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Memories of Tinkle
Tinkle was born on the 25th April,1998, and passed into God's tender care on the 9th July,2011. She was a very sweet natured and timid little angel. Tinkle came into my life when she was only 7 weeks old and went to Rainbow Bridge aged 13 years 3 months. Losing her was devastating but seeing her suffer was unbearable so I said goodbye. I kissed her, spoke to her and held her to my heart while the vet put her to sleep. My heart shattered into a million pieces. She was my constant companion. She gave me unconditional love and friendship - the kind no human can give. She hated fireworks and storms. She was uncomfortable with strangers but once she got to know them, and was sure they meant me no harm, she trusted them and showered them with affection, too. She was playful and loved fetching her ball, fetching sticks and playing tug with her toy dinosaur, Dino, and her rag doll, Dolly. Dino is buried with her in our garden under a Frangipani tree. I couldn't let her go alone. Dolly has stayed with me and I will be carrying Dolly in my arms when I go to meet my darling baby girl at Rainbow Bridge. My garden is a peaceful place and I can visit her whenever I want to. I have created a beautiful resting place for her - nothing more than she deserves. Losing her is the most tragic thing that has happened in my entire life. Without her my life is empty. There is no joy only emptiness. I have shed many, many tears but there are always more threatening to spill down my face at awkward moments like in the supermarket when I see the dog food, toys, her favourite treats, etc., in the car where she loved to take rides with me, seeing other people with their furbabies and other places too numerous to mention. I miss her so very much and my arms ache to hold her, especially at night in the lounge room where we would watch television and in bed where we would cuddle and fall to sleep together. Tinkle is with God now; she is waiting for me to join her at Rainbow Bridge. I know I will see her again. God has promised a reunion and I believe and trust in His word. Wait for me my little darling. Love you always. Yours forever, Mummy x

27th August, 2011.
It is now 7 weeks since I said goodbye to my darling furbaby, Tinkle. The house is so empty and I ache to hold you but that will happen in God's time when we are reunited on Rainbow Bridge. It is late winter here in Australia, and the tree that you are lying under is beginning to show signs of new life. Soon it will be covered with lush greenery and beautiful, scented white flowers - a fitting place for you to rest my angel. Mummy sends you love every minute of the day and at times I feel my heart swell with a comforting love that I know is coming straight from your heart to mine. Mummy loves you so much x

29th August, 2011.
Hello little Darling. Aunty Leanne emailed me today and she asked me to say "hello" to you for her. She misses you too. Each day I send my love, hugs and kisses across the universe all the way to you at Rainbow Bridge. Catch as many mummy kisses as you can, my baby girl, and hold them deep within your heart as I do with the one's you send to me. We will always be together. Love you heaps, Mummy x

31st August, 2011.
Mummy's here, my baby, sending you heaps of hugs and kisses. I hope you weren't too scared in the storm last night. You were always so frightened of storms and I wanted so much to hold you tight as I always did when we were together. I pray you were at Rainbow Bridge where there are no storms or that you where cuddling me and I didn't know you were with me. Perhaps you were in bed with Daddy. We both send you hugs and kisses, Mummy x

2nd September, 2011.
Hello baby girl. A few days have passed since I last wrote to you and I'm missing you more than ever. Daddy and I went to Baffle today and I found your tennis ball and your stick from last summer's holiday so I bought them home and placed them on your grave. They were your favourite toys, except for Dino who you have with you already. Lots of love and kisses my angel, Your forever Mummy x

6th September, 2011.
Thank you for visiting mummy yesterday. It was so special. Love you heaps my baby angel, Mummy x

10th September, 2011.
Hello Tinkle, Mummy and daddy are home again. Poor Cheryl was attacked by a naughty puppy but she is getting better, very slowly. Like Mummy, Aunty Jenny is still very sad and misses you. Mummy loves you my darling, Tinkle. Run and play in Heaven my precious baby girl. Mummy x

14th September, 2011.
Missing you my darling. Sending you kisses and hugs. Come and visit soon. Love, Mummy x

15th September, 2011.
Thank you for visiting Mummy last night. I love you my baby girl, Mummy x

18th September, 2011.
I guess you know that John came to stay for the weekend with daddy and I. I know you would have been so excited as you always thought the world of him. He missed you and said he felt sad that you are no longer here. I nodded, but I couldn't tell him you are still very near. Sleep in the arms of the angels my darling little girl. Love forever, Mummy x

23rd September, 2011.
Just to tell you how much I miss you my darling baby angel. Come and see mummy very soon. Hugs and Kisses, Mummy xxxxooooxxxxooooxxxx

28th September, 2011.
Hello my darling baby girl. Well, it's spring now and the Frangipanni tree that towers above your resting place is covered with leaves and flower buds. When the flowers open they will drop their beautifully scented petals around you giving your special place a splendid beauty. Mummy misses you and my arms ache to hold you. Life is nothing without you. Love forever, Mummy x

7th October, 2011.
Thinking of you today and everyday my precious Tinkle. Mummy loves you and misses you. Come and see me soon. Hugs & Kisses my baby. Love forever, Mummy x

18th October, 2011.
Hello precious Tinkle. I lit a candle for you tonight. I hope you could see its glow from Rainbow Bridge. Mummy sends her love to you in the candle's glow, and each flicker of the flame is a kiss on your little head and face. I miss you so much my darling baby girl, Mummy x

24th October, 2011.
My darling baby, It is now 14 weeks since I last saw your beautiful face and held your precious body close to my heart. I want you to know that I miss you terribly and love you much more than words can express. Hold my love in your heart until we can be together again in Heaven. I love you, Mummy x

5th November, 2011.
Sweet Tinkle, I need to tell you how much I miss you and love you. I found the gift you left for me and I have put it away for safe keeping. Thank you, my darling, I will treasure it always. Play happily and sleep peacefully, my baby, until we see eachother again. I long to hold you and kiss your sweet face when the angels take me to Heaven. All my love, Mummy, x

24th November, 2011.
Sweet Tinkle, It's nearly Christmas and 19 weeks have passed since you went to RB. Tomorrow I will be putting up our Christmas tree and I will miss you being there to help as you always did. I have bought a sweet little picture frame as a memorial ornament for you and will be putting your picture in it and hanging it on the tree. Christmas is going to be so hard without you. Mummy's heart aches for you. Please try to visit if you can. Love you, Mummy x

2nd December, 2011.
Sweet Tinkle, Mummy is very sad today as she has had to move house and leave you behind. Daddy says you are here with us in the new house but I'm not too sure about that. My darling, if you can will you please send me a sign to let me know you are still with us. Love you forever, Mummy x

14th December, 2011.
Hello my darling baby Tinkle. Thank you for visiting mummy at the new house. Daddy said you were here but mummy couldn't sense you were until you made your presence so strong that I knew you were watching me. Thank you for helping me through those first few days, for without you precious grave to visit, I don't know what I would have done without your visit. You have now gone back to Rainbow Bridge and I feel empty and alone. Please visit mummy again soon. I hope you like the little Christmas tree mummy sent you. You used to love looking at the lights and all the pretty decorations. Bless you our little angel. Love you forever, Mummy & Daddy xx

1st January, 2012.
Darling Tinkle, It is the beginning of the New Year and I must face another year without you by my side. How am I going to get through without your kisses and cuddles? On January 9th it will be six months since we parted from this earthly life together, and it has been the lonliest six months of my life. I just hope you are having fun at the bridge and are not moping around missing your Mummy. I took the Christmas tree down today and put it away as we always did on January 1st. I also took yours away from your residence and I have replaced it with a candle to signify my undying love for you. Mummy will put another Christmas tree there for you next December 1st - another of our customs, my precious one. How you loved Christmas, my little darling, all those pretty lights and glittler. And you were always partial to a little piece of chocolate, too. I hope the angels knew this and had a little bit of chokky there for you at the bridge. I want you to know that Mummy loves you and always will. Come and visit again soon. I will need you near to get through your six month anniversary. Love forever xox

9th January, 2012.
You came - I knew you would. Thank you for the gift you left for me. I now know you are near and that I can reach you whenever I need to. My heart is heavy and light all at the same time. Love you forever, Mummy x

12th January, 2012.
My precious Tinkle, It is now six months since you went to Rainbow Bridge. Sometimes it feels as though you have been gone forever and other times it seems like you only went yesterday. I miss you so much my baby girl. I found a long piece of grass on the carpet on your anniversary day and I couldn't help thinking that you had put it there just to let me know you are still near and that you still love me. Thank you for your gift. There are times when I can feel you so close to me and others when I just know that you have gone back to Rainbow Bridge. You must like it there otherwise you would stay with me for good. I am happy that you are content at the bridge but I am grateful that you find time to pay a visit every now and then. I hope you liked your anniversary poem that Mummy wrote especially for you called Six Months Ago, Today. Keep smiling my baby and before you know it we will be together again. For me, here on earth, the time will go slowly but for you, in Heaven, time moves swiftly so in a wag-of-the-tail I will be there. Remember, my love for you is never-ending. Hugs and kisses, Mummy x

21st January, 2012.
My baby Tinkle, Today has been yet another sad day without you by my side. I long to hold you again and feel your precious little body close to mine. I would give anything to hold you and to feel your sweet breath on my neck as you sleep snuggled close to my heart. I know one day we will be together again and I wait patiently for God to take me to you. Keep watching over me I need to know that you are near. Love you forever, Mummy x

28th January, 2012.
Sweet Tinkle, Thank you for visiting mummy in a dream. You must have been listening when I told you how my arms ached to hold you because you let me pick you up and hold you. It was wonderful to feel your body in my hands again if ony for a few seconds. I am so thankful that God, and the angels, helped you to come to me. They know how much your mummy misses you and how much she needs to know that you are still near. See you again soon my precious baby girl. All my love, Mummy x

9th February, 2012.
Darling Tinkle, It is eight months, today, since you went to Rainbow Bridge. Mummy is very sad tonight as I look at your precious pictures, and remember all the fun we had over the 13 years that God loaned you to me. I hope you are happy at Rainbow Bridge and that you are watching mummy doing all the things we did together like riding in the car and going to the fruit shop and the post office. I talk to you often, my baby girl, and I sing the silly little songs I made up for you. I know you can hear me because I feel you so close to me. Daddy sends his love to you and he misses you terribly as well. Be happy, my darling, and play with your new friends. Mummy and daddy will see you again when God takes us to Heaven. Mummy sends love, {{{hugs}}} and belly rubs. And lots of kisses too xxxxx

22nd February, 2012.
My darling baby girl, Mummy loves you with all my heart and soul and that I miss you more than words can express. You meant the world to me and I am so lonely, here on earth, without you by my side. Daddy sends love, hugs and kisses. He misses you too and gets very sad when we talk about you. I hope you like the Aussie flag that mummy gave you today. I know Pressy gave you one, too, but she put it in your Guestbook, so I thought you should have another on your residence. I hope you and Pressy are having heaps of fun chasing butterflies in the meadow. You always liked pussy cats and Pressy is so cute just like you are. Rest easy, precious Tinkle, and wait for mummy at the bridge. As soon as God says I can come to you - I will. Heaps of love my precious one, Mummy x

9th March, 2012.
My Darling little girl, It is 36 weeks, today, since you left me for Rainbow Bridge. Not a day goes by that I don't talk about you, sing to you and wish you were still here in my arms. I bought you some pretty flowers today and mummy will ask daddy to arrange to have them placed on your grave. The house is so quiet and lonely without your sweet presence. Daddy sends his love to you, my darling little Tinkle. He misses you so much too. I hope you have met Charlottle. She is a beautiful little pug who has just arrived at the bridge. Her mummy, Alison, hopes you will play with her sweet Charlottle, and help her settle in. Rest easy my precious baby. Mummy sends BIG hugs, kisses and cuddles to you at Rainbow Bridge. I love you with all my heart and soul, Mummy x

22nd March, 2012.
Hello precious Tinkle. Mummy's here my baby. I hope you are happy and having lots of fun at Rainbow Bridge. Please ask God if He can help you to come and visit mummy very soon. If not a visit, a dream will do. I just need to see you again as I miss you so much, my darling baby. I know daddy misses you lots too. When we talk about you he goes quiet - I think he is remembering you and the good times he shared with you. Mummy and Daddy love you so much and we send you heaps of hugs and kisses. You are my life, Mummy x

4th April, 2012.
My sweet angel Tinkle, Mummy is here today to tell you how much you are loved and missed. I know you are with me most of the time as I can feel you near so strongly. We are together still, Tinkle, but we exist on different planes that stop us from being able to touch each other, but those planes will connect the day God takes me to heaven to be with you forever. Until that day comes, my darling baby girl, keep watching over mummy and stay with me. I feel your love and I hope you feel mine. Rest easy my precious little mite, Mummy x

11th April, 2012.
My Darling Baby, Two days ago was the nine month anniversary of your passing. I missed you so much and was as sad as I was on the day you went away. I wrote a poem for you and I cried thinking about all the things we did together when you are I were physically together. I say 'physically' because I know you have never really left me as I feel you near so strongly. I am sorry that mummy missed lighting a candle for you at Monday's Candlelight Ceremony, but I just couldn't face being there with all the extra grief becasue my own grief was so overwhelming. Even daddy commented that I hadn't lit a candle for you either. He thought I had forgotten about you and that made mummy cry again. Daddy can be a bit of a duffer sometimes, hey. But, my baby, I want you to know that there is always a candle lit for you in my heart. The flame is bright and strong and it will never go out. I will love you forever. Mummy x

23rd April, 2012.
Darling Baby Girl, It's your birthday on the 25th April, your first birthday at the bridge, and we will not together to share our joy for the first time in 14 years. My heart is breaking all over again and my lonliness is overwhelming. Ask God to help you come to visit mummy on your birthday and please let me know that you are close by. I will probably know though, as I will be able to feel the warmth of your love penetrating my being and touching my heart. I miss you terribly, my sweet Tinkle. I will love you forever, Mummy x

25th April, 2012.
Happy 14th Birthday my darling Tinkle. I miss you terribly and my heart is full of love for you. Have fun with your friends today my precious one. Mummy, x

7th May, 2012.
How's mummy's precious little baby girl? My darling, your first birthday at the bridge has passed and I can tell you that without you with me to share your special day, April 25th, 2012, will go down as one of the lonliest days since you have been gone. If it hadn't been for Julie and Susan, Mummy would not have been able to get through the day at all. All I could think about was that you were not here to share your birthday cuddles and kisses with Mummy. I sang the birthday song to you at midnight - I hope you heard me singing to you my baby. You always loved it when Mummy sang our special songs, especially that little lullaby that Mummy put all those silly words to. I miss our goofy little songs and I miss the way you reacted to the words you understood. I love you my darling baby girl. YOU ARE MY HEART. Love forever, Mummy x

22nd May, 2012.
Hello Sweetheart, It's almost 11 months now since you left for Rainbow Bridge. The lonliness never stops just as my love for you will never end. Mummy and Daddy have bought a new house and we will be leaving here at the end of this week. Please come with us. Daddy says you will, but Mummy just wanted to make sure you knew we want you to come more than anything else. You will love it there as there is a really big garden and plenty of grass for you to roll in and to play games on with mummy. Please let me know you are with us when we get to the new house. We love you so very, very much, Mummy & Daddy x

9th June, 2012.
My Sweet Baby Girl, Today is the 11 month anniversary of your passing and Mummy misses you terribly. I am sending you hugs, kisses and love from my heart to yours. I know you watch over me and look after me through Susan. She loves you too and looks forward to your sweet visits. Please visit Mummy soon. I really need to see you in my dreams and, if I'm very blessed, to touch you again just like I did when you visited me all those months ago. Mummy thinks about you all the time and talks and sings to you every day. Mummy is waiting for the day we can be together again. I love you my darling x

1st July, 2012.
In 8 days time you will have been at Rainbow Bridge for one year. I never knew what loneliness really was until you went away. I think of you all the time and I talk to you as I did when we were together - I hope you can hear me. I send you love from my heart to yours - I hope you can feel it. I love you and always will. You are my baby girl. Love, Mummy X

3rd July, 2012.

My Darling Tinkle,

One year ago the angels came to take you Home
I saw them at your side as you slept
They were singing and smiling
Their eyes were brimming with tears
They had been watching over you for so long
And now you are gone Home to God.
Godspeed, my dear little friend
Even though my heart is breaking
I know that one day you will return with them
To visit me and one day to bring me Home
Until that time comes have a peaceful journey
I will love you always ...

Mummy xox

9th July, 2012.

No One Will Ever Know

Sweet Tinkle no one will ever know
How much I love you and miss you so
What I thought would end has continued to grow
Since you left my side one year ago.

Precious Tinkle no one will ever know
How I reach out for you and pretend that I feel
The softness of you and the warmth of your love
As you sleep by my side, in dreams, from above.

Darling Tinkle no one will ever know
How the sound of your name starts the tears to flow
How the pain and the lonliness will never go away
Until we're together in Heaven to stay.

But the special things death can't erase
Is when I close my eyes I can still see your face
And my memories are treasures no one can steal
They warm a heart that will never heal.

With love from your Mummy x

23rd July, 2012.
Hello my darling baby girl. Thank you for the beautiful double rainbow you sent to me on the Saturday before your 1st anniversary at Rainbow Bridge. You knew that Mummy would be extra sad on that day because it was Saturday on the day you died last year. And thank you for visiting Mummy last Friday evening. I have been waiting a long time for a visit from you, my darling. I know you watch over me everyday but having the chance to hold you and kiss you was so special. My heart has been warmed. And thank you for leaving messages for me with Aunty Susan. She tells Mummy everything that happens. I was happy to hear that your leg is better and that you showed her Mummy's car. We had such a lot of fun in that car, didn't we! How you loved going for rides with Mummy - going to the shops and the Post Office to collect the mail. And how you used to bark when you couldn't see Mummy in the fruit shop. Everyone knew you were there - they could all hear you calling out to me LOL!!! Sleep peacefully, precious Tinkle. Daddy & I will love you always x

6th August, 2012.
Hello my precious baby girl. Well, August is here and the cold of winter will soon be giving away to beautiful spring days. Mummy has planted some pretty flowers - I wish you were here to tend them with me the way you used to. I always remember how you loved to chase the little grasshoppers out of Mummy's garden. Watching them hop kept you fascinated and gave Mummy plenty of laughs. You were so funny my darling. I miss you so very, very much but knowing you are free from pain and suffering keeps me putting one foot in front of the other. I love you so, so much my baby girl. Mummy sends you love and big hugs and kisses form her heart to yours. Sleep peacefully sweet Tinkle. Love always, Mummy x

17th August, 2012.
My precious darling, Mummy is here again to tell you I love you and to send you heaps of kisses and cuddles. Muffy has been a very sick boy and had to go to hospital for two days. Aunty Jenny was very worried but, thanks to many prayers, he is getting better. We thought he might come to you at the bridge but God has not called him Home yet. He probably knows how much Aunty Jenny needs Muffy to be with her for a while yet.
I hope you have met up with Katie. You were always such good friends and she will be a little lost at Rainbow Bridge until she learns the ropes. Mummy is counting on you to help poor old Katie settle in.
Sleep peacefully on fluffy clouds my little sweetheart. Love you forever, Mummy x

26th August, 2012.

Please wrap your loving arms around Tinkle
She is my very special baby girl.
Please kiss her softly on the nose, Lord,
and tell her it's from her Mummy.
Please take time out, dear Lord, just for a minute,
to whisper in her ear
Tell her that I will always love her
And forever hold her in my heart.

With thanks,

Tinkle's Mummy.

8th September, 2012.
Thinking of you today, and always, my darling Tinkle. Having to be apart is so painful but God has promised that we will see each other in Heaven; and the best part is nothing will ever separate us again. Be patient, my precious baby, for God will decide when the time is right so we can only wait for that joyous day to come. Until then, know that I love you with everything I am. You will always be my baby girl, and I your loving Mummy.

Precious Tinkle...
When tomorrow starts without your Mummy,
Please don't think that we're apart.
For everytime we think of eachother,
We're together - heart to heart.

Eternal love,

Mummy x

10th September, 2012.

In Loving Memory of Tinkle
Who passed into God's care on the 9th July, 2011.

My Darling Tinkle,

Fourteen months have passed since you went Home to God. That dreadful day I had to part with you - the worst day of my life plays over and over in my mind scraping like talons at the gaping wounds left by your loss. Surely there was something someone could have done to spare you, but you were too sick and nothing could be done to save your precious life.
I had no idea how deeply painful your passing would be - how the cruel, gut-wrenching grief would rip my heart to shreds and leave it shattered and irreparable.
Hadn't I rehearsed losing you months earlier when your heart failed? I cried then, in private, anywhere you could not see me fall apart for you worried so when you'd see me unhappy.
Oh, I knew there would be tears, lots of them, because I loved you so much but I expected they would eventually dry up and only numbness would remain. Instead the pain has gotten worse and the tears flow daily - when I hear your name, see your photos, sing one of our special songs and when I see your beautiful face in my dreams.
I just hope your grieving isn't as hard as mine for I simply couldn't bear to know you were fretting for me. I pray God has given you lots of chores to keep you busy. I know how much you loved having special things to do. You loved to entertain me with your funny antics, you loved protecting me and making sure I was okay.
My darling baby, I pray you are happy in Heaven and have found some wonderful friends to play with until we can be together again. Of course I have met lots of mummies and daddies who miss their angel babies as smuch as I miss you. Actually, I suspect you may have arranged for us to meet, didn't you! I know you would have wanted them to stay close, to be there for Mummy when the pain of your loss becomes unbearable.
God bless you, my darling Tinkle, take care and wait at the bridge for me for God has promised a joyous reunion when we will cross the bridge together never to be separated again.
Until that day arrives, sweet Tinkle, ask God if you can visit Mummy from time to time. And ask the angels to help you leave signs for Mummy - rainbows, butterflies, a gentle touch ... anything ... just so I know you are still close by. And if for any reason you can't arrange for these things to happen, just send your love from your heart to mine.

I will always love you.

Hugs, cuddles and kisses,

Your Forever Mummy xox

25th September, 2012.
The weeks and months are rolling by precious Tinkle and the grief of your passing is nestled within the recesses of my heart where it will forvever reside until we can be together again in Heaven. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you and wish you were physically beside me. Even though I know your spirit will be forever watching over me it is not the same as holding you in my arms, feeling your heart beat next to mine and your sweet breath on my neck as you sleep in my arms. No one will ever know how deeply your loss has affected me. I will always cry. Long after the outward tears abate I will continue to cry on the inside. You were/are my precious little baby girl, my Heavenly angel-child, loaned to me by God. I was/am so lucky to be your Mummy. Eternal love, Mummy x

4th October, 2012.
My Darling Tinkle, Mummy just wanted to say "hello" and let you know that I never stop thinking about you and wishing you were here by my side. I miss you so much, precious Tinkle, and life is not the same without you. Grandpa has assured me that Pressy is with you and that you play together in the meadow chasing butterflies. I am so happy knowing you are not alone. Please come and visit mummy very soon. Hugs & Kisses forever, Mummy x

15th October, 2012.

My Precious Tinkle ...

You're so sadly missed along life's way
You're quietly remembered every day
You're no longer in my life to share
But in my heart ...
You're always there.

With love always,

Your forever Mummy x

23rd October, 2012.
Darling Tinkle, Mummy has dropped by to give you hugs, cuddles, kisses and belly rubs. You are always in my heart. You are my everything. As I often told you, "What a lucky Mummy I am". You loved hearing me say this didn't you. I meant every word. I miss you so very much my precious Tinkle. Life has lost so much meaning without you by my side. Sleep peacefully my precious. Love always, Mummy x

30th October, 2012.

For Tinkle, My Beloved Furangel ...

Go on and mention my baby
The one who's passed away
Don't worry about hurting me further
For that ... there is no way.

Don't worry about making me sad
I'm already crying inside
Help me to heal by releasing
Those tears I've learned to hide.

I'm hurting when you keep silent
Pretending she didn't exist
I'd rather you mention my baby
Knowing how greatly she's missed.

When you ask me how I'm doing
I say "pretty good" or "fine"
But healing is something ongoing
I feel it will take a lifetime.

7th November, 2012.
"Good Morning Tinkle" Sorry Mummy didn't get to say good morning to you at this week's Candlelight Ceremony but it seems there were technical problems. Just know, my darling, that I was thinking about you, as I always do, and I was there for you. Rest peacefully my baby. I love you and will always be YOUR Mummy x

27th November, 2012.
Good Morning my darling. The Monday Candlelighting Ceremony has just finished and, as always, I feel so alone without you by my side. I always feel so close to you at the ceremony and it makes your loss even harder to bear when it's over and I go back to my lonely world without you in it. It's almost 17 months since you went to Rainbow Bridge to wait for me and Christmas is almost upon us again. This will be the second Christmas without you. I miss you so much. I miss your funny little ways, your beautiful face and, most of all, the unconditional love you gave so freely to Mummy. In a few days time I will decorate the tree and I know you will be here helping me do it. You loved all the bright ornaments and how the tree lights danced. You never could catch them no matter how hard you tried. Nevertheless, you persisted - it was one of your funny little games that made Mummy laugh so hard. I will never laugh like that again - there is no reason to. Hugs and kisses, Mummy X

4th December, 2012.
Hello precious baby girl. It is only three weeks to Christmas and my heart aches for you. Mummy has placed a Christmas tree, with pretty lights on it, in your residency site. I hope you like it. There is also a little gift of love for you from Mummy & Daddy. We love you darling and miss you everyday x

22nd December, 2012.
Darling Tinkle, As Christmas approaches I am reminded of how much I have lost by your passing. Christmas was our very special time of the year. You loved helping me put up the tree; the pretty lights, the glitter and all the yummies just made everything so happy and special for both of us. This is our second Christmas apart my baby and there is an ache in my heart that no goodies can ease. As the song says, "all I want for Christmas is you". Please come to visit mummy if you can even if only for a few minutes. Hugs and kisses, Mummy x

25th December, 2012.
Merry Christmas my precious Tinkle. I hope you know how much mummy misses you. Christmas is not the same without you, my darling. I love you so very much, Mummy x

1st January, 2013.
Mummy took your Christmas tree down today, my darling, as was our custom when you were by my side. Have a very happy New Year, my precious. Mummy's heart is your heart. Love you forever x

20th January. 2013.
My darling, Another new year has dawned, the second since you went to the bridge. The pain in my heart is still raw but I have been able to accept that you are gone. Mummy will see you one day when her time comes - God has promised me that. My sweet Tinkle, Mummy misses you so very much and loves you with all her heart. Keep happy, my baby, and run and play with your new friends until we are together again. Lots of Hugs & Kisses, Mummy x

29th January, 2013.
Hello my darling baby girl. Just letting you know that Mummy is okay after the floods and fires that have touched our town over the past few weeks. You were always so frightened of storms and hated the sound of thunder. I remember holding you firmly while your little body would shake so hard with fear. I remember whispering in your ear, trying to take your mind off the noise - I hope it helped a little. I was your Mummy and, like all caring mummies, all I ever wanted to do was to protect you, to take away your fears and your pain. On our final day together I gave you the gift of Heaven. If I had known how much pain your leaving would cause, I don't know if I would have had the courage to let you go but I guess God was there to help me face what had to be done. I only hope you understand how hard it was for me to let you go. You were suffering and so terribly ill. My precious baby, Mummy thinks about you every day and misses you terribly. You will always be my everything. See you again one day my darling. Heaps of love and kisses, Mummy X

24th February, 2013.
I can't believe how fast the months are passing, my darling. It won't be long now to your birthday on the 25th April. Mummy spoke to Aunty Judith and she told me that your brother, Anzac, was already at the bridge when you arrived. Did he know you? You hadn't seen each other for so many years. Did you see Fluffy, Georgie and Charlie as well? I hope you have been nice to Charlie and don't tease her like you used to. She is a beautiful little girl and much more timid than you are so be very good to her. Uncle Jason thinks he might come to visit soon. I remember that time Jason came to our place for my birthday two years ago, it the last time you saw him. You always made a big fuss of Jason. It was so cute. You sat by him the whole time he was with us, didn't you? But you never took your eyes off me, my precious. You were always guarding mummy no matter what else was going on. I loved the way you did that. I always felt so special. Mummy talks to you everyday, my baby, I hope you can hear me. I send you my love every day as well and I often feel you close to me. Stay close, Tinkle, mummy needs her baby girl so very much. I love you Tinkle and always will. Hugs & Kisses, Mummy x

5th March, 2013.
I spoke to you today, my darling, and I felt you so close to me. It is nearly 20 months since you went to Rainbow Bridge and my heart is still filled with sorrow. You meant the world to me - you were, and always will be, my everything. Not many people understand how I feel, they think I should have 'gotten over' losing you by now but I never will. I look so forward to the day we will be reunited in Heaven. What a joy-filled day that will be! Until then, my precious Tinkle, stay close to mummy. Hugs, Kisses & Tummy rubs, Your forever Mummy x

19th March, 2013.
Thank you for your visit last night, my darling. I think you knew that mummy has been missing you more than ever lately; especially not having you with me for my birthday. I just want you to know that your visit has made mummy feel a lot better - at least for now. I love you, my baby, and I miss you so very, very much. Please be happy at Rainbow Bridge, my precious Tinkle, and wait there for me to arrive. I will come I just don't know when only God knows that, but I will definitely come. Then we will be together, forever. All my love and hugs, Mummy x

26th March, 2013.
I love you my darling x

22nd April, 2013.
Three days to your 15th birthday. My heart is breaking. I love you more than anything else in my life. I am your forever Mummy x

25th April, 2013.
Happy Birthday Darling Tinkle. My heart is breaking today knowing that we can't be together on your special day the way we once were. But all Mummy can do is to send you her love and ask God and the angels to make your day special for me. I will always love you, Mummy x

27th April, 2013.
My Darling, I hope you had a lovely birthday with all your friends at Rainbow Bridge. Mummy missed you so much. Well, she always does everyday. Our time on earth together was too short but I thank God for the 13 years we had together. I love you with all my heart ad soul and I wait impatiently for the day we will be together again in Heaven. I was so luck to be chosen by God to be your mummy. You loved it when I would tell you, "what a lucky mummy I am." I remember you would look really coy but I could see it made you happy to hear me tell you anyway. My precious Tinkle,your 2nd anniversary at the bridge is quickly rolling around and that terrible day is stamped on my heart as the worst day of my life. Please have fun with your little friends Pressy, Jamie, Bear, Ginger, Miles, Maddi-Lynn, Ginger and all the others I know you play with. Always be there to welcome newcomers to the bridge as they will need you to help them get used to being away from their loving parents. Be happy my little sweetheart. Mummy's love is always with you x

11th May, 2013.
My darling baby girl, Mummy is here today to send you love, hugs and kisses. I miss you so much my little Tinkle. Winter is nearly here now - those lovely cold nights and days when we would huddle together under a rug and have a little nap together are here but you are gone. I know you are close because I often feel you watching me as you did when we were together. I really need you to come to me in a dream so that I can touch you again. It's been almost a year since your last dream visit. What a wonderful dream that was. I heard your whimper and when I opened my eyes, in my dream, you were sitting on my lap. I pulled you close and kissed your nose, twice. I held you and then you were gone. The peace I felt after I really woke up was so beautiful and so comforting. My heart ached with love for you just as it still does everyday. I love you, my precious Tinkle, and I always will. Mummy will see you soon. Until then play and have fun with your rainbow family. Nestle in God's arms when you get lonely for mummy's arms and know that mummy's heart is always sending you love x

7th June, 2013.
Hello my darling, Did you notice that Aunty Yeanne left you a message in your Guest Book? She rang mummy and we had a great talk - it was so good to hear from her and to talk about what she has been doing since we saw her last. She misses you, too, and sends her love to both of us. She loved you and you loved her back. Perhaps you might try to visit her or send her love or a sign so she will know that you are still around watching over her. She has had a pretty tough time and I know she would love to hear from you. My darling, daddy sends his love to you and I know how much he misses you too. Take care precious Tinkle and have fun in the meadow playing with all your friends. I hope you are being really good and not giving Pressy too much trouble. She is looking after you for mummy until we can be together again. All my love, my baby. Mummy x

2nd July, 2013.
In just 7 days you will have been at Rainbow Bridge for 2 years. My heart is aching all over again, my darling, as I remember the pain of your passing and the agony my heart still suffers each day since you left my side. Only those who have lost a dearest friend can relate to my feelings of deep loss. I know you are still with me in spirit and, I believe, you are watching over me and protecting me as you always did. Love does not die. Stay close, my baby. We will always be an inseparable pair. Love you forever my precious Tinkle x

9th July, 2013.
My darling baby girl. Today is your second anniversary at Rainbow Bridge. Mummy is here to send you lots and hugs and kisses and to tell you that no matter how much time passes you will always be my baby girl and I will always be your forever mummy. Aunty Susan has been looking after mummy and making sure I am okay. Mummy has had some lovely messages from her dear friends as well. Dave, Sue & Marleigh Mae (Maddi-Lynn's family) have sent a beautiful message to you and so did Pressy's Grandpa. I hope you are being good for Pressy and not being naughty or running away from her so she can't find you. You did that to mummy a few times didn't you. Mummy was so scared she would lose you and had to scold you on more than one occasion. You knew how much mummy loved you and you would always smooch until I forgave you. I hated getting cross with you as much as you hated me being cross with you. I knew that and could never stay cross with you for long. One cuddle and our little spat was always forgotten and the love we shared made everything right again. Aunty Susan told me that you visited her last night so I hope it's my turn tonight. I know it's hard to come into mummy's dreams since the doctor gave me meds to sleep but keep trying my darling. Afterall you've managed to get there a few times. Holding and kissing you right now would give mummy so much joy and peace. I know you are always with me and I often feel you watching me. I'm sorry that I cried so much today. I know you hated mummy being upset but I miss you so terribly. Please don't worry about mummy. I have some wonderful friends on RainbowsBridge who care about me and are looking after mummy for you. I want you to be happy, my darling, and play with all your friends in Paradise Meadow. God will let mummy join you when my work on earth is complete. I dream of the day we will be together for all eternity. Yours forever, Mummy x

12th August, 2013.
Dear God, please hold my baby in your loving arms today and always, and make sure she has lots of fun and is not fretting for me too much. Knowing you are taking care of her brings me peace and lightens my very heavy heart.

2nd September, 2013.
My darling baby Tinkle, Mummy is here to tell you that you are loved and missed everyday. Nothing is the same since you went to Rainbow Bridge. Life has lost its glow and 'real' happiness is never with me anymore. I hope you are happy, my darling, and I hope God and the angels are keeping you safe for mummy. Please don't worry about mummy & daddy because we are okay. We have each other and we talk about you often. Only today we were telling Bob how you would get uneasy when mummy cut daddy's hair with the clippers because you knew that after I finished daddy's hair cut you were next for a trim. Mummy smiled as she remembered the way you would try to lie low thinking I couldn't see you. Tears filled my eyes as the memories flooded into my mind. I had a nurse of a lovely little puppy called Oui. She is beautiful but she is not you. No puppy will ever replace you in mummy's heart. There is a huge hole in my heart, my darling, in which you are snuggling. Stay close to mummy my precious baby girl. I know you are still watching over mummy & daddy and keeping us from harm. You will always be our darling little girl. We love you and always will x

10th September, 2013.
Missing you my darling and sending you heaps of hugs & kisses. I will always be your Mummy and I will always love you. Sleep peacefully my darling Tinkle x

24th September,
There was so many heart broken parents at today's service. My heart broke again for them and for myself. I could feel their pain so acutely just like it was yesterday that you went away . My darling the pain of losing you will never leave my body until we are together again. Just when I think I'm doing a little better the tears fall and my heart breaks all over again. The tears are never far below the surface, my baby, you mean/t too much to me to ever forget you. Life will never be a rich as when you were by my side. I will always love you x

1st October, 2013.
My darling baby girl. Mummy is sorry that she hasn't visited you or wrote to you for a while but she has been trying to come to terms with losing you. I know time has passed but it is only now that my heart is beginning to accept what my head has known for more than two years - you are really gone. I know you are in Heaven waiting for me and I know that God and the angels are taking good care of you and that eases my heart a little but I miss you so very much that life stretches before me with each day so very empty without you here to share my life with me. Yes, I know you are with me in spirit as sometimes I feel you watching me almost as if you were in the room with me. After all we love each other too much to forget our time together. Please be happy in Heaven little baby girl. Mummy is with you there in thought and she sends her love to you every day. I promise you that one day we will be together and no one will ever separate us again. Yours forever, Mummy x

19th November, 2013.
Hello sweet Tinkle. Mummy is here to send you heaps of hugs and kisses. Daddy & I miss you so very much and we often talk about you and the funny little things you used to do. We smile when we have these conversations and then later on mummy cries because she misses you so very much. You were only a tiny little baby but you had such a huge personality. You understood everything about me and you were always here beside me. You gave mummy & daddy so much joy over the 13 years & 3 months you spent with us as our much loved & cherished baby girl. But there were times, too, that you were a bit of a handful but mummy loved you too much to ever be put out by your stubbornness and free spirited ways. And now you are in Heaven with God! Tinkle, you will always be our special little angel watching over us from Heaven and sending us your love. We know you have never really gone away and that you are still here with us in spirit. Please wait patiently for we will be reunited when God tells us the time has come. What a joy filled reunion that will be. Take care, my angel. We will love you forever, Mummy x

18th December, 2012.
Hello precious baby girl. Mummy has put your Christmas tree up in your residence today. I have also left you a little gift that's filled with love for you. There is also a little cuddly toy for you to play with. Mummy has put your picture on the tree at home. Mummy looks at you every day and wishes you were still here with us. Daddy sends his love too. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas with God and the angels. We love you so very much darling Tinkle x

25th December, 2013.
Merry Christmas my precious baby girl. I hope you have lots of fun playing with all your little friends in the meadow. Mummy & daddy miss you very much and we send you all the love in the universe from earth to Rainbow Bridge. You will always be our little girl x

1st January, 2014.
Happy New Year darling. Mummy took the Christmas Tree down today and has come here to take yours down too. Lots of love & hugs precious Tinkle x

20th January, 2014.
My darling baby girl mummy's here sending her love to you today and always. Hugs and kisses to you sweet Tinkle. Mummy has a little task for you. It's Coco's 2nd anniversary without his mummy today and I want you to cheer him up. He will be missing his mummy Barbara so very much and I want you to tell him that his mummy loves him and will never forget him. She is very sad and would be very grateful if you could do this little job for her. I hope you are happy, my precious, and not finding it tough being away from me. I miss you sweetheart and you are never far from my mind. You are always nestled in my heart. Please stay there until we are together again in Heaven. I love you so very, very much. Sleep peacefully my precious little angel x

13th February, 2014.
Daring Tinkle mummy is very sorry for forgetting to add your name to the list for prayers last Tuesday morning. I don't know why I forgot as you are never very far from my mind. I know I thought of doing it a few times over the days before but each time something cropped up to take my attention away. My darling mummy is so, so sorry.
I know grandpa is always there for you and I know he says 'Good Morning' to you if I am not there but it's not the same. Anyway, my precious little darling mummy send you heaps of love and I hope you can forgive me for being so dumb. I love you and always will, Mummy. PS Daddy sends love too x

13th March, 2014.
Mummy is celebrating her birthday today but there is an ache in her heart because you are not here in the way you once were. I want to hold you, kiss you and cuddle you but I can't. My darling, you are lying deep within my heart and I can feel you there waiting until the good Lord says it's time for us to be reunited. Mummy will always miss you and love you with all her heart. Daddy sends love too. Not long now till your birthday either. I know God and the angels will be planning lots of fun things for you to do with your friends on your special day. Eternal love, Mummy & Daddy x

28th May, 2014.
Life goes on, my darling, but there is no joy without you in my arms. Mummy thinks about you everyday and when she looks at your picture her heart breaks all over again. Nearly three years have passed since you left but time has done nothing to heal the pain. I hope you are happier than I am. If I had to think of you being sad or lonely I could no longer cope with the separation. Come and see mummy again soon sweetheart. Just to let me know you're okay.
Mummy found this beautiful verse and it reminded her of you and me and how the time God gave us here on earth was so precious and life changing for me. I hope you like it too:

Those we love remain with us
For love itself lives on.
And cherished memories never fade
Because a loved one's gone.
Those we love can never be
more than a thought apart,
For as long as there is 'memory'
You'll live on in my heart.

Forever Yours, Mummy x

4th July, 2014.
Darling Tinkle, Today your sister Cheryl joined you at Rainbow Bridge. Please help her settle in. She will be frightened and lonely.
July 9th will be your 3rd anniversary at RB. I can't believe three years have passed by so quickly as it seems like only yesterday that I held you close to my heart as you left this world to be with God. But then I think how long it is since I held you in my arms and kissed your beautiful face and every one of those years have simply dragged past. Life is so lonely and meaningless without you by my side. I try hard to get excited about life but ... I miss you so very much. I miss everything about you.
Please know that mummy will always love you and Cheryl. You are both mummy's very special girls xx

25th August, 2014.
For my darling baby girls with love .....

To the living, I am gone.
To the sorrowful, I will never return.
To the angry, I was cheated,
But to the happy, I am at peace,
And to the faithful, I have never left.
I cannot be seen, but I can be heard.
So as you stand upon a shore, gazing at a beautiful sea - remember me.
As you look in awe at a mighty forest and its grand majesty - remember me.
As you look upon a flower and admire its simplicity - remember me.
Remember me in your heart, your thoughts, your memories of the times we loved,
the times we cried, the times we fought,the times we laughed.
For if you always think of me, I will never be gone.

By Margaret Mead (1901 - 1978)

Yours forever, Mummy XX

4th November, 2014.
My Darlings, Please forgive mummy for not putting a message on RB this week. I am so sorry but I forgot it was Tuesday. Please know that I never forget you & Cheryl. You are always in my thoughts. I talk to you every day. I guess I'm just getting old and silly. Never forget that mummy loves you with all her heart xx

25th December, 2014.
Merry Christmas my darlings. I miss you both so very much today. The pain of your absence is raw and even more so on this very special day of the year. Tinkle, I miss how we used to play while we put up the Christmas tree together. How you loved to chase the flickering lights and listen to mummy sing our special songs. I don't put those lights up now you have gone because it is too painful for me to do so. I sang to you today too Tinkle I hope you could hear me. Cheryl, you loved your dinner and would beg for numerous morsels as daddy & I prepared our family dinner. You always knew you would get what you asked for from mummy as I could never ignore pleas for those little extras you enjoyed so much. I always bought you both a present and you seemed to know which one was yours without being told. The house is so empty now without you, my darling babies, but I know that in time we will be together again. Take special care of each other and be good. Your forever mummy xx

26th January, 2015.
Hello my darling angel babies. Mummy came in today to leave a message for you for Australia Day and then realised she had not yet taken down your Christmas tree. Silly old mummy is getting so absent minded lately. So sorry. Please don't feel that I don't care as this could not be further from the truth. You are always on my mind and in my heart. That will never change. I miss you both terribly. Life is so very lonely without you both. Take care and be good for Pressy and Maddi-Lynn. Say hello to Jamie from her daddy and tell her that he misses her and loves her very much. Love always, Mummy xx

6th April, 2015.
Happy Easter my darlings. Mummy & daddy send love and cuddles to you both all the way to RB. Your birthday is on the 25th of this month, Tinkle, and Mummy's heart is aching with missing you. It is almost four years since I held you to my heart and said goodbye. I still can't believe you are gone. Time passes but the heart refuses to heal. Thank you for the kiss. I hope you had a wonderful Easter at RB with your sister, Cheryl, the angels and all your friends. Mummy will always love you both xx

25th April, 2015.

Happy 17th Birthday Tinkle. Mummy found this poem and it is your gift from me. I hope you like it.

Sometimes I smile ...
I know you're near.
It's not enough,
You are not here.
You left with LOVE
when you went away,
And a piece of me
Went with you that day.
The years roll by,
I'm not the same.
But in my heart,
You will ALWAYS remain.

I hope your friends give you a great birthday party at RB.

Lots of love, Mummy xox

20th May, 2015.

I wish I could have told you both,
In words you'd understand.
I wanted you to stay with me,
This wasn't what I'd planned.

I wish somehow to tell you both,
How empty I now feel.
A part of me went with you,
A part that time can't heal.

I wish I'd once more hear you,
Your tap, tap on the floor.
To hold you in my arms again,
And stroke your silken hair.

I wish I had you back again,
To fill this empty space.
But one day we'll be together,
In a far, far better place.

All my love to you Tinkle & Cheryl, Mummy xx

1st June, 2015.
To my darling babies, Tinkle & Cheryl. I will always love you xx

Mummy can you feel us?
Do you know we're near?
We wish we could be there with you
To wipe away your tears.

We know you're hurting Mummy,
We see it everyday.
If only we could let you see
We really are okay.

Heaven is so pretty, Mummy
A greener brighter ridge.
We're spending time with Jesus
While we're waiting at the bridge.

We know you've things to do on Earth
Until your time is done.
But when THAT day comes Mummy
Into your arms we'll run ...

25th April, 2017.
Happy 19th Birthday my darling little Tinkle. Mummy loves you today and always xox

9th July, 2017.
Happy Anniversaries my darling babies. Cheryl you have been gone for three years and Tinkle for six years. My heart still aches for you both. Love Always, Mummy xox

18th January, 2018.
Missing you both, my darlings.Mummy sends love and cuddles always xx

5th July, 2018.
Happy 4th Anniversary darling Cheryl. Please know that you are still greatly missed and will be forever loved by Your Mum & Dad xx

9th July, 2018.
Seven sad years have passed since my darling little Tinkle let for Rainbow Bridge. I know that she is waiting for me and we will reunite in God's time. Mummy & Daddy send our love to you our precious Tinkle. You are never far from our thoughts xx

25th December, 2018.
It's Christmas once more and my heart aches with sadness and loss. It is now 7 years since you left for RB Tinkle and 4 years for you Cheryl. Mummy loves you both and always will xx

23rd March, 2019.
To my darling girls. They sleep in my heart xx

Sometimes in the still of night I feel you near
I speak to you and I call your names.
I shed a tear. Do you hear me?
Peace follows. The angels watch over you.
You were mine for a fleeting moment.
Now you're home ... with God ...
One day we will be together again.

Love you my angels. Mummy xx

14th December, 2019.

Merry Christmas my little darlings. Mummy & Daddy send love & kisses to you both. Miss you more than words can express. Nothing is the same without you xxoxxoxx

9th July, 2021.

Remembering July 9,2011 when you went to RB Tinkle and also your sister Cheryl who arrived at RB on July 5, 2014. My heart has never mended. All my love to you both xoxoxoxox

July 18, 2022 My Darlings, Mummy has been sick and she missed leaving you messages for your birthday & anniversary Tinkle and your anniversary Cheryl. Cheryl I promise I will not forget to leave you a birthday message in August. My heart is still full of love for your both. You will never leave my heart no matter what. I still look forward to the day we will meet again at RB xoxoxoxox

2nd August, 2022.
Remembering my darling girl Cheryl on the 28th anniversary of her birth. Forever loved & missed always, Mummy xoxoxoxox

25th September, 2023.
My dear little girls, you will live in my heart forever no matter what tries to separate us. I love you both with all my heart XX

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