on the sofa covered by his blanket. Eating anything that wasn't exactly doggy nutrition, cuddles with his mummy and daddy and scolding the postman. He loved drives in the car. He scolded until the window was down and he could stick his head out it even in the dead of winter and we all froze. He loved playing in the snow and sunbathing on the garden swing. He loved sweeties and was amazing at taking the wrapper of anything. He was an amazing escape artist. He never actually went anywhere he just liked the fact that he knew he could if he wanted too. Six foot gates were no match for him. We called him Houdini dog.
He destroyed every toy he had except for one "skeek" a rubber striped candy cane that made the most hideous noise when you pressed it. That toy was his most treasured possession. He hid it constantly and snatched it away if you mistakenly trod on it.
He thought his job here on earth was to look after me and he did so to his very last breath.
Gregory and I love him immeasurably and will miss him forever. Sleep tight our beautiful baby boy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

For Tj,
love Mummy

By My Side

Some touch your life for a little while
And others touch your heart
Tj my angel, you've touched my soul
And have done so from the very start

If Life is a journey
Isn't that what they say?
I feel that I am blessed
For right by my side on my journey
you guided me to do what's best

Every day I count my blessings,
Its no surprise I include you in those too
Today, I asked the Lord for a little guidance
To help me cope without you.

Whispered in my ear,
I heard a voice say
Open your heart and you'll see,
you've no need to worry
He's right by your side
He's exactly where he needs to be

So I'm taking this time
To thank you,
for everything that we have shared
For all the snuggly kisses and even your hairs on my chairs
For every second I had you
For every memory that we made
I truly am so grateful
To have been your very best mate

All my love mummy xxxxxxx


One whole week without you sweetheart. A whole week!!! It's been the longest one of my life. The tears are still flowing and we talk about you constantly. The house is filled with pictures of your lovely wee face and I can't bear to throw out your favourite cookies and put your cookie jar away. Somehow when I see it I imagine your still here. It's the silly things I miss the most. Your little paws on the wooden floors upstairs, your bolting down the stairs like a tornado every single morning. Your cheery little face peaking around the door when I come in. Daddy and I have to talk to one another now we don't have you. That's a bit strange lol but we are doing ok. Two more sleeps till your ashes come home. Then I think I will feel some comfort of at least having your remains back and I can decide on your final resting place. The days are very long without you. The house is really clean and tidy without you 😉 I'd swap the tidy house for one of your cuddles any day. I love and miss you so much baby boy. I'm carrying you in my heart. All my love. Mummy xxxxxxxxx

Your ashes came home sweetheart and your paw print. A very nice lady called Lynsey looked after you so well for me. I cried buckets, it's been beautifully done. A fitting tribute to my beautiful boy. It's nice to have a little piece of you home again even though its just the remains of your little broken body. I hear you in the house and feel you when I'm sad. It's a comforting feeling. I miss you every second of every day petal. It's only been 12 days. I have to get used to the fact that I'm not going to see you until it's my time to come to Rainbow Bridge. I'm struggling with that.
All my love Mummy xxxxxxxxxxx

Two whole weeks without you sweetheart. My heart aches. I miss you so so so much. Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Your sister Roxy has passed away. Just five weeks after you. A healthy beautiful girl she looked just like you only smaller and friendlier. An accident has taken her away from everyone that loved her so much. She's joining you at rainbow bridge so be sure to take care of her, she's going to be missing her mummy and daddy so very much so you be kind and give her lots of cuddles to help her settle in. I bought her a star right next to yours so you both can shine down from heaven. I miss you so much angel.
All my love mummy xxxxxx

We brought home a baby brother this week sweetheart. He's called Riley and he's as daft as a brush. He hasn't had the best start in life so we thought we'd give him the chance of a happy life. You wouldn't like him lol. He's too quick on his feet and at 9 months he gets into everything. The house doesn't feel as empty now. We miss you every day sweetheart. He's not here to replace you. Nothing can ever or will ever do. I hope your being a good boy and making lots of new friends. Watch over us and help us when Rileys being a little monster. 😉he needs a furbaby angel big brother just like you.

All my love

Mummy xxxxxxx


It's my first birthday without you baby boy. I miss you so very very much.



Happy Birthday angel. Our first birthday without you. You would be 13 today. I've laid some flowers at your little memorial stone. We miss you so very very much. The tears aren't too far today. I hope you are having a special day were you are my angel.

All my love mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

A very dear friend sent me this poem today.

" I know that you can't see me,
But trust me I'm right here.
Although I'm up in heaven,
My love for you stays near.
So often I see you crying,
Many times you call my name.
I want so much to lick your face
And ease some of your pain.
But our loving God has promised me
That when the time is right,
You'll step out of the darkness and
Meet me in the light."

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