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Memories of Titi
Growing up an only child, he was my little brother & faithful companion. His little face & antics always made me smile. If I wasn't feeling well he knew & would lay right next to me. If I went away, he would go in my room & sleep there & meow looking for me my mother said. It's going to be 16 years now that I lost him but the memories are still fresh in my head & the pain is still fresh in my heart. I adopted two cats in 2010 & I have asked him to watch over them. My one kitty reminds me so much of him cause she has his personality & at times I feel like he came back to me. Even though she's a black kitty & he was yellow I feel she came to me for a reason.

I love you my baby very much & I miss you dearly. Thank you for the 17 years that you allowed me to share with you, thank you for the wonderful memories, trust & unconditional love. Someday we will be reunited & we will cross Rainbow Bridge together & will never part.

6/3/13 - Hi baby!! I've received many kind messages from friends that have visited you. I miss you!! I'm sure by now you've made many friends & are running around & playing. I love you!!

9/14/13 - Hello baby, I know I've been away a while but I didn't forget you. There's just a lot going on as I'm sure you know. I hope you're playing & having fun with your new friends. I love you!!

10/25/13 - Hello my sweet angel. Today is a tough day for me, today is the day you left me & passed on to a world where you didn't have to suffer anymore. I miss you so much my sweet boy, I will be getting you flowers just like I do every year. This is so hard to even write because the tears just keep coming. It's been 16 years but it still hurts as much as it did that day. I love you my angel & I know you're looking over my two kitties. Take care; just know I miss & love you very much!! Until the day we meet again, I send you big hugs & kisses but someday I'll be able to pick you up again & give you a big hug & kiss & we'll play again with your favorite little catnip mouse & your strings. Love you!!

10/25/14 - Hello my angel. The sadness & pain are still there but right now I'm picturing your little face waiting for me by the screen door. You knew it was treats time when you saw me coming but I loved spoiling you. I will be getting your flowers in a little bit. I know you're having fun playing with the other angels there with you. I send you lots of hugs & kisses & know I miss you very very much. Someday we'll be together again my little one, I'll see you there waiting for me like you always did. I love you very much & I miss you.

10/25/15 - Hello my sweetie. I miss you so much, it's been 18 years but I still feel the same sadness I felt that day. I miss you so much. I hope you somehow know how much I miss & love you. I'm going now to get your yellow flowers like I've done every year & I will put them next to your picture. I know you're happy playing with your friends but be nice, I know you didn't like sharing. :). I love you so much my sweetie, I send you lots of hugs & kisses!!

10/25/16 - Hello angel. I miss you & I have the yellow flowers here for you like I do every year. Today is a tough day but I know someday I'll get to see you again & we can play with your toys & I can see you run around like that little crazy kitty you always were. You always knew how to make me smile & you always knew when I needed a little friend to just listen to me & sit next to me. Be good little one, I know you get a little feisty. :). I love you angel, many hugs & kisses my baby.

10/25/17 - Hello Cutie, Can't believe it's been 20 years already but I still miss you & always willl - time has not made it easier & it will never make me forget you. I've cried baby but I know some day we'll be together again. Behave little one, don't act up too much. 😊. I love you very very much & I miss you dearly. Hugs & kisses always my little one. ❤️❤️

10/25/18 - Hey Cute Face, I miss you angel, this day is still tough. I will be getting the yellow flowers later & placing them by your picture like I always do. I can see your cute little face right now waiting by the door for me to come home from school or work. 😊 I love you so much & I miss you my little one. I send you lots of hugs, kisses & treats. ❤️😘

10/25/19 - Hi Baby, I got you the yellow flowers & they're right by your picture just like I do every year. I miss you angel. I send you lots of hugs & kisses. ❤️😘

10/25/20 - Hi My Angel, I already have the yellow flowers on a table for you with your picture. It still makes me so sad because I miss you so much. Daddy passed away this year and I know he is with you. Lots of hugs and kisses. I miss and love you so much!! 😘❤️

10/26/21 - Hi Baby, Sorry I couldn't write yesterday. I wasn't feeling very well. I do have your yellow flowers by your picture like always. Unfortunately, Charcoal & Tinkerbell passed away this year but now all three of you are together, my three beautiful kitties. I love you my angel and I miss you so much!! ❤️😘

10/25/22 - Hi Angel, I have your flowers by your picture as I do every year. We have two new kitties in the house, I know you are watching over them. I can't believe it's 25 years without you. I still miss you and love you very much my sweet baby. ❤️😘

10/25/23 - Hi my sweet baby, I have your flowers here by your picture. I've been thinking of you today. I miss you so much still. I know someday we'll be together again. I love you very much my angel. ❤️😘

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