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Memories of Tilly Drew
From the first day I saw you. You looked like a little snoopy. You were so shy and sweet. You just curled up when I held you. I knew from that moment on I had to take you home. You never disappointed me. You wanted to please everyone. You were such a nervous little girl. Afraid of flies and most noises. So mommy protected you the best way I knew how. I would ask if you wanted to go for a walk or in the car and you would get so excited. You would bark and jump up and nip in the air. You were always willing to go with mommy wherever it was. You were my little shadow. I would go in another room to do things and here you would come to see what I was doing. You never wanted to miss anything. You were a little bug. As soon as I would sit down you would come over and want a snack,play or potty. You loved to play ball. I would throw a tennis ball, your favorite and you would chase it for hours. You loved all balls. You would go outside while mommy did yard work and you and your sister Emma would watch out for me. Mommy loved that. You girls just wanted to be around me. Do you remeber when you chewed mommy's woodwork and ate that big spot of drywall? I thought it was your sister until I looked under your toenails and saw drywall dust. You cute little bug. I remember when you would go outside with your sister and run through the Elmo sprinkler and play in "Emma's" pool. You girls would also tear the bark off that little tree and run around with it chasing each other. Than I would come out and take it away from you girls. I would correct you and no sooner than I went inside you would be running around with another piece. You made me laugh and still do. I remember when your daddy would grill for you.. You two would have steaks with barbeque sauce. You loved it! You loved meat and peanut butter cookies. You loved Pizza Hut pizza, arbys and your favorite the last few years was when mommy fixed Turkey breasts for you and your sister. You girls kept mommy busy and I loved it. When I take a shower I keep waiting for you to come take my washcloth. When I work out I wait for you to come look in as if to say "Are you about done mommy?". I get out of the shower and walk in the bedroom to see if you are laying there. I walk in the house waiting for you to greet me. I cook meat and wait for you to come out and stand there until I feed you. I let Emma out and wait for you to come too. She lays outside and looks for you waiting for you to come home. Every time the door opens she sits up and looks to see if you are coming. She misses you so much. You were her eyes and her best friend. You were mommys baby girl and companion "helper". We love you baby and we will see you in time to come. You hang out with aunt molly up there and all the other babies that are there. I am sure you will be running around chasing a tennis ball. I love you baby!

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