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Memories of Tinker
7/27/16 - Thinking of you and letting you know I l love you very much and miss you still so terribly! Mommy is trying to move to her new Florida house but we aren't having much luck selling our house in Deale, MD. Maybe you can bring me some luck so we can sell our house and head south to our lovely, peaceful, Florida home. I hope you're having fun on Rainbow Bridge. I will always love you Tinker! Hugs and Kisses as always. Love you baby!

10/19/2015 - Hi Tink, almost a year since I have been here to visit but know you are in my heart everyday and I talk to you at home. I love you and miss you so much! Mommy just wanted to change the season here for you and also stop and to say hi and tell you I miss you so much and love you very, very much! Kisses and hugs!

11/26/14 - Hi Tink Tink, I am sorry I miss your anniversary date on 11/21/, please forgive me but I didn't fully forget it was around that time, I just forget the exact date. I wanted to say hello and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and let you know you are always on my mind and that I love you very much. I hope you are doing good and I hope you are having a wonderful time with all the beautiful animals over on rainbow bridge. Say hello to my mom and dad and tell them I love them. Say hi to all of my family members and friends that have passed over to the other side. Also, please say hi and give all of my other animals that have passed over a big hug and tell them all that I love them too. Hugs and kisses! ;o)

9/10/14 - Hello Tink Tink, mommy misses you and is popping in to tell you how much I love you and miss you. I hope you are having fun on Rainbow Bridge with all the other beautiful animals! Hugs, Kisses and much love to you baby boy! :o)

Hi Baby, I missed your anniversary on the 11/21; I am so sorry. I can't believe it's already three years since you left me. I love you Tinker and you are always in my heart and on my mind. I will never stop loving you and I still can't wait till the day I can be back with you again. That will mean I can be with God, my mom, my dad and other relatives and friends. Peace and Love to you and everyone there. Lots of hugs to all the darling animals on Rainbow Bridge. :o)

September 16, 2013 - Hi Tinker. I am sad today, very sad. I miss you and I am just having a tough time right now. Just a depresssed day for me. Maybe I am sad because it will be the anniversary of my dads death on 9/26 and then your anniversary death date is coming up in November. I love you and miss you very much. I hope you are doing good. Little Teddy is a lovely dog. He's been having skin issues. I hope I can get them straight for him. He's up all night scratching. I will need to get him to the vet soon to see what going on. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and tell you how much I love you! bye my darling little boy! Trish

May 3, 2013. Hi Tinker, I am sorry I haven't been here in a while. Please know it's not that I forgot you because I think of you everyday. I love you so much and still miss you so much. My little Teddy is very sweet and I am so thankful to have him. He would have loved having you for a brother. I hope you are happy and doing well in Rainbow Heaven. Mommy loves you and hopes to be back soon to see you hear. You know I talk to your picture on my dresses when I stopped by to visit it along with my mom, dad, peanut and say hi to Jesus too! Peace and love to you baby! Your mommy always! Trish

November, 2010.

My darling baby boy Tinker. Mommy loves you very much and misses you deeply. Mommy knew from the first time she picked you up that you were meant to be with me. We both locked eyes. You were very still and calm in my arms. My husband had eyes on another dog and said he wanted the one he was holding but I said "No, I want him." Lucky for me the breeder spoke up and said that I had her favorite puppy out of the whole litter. She said that you thought you were a big dog. You always played with the big dogs and didn't much care to play with your brothers and sisters. You even barked like a big dog and most people couldn't believe that big bark came out of such a little guy like you. Mommy cries all day long over losing you, especially when I'm home. I look under the bed for you although I know you aren't there anymore. I talk to you throughout the day because I know you can hear me. Momma believes you are a angel now watching over her. I know you are with my mom and dad and they now have you as their little pet. You were such a wonderful little boy. Well behaved, obedient and very lovable. My life isn't the same anymore. Nothing matters to me now that you are gone! I just want you back in my life but I can't have you back and it's making it very hard for mommy to accept that. It's really, really painful! Mommy doesn't like to go home anymore because you aren't at the door waiting for her like you used to be. You gave me a reason to want to come home and I couldn't wait to walk through the door to see you each day. Once mommy opened the door you would get so excited and wag your tail and bark. I would immediately let you out the door so you could go potty. Sometimes, you wouldn't go outside until I picked you up and acknowledged you first. I kept my eyes out on you as you pottied while I walked to the end of the yard to get the mail. Then when I returned, I would pick you up and kiss you. I miss your darling kisses and licks on my face. Mommy will never forget the first time I ever told you that I loved you. You were just a little guy and I looked in your eyes and told you "I Love You!" you kissed me right away as if you understood what Love meant. I will always treasure that memory and every day that you were in my life. Mommy so desperately wants to hold you Tinker. My heart is aching beyond anything I ever experienced. I honestly can't wait until I can leave here and come over there to be with my mom, dad and you. After I hang out with my mom and dad, I want you to take me over to Rainbow Bridge where you like to play with all the other animals. I want to spend all the time I can with you over there. I can only imagine the love, peace, and happiness we will have together. I also can't wait to see all of my other animals that were once in my life too. Tinker, please stay with me as long as you can!. I will always hold you close in my heart and I will call on you in times of pain, distress or just whenever I'm in need. I know you will help me when I call on you because you already have since you left when I was in need of something. Thank you so much for helping me when you did.

Love to you forever and ever and ever. Please prepare mommy a special place just for me and you so we can be together again sharing our love like we once did here on the earth. Big Hugs, Big Kisses, BIG LOVE! :o)

12/9/10. Good morning Tinker, mommy once again woke up thinking about you immediately. She misses your little feet making noises as you walked down the hall. She misses you running to your bowl first thing so you could have your breakfast. She misses hearing you at the water bowl slurpping down the water. Kitty loves you and once you to know that he misses you too. I'll occasionally call you around the house and kitty just has this lost look or turns and walks away. Mommy so desperatly wants to hold you and kiss you. She wishes she could feel your soft fur and little lips against her face again. She wants to squeeze you and walk you around the house while she is sometimes doing her chores like she did on occasions. Oh baby, I love you so much. I hope you are having a very happy time over there at Rainbow Bridge. Please continue to stay around mommy as much as you can though. She needs you desperately! Tell my mom and dad I said hello and that I love them and can't wait to join you all! When my time is up, I'll be there with you guys loving every minute of being there with you guys and everyone soul I have ever loved and known. Peace and love to you all especially you baby. Hugs and Kisses.

I'll be back to chat again soon baby boy! :o)

12/12/10. Hello Tinker. Mommy is very sad today. She misses you very much. She's been crying since she got back from Mark's house today. We miss you over at Mark's. It seems so strange that you are not there. When mommy got home she just cried because she can't stand the fact that your not here anymore. She misses taking you on your rides and misses taking you to Mark's for the weekend. I pulled out one of your blankets that still has your smell to it. I hugged it very tightly because it made me think I was holding you again. How I miss you kissing mommy and how desperate I need to hold you Tinker. I'm so horrible crushed that I can't hug and kiss you anymore Tinker. Mommy wants to be with you since you can't be with her honey. I love you baby, I love you soooooo much. I really wanted you to stay with me longer then 10 years honey. You barely made 10 years. It will be your Birthday on 12/26. My precious little Xmas baby! How crushed I am over losing you!. :'(

I love you very much honey. Hugs and kisses to you! I will be back soon to chat with you again.

12/15/10. Good morning Tinker. Mommy wants you to know althouh I believe you already know, that she attended the Monday Night Candle Ceremony for you! It was a very nice experience. I felt that you were with me in the bedroom during that time. Although, I actually believe you are always with me anyway. Mommy misses you very much and loves you with all her heart. She hopes you are having fun at Rainbow Bridge. I decorated your residency with a little Xmas Tree for you. I hope you like it. Kitter wants you to know that he loves you very much and misses you. He's been acting very strange since you left. I think he is very lonely and feeling very lost too! We are both terribly sad. Mommy can't wait to come there Tinker. I don't know how long I'll be without you but I do know that I'm terribly sad and cry all the time! You were mommies greatest gift she ever received in her life! There could be no greater gift not even winning a huge lottery. You were my lottery! I will always cherish the memories of having you with me. I wish right now this very second; that mommy could hug you and kiss you. I was thinking this morning of how scared you were to get the fluids for your kidneys. I remembered how you would turn and grab me with both of your paws around my neck as if you were begging me not to put that needle in you. I cried so hard when I thought of that this morning. Mommy only did that because she loved you honey. If I didn't do it, you would have suffered from dehydration and left me a lot earlier. I'm so sorry you had to be sick especially at barely the age of 10. I just have to understand that everything happens for a reason although some things never really make sense to us. I hope you have a wonderful day today. Say hello to my mom and dad for me Tinker. Lots of love to you honey. Mommy will be chatting again with you soon. Hugs and Kiss forever! :o)

12/20/10. Greeting Tinker. I just wanted to pop in and say hello and tell you that I'm still very sad that you aren't with me anymore. I miss you so much. Me and Kitty are so lost without you. I continue to speak to you as if you are still there. Mommy has decided to move out of the house. She is going to rent it out. I can't be in that house without you there anymore. Besides, I want to save some money because mommy would like to retire in a few years and needs to put more money away. Also, maybe I won't be so stretched with money to pay bills and I can end up taking some classes to learn more about pet health and animal CPR and first aid. Also, I would love to volunteer some of my time to working with animals at shelters. Maybe one day, I'll be able to retire and do this since that's what I have thought about doing for many years. I hope you are having a fun time today over at Rainbow Bridge. Mommy loves you baby! Big hugs and big kisses to my darling boy! :o)

Hi Tinker baby. Mommy is sorry she didn't get the chance to log on and wish you a Happy Birthday on 12/26/10. I did sing Happy Birthday all day to you and though about you all day. I miss you so very much. My little heart is still in so much pain. I still think I'm in shock over losing you. It's just hard to believe that you are not there with me anymore. I want to stop crying but I can't. I so desperately want to hold you and give you big kisses. My arms are craving to hold you. I'm totally empty without your love Boo! I believe you are with me in spirit but since I can't see you, it makes it very hard. I miss you coming to me in the middle of the night wanting mommy to pick you up and put her in the bed with you. I especially miss hearing your darling little snoring. It always put a smile on my face to hear you snore because I knew you were very comfortable when snored. I'm so so sad Tinker. I just can't wait until I can be back with you again. It may be a long time before I do but there won't be a day that I won't stop thinking of you and when I can finally have you back in my arms again. The New Years is almost here but believe me - without you; it just won't be the way it used to be. Thank you so much for the almost 10 years we shared together. I learned so much about caring for a dog. I always thought I knew how to care for one but after having you I learned quite a bit. Even more since your death. Mommy is always doing research on your diets and health as well as learning all about holistics. I never want another dog of mine to go through what you had to go through! You were certainly a brave little soul. Lots of love to you baby boy. Big Hugs and Big Kisses to you! :o)

12/30/10 - Happy New Years Tinker! I love you very, very much! Mommy's heart still hurts very badly over losing you honey. I think I had a nightmare last night and I was crying about you! That is how much I miss you baby boy! Lot's of love to you and I hope you have a really wonderful New Years over there at Rainbow Bridge. Say hello to my mom and dad and to all my other beloved pets that I have lost through the years! Love, Hugs and big Kisses! :o)

1/5/11 - Hi Tinker, mommy is popping in to to say hello and tell you how much she loves you and misses you. I hope you are having fun over at Rainbow Bridge. Mommy made a really nice Calendar on Snapfish which included some very lovely pictures of you. I can't wait to order it. Every where I look I see pictures of you. Mommy can't stop looking at you. She keeps wishing she could hold you and kiss you again baby. It's so very sad for me. I miss Mark too. He doesn't come over anymore. I think he just couldn't handle losing you so he doesn't come over right now. I love you very much Tinker. Kitter loves you too and is so sad without you baby. Him and I will be so happy the day we can see you again. Lots of love to you baby. I hope you are having a fun day today and everyday which I'm sure you are! :o)

1/12/11 - I love you Tinker. I'm stopping by to pay you a visit. I want you to know that I think about you all the time. Mommy still cries over losing you honey. I miss you so so much. Mommy always imagines that you are still at home with me. I close my eyes and pretend that I picked you up and held you and that you kissed me. I'm always seeing you kissing me when I used to pick you up. I miss your kisses so much honey. It just makes me cry to think I can't hold you, kiss you, hug you, play with you, feed you, take you to the beach, just everything honey. I'm soooo very sad baby. Mommy can't wait to be with you honey, I really can't! I have to go now because every time I come to visit you here, I get very emotional and start crying. I love you very much baby! Hope you are having a wonderful day today and everyday! :o)

1/25/2011 - Hi Tink. Mommy is sorry she hasn't visited you in a while. I haven't forgotten you baby. I still talk to you ever night. I miss you so very much. As time goes on it gets a little easier but then it is still hard because it's hard to believe you have already been gone over 2 months now. I'm always dreaming of turning back time just so I can have you again. I long to kiss you, squeeze you and hold you in my arms. I'm still very sad and very lonely without you. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH TINKER! I have to go now because I only cry as I write these things to you! :'(

1/26/11 - Good Morning boogie, mommy loves you. We are supposed to get some snow today. Exciting news for us. I've been wanting snow. Hope you are having fun over at Rainbow Bridge. Of course, mommy misses you really bad and wish you were having fun back here with me instead. I know where you live now is awesome so I can't blame you for loving it there and not ever wanting to come back here again! You can visit me in spirit so part of you is still here. I only wish I can visit you the same but I guess it doesn't work that way! I hope you have a wonderful day and remember "Mommy loves you very, very, much!" Kisses, hugs, love! :o)

2/16/11 - Hi Tinker, Happy Belated Valentines Day. Mommy wants to say thank you so much for sending mommy a new puppy on Valentines Day. That was so very clever of you, my mom and dad. I know you all know how much I grieved over losing you. No one will ever take your place Tinker but having a new little doggie to share my life with is wonderful. Having him will be the best Valentines Day gift I ever received. Thank you and my mom, dad, Jesus and all my guardian Angels. I love you all very very much. I know your little spirit is keeping an eye out on my little doggie while he is home alone. I will need you to do that for mommy ok! Thank you dolly! Big Hugs and Kisses and remember...... Mommy loves you very much!

3/4/11 - Hello Tinker. Mommy is popping in to say she loves you very much. Even though I adopted another little Yorkie Mommy still misses you terribly. I love you with all my heart Tinker. I wish I could just hold you in my arms again and sqeeze you and kiss you. I'm still very, very sad. Mommy is going to play the lottery this weekend. I want you, mom and dad to bring me some luck. I need a little extra money to fix up my house. I had a dream that I had a trunk that I was looking in and the next thing I knew someone told me to believe that trunk would one day be filled with money. So in the dream that is exactly what I did and then....BOOM; There is was a trunk full of money! LOL! Anyway, I want to thank you for keeping your spirit around the house to watch out for your new adopted brother. Remember, you wanted me to adopt so I did. I hope your proud of me. Help me to be patient while I deal with tryiing to house break him. I get mad sometimes but I know he's just a little guy and can't help himself. You know mommy loves a clean house. Teddy is making extra work but that's ok. I wanted him. He's great company along with Kitter. Lots of love to you baby. I miss you deeply. Kisses and hugs!

3/24/11 - Greetings my darling boy. Mommy is popping in to say hello and tell you that she thinks about you all the time. I miss you very much and wish you were still here with me. Teddy is adjusting to the house very well but I think you are around in spirit because a couple of bizarre things have happened. It's nice that you are still visiting in spirit. Teddy could sure use your help especially becasue he hates me to leave him every morning when I have to leave to come to work. He gets into trobule. Please keep Teddy company and protect him and Kitter from any harm. I think Kitter has finally accepted him. Kitter misses you though but since Teddy is around, I think it is helping him heal too. I hope you are having fun and enjoying yourself there at Rainbow Bridge. Lots of love, kisses and hugs to you. Say hello to my mom and dad for me. :o)

April 18th - Hello Tinker. Mommy is crying right now. She misses you terribly. She's extremley hurt over your loss and wishes you never left. She is having a hard time believing that you are gone. She never believed you could ever leave her. It doesn't add up to me; it's still a dream that I haven't woken up from. I miss holding you and kissing you. I miss coming home and seeing you at the door getting so excited that mommy is home. It breaks my heart even though I now have your new adopted brother Teddy that came from a rescue. He's so adorble. I just miss you and wish I could have you there with Teddy too. Mommy just wanted to pop in and tell you that you will always be in her heart and I will never, I mean never, forget you as long as I'm alive on this earth. You will be the love of my entire life! I love you very much. Wishing you a wonderful Good Friday and a Happy Easter. With all my love to you baby. Mommy! :"(

May 18th - Tinker it's been a month since I wrote to you. I just thought about you and decided to sign on only to see the last time I did, was exactly one month ago. I wanted to say hi and tell you I love you very much and really miss you. Did you spend the night at the house last night? Teddy was acting very strange sniffing his blanket and the bottom of the bed as if another dog had been there. He wouldn't sleep he kept hiding by my pillow so I stuck him under my sheets with me which finally relaxed him. I felt that your spirit was there last night Tinker. If it was, thank you for visiting us. We love you and mommy sure is broken hearted over losing you. I just want
to hug you and kiss you and play with you the way I used too. I'm always thinking about how last year at this time you were with me and now this year, you aren't. It's very hard to accept your loss and to believe that you simply are not in my life anymore. Thanks for bringing Teddy into my life although, I wish you were still in my life too!

Lots of hugs, kisses and love to you baby boy! :o)

August 5th, 2011

Hi Tinker it's beeen a while since I've written to you. Mommy is so sorry she just gets depressed coming here. It breaks my heart. I love you very much and miss you so much too. I think of you all the time. Teddy my new adopted dog who I call your brother, is adorable. I think you show up at night sometimes. He stares up in the dark ceiling looking back and forth and makes these funny faces. Then the other day he was growling on the floor staring towards the closet like someone was in the room. No one was there so I can only imagine it being you visiting. We love you visiting and I hope you will always come back to your home whenever you feel you need to visit. Thank you for coming into my life. It meant so much to have you and love you! You brought so much meaning in my life. I will always cherish the beautiful times we had together.

With love always my baby boy. Peace, love and light to you darling baby! :o)

October 26, 2011. Tinker, I can't believe it will almost be a whole year that you've been gone. Another 3 weeks will be a year. I'm so shocked and still so hurt over your loss. Last year around this time we were together. I took you to the pumpkin patch over by Mark's house. Lynn and I took you through the little hay trail and then took pictures of you. I miss you terribly Tinker. I hope you are having fun over at Rainbow Bridge. Momma loves you so very much! I don't come here to this page as much. It makes me very sad and depressed. I know you don't want to see mommy crying all the time. I know you are happy and want me to be happy! Thank you so much Tinker for coming into my life. Kitty misses you very much. Curly and Kathy miss you too! I don't see Mark anymore but I know he loves you and misses you terribly! You made him realize that little dogs are very special. He never had an interest in little dogs becasue he thought of them as sissi dogs but you changed all that. He not only loves little dogs but he loves Yorkies! Teddy my new dog who you know - is happy with mommy. I know you play with him sometimes. I've seen you twice in my house now Tinker and one of those times you were in the hall with him. You know I know that's your spirit! Then a few weeks ago he was barking at the closet and no one was in there. That had to be you in spirit Tinker! Thanks for visiting us and please come back anytime you want!

Lots of hugs, kisses and love to you Tinker.

11/21/11 - Hello Tinker, today it will be one whole year since you left me. Last night around 11:00ish I woke up. I totally forgot early this morning would mark a year. The other day I remembered and told myself I would forget. But last night I woke up around 11:00ish and couldn't go back to sleep. I was up all night. I couldn't understand why I couldn't sleep other then had all these worries going through my mind. It was when I got to work this morning and got the anniversary reminder in my inbox that today marked a whole year of your passing. That's when it hit me why I couldn't sleep last night. I was horrified that It didn't go through my mind last night. If I only remembered I would have sat up to talk to you. I know you had to be there. It was very strange that I woke up around 11:00ish because that is what time I decided I couldn't take your crying anymore. You were in pain from being deydrated from your kidney issue. A friend told me not to bother giving you fluids or meds but I realized that you were suffering and I wasn't going to let that happy so I provided you with your fluids which calmed you and put you to sleep. You were fine until 1:10 when you woke up vomiting. I know then, that it was over. That is why I didn't want to give you the fluids. I knew they would make you vomit and I knew with your enlarged heart that this would take you down! I will never forget that night as long as I live. Today, I cry and am deeply sad and hurt. I am crushed over losing you. I love you so much Tinker. I miss you like crazy. I'm sorry Mark and I aren't together anymore but he loves you and misses you too! If only I could tell him today is the anniversary of your passing. I know he would be sad too. Please stay with me Tinker as long as you can! I need you really bad. I love my new guy Teddy but mommy is still missing you. No one will replace you. Help me to be a really good mommy to Teddy and to Kitty! Love you very much baby boy! Peace be with you! Hugs and Kisses! :'(

1/31/2012 - Hi Tinker, mommy is checking in on you to let you know she is thinking of you and still misses you very much! "Oh how I wish I could just hug you, squeeze you and kiss you!" Kitter misses you too. My Teddy has been a great little guy and I love him very much too. I think Teddy would have really loved playing with you. He loves to play with Kitty all the time. I hope you are having fun in Rainbow Bridge. Mommy loves forward to the day she can be there with you! Hope you have a very fun and happy day! :o)

May 14, 2012 - Popping in to say Tinker. Sorry it's been a while. I get depressed coming here so I try to avoid it so I dont' hurt so much! I love you baby. You are in my heart and head! Big Kisses and Hugs My Special Angel.

August 7, 2012 - I love you Tinker. Just wanted to stop in and tell you that you are always in my heart. I love you more then words can ever say! Peace, love and light to my darling baby that I miss so much! I just can't wait to come see you and have you back in my arms! Tell my mom and dad I said hello! Also, all my earthly friends that I have lost and that are there in heaven! :o)

November 13, 2012 - You have been on my mind a lot lately and I suddendly felt compelled to come here to visit. Once I realized what month it was it became obvious why I had this push to visit you today. It will be almost two years as of 11/22/12 that you left me. Mommy has a hard time coming here because it makes her cry. I love you very much Tinker. You will always be my darling, lovely little baby. I so wish I could just hug and kiss your right now. I hope you are happy in rainbow heaven. Please give all my other animals that I have lost over the years a big hug and kiss and tell them I love them too! Also, please visit my mom and dad and tell them I miss them and love them as well! Love, light and peace to you my baby boy!

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