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Memories of Tinkerbelle
I love you soooo much, baby Stinker

9/1/18- Happy 11th Birthday my sweet girl. I miss you everyday and will love you forever. May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be peaceful, may you be safe. Daddy and I love you so very much.

5/17/19 - I can't believe this day is here. It feels impossibly too soon for it to be your first anniversary at rainbow bridge. I still hurt for you every single day. I try so hard to focus on our wonderful memories together but the memories of this day last year still haunt me too frequently. I feel like I've barely healed at all. I would give anything to have you here with me. I know you're always with me in spirit and please never let that change. Please wait for me at rainbow bridge. I can't wait to see you again one day and I wish so badly that you got to live more of this life with me, but I am so thankful for every second we got together. Thank you for all the memories and all the lessons you taught me. You will always be my soulmate and guardian angel. I am so grateful I got to be your mom while you were here. I hope you know how loved and adored you are. I love you so much. My love for you will never fade. May you be happy, may you be healthy, be you be peaceful, may you be safe. I love you more than I can ever say.

9/4/19- Hey sweet girl. I am having such a hard time here without you. Your 12th birthday was a few days ago and it killed me to not be able to spend it with you. You should still be here. And I still don't know how to live in a place that you don't. I feel like I never properly dealt with or faced your passing and it's really hurting me so much now. I think of you every single day. All the time. I think of all the things you taught me and why it was your time to go and how hard it would be for me right now in school if you were here. And I know your heart wasn't healthy but none of it makes we want you to be back here any less. And I know that's selfish and I'm sorry. I love you more than I can wrap my head around. You are so perfect in every way. You are so beautiful and flawless and always mine. You loved me so much and I am so unendingly grateful for the connection we share. Please visit me in any way you can as often as you can. I just don't know how to live without you. I need your help. May you be happy, may you be healthy, be you be peaceful, may you be safe. I love you more than I can ever say.

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