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Memories of Tippy Toes
Tippy came into my life because Buddy was lonely. I brought her home from the APL and "gave" her to Buddy. He immediately became "Mr. Mom" to her and a friendship, soul mate relationship that spanned 15 years together began. When Buddy went to heaven in 2009, Tippy was so sad, she never really bounced back from the loss. My only consolation now is that the two of them are re-united in great meow-joy in Heaven.

Tippy was always opinionated and knew exactly what she wanted to do, or didn't want to do. As a kitten she kept me on my toes with many adventures...climbing our 6 foot tall fence and ending up on the neighbor's garage roof! Always seeking high places in the house, many a rescue from a door jam or credenza was needed. She was a true adventuress, daring and undaunted. After Buddy departed, Tippy began "riding" his motorcycle bed and became "Sidecar Sally" dreaming of many road trips on her hog... life will be so empty without her dare-devil antics.

She was a true beauty. Everyone who ever saw her commented on how lovely she was. At age 17, no one could believe her age as she continued to glow in her old age. She still enjoyed her daily walk outside to eat some yard grass, and people in the neighborhood watched in awe as I took her on her walk, as if she were a dog. She viewed her realm with the grace and dignity of a real Princess. If she had a vice, it was her demand for "me-owt" time, summer or winter. She needed her daily constitutional, rain or shine.

Thinking back over her life, the memories flow of such happy times together. The three of us, Buddy, Tippy, mom sitting in the fenced back yard, reading a book and bird and squirrel watching. Smelling the flowers, communing with God. Always together. Never alone.

God grants many gifts to us in His infinite love and mercy, the gift of His son and the assurance that I will one day be with Him and my beloved pets again IS the greatest gift, followed only by the "loan" of His miracle creations, Tippy and Buddy. He gave me the great privilege of being cared for by them and I am eternally grateful. TIPPY, MY BELOVED, KNOW THAT YOU ARE LOVED BEYOND WORDS. I will forever miss you. All my love, Mom XX OO

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