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Memories of Tiger
I trapped my sweet green eyed boy with his brother many years ago. He growled at me I thought, (that's how he got his name - I assumed he would be ferocious like a tiger and his tabby stripes solidified it), until I took him to the doctor and found his growl was a wheeze from his lungs and the cold. He was the second one to jump on my lap after many an evening of reading the classics and the first one to stay there. From then on he looked for a way to be there always and when he had to share me he would jump on the top cushion of the couch to rest his sweet head on my shoulder. He could never stay away all though sometimes his cat etiquette required it. Only a second would he make me wait if I begged. He was always there when my days were bad and there to share when they were good. A constant friend, my family.
His nick name is ol' green eyes and everyone noticed how beautiful they were. Light danced in them and they seemed to turn different shades of emerald at any given time. He was a strong silent boy with great muscles and a gentleness I had never encountered from another animal. He never bit or scratched, ever. His patience knew no end and was something I envied him for. He never complained. He showed love at all times.
His fur was striped with bits of white and beige and felt soft like bunny fur. I loved petting his stomach as much as he loved letting me.
His heart would beat hard at the thought of getting outside or even close to the window but he had made up his mind he would stay in the comfort of home.
He would always let his wild brother have the advantage and he comforted him with an arm around the neck when he needed it. He let him pretend nurse from him for much longer than any other cat would have. There were nips and tugs but they shared a special bond.
He would make me laugh so many times. I would open the bathroom door to find him completely buried in the clothes hamper with just his head sticking out or laying upside down and squished between the pillows of the couch one eye shut one ear up. He and his brother had the same movements sometimes, turning their heads in tandem when awoken in the guest bed or when they were caught off guard.
He loved chasing toys as long as they weren't moving to fast and watching large cats on t.v. and animals on animal planet.
He begged for pieces of donut and egg rolls and anything fattening and fried that would fall he would gobble up though he did love a nice pot of grass or some cat nip.
He helped his brother when he could. I tried for hours to get them in one cage to the vet as they out smarted me and out maneuvered me at every turn. Bath time no different. It was the only time they managed to make me cry. I would be soaked and they had not a drop on them.
I miss how he would follow me around into each room hoping for head pet. He had a good loud purr that started whenever a hand was on him. He would flop on his back in your arms for a long as you would have him. He was a comfort to all who knew him. He was forever loyal to me and his brother.
He would look into your eyes and you knew he understood exactly what you were thinking. Very intelligent and kind. Qualities that are hard to find.
Time went too fast. It wasn't near as long as the forever I needed. His brother and I miss him very much and I know I'll see him again sometime. Right now he is saved in my heart and though the days are long in a way I hadn't imagined without him I look forward to when I can see those beautiful green eyes again. My sweet,sweet Tiger.

It's been 2 months since you've been gone today Tiger. I miss you so much little boy. Every time I show your brother your pictures he studies them then closes his eyes and turns his head. He is still so sad but we are comforting each other until we see you again. You're always in our hearts. Finding our way in the dark is hard but we will follow your light. Thank you for your love.

It's been 3 months now and I still miss you as much as I ever did my sweet boy. Your brother does also. He's been such a good boy! I go over as many things as I can think of a day that I loved about you. It seems like it's been forever already and yet just yesterday. I'm so grateful you were allowed into our lives. Thank you for everything. Miss you very much ol' green eyes.

It's the fourth month since you left us. I feel like you were just here by my side my sweet little boy. We finally picked an urn with some of your best pictures so you can rest. We miss you everyday. I've found that if you really love someone or something, that love never goes away. I will love you forever. Your brother does too and misses you just as much. Sleep well, sweet boy.

It's the 5th month since you left us. Still missing my sweet boy! I'll never forget your green yellow eyes no matter how much time passes. I wish I could give you a belly rub. Your brother is being so good. It's still very hard to be without you! I miss your strong purr and warm fluffy fur. Winter will be much colder little love. Much love sweet thing!

The 6th month. It's seems like forever. Your brother still closes his eyes when he see's your picture and cries. I do too most times. Miss you very much. I wish I could pet your head right now and hear your strong purr. I found your kitten pictures thankfully. I have made a scrape book with some and then I found more so I will make another. I wish things had gone differently. Miss you and love you always sweet thing!

My precious boy, you are missed today! I just got some more of your pictures developed from when you were a baby and I'm making that album up. My favorite one is where you and your brother are wrapped together with arms around each other. SO adorable! I wish you were here as usual very much. You're so full of love and so loved. Miss you sweetheart! Our love surrounds you.

A different year. I can't believe your not here. I never thought the day would come and yet it did. I was so unprepared. My sweet son. Your company is missed so much. Everything is different and it's hard having known you and knowing all we're missing everyday with you gone! It was worth it though. I love you so much and so does your brother of course. Much love precious.

My sweet little son. Your brother and me miss you so. I wish to see you so much but I'm settling now for our sweet memories. I'm a year older and you weren't here. I hope to one day, to feel you nudging my hand and to finish our last kiss of three when I see you again. I saved one for that time you know. Life is different for sure. You are always in my heart. Much love.

We miss you of course. I feel like I can reach out and touch your soft fur, like your just weaving in and out of the furniture somewhere I cant see. It's very low key and quiet without your presence here though you never said much. We are taking it one step at a time as usual. I hope one day all the days your missing will be added to you. Miss you like crazy sweet love. I'm glad we got to know you. You are so worth it!

It finally stopped snowing so I guess winter is done sweet boy. I keep looking out the window wishing you were here to see another spring and summer. You should be. There are birds to see and squirrels to want and your not here. It just doesn't seem fair no matter how I think of it. Your brother doesn't chase and eat the spiders like you. He's been exceptionally good to me since you have been gone. We both miss you so much my love.

It's the anniversary of the day of your death. I don't even know what to say. I remember that horrible scary day so clear. It was a beautiful day outside, sunny and not hot when I got off work and found you hiding not able to move your back legs. I knew it was bad but I expected someone could fix it and when the answer was no I couldn't believe it. 2 doctors and there you were looking to me to save you and I failed. I am sorry. You should not have been failed that day. I kept waiting for a sign that never came or I couldn't see it. So here we are. You there and your brother and I here and I can only hope that one day God will answer my prayers. I believe he can if only he will. I miss you more than I can say always. You are in my heart and will always be. My cat angel that saved me all these years. Your in better hands now. Your turn to be saved.

My sweet boy, I miss you so much. I can tell your brother has been thinking of you too. He looks sad today and I saw him starring at your picture. He cheered me up earlier and was very sweet just like you always were. We're getting along somehow. The world is different from when you were here. I hope one day I will look back in happiness but I'm still sad when I think of you and what your missing my friend. Love you always- from us both. God bless us all.

Precious thing, we miss you very much. It's so strange with you not here. We do get along but your memory is always there in our hearts. I wish I could pet you. I hope God is keeping you safe. Your sweet spirit shouldn't be wasted. I wish I had a time machine. I would keep you around forever. We love you as always and your just a thought away. We wish you were here. Love B. and A.

It was the end of our world as we knew it the day you went away and I knew it would never be the same again my friend. You were such a special treat in this dark world. Your brother misses you and I try not to mention your name too much because it always makes him sad. He dreams sometimes and I wonder if he's running with you for a short while. I love looking at your pictures but it's not the same. We were blessed to have known you. Missing you always- your family.

My sweet little boy, we miss you, love you. It doesn't seem real that your not here. It's been a long year without you. Things keep changing. Your brother is well and we are trying to get along. I wish I had a rewind button. I would have made things better little friend. Love you always and forever.

Miss you so much sweet thing. I had a dream of you the other day. I hope you are not sad. You deserved all the happiness. We can't wait to see you again. One day I hope we will get that chance. Until then better dreams. Goodnight little boy.

Sweet little love, your brother and I miss you. I think of you often and I wonder if you are o.k. You are so precious. We are getting along and I have been updating things. So much has changed in just these last years. I hope your spirit is free and you don't feel any pains of this world in your heart. It's getting easier to think of the good times in any case. We love you always my sweet green eyed boy.

Well sweetheart, the end of the year. We miss you a lot. I miss petting you. There is still something off about life and I guess there always will be. I'm sorry you can't be here with us. I thought we would go on forever like we were. It's so strange to think there is no you here. I hope your somewhere yet waiting until we meet again. Love as always your best friends.

A new year. It's been forever yet your presence is still here. Your imprinted on our hearts forever. What a special boy you were. My words don't do you justice. You were a best friend and I will always love you. I'm sorry I failed you in every way that I did. I hope someday I can make it up to you. I hope God is holding you near and I trust he won't waste your sweetness. Thank you for everything my wonderful sweet green eyed boy. We love you.

Well I'm a year older and still missing you like crazy my sweet baby. You were a light and a joy to your brother and I that can't be replaced. Sweet fluffy Tiger love. We miss you as always. I can still feel the hair under your neck, thick and full and see your sweet green eyes. I must be in a dream or you are. One of us should wake up. I still can't believe your gone. I know God's holding you close somewhere. Love you always.

I saw a cat today that looked a lot like you. It acted timid too like you used to do. I was happy to see it. I miss your soft fluffy fur to pet and your brother misses chasing around with you. I feel like your somewhere close that I just can't quite see. I am happy to have known you but it just doesn't feel right without you. I'm enjoying the time with your brother and I hope wherever you are you are happy or asleep for the moment. I hope I will get to see you again. Goodnight sweet love.

Almost another year gone my love. It seems like you were just here. I wish I could hold you again. You were so special. Your brother is doing fine. He misses you as usual. I hope your somewhere good and peaceful enjoying spring. There are rabbits, birds and squirrels running around and I know you would love to see them out your window. The grass is greening and I think you would be having a good time if you were here. We miss you so much. I hope you will see great things wherever you are. Miss you always, wish you didn't have to go. Love B. and A.

It been 2 years and I can't believe it. It seems like you were just right here. Thinking about the the time is like it was a different world. I feel you still here though if only in my heart and I know that God has saved your spirit and is keeping you happy and safe but I do miss you so much and I will always will. You were a best great friend and that never ends. When I think of all the joy you brought me and all the tough times you got me through I know that you were an angel sent from God and I know I couldn't keep you forever but thanks for everything you did while you were here. I hope you are even happier than you made me and your brother. Love you always Banter and Angel.

Please forgive me for not writing right away. I haven't forgotten you. I was thinking about you before your and after. I never forget you. You are always just somewhere close. The days are stringing together for me and it's hard to keep track of everything I'm asked to but just know that even if I am late I'm still coming. We both miss you very much. I hope god is keeping you safe my friend. Love you always eternally. B. and A.

Hello sweet angel. I hope you are doing well and having fun somewhere. I miss you and wish you were here with us. You were a great friend. Your brother is doing well. Sometimes he has dreams and I wonder if you are in them. He'll wake up and look around like he's looking for you. I know your not far off, just a little out of our reach. One day we'll see you again I trust. A little piece of you is with us everyday in all we do. Thank you my sweet green eyed boy for being light and love I n our lives.
I've been missing you so much and thinking about you often and the choices I made. I wish things had been different. I wish I would have had some help in them. I wish I would have had my eyes open earlier. You were so good and long suffering. A true angel from God. I wish you never had to leave but I'm glad for what time I had with you. I'll always have a place for you in my heart. Your light has gone out for now but I can't wait until it comes back on. Hopefully it is on somewhere else right now. May God keep you safe and in his arms. We both miss you so much! B. and A.
Time flies and yet stands still. I feel like your right there watching me and your brother. Your such a sweet little thing. I know wherever you are you are bringing joy to someone. I feel sometimes I can almost reach down and pet you. I'm sorry you had to leave to soon. It's not fair we get to go one without you. I hope the time will be made up in the future. Your too special to be gone forever. Love you always, A and B.
Sad and missing you now. Sometimes I look down and it's like you're there. I'm sorry you didn't stay longer in this world. It's just not the same without you. I wish I would have been stronger and knew what to do for you. The time was too short. We love you and miss you as always. One day we'll see each other again I hope. You can't forget someone you really love. Love always and forever B. and A.
An angel is what you and your brother were. Thankfully he is still here. I wish you were too. You were such a good pair but I understand you had to move on to be free of pain and in peace. I wish things had been different all the time and I'm sorry if I did it wrong but you are always loved and you always will be. With God all things are possible and I know he will take care of you in the best way he can. Love you always sweet thing. B. and A.
The end of another year without you. I can never forget the warmth you've shown me and the happiness you gave me. You were an angel from god and you helped me through so much. It's hard to be without something good like you. The space you've left is large. Your brother misses you very much too but we are trying to comfort each other in your absence. Wishing you were here. B. and A. Love always.
It's a new year. I still can't believe your gone but I have a place for you in my heat always. You saved me with your life and broke my heart with your death but I'm so glad I got to know you and that you were here to enrich my life. The pleasure was mine but I hope you had good things you thought about too. If you love something really it never ends. I can't express how much I love you. Thank you from both of us for every moment of joy you brought in.
Life is short and long and there doesn't seem to be enough love. I want to thank you for giving your love and being a good companion and friend. I was blessed. You were special and I am grateful to have shared in your life and to have a lot more love than I would have without you.
We thank you. B. and A. I hope you will someday get all the love you gave back.
I miss my boy. I wished you were here. Sometimes it's like you are. Sitting there right by my feet looking up at me, waiting to be petted. I can only hope to see you someday. You were so precious and I will never forget the love you gave me. I hope I get the chance to repay you some day. Your an angel from god and I'm grateful for the time we shared. Your brother and I miss you as always. You're always in our hearts.
Thanks for getting me through all the bad days. You were always such a comfort and I hope you will be rewarded for the service and love you gave me. Sometimes when I look at other animals I see a little of you in them. I just wanted to thank you again for the love you showed. You'll always be my family and I miss you very much. Banter does too. Love always little pal.
It can't be three years since you left us but that is what the date tells me. I'll never stop loving or missing you. Life is much colder and disrupted these days. I'm glad you won't have to go through any more pain. I wish things had been different. I hope you will be able to have life again or already do. I hope you have all your best days ahead of you somewhere and I hope you remember the best of the days you had here. We love you always by sweet green eyed boy.
My sweet green eyed boy I love you. I wished we were together now with Bant. I hope you are right in the window with him looking at birds and squirrels. I hope your free to run In the grass somewhere and chase everything you always wanted to. The world is getting worse maybe it won't be long before we are all together again. I hope you are happy or resting at peace at the very least. We love you so much and miss you always. You have my heart.
The world has gotten worse since you left. I'm just glad you are not in pain anymore. We miss you a lot. It's hard not having our little buddy here. You were like a warm comforting fire that always kept us going. I don't know what is in store but I hope we will get to see you again. We love you always and forever. Your light and love have helped me through so much. Thanks you! B. and A. Love you!
I love you and miss you. I'm hopeful I will see you again though. I can't imagine someone so special could be here such a short time but the time you were here was magical and such a gift. I hope you found some joy in it too. I will forever remember you and be happy for the love you showed me. You are so special and just a light from God which I was and am thankful to have known. Until we meet again. Love B. and A.
We miss you so much! I can still feel the your soft fur under my hand. I wish I could pick you up again. Your someone I will always carry around with me, I know and I am thankful for that. It's strange with you not here. I thought you would have so much longer. I hope you had joy and happiness for some of your life because you certainly gave that to me. I can only hope to see you in the future. Your brother and I will always be waiting to see your sweet face again. God keep you safe and secure. We love you! B. and A.
We miss you sweet Angel! I wish I could pet your soft belly and head and see your beautiful green eyes changing color and lighting up. I remember when I first showed you to my boss and she had said you had the most beautiful markings and were so handsome. I agreed. You were so well mannered and gentle hearted. What a blessing to have known you. What a treasure you are. I hope we will all meet again somehow. Love you so much B. and A.
It's been another long year without you and we both miss you very much. Things are different now in this world. It is a strange place. It has been since you have been gone. We're getting along like we have to but there is always something not quite right with the world with you not in it. I hope you are some where restful and wonderful. Love B. and A.
The last month of a very strange year my friend. I was just thinking about you earlier and how happy you made us. What a treat to have known you. What a sweet bit of life. When I am down I think of you and your brother and remember how I have been blessed with your love and your gifts. A treasure like a perfect day that has passed but is always not far away from memory, although you were much more precious than one perfect day. I hope to be in your presence again one day. I hope we all are. My sweet, sweet love. Rest well baby tiger. Much love. B and A.
It's a new year and I miss you as much as I ever did. It's weird how time moves on. It feels like forever since I had you in my arms or seen you your sweet face and urgent eyes. It also seems like I can look right down and there you will be waiting for me to pet your sweet head. Your a huge light in my life and I wish you'd been hear to stay for good. There are just some things that should never go in this world. Thinking of you and us both loving you hard. Nite special Angel.
What a sweet boy! You are so missed by both of us. I hope we'll meet again. It seems like a decade since you have been here. Way too long to be without you. Banter needs his friend too! We love you very much and I hope you are resting well. You were always so patient and we were not. That's why it's even harder. We miss you and want to have you back. Love always B. and A.
My sweet boy, we miss you as always. I wish I could give you a belly rub and a nose kiss. You are so missed! I remember your fur being so fluffy and soft. I miss your long stares and your beautiful eyes. I hope you are in a happy waiting place and that I will see you again and be able to show you my other fur friends. I know you will like them and I know they will love you too. You spirt is so sweet and gentle. God bless and hold you. Love B. and A.
Another day without you. It's gloomy and cold and I wish you were here keeping your brother and me warm sweet baby. You stomach would be so nice to rub right now. You were so gentle and sweet. I hope you are resting well and I'm glad your not in any more pain. I'm sorry I failed you and I hope you forgive me. I had the sun and the moon and now one is gone and so there is less light in my life but I am so greateful to have known you and I will treasure you forever little pal. Missing you and loving you, B. and A.
It can't be possible that you have been gone for four years. It just cannot. I wish so much to rewind time and change everything for the better. I hope you know with everything in me I wish I could. Life goes on but not as it should. We lost something that can't be replaced and I know my heart will never be the same. How could something so wonderful have existed and be taken away? I hope there is a place that God keeps you and I hope he will let us be together again if so. I pray this is so. We both miss you so much! Love B. and A.
My sweet little love. We miss you terribly and I have been thinking of your sweet face staring up at me. I wished I could feel your soft bunny fur. You were so gentle and sweet and I am glad you not in any more pain but I wish I would have done more. I'm so sorry I let you down when you needed me most. Only God can make it right now or give me a chance to. I hope to see you one day and I hope you will be able to meet all the dogs you never met that were mine, your brother and I and we will all be together. Let's pray that it will be that way. Love you sweet green-eyed boy. B. and A.
My sweet boy, thinking of you always. Missing you and wishing you were here. Your brother and I are lonely for you. It's been too long and the world gets darker every day it seems. I hope you can be happy wherever you are and always know I am right here. I am so sorry I failed you and I hope you forgive me. You are such a precious little thing. May God keep you safe. Love B. and A.
When I think of you I can feel myself touching your fur and the curve of your sweet head. It's like your right there and if you are you must remember too. I see your brother looking all around and I think he is seeing you or thinking of you. I think he must dream of you and you and he are running after some prey, but then he wakes up and looks for you still. I feel you just past the shroud of this world maybe looking on us or maybe your spirit is floating in the air and there when we think of you. I'm not sure where God keeps you but I hope it is safe. You have my heart always sweet love. You have your brothers too. Love B. and A.
I was thinking of you as usual and so sad last night. Everyone seems to be in a bad way. I hope you are untouched by this worlds grief. You are an angel that always made things great for me and I miss you! The days are passing by so fast and I'm sorry I was late. I wished I had your soft belly to rub. It's a colder world without you and I am just glad to have known you and to have apiece of you in my heart always! Love you so much B. and A.
It's the month I came by you. What a treasure you were. You were just what I needed even though I didn't know it then. You fought hard to be near me and you won me over completely with little effort. I was so fortunate to have you and your brother in my life. You have made it rich. Having you around has given my life more meaning. You're a true love and friend. My sweet little fluffy bit. Your brother and I miss you like crazy! Love B. and A.
It's still very much fall and I know you would have loved to be sitting by the window enjoying the breeze with your brother. You were so observant of every little thing like him. I remember when you both saw a dog for the first time about 25ft away and you ran so fast I only saw the blinds move and couldn't find you both for quite a while. That's the fastest I ever knew you to move. I liked how you were both so different, while he was doing stunts you were barely pawing at your toys but you still had a good work out. I miss you my friend. I wish you could enjoy this time with us and the good weather you have liked so much. I bet you would be in the window right now looking at the leaves blowing. Love you as always and miss you so much! B. and A.
Another year is gone without you my love. We miss you so much! We are living in a different world for sure. I hope the future will hold good things for those that remain in it yet. I know you are in God's hands and protected. Thank you again for being an Angel all those years. It's a grey world but we are getting through day by day. I can't wait to see you again one day but for now we have to be without your light. B. loves you too and is coping as best as he can. Much love now and into next year and beyond! B. and A.
A new year. How the time passes my sweet boy. I hope it will never rob me of your memories. I love you so much, just as I love your brother. 5 years without you. It's like the memories are frozen in time. A movie I wish I could replay. I have just read all of these entries and it made me so sad and happy! I am more grateful for the things in my life because of you. We are all energy they say and you were such light and love. You must still be. I can picture you drifting in and out of lives making them happy, or maybe your part of God right now or sleeping sweetly until later. I hope to see you as always. I hope I have forever with your brother too. I've written a lot of entries because I'm honored to know you and love is love no matter what of who for, if it's true. It just doesn't ever leave. Thank goodness. Love you always Banter and Angel.
Missing you my sweet baby. I got a new chain for the pendant I used to wear that broke. Now I can wear it again and have a little bit more of you with me. Spent most of the day with your brother. When I mention you he still shuts his eyes. I know he missed you a lot too. You were such a big part of his life everyday for so long. I almost feel like he knows what day this is. He seems a little sad and reflective. It's too unfair that cats don't live forever. They should. I love you always, as usual forever- love B. and A.

It never gets easier thinking of you being gone. I like to think you're somewhere close by. I can picture you clearly waiting to be petted and purring away. I see how frail life is and how full of pain the world is for losing things it loves every day. It's beautiful too though and you showed me that in this world with too little love there is always a bit you can find somewhere and that is something worth holding on to. Love you always sweet thing. B and A.

It's a good cool day here and we have the windows open. You would love it. There were robins out there, fat and calm, I think you would have liked to see. Maybe you're chasing some elsewhere. The months are flying by. I remember your doctor telling me somethings about you when I first got you. He knew exactly what was going to happen. I wished he had been there to help when you left. I hope you had more good times then you did bad. I'm sorry you had any bad. Thanks for being so sweet. You made my world so much better. We love you still, always. B. and A.
The 5 year anniversary of your death. What can I say that I already haven't. A warm ball of furry love and total acceptance. There is nothing like a great fur friend and I have had a few. I'm so blessed to have known you and your brother. I miss you and I wish I could always hold you in my arms but time had other plans. Animals are some of the best friends God gave us. He sure knew what he was doing. Each one is like a snow flake so different and pure, yet in their real core made of love. You were family for sure. You filled my heart and it was effortless. Now that you're gone I know that piece of heart I reserved for you will always be yours. Thank you for you light and love. I hope to see you again. Banter and I will always love you from here to wherever you are.
Sweet thing we miss you as always! I have been taking your brother for walks and I wonder if you would have let me put you in a stroller, probably not. It has been hot and you would be happy to know they will plant a tree by the window you looked out of. I wish you were here to look out it yet. The other trees have grown quite a lot and everything is green and lush.I hope there is somewhere beautiful that you can play wherever you are my friend.I can only hope that God has you somewhere secure and is taking care of you as only He could. God bless you and we love you always and forever.
Miss you! Another month flew by little boy. It's been hot and I can picture you enjoying the sun through the window. We got more grass I am sure you would have liked to look at. I threw a larger party for your brother and he was very happy. I wished you had been here to share in it or have your own. It's been too long since our last day together. I remember the weeks before it that it was cool and I had the patio open and the breeze blew in and you sat right next to me. I'm sorry I couldn't help you or see what was right in front of me. I'm sorry I let you go but I didn't want you to be in pain. I hope that any pain you suffered will be remade into complete happiness. That is my wish for you sweet thing.
Love B and A.
Well little love another month has gone. We miss you as always. I always shed a tear, usually more when I read your story. It's our story and it doesn't seem like it should be the past. I feel you here sometimes. I feel your brothers love and sadness for you being gone. I haven't brought anyone else like you in. You know he's a wild one and though he misses you I don't know if would like another. You were one of a kind and we thank you for your love.
Sweet Tiger we miss you! I got some disturbing news about your brothers health. I took him to the vet and we must hope for the best and many more years. I pray he will be well. It has been too hard loosing you. For the now he is doing better and I will try to get him on track. The month has flown by and it will be winter soon. The cool air has finally moved in and we are enjoying it. I hope you are enjoying wherever you are or at least resting well my friend. Thank you for everything!
Love always B. and A.
Sweet tiger we love you! You would love this fall day. It is beautiful and cool and the leaves are green like your eyes, yellow and red. We got the tree put in finally. It is small but it's leaves have turned bright red and I know it will be beautiful. I'm sorry you are not here to see it or maybe you can somehow. You would love it. The other trees have grown taller and they are lush and the squirrels are running around. I'm sorry you have to miss that too as I know you loved watching them. Your brother is watching them for you. We love you and miss you and I am sending you a head pet right now friend. Love B. and A.
Well, it is winter now but still warm like. I open the window every now and then. The little tree they planted by it is still doing well and Banter likes it.They are many squirrels yet. Leaves are still swirling around with the snow. I see cats like you from time to time and some even have your name. I miss you, we all do. I can almost feel your warm little body laying on me sometimes. I know time is slipping away but I will never stop loving you.
Love you very much B. and A.
Almost a new year. This week has been good. Always hard when I think of you though because you are family and we miss you! There's snow everywhere and it's cold but the suns been popping up here and there. We love and miss you dearly. We will not forget the love you put in our lives and how you touched our hearts. God bless you! Love B. and A.
A new year. Its been very busy. I wish you were here to see the changes. Its cold and snowing as it has been a lot this year. I'm almost a year older. You brother is doing great and being very cuddly. I hope you are off somewhere enjoying life. We try. Its funny to think of the past. It's like a movie we were all in. I wish I could play some of it again but the future keeps butting in. We will always love you and look forward to seeing you again. Love B. and A.
Sweet Tiger, it is cold and the piles of snow are high. The sun was out today though. Just like you it broke through everything to be here and shine some light on us. I feel like you are near somewhere. You are always in my heart and I hold our happy memories dear. Thanks for keeping me warm all those years! Love you always and forever.
B. and A.
It's spring now but there are feet of snow melting yet. The sun was out and it was a warm day today, 40 degrees. You would have liked the window open. I was out running errands today but wherever I am I carry a piece of you with me. I don't believe animal bonds can ever be broken but you were here in my life at the right time and made all the difference. You made the difficult days pass easier and I am so eternally grateful for your contribution and always will be.
Love as always B. and A.
Banter and I miss you! Spring is starting to come here. It hasn't snowed for two weeks. The grass is coming in and the trees are budding. The last snow took a lot of branches but most are all standing strong. The animals are running around and I know you would love to see it. You'll always be part of my sweet boy team. I know wherever you are you are safe with God and that does bring me comfort. Happy spring my sweet green eyed boy.
Love B.and A.
We love you! It is summer now and hot but today was very nice. B. has been sick so I'm helping him through it. He is very dizzy and missed some of his jumps. We went on walk not to long ago and he liked it very much. I'm sure you would have grown to like them too. I'm trying to spend as much time with him as I can. I know we didn't have enough to make it right. It is the 6th year anniversary that you are gone. I hope you are still around somewhere making someone happy or just being happy yourself. Love you from us both always!
It's a hot summer. I can picture you in the cat tree or laying on the couch trying to get cool. There have been lots of squirrels and rabbits and all kinds of birds this summer. I try to feed them when I can. B. stays on the coach by the a.c. these days. I spent the weekend with him and of course we miss you. I feel like you might be here in some way. I know you are always closely held in our hearts.
Love and miss you always. B and A.
Sweet Tiger we miss you. I am going to show Banter your pictures soon. I know he misses you and we were both fortunate to have you in our lives. It feels so long ago and yet I feel you are right here just waiting for me to stop typing and pay you some attention. I'm sorry for the way things turned out. It's as if it only happened to me. Such a bright normal day for things to have gone so wrong. I know the past is the past but you were such a big part of mine I feel like honoring you as much as I can. I hope you knew how special you were. Love B. and A.
Sorry for the delay sweet Tiger. I was thinking of you yesterday and they days before. I feel at peace that God has you and I know with each day that passes he is keeping you safe. I trust that. I love and miss you here and we always will. I hope you can have some peace until we meet again. I hope the days float by and they are free and easy. I hope you feel light as air and loved or maybe your just resting yet. Wherever you are I hope you are having the best time to be had. Love B. and A.

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