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Memories of Timmy
Tiny Tim, you were with me almost 15 years. A friend who did animal rescue work found a mother cat and her kits in an alley. There were 4 tiny ones, sadly 2 little calico girls did not make it. But you and your remaining sister were hand raised and I adopted you both. You and your sister T'pel were so different; you were a gentle innocent, and though born with neurological, metabolic, and other physical defects, you were a joy! You could not meow like other cats, but gave an "ehhh" sound it was so funny! Clumsy and good natured, a tickle behind the ears made you stand on your head! I loved you so

Several weeks ago you began losing weight; the doctors could not do anything. I knew it was only a matter of time but could not bring myself to euthanize you. You were in no distress or pain, just fading and shutting down; you slept most of the time and stopped eating. Last night you curled up on your favorite chair and I knew it was time. I talked to you, told you the story of how I adopted you, and kissed and petted you

I sat with you all night, wanting to be there when you drifted away but I fell asleep and when I awoke you were gone. Sometime during the "lantern hours", that time between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. you let go. I'm so sorry I was not there; but you knew I was just a heartbeat away. You are now with Diane, the lady who rescued you 14 years ago. You are surrounded by my other cats as you lay on your chair, they are next to you, telling you goodbye. Tomorrow I will take you to the pet memorial park and say my final goodbye. Your ashes will come home with me and rest beside the tiny urns of Mitzi, Ebony and all the others I've lost. Sleep well, tiny Tim. St. Francis bless and keep thee, and Bastet, cat goddess of ancient Egypt watch over thee. I love you yesterday, today and forever

Oct 31 2008. Tonight is Halloween; you loved when kids came for candy; the others hid under the bed, but you weren't afraid. Hoping I would give you a piece of candy you followed me around the room, giving that little "ehhh" sound. I brought your ashes home today, such a tiny box. You're home now, little one

11/12/08 Timmy, I'm sending you 3 angels; welcome them and let them know they won't be forgotten. Last week I found 2 tiny kittens in the backyard, maybe 5 weeks old. One was dead and the other dying; I took him in the house and held him until he passed. I buried them together wrapped in a blanket in the St Francis garden. Yesterday I saw a car hit a stray cat in front of my house; it just drove away uncaring! Just another stray "nobody's cat". I took it inside, it was mortally wounded. He died in my arms. I gave him a name, "Brownie", and laid this little one to rest in the St. Francis garden. Welcome them, Timmy; play with them and tell them I'm so sorry they had no chance of a good life here on earth, but I hope they are well and whole now

12/23/08 Merry Christmas, soft little kitty. i feel you all around me tonight, I see your soft wispy caramel & white fur, your beautiful gold-amber eyes. I miss you, Tiny Tim; I have the other cats and I love them, but right now I feel very sad. They are all sleeping warm and safe, curled together, dreaming their cat-dreams. Are you ok, Timmy? Are you warm and happy? Do you have toys to play with and warm-sun naps? I love you maybe more now than I did when you were here with me. Goodnight my baby, remember me in your dreams on Christmas Eve

08/04/09 Timmy, your brother Sachem left us last night; welcome him, and play with him; show him how nice it is where you are. Please forgive him for all the times he smacked and chased you, he was such a bully but really just wanted to show he was the "big boss man"

10/23/09 Little soft kitty of mine, it's been a year now since you left. I miss you no less now, you are always in my dreams. Scatter autumn leaves and watch falling stars in the twilight, my soft little angel. I love you so

12/24/09 It's Christmas Eve, my little cat with soft wispy fur. Another year, another Christmas without you. I know you found Sachem, he left me in August, and even though he smacked and bullied you I know you are friends and together for always. I hope you have snowflakes to marvel at, and a bright star in the sky on this Christmas Eve. Soft little kitty, wait for me to see you again one day. Merry Christmas my little son

01/01/2011 Soft little kitty, another year without you and 3 other little ones who have left me; Sachem, Medit, Battina. I know you are ok but sometimes find no consolation in anything. I found a small black & white cat dead in the street, it wasn't fair something should be laying cold and forgotten on Christmas. I wrapped him in a blanket and took him home and laid him to rest in the St Francis Garden. Welcome him, Timmy, play with him and let him know he is ok now. I miss you; sometimes I swear I see you just for a moment when evening comes and there are long shadows. Wait for when we meet again. I love you, honey

07/24/2011 Happy summer days to you, soft little kitty. Your little sister T'pel left me in May this year, and Molly soon after; I know you are together again. Gentle Timmy, you are never far from my heart

12/13/2011 Merry Christmas soft little kitty. I wish you were here to sample the holiday goodies you loved; small bits of cookies, tidbits of turkey and stuffing. Darling little boy, catch a snowflake for me and leave tiny prints in the new winter snow. I love you Tiny Tim

12/24/2012 My gentle little kitty. I wish you were here now, it's Christmas Eve and you would have cat treats and special goodies, and play with the toys Santa brought. I can feel your soft fur and see you look at me with those beautiful amber eyes. You would cock your head and say "ehhhh?" Watch snowflakes fall, little son, and honor the baby Jesus who watches over you until we meet again. Goodnight, tiny son, I love you beyond now and forever

12/24/2013 Merry Christmas my baby.. how strange, I can feel your soft wispy fur tonight! I miss you honey, you should be here with me. Play in a snowy meadow lit by Christmas stars and remember me, as you are ever and always in my heart. Goodnight little son, I love you so

04/10/2014 Happy Birthday my darling little boy; you would be 20 years old today! Time will neve erase my love for you. I'm sending you a cupcake for your birthday, I know how you loved goodies & treats! Until we meet again, know I love you for eternity

12/31/2014 New Year in just a few hours; how quickly 6 years have gone by since you left me. I will see you again one day. Ebony Valentine joined you last February 20th; she was 23 years old; I know you welcomed her and told her it was ok. I miss her so very much, Timmy. One by one all these little ones are leaving me, but I know you are all together and will wait for me. Goodnight, little son.. I love you so

12/24/2016 Christmas Eve, another year... has it really been 8 years since you left? Time seems to be flying more quickly... or perhaps I am just getting old and notice it more. Ever and always missing you; your sweet gentleness and beautiful topaz eyes. Goodnight my little son

12/24/2017 Darling little boy with soft wispy fur.. I am always and ever thinking of you. I know you are with your sister T'pel chasing snowflakes this Christmas Eve. Rest, my angel, until we meet again

12/24/2018 Ten years since you left me, and I keep you always in my heart. Merry Christmas, little son. Your gentle light will always shine; kiss your sister T'pel for me until we meet again.

10/29/2019 So, you have been gone 11 years now. Time for your favorite holiday, Halloween! You loved "helping" me carve the pumpkin, carrying bits of pumpkin innards through the house LOL. Since you left, 8 others followed you. Now there are only 4. Rest gently, Tiny Tim... I love you now and for all time

12/23/2019 And another Christmas without you. Precious soft little kitty, you are ever and always a part of me. Until we meet again one day, my beloved Tiny Tim

12/25/2020 Merry Christmas, soft little baby. I watch my other cats playing with their Christmas toys; and know how you would love the toy mousies to carry around the room, swatting & leaping with them. Rest gently, little son, until we meet again.

10/30/2021 My little son, I thought of you today. How you would "help" me carve a jackolantern for Halloween, dragging chunks of pumpkin innards through the house LOL. Such a gentle innocent little fellow, you wanted to be a part of everything. Rest gently until we meet again. I love you always and forever

07/24/2022 My little baby, I am giving you a perpetual remembrance as your Mommy is very ill and wants you to be remembered always. We will meet soon, and I will get to hold and kiss that soft little body I have missed for 14 years. Rest gentle until we are together again; I love you so.

12/23/2022 Always and ever loving and remembering you, my soft little kitty. Rest gently and I will see you in a little while

02/01/2023 Little soft kitty, Wait for Mama and I will see you in a little while. All the years apart will fade as I join you, Sachem, and Old Man... we will talk and dance and lay in the warm sunshine for all time. Until then, my sweet kitty, rest gently

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