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Memories of Tiger
In loving memory of Tiger who we lost on February 23, 1998...even in his busy little schedule, he always took the time out to let you know how much he loved you; so small was his heart but so big was his love. He will always be in our hearts and in our thoughts. We still love you and miss you so much.

When I remember you, Tiger, as the good "little" Guy!!!

When I remember you, I see you sleeping, all curled up in a ball in the "big" guy's chair...or should I say, it was "your chair", and wouldn't you know it, someone would always come along and give you some "love" because you were just so cute...who could resist!!!

When I remember you, I see you reaching for your treats on the kitchen counter top with your tiny little paw, stretching ever so hard to reach it, and once you had it, you would joyfully put it into your mouth...but with one look we knew that you wanted more... nobody can eat just one!!!

When I remember you, I see the "big" guy scooping you up off the floor into his arms, and cradling you so tightly, while you purred ever so sweetly...never once did you doubt his love, always trusting the "big" guy no matter what crazy little ways he had to show you he cared...you could never get enough hugs!!!

When I remember you, I think of the times you sat down next to me on the living room coach, while having some having dinner...I snuck you some foods so the "big" guy wouldn't see...ha, ha, we put one over on him!!!

When I remember you, I hear you quietly coming up the stairs, the pitter patter of your tiny little paws on the wooden steps...your mission was to wake the "big" guy up; and who could forget seeing your little face peering around the corners of the comforter to see who was awake...trying eagerly to get the "big" guy to let you outside....patiently waiting, getting little annoyed as the time slowly passed....but never giving up as you waited at the top of the stairs....you can always get what you want if you persist!!!

When I remember you, I see you in the backyard, peering out of the bushes...silently listening to every little sound...patiently waiting for something to stir so you could make your move...running so fast to catch whatever it was that dared crossed your path, it was your gift for the "big" guy....all in a day's work!!!

When I remember you, I see the "big" guy sitting on the living room floor like a little kid...playing what we called "pin the kitty", while rubbing your belly with his face...never once did you raise a paw...so small was your heart but so big was your love!!!

When I remember you, I see the "big" guy in "your" chair ...with his legs stretched out onto his desk...you would jump up to join him, stretching out across his legs with your tail in his face....you were so very proud of yourself and happy to share some time with the "big" guy!!!

When I remember you, I see you sleeping in your favorite spot; next to the door...such a warm little place, as the sun shone down on your beautiful furry body...so peaceful and content you looked as you took your afternoon cat nap...we all need our beauty sleep!!!

When I remember you, I hear the "big" guy calling your name for you to come home after a long day outside; and all of sudden you would appear, nonchalantly you strolled as you walked through the doors, walking directly toward your bowl of food...briefly stopping and turning to give the "big" guy a bump...saying I'm happy to see you then slowly turning and heading back to your bowl to get something to eat...always eager to please!!!

When I remember you, I will remember you sitting outside in the backyard on a bright sunny day, gazing silently into the distance...enjoying the sounds and smells that surrounded you every day, with the warm sun shining on your little face, so proudly and bravely you sat somehow knowing that it was to be your last day; you said your final good-bye to all of your friends who loved so much throughout your beautiful life, you were always so strong...you will always be remembered by us as the good "little" Guy!!!

When I remember you, I will close my eyes and remember those days that you brought such joy and love into our lives....and in those moments I will be able to see you and hold you once again; and with those memories you will never be forgotten and never far from those who loved you....you will continue to live on in our hearts!!!

Angela Marie Fragione, February 23, 1998
Revised on February 18, 2013

It's been 15 years since Tiger passed but he is still remembered and loved...as the good "little" guy, who brought so much love and joy into our world, and who also made it possible for other wonderful "little friends", such as Foxboro, Romeo & Brady to share their lives and love with my very best friend in the whole wide world aka the "big" guy... Steve. This is for you....with all my love!!! Angela XOXO

It's been 22 years now since Tiger passed... but he is still remembered as being a sweet and loving "little" guy -- just wanted to let you know that you are still remembered by all that loved you...after all these years there are many more friends to play with...Foxboro, Romeo, Brady, Stimpy, Teddy, Noelle, Cleo and now my sweet Bella.

Be happy "little" guy until we are all reunited again -- take care of each other....

With all my love, Angela
Hugs and kisses...!!!

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