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Memories of T.J.
Susan "Susie Squillions" Lynch, March 8, 2010

T.J. is the cat with the shimmering fur
Who rumbles a big, strong, leonine purr.
He has the most smashing, magnificent coat
Colored in shades of brown, gold, peach, and oat.

He rattles the rafters with greatest effect
You'll know what he's saying, oh yes, you can bet!
His meow is the best that you'll ever hear
Whether it comes from quite far, or quite near.

The day that we met, he leaped into my arms
And wiggled right into my heart with his charms.
A heart that was broken from saying goodbye
To another wonderful, special, fur guy.

I swore that Bingo had tossed him to me
As if to say, "This is the one meant for thee."
T.J. and me, we couldn't have fought it
We were meant to be, no doubt about it.

I became Momcat and he was my fur son,
I didn't know then he'd become Number One
Within my heart in the blink of an eye,
I thought he was just sent to silence my cries.

But he was the one who helped me to heal
And filled me with love that was ever so real.
He taught me that, yes, I could open my heart
And that loving him was the best way to start.

Now he is the one who is breaking my heart.
The time will soon come when we'll have to part
So he can go on to his new life above,
But I know he'll surround me with all his love.

* Rest In Peace and watch over us, beautiful T.J. You made your journey to the Rainbow Bridge at 1:50 PM on March 9th, 2010. You will always be the Heart of My Ever-Lovin', Brown-Eyed Momcat Heart.


When I look in that face
(that beautiful face!),
I'm reminded of others
Who once held that space

That rights my whole world:
Ralph, Suki, and Missy
( The last two were girls,
But they really weren't prissy).

Long John Lennon (the dog);
And Roger and Shep,
Wait! Though it's getting long,
My list isn't done yet.

There were Bingo and Buddy
And other cats, too,
But the one at the front
Of my mind now is you.

You're fabulous TJ,
Fur-Man of the house.
We know you'll protect us
From man, beast, and mouse.

And Stevie will help you,
(Though you don't like that).
You now hold the spot
Of the A# 1 most magnificent cat!

But once in a while
I am reminded
Our time will grow short,
So please help me to find it

In my heart to see when
You're feeling your age.
The day when you can't seem
To work up the rage

To jump on li'l Stevie
And show him who's boss ~
We'll be watching your back,
Because, just because.

Because we love you so
And we'd do anything
To make sure you know
How much sweet love you bring...

To our lives ev'ry day,
Since you entered it when
You were just a sweet, young,
Silly little kitten.

Oh! The joy that you brought
When you entered our lives
Has grown fifty times.
It's known far and wide

That you are the kitty
Who now holds the spot
Of our A-# 1, Most
Magnificent Cat!

-- Susan "Susie Squillions" Lynch for TJ © 2006

You sent me the following poem on March 8th, 2011 on the eve of your first Bridge Day. Thank you, my sweet Angel Soul Cat!

By Susan "Susie Squillions" Lynch, March 8th, 2011
On the eve of T.J.'s First Bridge Day

Where does time go
In the space of one year?
The memories, so distant
At once feel so near.
The scent of your fur,
The gaze in your eyes,
The sound of your purr...
Then I realize
That they're only memories
Of things I hold dear
From when you were with me
At this time last year.
It's all just a time warp.
Wherever you are
You live in my heart;
So near, yet so far.

T.J. made his journey at 1:51 PM on March 9th, 2010.

Three Years
March 8, 2013

Three years without my T.J.
Beside me night and day.
Three years now since his "Purr speak"
Told me all he had to say.

But Teege is always right here
Tucked deep within my heart.
I feel that steady rumble
Telling me we'll never part.

Three years since we looked into
Each others' loving eyes
But always and forever,
We'll feel each other's sighs.

Three years is just a measure
Of time used in this place.
There's no time in eternity
There's only love and grace.

T.J. & his Ever-Lovin' Brown-Eyed Momcat, Sooma
On the eve of our farewell anniversary. 03/08/2013

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