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Memories of Tinker Bell
Tinker Bell was amazing, she slept under the covers with her head on my pillow like a little person. When she got too warm she'd crawl between our pillows facing me...my husband unfortunately always had her rear facing him. He joked about it constantly...he says now he misses it. She rode in a little radial flyer wagon all over the house, loved to ride in the car usually wrapped around the back of my neck so she could see out. He put a little bow on her head at Christmas and took her picture. It's the screensaver on both of our phones...I doubt I'll ever remove it. I can't move around a room without seeing something that reminds me of her. She was so much a part of our lives. I can't look at a cardboard box without seeing her. If there was ever one around, she'd be in it...her special place. So naturally we made sure there was always one available. And sheets fresh out of the dryer. They were her special pleasure. She'd dive in the middle while I tried to fold. So we had a nightly ritual before bed. I'd put a clean sheet in the dryer and heat it up just for her. She was so special...I miss her so much...

Time has dulled the pain, but the memories are so strong. But I know you are still with me. The new little girl has all your little "wankies"....she even has a noisy stuffed duck she carries around just like you. And loves to ride. Your daddy bought her a baby buggy. And always the candy cane tail. Not a day goes by that I don't see her in you. And her grandmother's name was Tinker Bell Too. It's been 3 years but you are still number one in my heart. And you are still my screensaver. I love you little rabbit....

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