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Memories of Timothy C. Cat
To all the wonderful people who sent us so many heartfelt condolences and words of love and encouragement... we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Our dear little Timothy C Cat has surely made a slew of wonderful friends.. your furbabies, dog, cat, bird or other, they all meant the world to us and they each have and had, their very own unique personality that made each and every one of our babies special. Though we have many other furbabies at home, Timothy C Cat was very special. He had a very independent personality... the 'do what i want when i want' type of cat was he. He was very very very fixated on things that moved... particularly and very funny, chasing the lights of cars that shown through our windows and would reflect off of the walls at night... he would run from where it started, to where the light would end as the car and its lights passed... then, he would 'reset' himself up on one of our bedroom dressers.. eagerly waiting the next car to come down the block and do it all over again! one of the craziest versions of this was when one of the car lights would hit the bathroom door just right and travel UP the door as it moved.... he, Timothy, would 'beat' the light up as he leaned on the door, thus closing the door; almost closing it, then, that door would slowly swing back open... and all this being done when would go to sleep, we would laughingly wait and sure enough.. we would hear the 'bang bang bang, pitter patter sound of his little paws trying to catch the light as it went up that door over and over again.... what a terrifically funny little cat he truly was. he was very loving, when he would get tired...finally...lol... he would prance into our bedroom, his unique tail which would go BACK over his back, as if backwards, hop up on the bed, and sleep above my wifes head; just about every nite on the bit of pillow that her head didnt cover... as if protecting her and watching over her as she slept. The next day... all over again.... that was Timothy C Cats 'job' and purpose; since every little creature has one... that was his little 'job' and he loved chasing lights and shadows and reflections up to the end... He was a cat till the end for sure and we made sure he was allowed to be one and keep his cat-ness and his cat-dignity even as we held him as he passed.

Though we are all seemingly strangers to one another, through our little babies, and this wonderful Rainbow Bridge, with the warm thoughts and words of comfort as well as stories of their own baby's passing that so many have shared, we are all part of the same family. Thank you and we will surely return the kindness and love that has been shown to us and mostly, the warmth all of your babies surely gave as they greeted our sweet and scared, Timothy C Cat as he crossed the Rainbow Bridge without his mommy, daddy and brothers and sisters.... must have been scary for him.... but then he found your babies to guide him and ease his little soul.

I am crying as i write this... and so grateful to all of you who have comforted us in our sad moments.... thank you...

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