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Memories of Tino Martinez Michon
I have made SO many memories with my buddy Tino. Everyday he would make me laugh and smile. I remember, Every winter we would play in the snow together and eat the snow together in New York!! Another thing that I remember is that in the Summer, every time me and my sister would jump off the diving board you would always stay still, and stare at us until we jumped off! And then when we jumped off, you would run and jump over the diving board!!! I have yet to share all of my memories that I had with Tino. Tino was such an amazing dog. We both gave each other SO much love! I miss you SO much Tino! You ALWAYS made me happy!!!:)

I CAN'T believe that it has been a little over a week since we put my buddy down. It has been SO hard not seeing you when I wake up everyday and when I come home from school. I miss playing with you and running around with you. Just know that I have NEVER stopped thinking about you. I remember when I would always run around with you and try to steal your toys from you! Also, I remember when I was always scared I would have you come in my room.
I am still not used to not seeing everyday. And I'm sure that I will never get used to it because you have been my buddy for about 11 years. I LOVE and MISS you SO SO much Tino. :'( xoxoxoxo

Tino, even though we are getting another dog DOESN'T mean we are replacing you. We just need to be happy again. You were an AMAZING dog. NO OTHER DOG CAN EVER REPLACE YOU.

Hi Tino. It's Mama! I just wanted you to know what a gift you were to our family. You were my baby boy and will always be my baby boy. You brought so much love in to our home and I miss you every day. I still expect to see you laying on the floor in my bathroom or visiting me on my chair outside when I lay out in the sun. Or, when you come in my room to tell me it's lunch time. But one of the hardest things is when I take out the bag of pretzels and you don't come running in. I hate eating my pretzels alone! Besides the extra calories, I just loved to share them with you because I knew how much you loved them!
I hope you are having fun up in heaven with all your furry friends and that you're doing your run...run...run...up there just like when you were a puppy back in NY. We all miss you sooooo much and it's not the same without you. But, I can tell you this...we were so blessed to have you. You brought so much love into our home and we will cherish our memories of you forever. We all miss you and we will love you always! I'm looking at your picture right now..on my desk...and I'm so happy Jenna took this photo because I'll treasure it always. She's really a good photographer, you know. So, right now I'll say goodnight to you my baby boy. I'll visit again. But just know...you are always in my heart and will remain there forever.
Oh, how I wish I could rub your tummy right now!
Nite...Nite...my sweet boy!
I love and miss you so much!!!

December 19, 2014

Happy Birthday My Baby Boy! I hope you are having a special day with all your furry friends up in heaven. I wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday and let you know how much I love you and miss you! One of our greatest gifts was having you in our family and I will cherish all of my memories of you always. You are forever in my heart. So...go run run run and laugh and play and enjoy all of your pals in heaven. And know that we love you so very much. As I say to Jenna...to the moon and back...and that's very, very far!

Love, hugs and kisses,

Sept. 29th, 2015
I cant believe it has been one year without you. Everyday you made me laugh and smile. You were my best friend. Waking up and not seeing you everyday like I used to is really hard and I miss you more than you can ever imagine. You will always be loved and remembered. I love you! R.I.P - Jenna Pie :)

September 29, 2015
How can it be a year already that you crossed the Rainbow Bridge? A day doesn't go by that I don't think of my baby boy and your photo sits on my desk. But, I wish you were still here with us. We all miss you so much. Today was especially hard because it was the year anniversary that we lost you and then, your dopey brother ate the hugest pan of brownies! Isn't that just ridiculous?! Dogs can't eat chocolate! What a goofball! But he's fine now. I think he just has a tummy ache. I hope you're having fun with all your pals in heaven and that you run...run...run...and eat your bones and play with your toys. You are in my heart and that is where you will always be...forever and ever. Never forget how much Mama loves you!!! xoxoxoxoxo

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