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Memories of Tiggy
hello my little girl I remember when we got you how small and perfect you were ,how you played for hours with the toys we got you and then fall asleep in my lap.When your mum and me got married, how you climed up her wedding dress and how you used to chase that little red devil toy down the stairs pick it up and bring it back to me so i would do it again.all the times we went out in my car to meet you mum when she left off work and when you were a year old we got smudge to keep you company , how you looked after her as if she was your own and as the years went by so many wonderfall times were spent by us all together Daddy,mummy and smudge love and miss you so much 7 weeks 2days r.i.p my angel x x x

Tiggy was the most loving and affecionate little girl i have ever known , she would always be there if you were feeling down and always no when you needed a cuddle.From playing with her leaves as they would blow around to chasing a little light on the floor from a laser light, she is always in our thought and is soo missed by us all, love you my little girl and miss you like crazy xxx mum xxx

7/12/10 hello my little girl i was just remembering when you used to hang off my wedding dress its our anniversary today and i have been thinking alot about you , you used to climb up on the bottom off my dress and turn upside down and kick it like crazy, i miss you soo much tiggy love you always xxx mum xxx

25/12/2010 Merry Christmas my little girl hope you are ok and playing with your furbabies, its not the same this christmas we are all so sad that you are not here. We have got you a prezzy and dad has put your lights on your christmas tree at your little place. we love you and miss you lots tiggy happy christmas love xxx mum xxx dad and smudge xxx

25/12/10 hello tiggy my little girl,happy christmas to you my little baby.im so sorry i have not visited you for a while,its been very hard getting on with everyday things with out you here with us,today is very hard,i got a cd today,eva casidy and had a good cry when i played it as a lot of songs remind me of you,not that i need reminding if you get wot i mean.i will save you some turkey my little baby,i love you lots and miss you x x x dad x x x

Happy new year my little tiggy its not going to be very nice without you here this year,time is going so fast since we lost you but its not getting any easier :-(. I love you with all my heart tigg and we all miss you like crazy lots of luv mum xxx dad xxx and smudge xxx 17/01/11 hello tiggy my little girl,how are you ok i hope. i just wanted to say how much i love and miss you,i try to get on with things as best i can but find it so hard with out you and im so sorry i havent visited you for a while my little baby,i will speak to you soon,i love you lots and miss you x x x dad x x x 14/03/11 hello tiggy my little girl hope that you are ok , im so sorry i have not visited you for a while,but as you know i stand and talk to you everynight waiting for your butterfly lights to come on,and the same in the morning before i go to work. i do so hope that you are ok and i thank you for showing us when you are about.im still finding life with out you so very sad,i guess i always will.i must go now my little baby i love you lots and miss you x x x dad x x x mum and smudge send their love as always x x x

18/06/11 Hello my little girl its my 40th birthday today and it has been lovely but it has been so hard without having you here and having cuddles :-(, thankyou for ure little signs today it really meant alot to me, its not getting any easier baby without u here and i miss you so much ..love you lots my little girl and keep sending us the signs xxx mum xxx
18/6 /11 hello tiggy my little girl its 47 weeks today that you had to go and to me it only feels like yesterday,i still find it so hard and that upsets your mum,i guess it allways will.i hope you are ok and playing around like you allways did,chasing butterflys.smudge is missing you a lot as are we all anyway my little baby i must get to bed i love you lots and miss you x x x dad x x x

6/9/11 Hello my little girl i cant believe that it has been over a year that we lost you and its not getting any easier, we all miss you sooo much and so wish you were here with us. Little smudgy is still so lost not knowing where you have gone and me and your dad are still so heartbroken that you had to go, we are going to do your little place next week and the flowers have looked so pretty on there, and it makes it a little bit easier to cope with by u sending your little signs to us, i hope you have met up with tiddy and tiny and playing in your meadows with them as they were your relatives :-) hope you are ok and chasing them butterflies about and i love you soo much baby.luv you loads and think about you all the time tigg xxx mum xxx

6/9/11 hello tiggy my little girl i hope you are ok,it still feels so empty with out you and i cant believe how time has flown past and its a little over a year since you had to go. i still visit your little place every morning befor work and every night befor bed,always have always will. smudgy and mum miss you so much as do i.are you still chasing butterflies i do hope so anyway my little girl i must go i promise i will not leave it so long next time ,i love you lots and miss you x x xdad x x x

9/1/12 Hello my little girl its been another christmas without you and it was a bit easier this year but will never be the same again, smudgy has been verry poorly as you no but hopefully the new year will be a bit better for us all. i no you have another one of your fur friends with you i hope you are all chasing them butterlies around, i miss you soo much tigg and hope things are ok with you love you loads tigg and happy new year babe xxx Mum xxx

16/12/12 Hello my little girl sorry i havnt wrote for a while, its been a hard day today as we had to say goodbye to your sister smudge, i hope you are ok and just want to say can you keep an eye out for smudge so you can be together again i love you loads and miss you like crasy xxx mum xxx

25/12/12 Happy Christmas my little girl, its another christmas without you with us and its not any easier but its more comfort to no you have your sister smudge with you this year. hope you are ok and chasing them butterflys untill i write again love you loads xxx mum xxx

25/12/12 hello tiggy my little girl so sorry ive not wrote for so long still find it so very hard with out you . this year has been very hard as your little sis had been so ill.now we have lost you both its just not chistmass anymore. hope you have found smudgy and you are both ok love and miss you both with all my heart x.x.x dad x.x.x

26 sept 2013
Hello my little babe hope you and smudgy are playing chasing them butterflys, things are not the same without you and your little sis, there has been soo many white butterflys this year and zena has been trying to get them but shes not as good as you were he he , what do you think off leo and zena bet you would put them in there places wouldnt you he he ,leo is laying here with me now on the table just like you used to and it brings back soo many memories, you take care of each other and have fun playing . love you and miss you tigg xxx mum xxx

17 Dec 2013
Hello my little girl hope you are playing with smudge and keeping snug and warm this year has gone so quick but i think that leo and zena have helped woth that, not a day goes by that we dont think off you and its still so hard not having you both here with us but merry christmas my little girl and you two look after each other xxx love mum xxx

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